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I feel like a `tard but I'm having difficulty uploading an image.  In the "Getting Started" area it lists these instructions:


1.      Go to your profile page

Yes!  On it.

2.      Click the “edit” link in the top right corner of “my image gallery”

Ah-ha!  It's tiny, but I see this section that you speak of.

3.      You will be taken to an upload page. Click on “browse”

My 195 x 195px  image is selected.

4.      Upload your image. For the best results, the image should be a square and measure 195 x 195 pixels.

Eh? I seem to be overseeing an upload button or anything of the sort.  Under the 'Browse' area there's a section giving me the option to retitle the image.  Under that, a privacy box I can check/uncheck, aaannd under that there's the 'Image Options' area that I can drop down and make a desired selection.  Anything else indicating that I need to press to upload or maybe something indicating it's already uploaded?  No.  I'm so confused!

5.      Your image will appear on the right. Click “save to gallery”



O.K., maybe not.  I digress, this is the step I can't get past, because there's no upload option and no image appears on the right.  Please help?  Thanks!

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I went through the steps of uploading a picture because I couldn't remember how to do it without doing it again.  When I selected my picture it put the name of my pic in the selection box and there is a "button" to click that says "Save".  When I clicked the "Save" button it saved my photo.

I hope that makes sense. Smiley Happy

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