shade help for under eye concealer

Hello, I recently bought the new bare minerals SPF 20 correcting concealer in Medium 1 shade.  I use the original and matte BE foundation in medium beige so I thought this would be a good shade match, BUT it looks a little too orange under my eyes and elsewhere on my face. I'm not sure if I should try one of the Lighter shades (light 1 or 2) or if I should try a different brand all together. (fyi- i have found that concealers with more of a pink tone seem to look more natural on me than ones with yellow, thought this might help.)


I know this BE cream concealer is relatively new, but if anyone has any advice on whether the Light 1 would work for me it's greatly appreciated! (I am pretty neutral in undertone, but I lean slightly more towards a pink tone than a yellow tone if I had to pick one)  I picked the medium shade to match my skin tone, but I have noticed that a lot of people recommend going a shade or two lighter when looking for a good concealer.  is this good advice? 


The other concealer I wanted to ask about was Bobbi Brown's creamy concealer and corrector.  What shade would you recommend I try out?  I asked a beauty expert on the bobbi brown website and they actually suggested the ivory concealer and the porcelain bisque corrector but that seemed too light for me, so was hoping someone here at sephora could help out with shades for these two. (can I use the corrector by itself? can I use just a concealer and get away with it or is the corrector necessary?)


Lastly, those that have tried both the bobbi brown and BM cream concealers, which is better?  and are there other amazing concealers that I should check out?




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