which one to choose ?

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I am confused in two sets

The best of bite beauty lip set or Tarte lipsurge set.

I am medium skin tone on darker side . I am wondering ,which one out of two is more long lasting and look good on my skin tone.


Please suggest



Re: which one to choose ?

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I'm going to get the bite set :smileyhappy:


Re: which one to choose ?

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BlushHoarder is correct :smileyhappy: It depends on how much pigment you prefer. The Tarte shades are mostly soft, while the Bite set will give a little more pop.  I've been eyeing both of those myself :smileywink:


Re: which one to choose ?

I think the bite will look bolder/ more opaque. The tarte will be lighter and more sheer


I just bought the Bite set, thanks for reminding me of this one!

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