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I don't use makeup remover?

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I always (more like usually, sometimes I'm bad) wash my face at night with my Clarisonic and in the morning just rinse with water.  If I don't wash my makeup off, I can really tell bc my face will seem dull and most likely break out.  That is enough to make me wash every night, but if its a late night, I crash and regret it the next day.  You def want to wash ur face and use soe anti aging products, an eye cream, serum, etc at night.  Then SPF in the morning for sure.

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Hi rb8531,


Properly removing your makeup every night is an important part of everyones routine.  No just because of the long term effects of caring for your skin, but also because of bacteria! The build-up of old dirty makeup can completely wreck your skin and can cause acne or even worse, infections!  It can be a pain when you're tired, but trust me, taking that extra 5 minutes will be totally worth it in the long run!


xo, Mia

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I can attest to the results of not removing makeup.  You may not notice anything right away, but most of us will start breaking out, your skin starts feeling off and you may suffer increased sensitivity. I used to hate spending the time I needed to take care of my skin.  I had decent skin until my mid twenties when all that neglect started to catch up with me.  Now I know better and it is a regular regimen, no excuses.  Here's what I do before bed:


-Simple brand cleansing wipes (this is the MINIMUM) to remove makeup.

-Eye make-up remover

-Nutregena Naturals cleansing bar with a Olay spin brush

-Serum (currently trying Korre's wild rose)

-Night Cream (Simple's vitamen night moisturizer)


This gets rid of the makeup and prevents the 'day-after' breakouts.   Take care of your skin now, and it will take care of you later.....to qoute a family member of mine.



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This is fundamental, much like using SPF. You may not see the effects in a day, or a week-but they will eventually show. I know someone who has sponge-y skin w/larger pores and bad habits can be hard to break. 

Taking a moment to remove your make up, brush your teeth and putting cozies on signifies your brain and body that it's time to go to sleep. 

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Well first I can tell you that your skin is going to get very angry about that and it not only hurts your skin now but can also make your skin alot worse later, your going to get break outs, dead skin build up and just an all around bad deal. Please take the advice that not using makeup remover is just a really bad choice.

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When I fail to fully cleanse my face, I also wake up in the morning with small bumps on my face.  With my oily skin, I simply can't afford not to fully remove all traces of makeup from my face before going to bed.


My routine consists of immediately removing makeup from my face with a cotton pad and the Caudelie Cleansing Water, which is said to remove makeup, including eye makeup, as well as cleansing and moisturizing the face.  However, I don't find that to be enough.  In the shower, I fully cleanse my face with the Caudelie Instant Foaming Cleanser, which is soap-free, and my Clarisonic Mia.  I then follow up with the Caudelie Toning Lotion, a serum and then moisturizer.  Sometimes, when my eye makeup is a little stubborn, I soak a cotton swab with the cleansing water.  Otherwise, my eyes will be super puffy when I wake up in the morning.


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not to mention all the acne that results from leaving makeup on your face overnight....at least this happens to me EVERY time I fail to fully cleanse my face Smiley Sad  That said, in a pinch (like if traveling and forgot my makeup remover) I've found that regular hotel soap works ok too.  Normally I don't like to use soap as it's pretty harsh on my skin.

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I find that when I don't use makeup remover on my eyes, I wake up in the morning with super brittle eyelashes, gunky eyes, and an all-over gross texture.  Even if I don't wash my face at night (which RARELY happens since this a ritual for me), I at least make sure to remove my eye makeup (and face makeup for that matter) with some remover and a cotton pad.  This way, I'm at least getting most of the makeup off my face so it won't sink into my skin over night which can result in oily skin, breakouts, sometimes dry skin, etc.


However in my everyday routine, I always remove makeup first using a liquid makeup remover, then always always always wash with my regular cleanser.  While the remover helps to get the makeup off my skin, i don't think it does an efficient job of removing all the dirt and debris my skin collects during the day, so for me personally not washing my face always leaves some spot or overall gross-ness for me to wake up to!


Hope this helps!

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Then you don't remove your make up.


Plain and simple.


Though make up removal and washing your face tend to go hand in hand in a skin care regimen that also encompasses a make up routine, not using the proper cleanser can leave traces of make up behind on the surface of your skin and lingering in pores.


Though make up removers cleanse skin of make up, not all make up removers are also purely or strictly facial cleansers too. In the same breath, a face wash may cleanse your skin, but may not fully break down make up.


This all stems from the formulas used for certain cleansers and the categories they fit in, whether they're solely make up removers, facial cleansers, or both. Make up removers are designed to break down cosmetic formulas faster and more efficiently. This comes in great assistance for long wear or waterproof products that regular facial cleansers may not be able to break down and wash away.


Make up on the skin can cling onto surface and environmental pollutants and airborn particles of debris in addition to holding any excess oil or bacteria produced or accumulated throughout the day's wear from the skin, not properly removing make up and cleansing the skin allows these factors to remain and linger on the skin's surface and even allowing pores to be trapped, leading to further skin issues like break outs and irritations.


Bottom line, if you take the tiem to use and apply make up, invest in the proper time and products to take it off. You wouldn't buy a car but then never fill it up with gas once it runs through its first tank would you?

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