4 or More Tag! Collector's Edition

I've seen this tag before on youtube. I know it's not really a tag situation on BT but I was inspired by starletta8's stash photos. They'e amazing and it's clear she's a collector. Then again, aren't we all? It is our makeup "collection." Anyway one exception is that you can't count anything you got in a set. For example, eyeliners you got in the UD vault wouldn't count.


I scoured through my stash and realized that I pretty much only had 4 or more of items I got in a set except for Revlon lip products. I must really like them...



I would love to know what products you have 4 or more of. Pics would be awesome too. I don't know why mine wants to be so small.


Re: 4 or More Tag! Collector's Edition

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DSC01057.JPGDSC01054.JPGDSC01055.JPGI guess I'm pretty loyal to Chanel and Dior.  I wasn't sure if I should include my Dior Addict lippies or not.  They are all "Addict" but different variations like "extreme" or "high-shine".




Re: 4 or More Tag! Collector's Edition

Maybelline's color tattoo shadows. I have maybe 7 of them.

Re: 4 or More Tag! Collector's Edition

I had to do a real search for multiples of the same product in various colors!  I guess I am not too loyal to any particular product.   I did find these two items below.  image.jpg


Of course Baby Lips (can't have enough of those) and these small chubby Sephora eye pencils.  I got one, fell in love with the color and the use.  Found it on the sale page, so I figured they were trying to unload them so I bought muliples of the same and other colors.  Still like the original color I got (sort of like a bronzy taupe) best.  

Re: 4 or More Tag! Collector's Edition

For sure mascaras, eyeliners, (should of waited for the vault since I spent 120 on 5 eyeliner) which are now on sale :smileysad:... things to contour (i have more but came in kits... and eyeshadow palettes which are too many to post a pic of.)20130629_092005.jpg20130629_092227.jpg20130629_091713.jpg

Re: 4 or More Tag! Collector's Edition

Challenge accepted :smileyvery-happy:


If it isn't obvious, I've had a Benefit obsession for a while now! :smileyvery-happy:

Benefit Boxed Powders

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes

Revlon Lip Butters (funny how we both have 7!)

Benefit Velvet Eyeshadows

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows, with different packaging!

Re: 4 or More Tag! Collector's Edition

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I have been wanting to try out the Revlon lip Butters! How do you like them? What is your favorite shade? I tend to go with more of a natural or light pink color for my lips, any colors you'd suggest?

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