VIB Icon?
Im still curious as to when I may see my overdue VIB Icon on BT. I have been an official VIB since sometime in April. I did receive the VIB CMA Event on May 1, however I didnt receive the "Official" VIB email until May 17th. I just wanted to know how much longer approximately?
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So sorry ladies!  It shouldn't take that long to update. I have forwarded your information to get that fixed.

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I also wanted to let you know that my account will not keep "My shopping list." It seems as though my account has so many issues, including, still the toolbar claiming "Unsafe Site." I'm not sure where to go from here with those 2 other's on every device I use and I'm constantly clearing cache's, data, and removing programs. Oh, I do have Anti-Virus etc on all devices too. Could you please forward that info for me please?
Thank you!
Oh no! I'll send you a message to help.
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