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stretch marks
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I have strech marks that are both old an new and have recently lost a lot of weight so i wondering if there was a product for preventing and treating old scars (red and after a while they turned white) I'm finally able to wear a bathing suit so i was wondering if there were good reviews on anything?

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Hi rockstarg.  The Perricone MD Cold Plasma Body is a great treatment for correcting stretch marks and also firming and toning other areas of your body.  The active ingredients in this body lotion will not only help fade stretch marks, but also firm and tone your body to improve the appearance of cellulite and dimples, if any.




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I purchased skinception after having my second daughter and this stuff is amazing! My stretch marks were severe. This is a A+++ product. My stretch marks faded, skin tightened and the texture is incredibly smooth.


I have recently been using pure organic Shea butter religiously and mama and baby oil both from shea terra organics.  It has been 3 months now that i have applied after shower and before bed.  I have noticed a significant difference in color fading from red to skin color.  Also a slight smoothing in my older stretch marks. Far better results then using just cocoa butter.


I discovered this line after trying stri vectin.  The only thing stri vectin did for me was make the skin i used it on red and rashy.  It was so itchy i think it worsened my marks because of the constant scratching and pulling on the skin.



There is certainly no easy cure, but Cocoa Butter (especially that containing vitamin E) will help diminish their appearance temporarily. Unfortunately unless you're ready to take drastic action (such as laser therapy) they will probably never go away completely. You should try Palmers coca butter or Bio-Oil...
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