VIB Icon?
Im still curious as to when I may see my overdue VIB Icon on BT. I have been an official VIB since sometime in April. I did receive the VIB CMA Event on May 1, however I didnt receive the "Official" VIB email until May 17th. I just wanted to know how much longer approximately?
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So sorry ladies!  It shouldn't take that long to update. I have forwarded your information to get that fixed.

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I'm in the same boat. They usually say it takes a few weeks to take affect. 2 - 4 I believe? As long as I get emails and can participate in events I'm not too bothered by it. But even Sephoras emails seem to have a problem getting to me. I'm constantly checking their Facebook page to see what's going on.


Are either of you ladies able to access the VIB board on Bright Ideas?  I am wondering if being a VIB on BT is somehow separate. 

I'm sure one of the mods will respond to this soon and have an answer for you!


Hi canseethruu, I am the same way.  I have been a VIB since Feb and no icon.  Don't know if I will ever get it.  Smiley Sad  Its the small things I guess.

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