Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

Do you return everything that you don't love or do you just chalk it up to poor decision making? I'm not talking about if you picked the wrong color foundation or something is defective. Do you return it if there's nothing actually wrong with the product but it looks awful on you.


I just got my order for the Ardency Inn Black Is Blue lipstick (which I was OMGZ so excited for) only to find out that it totally washes out my skintone and slides off super quickly. There's nothing WRONG with it but I don't ever plan on using it.



Re: Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

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I really try not to return items since I feel terrible about wasting them. If I'm allergic to them, I will definitely return it like I did a few Lancome lipsticks that I absolutely loved but were extremely allergic to. Also, if they simply don't work or if I know I would never reach for them because of poor payoff, etc. The only time I've returned something for that reason was the Naked Basics palette. A few of the shades were far too light for me and barely showed up. It wasn't worth the effort or the $$ in my opinion. 


Re: Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

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If it's a color I don't like on me, I will most likely just gift it to my sisters or friends, BUT if it makes me/anyone else break out in hives or allergic reactions, I definitely return.

I do make quite a bit of returns because I am learning that I and people I know are allergic to random things.............................. 


Re: Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

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I have only ever returned items that caused skin reactions or were defective. Otherwise I trade them with other beauty fans or give them away. Since Sephora sends the returns back to the manufacturer who presumably discards them, I figure this keeps them out of the landfill and someone gets to use them.


Re: Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

I have 4 Sephora's near me and I try try try to swatch it in store (I always have a list of stuff I am interested in and I try to get samples or swatch it before I buy). Plus I try to do research before I buy.


I end up giving away products that are perfectly fine and don't work on me. I feel bad returning something that is perfectly good- so I give it away to family and friends so it hurts financially! That deters me from buying something "just because." However, I usually end up returning stuff that breaks me out or doesn't agree with me.


Re: Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

I take Sephora's return policy literally. If I am not 100% satisfied, I return. I am obsessive, so I research every product thoroughly though, so I don't actually make a ton of returns.  I think you should definitely return it. You should be happy with your purchase, go and find something else you truly love!


Re: Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

I normally try to do as much research as possible before I actually order something. But if I don't like the way something looks on me, or know that I am not actually going to get use out of it, then I will return it. Especially if it's a pricey item.

And Iike someone else mentioned, Sephora has the return policy to make their customer happy. So if I'm not happy with something, I am not going to feel guilty for returning it.  


Re: Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

I try to research and I do swatch what I can so I don't return needlessly but I also don't hesitate to return something if I do not like it. 

This lipstick you list would be a perfect candidate.

It isn't in my local store, I'd like a blue lipstick, so I'd order it too. But if I tried it and didn't like it on me, back it would go, with a review and feedback. 


Re: Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

If I am just not happy with the product, it doesn't work for me, or if it causes a reaction (which hasn't happened), I will return the item. I have made a few returns or exchanges to Sephora over the years I have been shopping there. 


Yeah, in your case, if the lipstick isn't working, I would say return it. Why spend the money on a product to just not use it.


One item I returned was the NARS lipgloss in Dolce Vita. It just smelled horrible and I couldn't use it. I am not a big fan of NARS (also own Deep Throat and Dolce Vita lipstick). I don't mind those two products but regret buying them as I don't feel like they are worth the price tag.


Re: Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

If I dont like a product I buy from Sephora for any reason, I return it.  Sephora put their policy in place and allows customers to return anything for any reason.  Its not dishonest in anyway to retuirn products, since its in line with Sephoras policy.  I feel more comfortable ordering products from Sephora because of this policy and I know I wouldnt buy half the things I do if it werent for the fact that I know I can return it if needed. 


Re: Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

Generally, I only return if it's not my fault (makeup wise). For example, if a nail polish is broken.


However, your situation is different. Ardency Inn is only available in certain Sephora stores, so depending on where you live you probably didn't have an opportunity to swatch it. I would say return it this time but if you feel bad about it just learn from this one little mistake and remember it next time.


Re: Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

If I am disapointed with a product, I will return it. If its drug store and not expensive, I'll most likely suck it up and keep it, but any high end makeup I don't like gets returned. I mean...if you spend $30 on an eye brow pencil and you dislike it so much that it is just going to collect dust...return it vs throwing money away. Plus, you can turn around and buy something that you love.


In the end I keep more stuff than I return (almost Rouge lol), so I don't feel all that bad about returning things. After all, that is one of the reasons I am so committed to Sephora...their return policy is amazing. They really want you to love what you buy :smileyhappy: 


Re: Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

Having worked in retail and also for various businesses, including a product manufacturer, I (myself) try not to return things unless they are actually defective.  For instance, I purchased Lorac Unzipped palette - I love Lorac but feel these colors weren't accurately represented online, they are kind of all the same.  But I've kept the palette and will try to make use of it for my base shadows for the next four years, LOL.  But I did return a waterproof mascara that I couldn't remove even with waterproof makeup remover and it was pulling out eyelashes to remove it completely.


However, if a company has a generous return policy and you have purchased something that doesn't work for you, I don't see why you shouldn't return it.  Sounds like a) the color doesn't work AND b) the color doesn't last anyway.


Re: Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

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Whether it be makeup or clothes, I return a lot. If I don't like something  (how it looks, feels, etc), then I probably wont use/ gets returned. Also a partial reason why I purchase from stores with great return policies and/or free return shipping.


Looks like you have a product worth returning :smileyhappy:


Re: Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

I have returned makeup and skincare products to Sephora and they are always great about it.  The fact that it looks awful on you is reason enough but you could also tell them that the product has a lousy wear time.  One of reasons I am a loyal Sephora shopper is the fact that I can exchange or return anything that is not to my liking.  When you are buying high end products this lets you shop with confidence. That said,  If I just get bored with a color or I find one I like even more I do not return the purchase.  Once decide I like it, I've bought it. I don't think I abuse the return policy.


Re: Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

I would return it.  If it's something that I've used and am somewhat blah about but might make work, I'll keep it.  But if I know it just isn't going to work, especially if it's expensive, I return it.  (I returned a YSL lipstick to YSL, too, when I realized that what I saw on screen was definitely not how it looked in person.)  I'll also return things if they're sitting around for a couple of months, unopened, and I realize that they're not opened because it was a mistake to buy them. 


I just did some returns a couple of days ago, each with a different receipt, and the store was great about it. 


Re: Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

If it is not as expected especially due to it sliding off quickly (that is not long lasting!)-return it.

Better to have a product that works for you and that you will enjoy.



Re: Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

I would return it. 


Re: Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

Return it! 

Sephora has a wonderful return policy, if something didn't work for you, return it. 


Re: Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

I do return items that I am not satisfied with, either they do not perform as claimed, or they just don't work for me.  When Sephora documents the reason for the return, one of the reasons is "customer dissatisfaction".


As I am paying for this product, I expect it to be a quality product that does what it says.  I have no problem returning it if it does not perform.  I will also return something like foundation, if it is the wrong color. 


That being said, I do get samples first, so the odds of that happening are fairly small.  I've never had a problem returning anything to Sephora, they have a great return policy.


Re: Can we talk returns? What justifies it to you?

I've never actually returned anything - I've only ever done exchanges.

Still, I try to keep that to a minimum.

For example, I bought the Lorac Mint Palette from Sephora and it looked GORGEOUS online. But when I got it, I discovered I hated half of the shades. But...still, I mean, I could have gone in-store and swatched, but it was MY fault so I kept the product. There was nothing defective about it.


If a product is defective, I immediately exchange it. I once received a Naked2 with a cracked and crumbling shade. I didn't touch it, I just closed the package and brought it in-store and exchanged it for a different one.


If a product gives me an allergic reaction (like the GlamGlow did) I exchange it. This has only happened on one occasion.


I have never returned anything and I try to keep exchanges to the bare minimum (sine the store still loses money from that.) If it's something I dislike color-wise, I won't take it back, because it's the customer's responsibility to swatch ahead of time, not the company.


I'm sympathetic to your plight since the same thing happened to me with the Lorac palette, so I understand where you're coming from. But if I were you, I would just keep it :smileyhappy:



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