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VIB ICON & Board Access?
Hmmmmm, I just logged into BT and noticed that my last 2 questions regarding this same issue hadn't even been answered, and I posted those in mid July, and the first of July.

I feel like I'm being punished for being honest regarding my store experiences. I even took the high road and apologized for my venting posts, and deleted them. I realize that falls under another board, but it seems like it's one in the same here on BT.

will my VIB ICON find its way to me soon? Is there anyway to get an update, other than its been forwarded to IT dept?
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Hi Canseethruu.  Sorry your questions weren't answered!  We do our best to get to all of them.  I wasn't able to find the ones you are referring to, but will be happy to answer the questions now if you let me know what they are. Smiley Happy We are expecting to have the VIB flag issue resolved fairly soon, within the next week or so.  I know this particular issue has taken quite a while to resolve, so I definitely appreciate your patience.

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