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Facial hair, help with texture for makeup.
Ok..deep breath. I am a female who unfortunately has awful facial hair issues, which in turn I have to shave. My jawline and chin area can be smooth as can be but when I put makeup on, it looks rough and bumpy up close. I use Tend skincare after shaving to help with razor bumps and irritation. No matter what primer or foundation I use this is the end result. Is there anything I can do skin care wise or makeup wise to help minimize this? I am so embarrassed about this and feel like people are always looking at this part of my face. I use purity face wash, Clinique mild clarifying toner, and Clinique moisture surge. I also use Clinique men's exfoliating face scrub before shaving to try and get a good close shave.
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AAAngela / NEWCOMER / replied
As a male who wears makeup (and everything else) I can appreciate your problem. I can cover the beard shadow quite well but the texture of the skin is one of the biggest... see post
Can I find my skintone number from my foundation?
 I'm fairly new to this and recently got a few samples from my local sephora. I now want to try other foundations I've heard really great things about but I don't know my shade. The foundation samples I got were from MUFE y365 and Kat Von D #53 & #54. Is it possible to find my skintone number based on these foundations?  
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Yes you can! And use the drop down menu to select the brand you found a match in and follow the steps for a list of all the shades that c... see post
Can I use giftcards at
I was going to get a Sephora gift card, can I use it online if I use the Canadian store? I know this was a problem a while ago, not sure if it has gotten fixed yet. 
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You can still only use it in store unfortunately :( I'm hoping though with the new warehouse that maybe they will start accepting them soonish...maybe... see post
What are your favorite highlighters?
Highlighters and contouring are the talk of the season. I wanted to start a thread where everyone can list their skintone and highlighters they own/like for different occasions. It could be a useful resource for anyone looking for highlighters. Are you guys in? I will start.   Skintone: Medium/ Mac NC30ish Highlighter Liquid- Becca Opal (Love it, most used), Benefit high beam (too light, good for fairer skintone) Cream- Benefit Watts Up (Good match, don't use it often) Powder- Kevin aucoin celestial powder in candlelight (Love it, most used)    
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Skintone: NC20-25 in MAC, probably lighter now Highlighters: Tom Ford Illuminator Duo - Moodlight  Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow - Light Medium Becca ... see post
Help! Early 30s - Which PM eye treatment to stave off wrinkles?
Hey All!   I'll be 31 soon and am finally starting to take my eye skincare regiment seriously.  I'm looking for something (especially at night) to help address fine lines/wrinkles, but am totally overwhelmed at all of the options.   I do understand that I should be looking for something with retinol and have been pouring over reviews for a bunch of products (Verso Super Eye and Dr. Gross Triple Correction serums seem to be the top so far), but want to make sure I don't spend money on something that's not going to help in the long run - so here I am!   Thanks in advance!
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can you use caudalie divine oil on face?
can you use caudalie divine oil on the face?  I have really dry skin, and am looking for an oil that isn't too expensive to use on my face... I am in my 30s and want to stay wrinkle free...I also have a pore problem.  TY!!!
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You got it. :) I love Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil, especially to keep my skin hydrated in the winter. see post
Too Faced Better than False Lashes Extreme
Thoughts on Too Faced Better than False Lashes Extreme. Worth the price? Does it really work or do you recommend a different product? Just want a mascara to lengthen my lashes (they are super short).
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What is a good nail colour for old hands?
What is a good nail colour for older hands?  I am in my 60s.  I know that skin colour is important (I am fair in colour).  Also - I need to have the colour look 'professional'.  Dark colours make my hands look older and light colours make me look like I am trying to be a "young wanna be". I have looked at the hands of other older women and haven't seen a colour that I really like yet.  Thank-you
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I was also amazed at good your hands look in your picture!  I will definitely start putting on wrinkle cream on my hands.  I had not thought to do that.  Thanks for the ... see post
I have vitiligo and would like some advise on a good concealer to cover my my spots on my face and that won't wash off right away.
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ruby74red / NEWCOMER / replied
Thanks I order something from dermablend hope it works. I use to buy from colortration but they are closing down. see post
How do I keep my white nail polish from staining?
It still stains even if I wear a top coat.
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What color would i be in Too Faced Born this way Foundation color iq 3Y04?
I really want to get the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation but I can't find a color to match closet to my color iq 3Y04. Can someone point me in the right direction.
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aleyjane / NEWCOMER / replied
PLEASE HELP does anyone know the equivalent to mac NC37 / nars medium 1/punjab? see post
Skin Care Help Please!
I need advice on skin care that works for a 36 year old that still has acne. Not only do I still have problems with acne, I'm now in my 30s and don't want to create wrinkles. My skin is olive and tends have dark spots where blemishes have been. I also have dark spots along my jaw line which are new in the last couple of years. I'm sure a lot of it is related to stress and hormones, but neither one of those things are going away. I've tried pretty much everything including Obagi. It seems that things people have recommended have either focused on improving the dark spots and made the acne worse or vice versa. Isn't there something out there that can effectively treat both? Any suggestions?
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Totally agree on the dairy!  I cut out milk completely and only occasionally have cheese and ice cream.  Within a month or so my skin improved drastically. see post
How to cover pimples? Good Concealer?
Help! Im going into 9th grade and am looking for a better makeup/skincare routine, as of right now i wear an elf primer, maybelline acne fighting bb cream, a crappy concealer, and a smooth minerals press powder, any ideas as to what i can use to cover the occassional breakouts (and a better concealer)   ps- i have a fair skintone (im a redhead) and a normal skin type
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Q. Foundation for acne scars & advice on shade
Hi!  I'm stuck home after back surgery so can't get out to my Sephora.  I'm looking for a new foundation to cover/fill in acne scars.  I have a great primer but need foundation.  Here's my info: I'm naturally very fair with cool pink undertones but use self-tanner so not sure if that would effect the undertone of the foundation I pick. I want my face to match my neck with self-tanner on it.  I think if I get a foundation with pink undertones it won't match the yellow in the tanner.  I have combo skin, oily t-zone.  I'm 53 and I take good care of my skin so wrinkles aren't an issue.  To recap: need foundation to cover acne scars (some deep); what color/undertone should I get to work with the tone self-tanner makes my skin? I'm looking at Estée Lauder Extreme Wear (I think that's what it's called) or Kat Von D but I'm open to ANY suggestions. Phew!  Ty so much for helping me!  Being stuck at home sucks...especially when you wanna makeup shop!
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Concealer match
Hi I recently started using Nars sheer glow foundation and I am in the shade punjab and I really was wanting to try Nars concealer stick but unfortunately i don't know what shade i would be so i was wondering if you would mind helping me. Thank You!!!
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Brow shaping advice requested
I typically get my brows waxed to clear out obvious strays, and pretty much keep things natural beyond that. Being a beauty newbie who is starting to experiment with more involved looks, I keep thinking the portions of my brow that are closest to my nose are a little too bushy and cut off my brow bone a little too much. I'm thinking about carefully tweezing on my (where I can make decisions on each individual hair) rather than go to a salon and risk having too much removed.    The look I am going for is a mild reshape to make my brow bone more visible and give me a little more space to play with colors. Having a fuller face, I suspect I shouldn't make them too whispy.    Is is this a reasonable goal?    Some image of what I currently have going on are below.    Am I nuts to consider reshaping on my own? Should I use a template such as the ABH ones, or just go without? Any favorite templates? If professional help is advised, how to I find a professional who won't over do it?    I realize this this is such a basic question, so I really appreciate any advice I can get!           
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Templates for brows always puzzle me.  How can one have a brow template?  That would be like saying there is a template for a nose...there are no two noses alike.  This ... see post am I missing....?
Oddly, today I finished the most recent Coco Chanel biography (amazing) and I also got a really weird email through my youtube that if I wanted a boy I should wear more Chanel scents and Guerlain makeup.  Crazy timing (and comment) right?  But I got to thinking...I used to wear Chanel scents and I used to wear even more of their makeup.  The latter I've recently gotten more into ..and the product can be excellent though not always.  So, if I want more boys, or just to buy the best of Chanel, what should I be buying (or is Guerlain a better bet)?
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BEAUTY WHIZ beauty1bliss / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
Thank u! It has been enjoyable connecting with women over BT and I have really liked getting to know some of the lovely ladies here! see post
Gift Cards
Hi, everyone! I have a question regarding gift-cards bought in United States. One of my friend has a Sephora gift card and she doesn't wear makeup so I was wondering if I can use her gift card number in Canada at any Sephora retail store. I won't have the actual gift-card but would a gift card number or scanned copy of the gift card work? Looking forward to any replies by the experts.
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Q. Glasses-proof makeup!
Hi, everyone!  I've read a bunch of older threads regarding glasses and makeup, but I have a specific question for those of you who wear glasses and makeup.  I need to wear my glasses at work because I work on a computer, and I just can't look at screens anymore without them.  I don't need them for the rest of the day, until it gets dark, and I need them again.  Basically, I'm going to spend a considerable portion of my day wearing them, and a considerable portion not wearing them.  Every day when I take them off, though, my foundation is smudged on the sides of my nose and the bridge of my nose, where they rest on my face.   The question, then, is what will actually survive through 8 hours or so of glasses?  My usual routine is toner and moisturizer in the morning, then primer (either Smashbox or the Porefessional, whichever I grab first), foundation (Clinique Even Better Makeup), and a little bit of powder to set it (typically ELF, unless I have a sample of something else laying around).  Is there an unbeatable foundation I should try?  Different powder?  Or do I just need to start carrying a kit to fix my face after work?  (Ugh)
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A. I wear glasses sometimes when my allergies are too much and found that a curling/lifting mascara is best to keep my lashes from bouncing into the glasses lens.   Also ... see post
Can pink hair dye hide my left over nasty green color?
So I dyed my hair green a few months back and I faded it but didn't take all the color out. After that I bleached it, which didn't take out the rest of the then I used One N Only Colorfix (I used it about a week ago) from Sally's Beauty Supply. It seemed like it removed it, but the green is slowly coming back. Nothing is working. My hair is a disgusting embarrassing snot green/yellow color. I wanted to dye it pink tomorrow! Will the pink dye cover it, or will I have to try something else?   Here is my hair color now (sorry, I had just washed it):    I wanted to dye it this color:    Please help! I'm at my wits end.
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If you can, try a color stripper which you can usually find at local drug stores and beauty stores- This will help to get at least some of the green/blue out. I had blue... see post
Finding it IMPOSSIBLE to get the "flawless foundation look".
Hey everyone, So, like I said, I've been having a difficult time trying to make my foundation look as natural and flawless as possible. Basically, my foundation tends to exaggerate my pores and also makes the areas underneath my eyes and mouth look gray (which makes me feel like I look like I have a moustache!) The other areas on my face look decent but I just can't ever seem to achieve the flawless look I see these famous youtubers accomplishing. I just switched to Mac Pro-Longwear foundation (which I love), and I apply with a damp beauty blender. I of course make sure to apply a moisturizer and primer before, and then set with a powder, bronzer, blush and then finish with a seeting spray. So what am I doing wrong?!
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Another vote for the peachy concealer before you apply foundation on the grayish areas.  I really like Benefit's Erase Paste.  Looks crazy going on, works like a miracle... see post
Good Foundation for Teenage Skin
I have acne prone teenage skin, its not very oily or dry, but I do suffer from some breakouts and marks from past breakouts. I want a foundation or BB cream that will give me a pretty good coverage, but not break me out. Any suggestions?
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This was extremely helpful, I tried the Bobbi Brown and love love love it! The shade range is fantastic and it matches so well and looks very natural! Thank you! see post
Nude or Warm Nude, from Too Faced Born This Way collection
I have neutral skin with both pink and yellow undertones. Yellow is more predominant. I left the store today with Nude. According to my Color IQ 2Y05 Nude is the perfect match.  It blended beautifully into my jaw area, but am I better off with a pink or a yellow undertone? Which one would best liven up the skin tone? Will the Nude (pink undertone) accentuate hormonal Rosacea? 
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I would take the "___ undertone" official descriptors with a grain of salt. Many brands lean one way or the other; there is no absolute scale of what is a "yellow" vs a ... see post
Staying matte
How can I keep my face matte all day? I live in a very hot and humid place and have oily skin. What product do you recommend?
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Becca's Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector is AMAZING! see post
Want to have flawless Kylie Jenner skin
I have combination skin. Oily t-zone and sometimes dry patches.  I feel like all foundations I've tried are too heavy or are too light basically don't cover anything.  I like the almost photoshopped look Kylie's skin has but which foundation is good for that?
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Sending you a PM. see post
Eyes & All
I am absolutely in love with makeup! I am very serious about it too and would like to open up more makeup doors and enhance my makeup range.   I only own a few products, but i am not satisfied with the quality. I have purchased things like loreal or maybelline (really cheap eyeshadows) to try and do the eye tutorials, but every time I use these cheap eyeshadows it looks absolutely horrible! It looks like a small layer of brown stuff on my eyes, it doesn’t distribute the colour evenly and the worst bit of all, there is no pigment in the eyeshadows. I know that if I at least get good quality eyeshadow kits, maybe the outcome would be different. My only wish one day is to be able to purchase amazing brands and experiment for myself, but I do not have the money for these experiences.    My questions are;   What are some of the BEST and PIGMENTED eyeshadow brands out there (for a natural look, a smoky eye look, and a going out look).   What are the best contouring kits out there (I have been ripped off by a contouring kit that doesn’t even apply the product to the face).   I recently purchased some brushes online but got completely scammed. The brushes don’t even pick up the product! That was one of the worst purchases I ever made. I do not want to make the same mistake again with the brushes. I was wondering if you could list some of your favourite: foundation, contouring and concealer brushes best eyesahdow and full eye brushes (it doesn’t matter how many) best lip brushes   I dont mind spending the money if i know its worth the money. But i am limited with the pricing.  Thank you so much for all your help!   look forward to your replies  
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Hi Tina!   If you are looking to get some higher-quality things but limit your spending, sets, kits, and palettes are a great way to go. Some brands have a noticeable ... see post
I have oily acne prone skin, which moisturizer with sunscreen should I use?
I'm looking for a good moisturizer with sunscreen that will help moisturize my face, protect my age spots from getting darker but wouldn't add to my already oily acne prone skin. Any suggestions? I used to use Hope in a Jar with SPF, however I cannot buy this product now that I'm in Canada.
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I have the same skin type and my favorite sunscreen is EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46. It's formulated for acne-prone and sensitive skin. Aside from the  zinc oxide providing br... see post
Makeup brushes!!
What are some of the best eyeshadow makeup brushes? I dont know what to do, if i should    spend a lot of money on a 3 mac brushes? OR spend a little bit of money on real techniques brushes?    
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Agreed! Although Haks + Goss (and Chiku, etc.) aren't necessarily great "starter brushes". I feel like they need to be worked up to, ya know? They need to be treasured l... see post
I have two other Sephora beauty's, how can I add those points into my online account?
I have two other Sephora beauty's, how can I add those points into my online account?
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You will need to contact customer service so they can merge the accounts. If you scroll to the bottom of the website and click the "Customer Service" link you can find t... see post
How do I use YSL blur perfector?
I've put it on over foundation, and it make my skin look like it's peeling. It literally looks mottled and uneven.  Am I doing something wrong?
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I've tried it both on top of makeup and on its own. Alone, I use my fingertips and sweep it on in short strokes. On top of makeup, use the applicator and just tap it. see post