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a couple of them!

First, I have been trying lots of samples, and love all of them. The one I like most is the Dennis Gross Peeling Pads. My skin looks so healthy afterwards. Expensive, yes. But,   I plan to buy these soon.


If I buy the DGG Peeling Pads, do I need to do a toner or serum? Are the pads pretty much doing toner and serum jobs?


Also, I have been using other samples of serums (Ole, Lancome, ect). Do I apply the serum first...then moisturize......or moisturize



Can I use my clarisonic before using these pads/serums/masks? So far, I have not been using it because I don't want my face to get mad....I don't want to over irritate my face. Do you use your clarisonic on the same days as a mask...such as GlamGlo (I already bought)


Re: serum questions

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As for when to use serums, read the label - if the sample does not have the directions look on the brand's website.


Some serums/oils are before moisturizer, others are after. Some are pressed into the skin, others are rubbed.


The Clarisonic is your cleaning step, then follow with other skincare. The pads can cause irritation, use them on days you're not using the Clarisonic.

Re: serum questions

Dr. Gross' Peel Pads are not a serum and I would suggest if you do these pads that you do them and then apply a serum if you feel you need one after they do the job of lifting and removing dead skin cells to reveal the brighter healthy skin you have underneath. Serums are applied before moisturizers. IF your going to use your clarisonic I would use the peel pads on different nights ,but you can use your GlamoGlo after your clarisonic.Smiley Wink

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