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stuck between fragrance

Hello ! So I need help picking out a new fragrance

I went into sephora smelling a million perfumes and got a big headache ..haha so my most favorite fragrance is ROMANCE by Ralph Lauren. I am looking for somehting similar. I love flower smells A LOT 


do you think MARC JACOBS oh lola the pink bottle or the new daisy fresh would be good choice?




burberry sheer britt 




i like the flower smell like ralph lauren but looking for another fragrance to buy help please =)


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I agree, Flowerbomb is a great perfume. I like Oh Lola and Daisy Fresh as well but I love both of their originals better Smiley Very Happy I have Daisy and get compliments on it all the time and I love how I can smell all the different notes as it fades. As Erik said, definitely get samples to see if you like them on yourself. There are some perfumes I am madly in love with in the bottle but react horribly with my skin chemistry and do not smell so beautiful on. Good luck and let us know which one you choose Smiley Very Happy



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