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Beauty Savant?

I see that I'm now a beauty savant and don't see any one else with that title by their name. Can someone let me know if this is a good thing or a bad thing?

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I was a Beauty Savant at one point in my history on here. It isn't a bad thing at all, all the titles are just fun.

As for why you are the only one, you are special! Actually it's probably because no one else on here is at your level of posting/hearts/etc. The titles change fairly quickly as you progress, so don't worry. I gave you a heart to speed you on your way!

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Hi beautylovingirl!


The names and titles on Beauty Talk change at random according to your activity, postings, hearts, reviews. etc. I'm honestly not even sure the whole list of names and titles that are offered but Beauty Savant is definitely NOT a bad thing! Thanks for contributing to our community!

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Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

lol. If you google it, "savant" basically means expert. How is being Beauty Expert a bad thing?


It's Sephora, things may be a bit cheeky at times but never bad. =)


Ahhhh, I remember the days of being beauty savant, etc...I never did figure out Sephoras system of naming but I finally got to hall of famer and I think it ends there...not sure but I haven't seen any of the hall of famers on here change names.  I do love giving out hearts to's my fav part.


Any title on here is not a bad thing, but I will say that "beauty savant" is new. I don't recall seeing that when I was first on these boards.


I remember being a beauty savant as well.  Actually doesn't seem that long ago.

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