How do you store/ organize your makeup stash?

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I know this has been discussed before, but not recently, so I thought an update is in order!

Right now I have a bunch of makeup bags and shoe-boxes, but they just make things difficult to find and so I never put things back in. I organize so often, but my makeup ends up all over the place. I am looking to reorganize everything - so I would appreciate ideas from all you beauty gurus! Thanks!

*when I finally do it, I will definitely post a pic to follow up ...


Re: How do you store/ organize your makeup stash?

I purchased a stack of plastic drawers in an office supply store and I have everything divided by catagory: face, lips, eye shadows/palettes, liners and mascara, sample and perk stash, and then odds and ends.  On my desk I have a mug that holds all my brushes and such, and a mug that hold the liners, mascaras, and any "tube" that is currently open and in use.  I also have a container that holds all my "go to" makeup. I am finally finding and using all the great stuff that I spend so much hard earned money on!


Re: How do you store/ organize your makeup stash?

My makeup organizing methods are all over the place. I have plastic drawers for lipsticks (one totally dedicated to red lipstick) and lashes.


I have a traincase that is jam packed with palettes, shadows, and blushes; which I really need to clean out again...for the 3rd time this year. A lot of my products have a bad habit of running rampant in my linens closet. I have a box and bag filled with products that I haven't tried out, perfumes set to one corner, two hair bins that are complete clutter storms, and a brush belt which seems to always be hiding.


I ultimately want a vanity, but need something that has a lot of storage. Right now this just sort of works best for me...even if it is a pain to hunt things down every morning.

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Re: How do you store/ organize your makeup stash?

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@janinebt  I want a vanity too (someday)!  I hope to have another kiddo so I want something where I can put my items up high