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Help to find shade online!
I use the Kat Von D Lock It foundation in deep 66 and I want to know what should be my shade in the  KAT VON D Lock-It Powder Foundation! Thanks in advance.
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Kat Von D's Lock- It Tattoo Foundation Experience. Returns and Exchanges? Suggestion? Help!
I bought Kat Von D's Lock-It Tattoo Foundation around a month ago. In my experience, it dries quickly and leaves me with gross dry patches, plus the coverage fades fast as well. I hate it. I have given it many chances, including trying several different moisturizers and tools to fix my problem (this is why I've kept it as long as I have.) I do still have the original packing and the receipt. I have used it quiet often, but there's still a ton of product left.  Also, what foundation would you suggest to me? I obviously need moisture in my foundation, and would like to have one that won't clog my pores or break me out. Thank you!
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Beauty insider
My beauty insider points are not in my account. I've made purchases before however, i had not signed up online until now. I believe there might have been some sort of information mix up when i signed up at the store. Is there anyway to get my points into my account? 
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What product replaces Bumble and Bumble BB holding spray?
I have always loved Bumble and Bumble BB holding spray. It has been discontinued, and I am hoarding one last little bit of it by using it only for very special occasions. I haven't been able to find another product that works in the same way. Can anyone suggest a replacement for the BB holding spray?
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Live Hair Q&A with Drybar!
  This chat is closed. It will open at 12 pm on December 5th.   Ask Drybar founder Alli Webb a styling question exclusively on Beauty Talk! Visit this thread on December 5 from 12–1pm PST to get hair advice from the blow dry master and entrepreneur herself. Ask her anything, from which Drybar product is right for you to how to get Texas-sized hair for the holidays.   Be sure click "Follow this thread" on the right side of this post to be notified via email when one of your questions is answered.
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makeup forever artist shadow black rose
Anyone have swatches of this color? Is temptalia's swatch accurate?
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Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide Foundation SHADE
I use the color bamboo beige in LM Silk Foundation which is tad light for me, and I don't know what color I should get for the new LM Smooth Finish Flawless Fluid Foundation. I have a yellow undertone skin, and I'm roughly NC 20-25 in MAC. 
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Laura Mercier color equivalence- Mineral Powder vs. LM Smooth Finish Foundation Powder
Hi there!   I am looking to try the LM Smooth Finish Foundation Powder but am unsure what color to use. I currently use the Natural Beige in the mineral powder which I find to be just a bit too light as well as the St. Moritz in the tinted moisturizer. There seem to be so many shades listed as Medium with yellow undertones and wasn't sure which would be best.   Thanks!  Aschac
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Help = all Plum lipsticks turns hot pink
Every plum lipstick I try turns hot pink - instantly! Every one of them! I'm hazel eyes, fair peachy skin, freckles, strawberry blonde. Does the orange in my skin cancel out the blue in the plum? How do I get plum to look plum on me? I've tried: lip liner with lipstick over it, lip primer, foundation, two plums together. No luck. Help?????
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can you match mufe hd foundation and urban decay naked skin shades to Madeleine Stowe's skin?
I am trying to find makeup similar to what Madeleine Stowe wore at the 2012 golden globes. You can see she has a light smokey eye with glossy nude lips and dewy flawless skin. 
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Allergic to Quaternium-15
I have been using Sephora's service for many years! I love the ease to which I can order, the variety and how quickly my products get to me. I've been having a rash on my face for the last 4 years and after 4 years of testing, trying difference creams, meds, biopsy, visits to the dermatologist, I finally saw an Allergist, where I tested allergic to Quaternium-15. It's a commonly (ugh!) used ingredient in most personal care items. Does Sephora or any of the brands you carry, indicate they are free of Quaternium-15 or it's derivitives (such as Formaldehyde, Bronopol, Diazolidinyl urea? Thank you.
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Nars Tinted Moisturizer Shade
I just went to Sephora today and purchased the Nars tinted moisturizer in Groenland.  The SA matched me to light 3 which is Groenland.  It looked good in the store.  It still seems ok, but when I got home I read online that that shade is more pinky-peachy and I am totally yellow undertone. I still think it looks good, I tend to look a bit beigy now.   My shade match would be St. Moritz.  Should I just leave well enough alone, or go back and switch.  I know I can try it and they take returns, but i feel guilty returning something I opened.  I was planning on using this under my bare minerals which I use in the light shade.  (in summer i am golden medium) for shade reference.  
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Compact for touch up with YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat
I need to pick up a compact for my mom who wears YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat in Beige Rose 40.     What would you recommend both for powder to set it with (loose powder?) of a morning and for a compact for touch up on the go?  For her, I'm guessing a compact for touch up is the way to go because it is a lot easier to safely transport in a purse.
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Good foundation
Hi, i am in need of a GOOD foundation and am not opposed to trying a high end brand. I currently use the Maybelline FIT ME liquid foundation in number 225... This foundation settles into my fine lines and this is bothersome to me. I am 34, Italian and live in sunny Florida. I take good care of my skin but obviously have natural wrinkles. :-) any suggestions of what type of foundation would be good for me to use and what would be close to the FIT ME 225 that I currently use now. 
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Lips for Winter
Hi, Dolls. I have a tanned complexion. I have dark eyes. Can somebody recommend a bronzer . I would like to apply it to my cheekbones. I want color, but I don't want to look like a clown. Thanks!  
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How can I incorporate strivectin-sd intensive concentrate to my evening beauty routine ???
  Hi ! Just started a new beauty routine this past Thursday which includes the following:   Morning : Origins checks and balance frothy face wash with my boscia sponge (the pink one) Origins plantscription Origins ginzing refreshing eye cream Oririns ginzing energy boosting moisturizer   Evening : Philosophy purity made simple with my boscia sponge Got 2 sample size of Algenist retinol serum (5ml each) which I use as my current night serum. Origins night-a-mins   Once-a-week : I'll use a mask ... I'm currently trying out different ones (Origins clear improvements and all 4 boscias). Really liked the black one from boscia, but I'll try the 4 others before making a decision,   What I would like to know is if I can incorporate Strivectin-SD Intensive concentrate for wrinkles and strech marks to my evening routine. The reason I'm asking is that I just remembered I had a full bottle of this which I got as a present from my boyfriend during my pregnancy to prevent strechmarks and I didn't use it because we were told not to by our Dr. I know I can also use this cream for wrinkles. Can I incorporate this in my evening beauty routine and still use the Algenist serum, or should I stop using the Algenist serum and use plantscription origins serum instead? (I would only use Strivectin on my wrinkles (forehead & crow's feet).   Hope someone can help,   Thanks,
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Bare Minerals SerumFoundation Color choice
Subject Bare Minerals Color: I have alwys worn their Medium Beige loose mineral foundation, perfect match. I decided to try the Serum last month and ordered the Bare, love, love this liquid, however, the color is a smidgen too beige...I thought I might buy a lighter color and take a drop from one and a drop from the new lighter color for the pefect color....any suggestions for the lighter color to mix with the Bare Satin? I live in the middle of the mountains and I think the nearest store is 3-4 hours away so I have to shop online! Help!
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Every plum lipstick I try turns hot pink - instantly! Every one of them! I'm hazel eyes, fair peachy skin, freckles, strawberry blonde. Does the orange in my skin cancel out the blue in the plum?  How do I get plum to look plum on me?  I've tried: lip liner with lipstick over it, lip primer, foundation, two plums together. No luck. Help?????
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How to combine online account with my VIB card
I open a VIB card in store and I never use it online. Today I want to combine them and buy items online. But I did not find where I can type my card number with my account. Plz tell me the process of combing them. Also, I click to create a new beauty insider membership. Can you help me cancel that and tell me how to add my VIB card number.
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Complimenting lip liner for Dior Addict Bellissima?
I am attending a holiday party soon and I want to find a long lasting lip liner that will compliment the Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in Bellissima. While I like the idea of a clear liner, I prefer to use pigmented ones for dark or bold colors. What liners would you recommend that will not change the color too much and lasts a long time without drying out my lips? As a side note, I avoid orange reds and most warmer true reds, preferring to go for blue and berry toned reds.
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Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation
My make-up color IQ is 3Y06. In the Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation, what shade is closest to that or one closest to a Beige that can cover some small broken blood vessels on my cheeks? Also, will this foundation last during the work day?   Thank You!
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Foundation Issues
I am currently unhappily married to MAC NW 47. And would like to fool around with Kat Von D as I understand she can really show a girl a real good time and NOT be such a PRETTY MESS ON HER DRESS. I am attempting to gathering information on shading/ pigments. When custom blends were all the rage I was in the red/orange family of PRESCRIPTIVES. The Gods saw fit to push me to the MAC side once that was no longer an option. So HELP!!!! Sister in the a Make-Struggle Who Must Stay BEAT.....
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Shiseido Whitening Serum vs Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer Whitening Formulader
I wonder if I should start to use the serum or the Bio -performace whitening formula?  I am 25 , I am Asian  I do have some dark spot around my nose area. Should I start to use it the serum now or wait until I reach thirty something? I do have some Asian cousins who use the serum , which really work on their skin, but all of them are around their 50s.    Can anyone help me to choose?   Thanks,   Yen
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what makeup do you recommend to me
 The last one is the most recent of me, i really recommend some good makeup colors and such, also a makeup forever artist blush i would really get a advise on i kinda like the more colorful ones like tomato,watermelon and so on but u can take any eyeshadow color and blush whatever makeup u think fits me,  to recommend to me. i so have issues with undereye creases and i have quite deep lines which just dont make the concealer cake in them and make me look even more older, someone have a advise
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Q. How to get rid of laugh lines at 23?
I'm looking for a cream (or other method) that will get rid of my laugh lines. I'm only 23, so I don't want anything too advanced. My face is pretty skinny, which I'm guessing is part of the reason why my laugh lines are more visible than most. I'd like more than just a filler. I'd like something with a more permanent fix. Any suggestions?
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Q. blush match for lipstick
which blush shade would be a good match for the mulberry bite color. I also have warm undertone.  ty                                                                        
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Miracle Skin Transformer's Lip Rewind
I love Miracle Skin Transformer's Lip Rewind -- a glossy moisturizer. Now that Sephora doesn't sell it anymore, suggestions? I want something moisturizing that stays and is glossy. Don't love Fresh balms.  What do you think?
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