Do you YouTube?

I am currently a "guest"/co-vlogger on a beauty collab channel with two other women. Debating on making my own channel as well. I haul often. 


Pros and Cons anyone? 

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I thought about doing YouTube videos many many moons ago. There are certainly just as many pros as there are cons. A lot of people are quick to think it's an easy 'get rich quick' job, but it is actually a lot of work. I guess my best advice would be to be yourself and stay consistant.



YouTubing is an excellent way to teach others. It's a hot job, can be done at home, and utilizes a number of different skills.


A lot of opportunities can be presented to you as a result of becoming a beauty guru. You could possibly be invited to conferences, get offered different products, etc.


Being a guru is a fun job! If you're passionate about makeup/blogging this is a positive outlet for discussing your love for cosmetics.



You need to have a relatively thick skin. Haters prowl YT left and right, they can be insanely cruel. Disabling your comments is always an option though Smiley Happy.


The cost of equipment is something that everyone should factor in rather they're doing a blog or a YouTube channel. You'll need a good camera, but more importantly you will need excellent lighting. Natural light is often best however you might want to invest in a boxed photography styled lighting too.


Editing videos in general can be very time consuming. It's not uncommon for a video to take 2-7 hours to edit depending on length, if music is used, if things need to be cut, etc. Editing can be really fun, but it can be a bit tiring especially if you aren't in the mood to dedicate the time to it.



Whimsically yours,

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I love watching people on youtube for their hauls, advice, tutorial, and collections. From watching these in general, you really need to know to ignore some people. Some people out there are just there to be mean. If you can ignore those comments then go for it! 

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If you're willing to take on the challenge, I think that's wonderful. I think you'd (or anyone would) probably need a thick skin, though; no matter how talented and wonderful you are, people leave the nastiest comments purely for the sake of being nasty. It's disheartening, but as long as you can tune them out, I say go for it.

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No way. I watch youtube tutorials (tanya burr, sam and nik from pixiwoo) and I see all of the *horrible* comments people get for no reason.

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Wayne Goss, too -- he is my favorite (with Lisa Eldridge) and people are so cruel to him, it sickens me. People can be hateful of anyone, but I think he has it worse because he's a man doing cosmetic tutorials. So unfortunate that people can't see past something like gender stereotyping to appreciate his talent. These kinds of people are pretty ignorant, though; who do they think heads all of these cosmetic companies (or fashion houses)?? I feel as if it's men at least as much as, if not more than women. (Sorry, rant over -- I just *really* can't stand reading nasty comments.)

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I don't YouTube myself, but I love watching videos for advice.  I say if ur comfortable in front of the camera and can take criticism from the ones you can't ever make happy, then go for it!  watch totally watch!!!

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I have thought about making one as well.


Pros: A lot of awesome chicas sharing your passion

ConsSmiley Very Happyouche bags that have nothing to do but be jerks.

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