what's the difference between toner and tonic?
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Just wondering what the difference is and what is better to use? 

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Hi lilitalia822,


Toners are a liquid or light lotion that clean the skin and minimize pores. Most skin toners include ingredients like citric acid, rose water, and witch hazel. Most toners are designed to cleanse the skin and have moisturizing benefits. A tonic is one specific type of toner which consist of three different formula types: astringents, skin tonics, and freshners.


A freshner tonic are very gentle and typically just contain a few natural ingredients (like rosewater). They hydrate the skin, which makes them ideal for dry skin types.


A skin tonic typically contains a bit of alcohol, which makes them perfect for those that have skin that's more oily.


Astringents are the strongest toners available and are highly recommended for those with acne prone skin. They can be very drying so it is important to use an astringent in conjunction with a great moisturizer and facial cleanser.

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