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what makeup do you recommend to me
 The last one is the most recent of me, i really recommend some good makeup colors and such, also a makeup forever artist blush i would really get a advise on i kinda like the more colorful ones like tomato,watermelon and so on but u can take any eyeshadow color and blush whatever makeup u think fits me,  to recommend to me. i so have issues with undereye creases and i have quite deep lines which just dont make the concealer cake in them and make me look even more older, someone have a advise
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Q. How to get rid of laugh lines at 23?
I'm looking for a cream (or other method) that will get rid of my laugh lines. I'm only 23, so I don't want anything too advanced. My face is pretty skinny, which I'm guessing is part of the reason why my laugh lines are more visible than most. I'd like more than just a filler. I'd like something with a more permanent fix. Any suggestions?
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Q. blush match for lipstick
which blush shade would be a good match for the mulberry bite color. I also have warm undertone.  ty                                                                        
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even out my uneven skin color. lots of dark spots all over my face?
Im 48 yrs. old looking for something to  help with uneven skin color?
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Miracle Skin Transformer's Lip Rewind
I love Miracle Skin Transformer's Lip Rewind -- a glossy moisturizer. Now that Sephora doesn't sell it anymore, suggestions? I want something moisturizing that stays and is glossy. Don't love Fresh balms.  What do you think?
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Tria Beauty At-Home Age Defying Laser
Happy Sunday, everyone!   QVC's today's special value (TSV) is this device today. I am 38yo, fair to light, and I have combination, sensitive, acne-prone skin. I am especially sensitive to anything win fragrance.   I used the NuFace Trinity device, and it definitely did provide a lift, but it wasn't a terribly pleasant experience. It also irritated my skin a bit. I returned it.   i am intrigued by the Tria TSV. I would like it for fine lines and evening out the texture of my skin.    has anyone used this? Did it work? How does it compare to dermie office fraxel treatments, or, I guess, does it even compare?   thank you for any guidance!
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Chat Live with Laura Mercier!
  DUE TO UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES THIS CHAT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE CHANGE!    Unlock your full beauty potential with a makeup expert. Visit this thread July 24 from 12–1pm PDT to get beauty advice from industry icon Laura Mercier. Ask her a beauty question and find out how to get her trademark flawless face with her new foundation at home.   Be sure to click “Follow this thread” on the right side of this post to be notified via email when one of your questions is answered.   Learn more about the brand>
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Nickel Free Make-up, particularly eye make-up
Im interesting in nickel-free makeup due to an allergy.  I saw some posts about this, but they looked a couple of years old.  Can you please advise?     Thanks!   Karen J
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What is best color eyeshadow for darker skin tone (smashbox liquid halo in # 9) for a everyday natural look? Currently trying Clinique Chubby Shadow in fuller fudge bronze brown. Thanks!
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anti-aging, pore, and redness
Hi There, I'm currently looking for serum and moisturizer for my oily and ance prone skin. I have large pore on my nose and my cheek. I also concern about the fine lines on my forehead. I really picky to put new products on my skin because of the redness on my face. Are thre any recommendations for my concern? Thank you!
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Fresh Sandy Lane Face Luster
I have used Fresh Sandy Lane Face Luster for years and love it, but it looks like you no longer carry it. What would you recommend replacing it with?
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Just received my Doctor Manuka BEE VENOM REGUV MASK
Just received my Doctor Manuka BEE VENOM REGUV MASK and wanted to ask if it be best to KEEP IN THE REFRIGERATOR ?? Thank you!!!
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Bellapierre Exfoliating Facial Peel
Has anybody ever heard of this brand or used it? What do you think about this product?
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What Tarte BB Cream Color Should I use?
I am a NC20 in Mac and 1R06 Color IQ? I have more yellow undertones than pink. Smashbox Light Med. CC is borderline too dark for me, but still works.
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Hourglass Ilusion Tinted Moisturizer Shade Help
Does anyone know which shade in the Hourglass tinted moisturizer is closest to Nars Deauville (Sheer Glow)?  Would it be Shell or Ivory?
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Did Sephora stop carrying Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum?
I love  Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum as a dark spot corrector. But i no longer see this product online. Does anyone know if sephora stopped carrying this product? Thanks a tons!
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What packaging company manufactures the creamy body wash caps?
Hi, Does anyone know who makes Sephora's creamy body wash caps?
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Need help with lip colors any suggestion?
I just purchased Nars blush in deep throat and seduction, I need some ideas for lip colors that would go with them, I am not affraid of color but I don't want to choose the wrong color. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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I dont have fine lines under my eyes...they are definitly noticeable and look even worse when I wear concealer for my dark circles. So now I'm deciding to treat the lines under my eyes. What eye cream have you ladies used that was effective to reduce or completly diminish wrinkles under the eyes? I'm in my 20s btw. 
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OCC Pretty Boy lip tar dupes?
Hi all, I've recently come to terms with the fact that the Lip Tar formula is just not going to work for me - too drying on me. However one of my favorite lip colors, OCC Pretty Boy, I have only seen in the Lip Tar formula. Would any of you happen to know of any similar lipstick shades, preferably opaque and non-matte? I looked up dupes on Temptalia's site but the two she lists aren't quite what I'm looking for, they're either too light (illamasqua welt) or a little too red (nars carthage).   here are some images for reference:   alexbeautycorner on blogspot - temptalia - xsparkage -
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Y2/R2 in OCC Tinted Moisturizer?
Hello, Since I am sensitive to silicones, I am excited to try Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics tinted moisturizer and concealer.   I have been looking at images online, and am guessing that I am somewhere around Y2 for the tinted moisturizer and R1 for concealer.   Foundations that match my skin are: Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation SPF 15 in L4 Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15 in Natural 4 Everyday Minerals matte base in Medium Beige (a medium peach color) matches well and is brightening on me.   Right now I don't have a concealer due to the silicone problem.   I think I'd be considered a medium-light toned caucasian. I look yellow when my skin is next to my husband's, and he looks pink and a bit lighter.   I think I look best in foundation and concealers that are peach, rather than yellow.   Can anyone please advise me on which colors to try (in either or both the tinted  moisturizer  and concealer)?   Thank you! Karen 
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looking for an eye cream to treat darkcircles and puffiness for men
My husband is using Clinique's skin care regime for men for more than a year , though he loves all other products but eye cream doesn't seems to serve the purpose. He has serious dark circles around his eyes..... Any suggestions which eye cream will be effective for him?
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Recommended Replacement for Benefit You Rebel Tinted Moisturizer?
Help! I've been using Benefit's You Rebel Tinted Moisturizer religiously, but saw they've discontinued it! Does anyone have a recommendation for an oil-free tinted moisturizer with the same dewy finish and some SPF? I have combination olive skin and dont want anything too heavy. Thanks for the help!!
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What is everyone's favorite sephora products!
What is everyone's favorite sephora products mine are .... the urban decay basics palette, the smashbox the master class palette 2 , lancome waterproof under eye concealer , and living proof nourishing cream. these are just a few of my favorites what does everyone else like ???? please let me know !
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Q. Does the NUFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device Actually Work?
I'm thinking of splurging and getting this-- has anyone tried it? What're your thoughts?
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Does anyone have experience with Dr. Dennis Gross extra strength peel pads?
I've noticed the peel pads that are individually wrapped are larger, big enough for me to cover my neck, chest and hands, but I've seen them come in the little bulk packaging as well, and they look smaller and circular Instead of the individually wrapped larger, square shaped pads. Does anyone know whether the 15 pad pack, the 30 pad pack, 60 pad pack, ect. Has the individually wrapped pads or the bulk packs with smaller circular pads? And also, if there's a price difference between them?   The descriptions seem ambiguous and I want to make sure I get the most out of my money! I already know they work really well for my skin it's just a matter of what's most cost effective! Any help would be much appreciated! Also, if anyone had tried a similar product that worked better for them, please share! Thanks!!
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500 point perks/ 100 point perks
                      Hi all- I know missie has made two threads for 100 point ( -100-Point-Perks/td-p/869671) and 500 point ( -250-500-and-Male-Point-Perks/td-p/869679) perks. I was wondering if anyone knows how they find other ones? I just saw someone had a tarte 500 point perk from another thread (which i just happily ordered) but I wonder how to find these?!
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