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Oil Control!!!
Anyone have tips for oil control to the t-zone!? . . . I just started to use Dr. Brandt pores no more primer . . . It helps but the t-zone is still getting oily. Any suggestions for other primers? Or is it just as simple as me having to powder that area through out the day . . . which im sure is the nomral thing to do. I really don't carrying any products with me at work but it might not be a pad idea for powder. Suggestions on products ladies? Let me know!
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If I had to pick the most helpful product in my routine it would be the Urban Decay De-Slick setting spray. I saw someone advise spraying your face before makeup applica... see post
Calling All GA Luminous Silk Foundation Users!! Need Advice/Help!!
  Hey everyone- First I'm terribly sorry if there is already a massive thread on here about this but I couldn't find it and my question is more specific so here it goess--- Before this brand/product was ever  available online I used to drive down to Boston, Mass to the Sephora that carries Giorgio Armani's cosmetic line in store. I haven't gone for a while, but when I did, I would always obsess over  "Luminous Silk" and purchased it once when I was there for a rouge event at that event there was a GA rep who matched me as a 4.25 which is the same match that the Sephora color IQ matches me with (which for me, the IQ never works out one day I am one IQ shade and the next month I'm another # so for me that isn't at all a fool proof method I'd rely on ) SOOO NOW THE --Problem WHICH IS- I had some doubts about the color that the rep at Sephora matched me with.. it just didn't "fit: SO when I got matched at Saks Fifth at the GA counter the GA counter manager seemed to clearly know her stuff seeing as she was the counter manager of and SHE matched me as a 4.75 she was like "yep your 4.75 that's it end of story" kind of short didn't even put another shade on me to make sure...BUTT the shade seemed to match me fairly well and I ended up buying the 4.75 and used half of it and gave the rest to my mother months later because I had developed a "no foundation phase"...NOW just a few moths ago, when I was at the same Sephora that carries GA in the store....I clearly got drawn to the silk foundation again... I wanted to pick up another bottle of "luminous silk" and this awesome guy working at that Sephora told me to try the few shades out that I was unsure of, after I told him my dilemma and he even said he still gets confused about the shades.. SO..he gave me samples of shades 4.5..4.75...and 5. When I got home I put all 3 shade in swatches in a stripe on my arm and I couldn't figure out for the life of me which one had a cool/ pink undertone..or which one had a warm/yellow undertone..or which one of them had a neutral undertone,(MOST OF THE TIME FROM WORKING IN THE COSMETIC INDUSTRY A WHLE AGO AND LEARNING THIS TYPE OF STUFF, I CAN TELL WHAT UNDERTONE A FOUNDATION HAS) THE OTHER PROBLEM WAS -  all three shades he gave me samples of somehow or another worked on my face as I recall but it was back in September so now I cant remember AND NOW that this stuff is online on,  I just would like to order it online rather than having to go down to the Sephora that carries it in store    CLEARLY THIS IS WHY I AM ASKING FOR YOUR HELP..LOL - one thing I know for sure is that I am in the 4-ish shade range or 5.0 because 4.5..4.75..and 5.0 worked for me a few months ago BUT then again I was matched twice as a 4.25 so I am just SO CONFUSED and hope you guys figured this out more than I have :/ MEANING- is there a certain undertone to the shades ending in .25's and .5's and .75's and so on? AND IF ANYONE USES THE SHADE 4.5 OR 4.75 OR 5.0 WHAT UNDERTONE DO YOU THINK THAT IS HAS AND WHY THAT SHADE WORKS FOR YOUR SKINCOLOR?   ALLL THE HELP I CAN GET IS GREATLYYYYY APPRECIATED Thanks--   PLEASE HELP       
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BEAUTY PRO brittybaby88 / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
Yuumei- I completely understand why you would ask that.. And for someone who just recently has learned about undertones and such you seem to be learning pretty quickly g... see post
Under eye concealer & foundation
I've read varying opinions on the topic and wanted to "ask the experts."  When should under eye concealer be applied? Before foundation? After?  Before applying eye makeup - or after?  The makeup experts I've had do my makeup for special events have applied the products in a different order than I normally do at home.  So what's the best order for application - foundation, eye makeup then concealer????
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Finding a pore primer for monster pores and extremely dry skin
I've read so many posts about the best pore primers, but nearly everyone is talking about their oily skin and how they want to mattify it.  When I use pore primers that have oil absorbing qualities, they dry my face out so badly that my foundation starts flaking off a few hours after I use it.  One poster asked about this and instead of getting primer suggestions, they got moisturizing suggestions.  I know how to moisturize, and why I have dry skin. Even when my face is properly moisturized, the primers will then dry it back out.  I can use benefit porefessional, but it doesn't do a great job on my pores.  I have tried : Kiehl's Blur, DHC Velvet Skin Coat and Pore Clarifying Cover Base, Laura Mercier, Philosophy supernatural, the new Smashbox for pores, Bare Minerals Prime Time, the regular Smashbox primers, Too Faced, Urban Decay, and I can't even remember the others.  They either dry me out or are not thick enough to really fill in my pores.  Any other suggestions? By the way, for anyone with oily skin and huge pores, the best pore cover I have ever found was DHC Pore Clarifying Cover Base, but it dries me out so bad.
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MUFE HD Foundation Shade Recommendation
I was colour matched to shade 127- Dark Sand last year in the MUFE Invisible Cover HD Foundation. I absolutely love this foundation- I love the coverage, the finish, etc. I am slightly more tanned than when I was matched to 127, so I'm looking for a recommendation for one shade (or even half a shade) darker  in same skintone family. Thanks!
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Thanks Laura! see post
Flaky Skin
I've been washing with Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser in the morning followed by a spray of rosewater toner and EltaMD AM moisturizer. In the evening I use Skinceuticals Purifying cleanser (which contains glycolic acid) with my Clarisonic followed by a spray of rosewater toner and EltaMD PM moisturizer.   Twice a week I've been using Exfolikate in the evening - on those nights I dont use my Clarisonic.   My forehead gets small bumps and breakouts and this sigificantly made it clearer and smoother. My chin was clear and breakout free as well.   I've been using this regimen for about 2 1/2 weeks now and I'm starting to get dry flaky skin around my chin and mouth and also on my forehead. I'm also noticing breakouts coming back in my tzone.   How can I get rid of this dry skin? Even after moisturizing my skin is still flaky. I didn't even use foundation because I knew it would make the flakes more noticable. My skin was so clear and smooth a week ago, how can I get back to that place?
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Guerlain Meterorites Brush worth the cost?
I am thinking of venturing into the Guerlain Meteorites world, but the price of the corresponding brush seems pretty steep. Any close products for half the cost? Thanks!
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I bought the brush and ended up swapping it. Looked pretty but wasn't that great. Now I use a Guerlain powder brush that came with a GWP from guerlain. But any powder br... see post
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick
Hey Ladies!   I am looking into Urban Decay's Revolution Lipstick but cannot decide on a shade! I've looked at multiple swatches on different blogs and (Sephora) discussion boards, but cannot settle on any one shade.   I have pretty light, neutral skin tone (I recently was color matched to 3Y03 or Urban Decay's Foundation in 2.0).   Recently, I have been attracted to bright pinks and corals, but am looking to venture out. I haven't gotten the nerve to try reds permanently just yet as I have not found a sample of a red that looks good on me. So I'm thinking somewhere in the mauve/plum range, but not too dark...   Does anyone have any suggestions or favorites that they swear by? And possibly suggest a matching lip liner by Urban Decay as well.   Thank you ladies!
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On me Manic is a browny mauve/wine shade.  It also has a slight sheen to it (not shimmer, just a sheen).   I have a much deeper complexion than the OP FWIW.     ... see post
Lipstick changing colors
Hey ladies!   I've got sort of a strange question, hopefully someone could help me with...Whenever I use any type of lipstick, lip crayon, lip stain, etc., it goes on normal, then after about an hour or so, it starts turning very bright, almost neon. Does anyone know why that happens and/or how to stop it from happening?    Thanks ladies!
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BEAUTY PRO shaniceee / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
That's what I was thinking it you know how to fix it or control it? see post
Can someone help me determine my face shape?
Post another pic looking straight into the camera without your hand - that'll make it easier to tell. see post
Oily Monolids: Eyeliner doesn't last on my upper lashline?
I always start with Urban Decay's primer potion and then use Stila's liquid eyeliner. For the most part, the eyeliner doesn't budge for the entire day, except for right above the upper lashline. This is because I have those oily monolids and it always annoys me when I see a line of skin start to show up under my eyeliner...any tips to make the eyeliner last even longer? 
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I have an inner fold so its equally as hard to keep my eyeliner/mascara/eyemakeup in general on my lids.    The only ones that I had success with are the MUFE aqua liq... see post
LASHFOOD BROWFOOD Tinted Brow Enhancing Gelfix
Has anyone tried this yet? I noticed its finally back in stock and am deciding which shade to choose, between dark blonde and brunette. I need something warm toned, im currently using the brunette gel in ABH but i find the wand too big, and messy. I want something to lighten my brows on days when i don't feel like doing them or to add onto powder
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So glad the color matches!  For the wet swatch, I just pressed the brush down so the product comes out. I applied about two layers and then cleaned up the sides with a ... see post
BB/CC Cream Recommendation Needed
I have combination skin - quite oily in the t-zone but definitely looking dryer under the eyes as I get older (I'm 45).  With summer coming I was hoping to find a great BB/CC cream.  I was hoping to find one with light coverage.  Currently I am wearing and loving the color match of Lancome Nude Miracle 110.  If I look at the color IQ it says I'm 1R05 (I was color matched as 1R06 but I'm not quite sure about it)  but I will no doubt get a little darker in the summer, despite my use of sunscreen.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!!!
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BEAUTY PRO krtty1125 / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
Thank you lylysa, it's so funny that you mentioned the Smashbox under eye primer - I received a sample last year and absolutely fell love with it!!!!  It makes such a di... see post
Tinted lip balm that doesn't melt!
I've never been a big lipstick girl, but I do like a little subtle color. I find glosses too sticky/shiny without enough hydration. Burt's bees tinted lip balm is my favorite thing in the world but it's ruined after one sunny afternoon in the park. I've been using regular lip balm with nars satin lip pencils to get my color fix, but I feel like there has to be a good one-step solution. Help?
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 Hi! I agree with other people on their suggestion of the Bite BB for lips colors. They're not super long wearing but they're fairly sturdy.    My safest bet is probab... see post
Can someone recommend a good ... ?
I have been a hunt for a good foundation for a while. My skin became so sensitive I'm scared to try out new things. I need a foundation for everyday/night i do not like to buy two different foundations. I am combo/oily.. I get oily on my T-zone. I really do need help, and I prefer liquid. 
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I use it daily, no melt down. I tend to use it with a primer and UD setting spray, though. It's moderate buildable coverage. see post
What are some good types of hightligher for my fair skin?
I have been doing my makeup for quite some type but in the past have been sort of a tom boy and haven't cared much about it. i am starting to care more about my appearance so any tips you have for me would be awesome. I want to know your favorite foundations, concealers, powders, hightlighers, contouring kits, bronzers and everything! Please help thank you!
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ChelseyBrown / NEWCOMER / replied
Thanks Laura! I have heard a lot of good things about the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector but have not heard much about the other items. So thank you! Also what is your ... see post
New foundation advice/suggestions
I recently used UD Naked skin foundation in Shade 1 and while I liked the lightweight formula I am interested in finding something with more coverage and longer lasting.   My face is a combination of dry and oily. Dry between my eyebrows and oily around my nose and on my forehead. (Any suggestions on the dry patch between eyebrows would be appreciated as well ) Should I use a b.b. cream or primer underneath?   I am also interested in knowing what I should use for a concealer, I have never used one but have bags under my eyes like I am sleep deprived, and it always shows through the foundations I use.   Any suggestions on a product? I would go to a Sephora location to ask but I live a few hours from the nearest one so I hoping I can get help on here! Thanks in advance for any replies!!
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ksmith09 / NEWCOMER / replied
Thanks for the advice on the primer! It is in my basket :)   I am going to read the article that you sent me. Thanks.   As far as the foundation finish I have never ... see post
Help - completely desperate for help
I love, love, love, love to spend hours and hours online going through makeup sites, pininterest pins, makeup artists instagram and everything else I can find.  It's my personal pet peeve when people either crop off the artists' name, or crop the photo so that you can't begin to question the color, brand or otherwise.  I spent three solid months typing in every possible google term I could think of to find ONE - one tiny little eyeshadow look.  There were exactly two pictures of this look anywhere on the web - two, one of which was cropped.  I am...stuck again.  I have two photos that I'm stuck on...and have been for about a month and a half.  The first one is by Nars, honestly, I've never purchased Nars before (why I don't know) but I want - desperately want - the color they use. I've went to every cosmetic store I could think of that sold Nars to see if I could match it up - but I can't.  I've tried getting lipstick swatches but different skin colors, filters, flash or no flash make none of these any easier to find.  I'm looking for whatever color this very first Nars purchase...if I can find it.  I have about five or six different swatches that "sort of" look like this but not exactly.   The second question I have is probably not for this forum...but this is the first forum I found that I thought could help me.  I've seen this "watermark" before - but I can't for the life of me remember the MUA it was.  I am in love with the look and, I like to see what they used exactly rather than stumble around stores blindly hoping to get colors that are similar - right until I get them home and try them on...then, I realize I was really, really far off in my choices.  I was hoping someone might be able to tell me who this designer is, or...well, if someone could tell me perfect dupes (not necessarily cheap cosmetics) - just something that would produce this look. Thank you in advance for ANY help you can provide me with.  I'm not on the computer every single day, so if it takes a couple of day to throw myself at your feet and thank you with my wholehearted, undying, very sincere gratitude, please don't think that I'm being rude - just not around all the time.  However, I do thank you for any help you can give me and for taking the time to read this email.  THANK YOU!!!   Many hugs and best wishes, Jaeden
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Thank you ED, it's my patented half-arsed smile/smirk haha. I don't smile a ton in pictures because it feels forced and my chipmunk cheeks become super noticeable!   B... see post
Clean Face
I am looking for face cleaning tool and product to help with my sensitive skin. I have some acne issue. I am wanting clean, fresh, healthy, beautiful skin. Any ideas? 
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I agree with you.  I love my derm!  Having one I trust has truly changed my skin and probably saved me a lot of money in trying OTC products that wouldn't have worked.  ... see post
Q. Normal on the cheeks, oily but flaky on the t-zone... help!
Hey everyone! I have good, dewy skin on the cheeks however I can never find a cream that is good for my skin type. My skin literally covers both ends of the spectrum. I've tried Ole Henrikson's sheer transformation cream and while it felt amazing on my cheeks, my t-zone, specifically my nose, was still flaking like no tomorrow but it was still a bit oily. It's very frustrating because at the same time, I get breakouts approximately once a month in my t-zone area and my forehead tends to be quite oily. Anyone have skin care advice/tips as well as suggestions on what creams/moisturizers have worked for them? I live in Canada so our temperature fluctuates throughout the year. Thank you!
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A. Hi alicexx,   I would recommend Clinique's Moisture Surge Intense as it is intended for people with dry to combination skin. I know how hard it can be to find the pe... see post
Need Help with Anti-Aging skincare regimen
I just turned 52 and my skincare routine that i have followed for years is no longer cutting it.  I use cleansing oil (a mixture of Castor, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, and Jojoba) i massage that on my face and then use a little Clinque liquid soap to remove it.  Then I use (I'm almost embarrassed to say this but I use Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with Vitamin E oil, Distilled Water and asprin Toner.  What i am wanting okay....NEEDING is a grown up Adult Woman looking at her 50's skin care regimen.  I've noticed wrinkles and even more worrisome is a lack of firmness.  I should say that i am also in the middle of a weight loss program and have lost 45lbs so far, so things are beginning to sag from both age and weight loss.  I don't just have bags under my eyes, they are suitcases.  What do you suggest?   Any advice appreciated!
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Thank you all for all the suggestions.  Just to let you know i have combination skin, which is slightly sensitive.  It's weird but some things that i think wouldn't both... see post
Highlighter help for fair skin!
I've been looking into the Becca highlighters but the Sephora near me unfortunately doesn't carry them so i'm in a dilemma. I'm NW20, so i'm quite fair, i'm in between Moonstone & Opal. I'm also neutral. Thanks!
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I have the lightest (almost white) color, and it is perfect for my NW20 skin.   It does not stand out as a highlighter, rather blends into your skin.   Some days I jus... see post
Contour pallettes . . Powder or cream?
I'm lovin' the subtle contouring going on right now. I have yet to invest in a palette. I would love to try both but looking to see what people would suggest. I know starting off powder would probably best but I'm looking to see what the best palettes are! If this is my first time buying a palette what would your suggestions be?
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I was just at Sephora and picked up their palette.  They have the displays of all the new and great versions but I was surprised that I actually liked theirs the best…an... see post
concealers! looking to find one that's full coverage and setting powder!
Hey guys!!!! . . . So I'm looking to find a really good full coverage concealer particularly for the under eye area. One that won't crease a ton and also a suggestion for a setting powder. I have Narz creamy concealer which I really like but looking for one with more covera. For setting powder I've heard some good things about laura mercier. 'm not looking for an HD powder because im not loving the flash back. Any suggestions would be awesome!!!
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As a side note for the setting powders and avoiding flashback, key into these particular aspects:   -How far are photos being taken while flash is being used? -Is the... see post
skin care
hello - looking for a good skincare line - with cleaner, moisturizer.  I am almost 40 and want to keep my skin looking young and fresh. I don't know much about skincare - I have always used a drug store type moisturizer like Neutrogena but I want to try something better.   My skin type is somewhat dry , and oily at times.  Constant redness on my chin...please offer some good advice. I am noticing wrinkles on my forehead -  I want to keep wrinkles away! Thank you
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Hi shaning74,   I would recommend Peter Thomas Roth's Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel! This is an  antiaging facial cleansing gel that provides an exhilarating, peachy clea... see post
Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner
HI,    I bought the sephora brand of brush cleaner a while ago before I really got into makeup. It contains alcohol and I'm pretty sure that someone along the way told me not to use alcohol on brushes...   Is this true for natural brushes and synthetic or just natural??
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I use the Sephora Daily Brush Cleanser on my natural and synthetic brushes without issue. Often time brush cleaner blends that contain a form of alcohol either use it fo... see post
Q. Help Oily skin , need good tinted moisturizer
Does ayone have a recommendation for a good tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation that has SPF and is good or oily skin?   I don't want it matte. and i can get dry spot so it's kind of a combo, i need moisture but not too much , i like coverage and a semit dewy glow if possible.   I'm using the Clinique Moisture Surge CC cream now, which i love the coverage and how it makes my skin look, but it is making me breakout.    Anyone know about something that looks similar but is good for oily skin?
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A. Hi bear730! I can make a couple recommendations for you! First, and I've recommended this one a lot, I would try the Shiseido Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector (SPF ... see post
Sunday Riley
Hi, I'm currently using Nars foundation in Tahoe. Would Sunday Riley medium primer work for me? If not, would you kindly recommend another primer? Thanks
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shar401 / NEWCOMER / replied
Thanks for the input, ladies! see post
What is the best way to go about making my own lotion?
I have dry eczema ridden skin and so far my search for a natural lotion is futile. So I found a great natural lotion but it's pricey. So I'm venturing into the world of making my own. The lotions ingredients I want in my lotion could be expensive too. So I'm wondering what is the best way to go about making my own lotion with close to the same ingredients? Where do I even buy these oils that won't cost an arm and a leg? The lotion I'm hoping to copy is called Josh Rosebrook's Nutrient Day Cream. I listed the ingredients below: Certified organic aloe juice; certified organic shea butter; organic oils of: evening primrose, hemp seed, jojoba, borage, almond, grapeseed, sesame and sea buckthorn; uncoated non-nano zinc oxide; certified organic lecithin; organic herbal infusions of: calendula flowers, bilberry, chamomile, burdock root, rosemary, fennel seed, dandelion, rose hips, catnip, chickweed, neem leaf, skullcap, ginkgo leaf, linden flowers, hawthorn berry, green tea, flaxseed, nettles, sage, marshmallow root, cayenne, ginseng, peppermint, St. John’s Wort and alfalfa; certified organic vitamin E Oil; wild-crafted candelilla wax; certified organic guar gum and gum arabic; plant sourced xanthan gum & potassium sorbate; organic benzoin tree resin. Help!
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You flatter me, MeganLisa!   Even before skin care and cosmetics I was always an avid fan of bath and body care products. I loved bubble baths and finding beautiful sc... see post
Color match
Hi, I am currently using Chanel Vitalumiere In #30 Cendre. What shade should I use in MUFE full cover concealer?
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Hi Chrissy01,   I am not super familiar with the Chanel foundation shades because they are not something we carry on our website. If it is possible, I recommend goin... see post