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Ask The Experts
I always use NARS (fiji)  powder foundation SPF 12 but its sold out EVERYWHERE for some odd reason!? I absolutely love NARS fiji is my perfect color match but I am in desperate need of a new powder and sense I can't get NARS anytime soon....   Any suggestions on some other good brands I was thinking Chanel but I don't know? I also wonder what would be the color match for other brands for me any suggestions?   Oh and I am 21 with semi dry skin if that info helps. 
Are there any vitamin sprays or creams to put on the face for anti-aging and just overall benefit?  I thought that bare minerals made a spray with vitamins but I can't seem to find it.  I am 34 years old, btw.  Thank you! ****My main concern is getting enough nutrients on my face and keeping my skin healthy.  I have pore problems, acne scars, unevenness, and aging concerns.  Isn't there some kind of vitamin balm or mist?  Thanks so much for your help...
Do any of you know what a good product is that I could use to combine with my Smashbox Liquid Halo Foundation to help give a little more coverage on my forehead and around my nose? I have my MUFE Full Cover Concealer that I love to use on my zits but I need something to cover those other spots that need extra coverage. I also want something that helps me to achieve a natural flawless looking face. Thanx xoxo
Hey girls!   I NEED YOUR HELP! I've been having some bad dandruff lately, what are good things to help clear it up? I have round, brown eyes.. What are some tips, tricks or palettes that help define your eyes? I am currently using UD primer potion but I'm discovering that I have rough patches on my eyes now, what is another good eye shadow primer? 
Im looking for some advice on how to even out skin tone and redness without covering up my freckles. Im really pale and I have fairly normal skin with some dryness around the nose on occasion.    I currently use a liquid foundation, applied with a brush, and sometime a matte powder over it. However I also have a lot of issues with it looking cakey. Im just looking for a light foundation that will still show off my freckles. 
First time wearing makeup. What are the essentials products every girl needs? This is what I look like. What should I get?
Dermadoctor Litmus Test facial lotion solved my problem of my moisturizer lasting til midday -- then dull dry skin.  This lotion does hydrate skin well.  The issue is that Litmus Test does not contain SPF and so I have to add a layer of sunscreen.   Would you suggest another moisturizer that contains SPF and hydrates just as well as Dermadoctor Litmus Test lotion?     
I'm 26 years years old with very dry skin around my mouth and nose. Every foundation or bb cream settles into the fine lines around those areas. After many suggestions from people to try different primers( which don't seem to work for my skin) moisturizers, foundations; none have worked and everything still settles into my fine lines. It lead me to believe that it had something to do with  my skincare. I went into Sephora again for suggestions. I now use PTR anti-aging cleanser, PTR unwrinkle pads,PTR neuroliquid volufill youth serum and then Ole Henriksen sheer transformation. About once a week I will use Bliss Micro Magic Microdermabrasion. My skin does feel smoother but I have noticed no difference in the fine lines around my mouth and nose which then causes any type of foundation to settle and I look 15 years older. I'm desperate for answers and something that will actually work for my skin! Thank you! I agree I probably need to drink more water. I have tried the Laura Mercier hydrating primer and it did nothing for my fine lines. It just made my makeup rub off easier. I have never noticed any primers that make my foundation better. Also I do use my clarisonic and I'm going to try a different cleanser.
Hello everyone! I'm 22 and have been using Clinique's facial soap for oily skin since I was a teenager along with their moisturizing lotion. I have combination skin but I live in Florida so usually cleansers that are too mild leave my face oily due to the heat and humidity that we have here, which is why I typically opt for washes for oily skin. I've always had on average one breakout per month but could typically get it to go away pretty easily. Recently though, since I tried the moisturizing lotion+, I have had awful results with anything Clinique. I have an area now that broke out a few months ago and will not clear up no matter how many masks, acne treatments, and even new makeup routines that I have tried. I get it to calm down and it just comes back with a vengeance. I have been looking at trying BareMinerals exfoliating treatment cleanser and their Purely Nourishing Moisturizer but was hoping I could get advice on these products before spending more money trying to get this to clear up. If anyone has any advice or recommendations I would really appreciate it! Thank you!!
I've been using Murad products for the past 2+ years, which have always worked best for me, compared to quite a few other brands & regimes I've tried but something just isn't working anymore.   1. My acne is back - mostly on my chin, jawline and by my ears but not on my forehead. Not sure if this is a sign of a bigger issue but I'm also getting fairly intense acne on my chest, shoulders and back as well.   2. The skin on my face has gotten excessively oily, which I'm guessing is partially due to my moisturizer not actually moisturizing enough.   3. On top of being oily, my skin has gotten incredibly flaky but not in any particular area on my face. I can't even use my foundation anymore because 1) my skin looks like sandpaper and 2) the flakiness has carried over to my acne which can partially break open if I'm not careful with cleansing or putting any products on my face.   Any advice and/or recommendations would be much appreciated!   Not sure if this helps but here are a couple of details about me and what I'm already using:   I'm 28, adult acne (face & body) has been an on-again, off-again issue for years. Stress from work definitely plays a role but I try to balance it with extra water + vitamins & supplements (fish oil, biotin, cinnamon and vitamins B, D and E). Unfortunately, I don't have much time to work out during the week but I do walk and stay active during the weekends.   I'm currently using the Murad clarifying cleanser, clarifying toner, skin perfecting lotion, spot treatment, and balancing moisturizer (broad spectrum) as well as the out of trouble mask and active charcoal body wash from Origins.
i have very very pale, oily-combination skin with neutral to yellow undertones. i have been using MUFE HD foundation in 117 which has been okay, but since i'm almost out i'd like to try something new. 117 is getting too dark and is a little too yellow for me, but i do love the medium-full coverage of the foundation. after a day of classes, though, no matter what foundation i seem to use (maybelline, kat von d, neutrogena, etc) it looks kind of melted off my face and just mostly icky, even with powder touch ups throughout the day. also i try to use cruelty free stuff mostly. any advice would be great
I am a Bareminerals user and wherever I find Bareminerals, I also find Buxom. I know that they are owned by the same people, but I am unaware of the differences and similarities. I use Bareminerals because it does not irritate my sensitive skin. Is Buxom the same? Or is it more harsh and less natural? Thank you!
So for some reason I feel like my foundation never looks "flawless". I have large pores on my cheeks and whatever foundation I use, my pores always look accentuated. I have oily skin and have used matte foundations as well as satin finish foundations and nothing helps. I've also used Benefit Porefessional, and I feel like that makes my pores look worse as well. I make sure I moisturize well too. I thought about purchasing Dr. Brandt's pore refiner but I was wondering if anyone has any tips for me or what I should do differently or any product recommendations? Thanks
I'm on the hunt for a black mascara that will make my lashes look full, long, dramatic and just completely fantastic!! Help me out here girls. Can I hear some of the favorites? <3
im a very cheap but I want a very good eyeshadow  pallet I only have $100 which one?????
Hellol I am currently using the NARS sheer glow foundation in the color Mont Blanc. I am looking to purchase the NARS pure radiant tinted moisturizer. I don't know what color I should buy. Can you please help me? Thank you <3 
is the Anastasia brow wiz in the color granite black?
  PI like the shadows from Marc Jacobs but don know which palette to choose.  I am fair, brown eyes w/light to medium brown hair.  I am 53 years old so Ido not like "glitter" in my shadows or it least a limited amount. What shadow palettes would you recommend?  In Addison; spring colors in lipsticks, gloss,shadows,blush & pressed powder.  The only foundation I can wear is Armani "skin fabric".  If you have suggestions for night/day moisturizers, eye cream that would be great. I always wear a sunscreen.   thank you,   karen
i have what looks like fine bumps underneath the skin, but it's not acne and it doesn't itch. Any ideas what could be causing it?
I love the Lorac concealer/highlighter but Sephora no longer has it in stock. I have semi-fair skin with yellow undertones and this is one of the only products I've found that's not too pink. Does anyone know of something comparable? I've tried bobbi brown's concealer but I don't like the size for the price.
How can I diminish the fine lines under my eyes? I started noticing that I have a few lines under my eyes. Should I be using eye cream? If so, what would you recommend? I'm turning 21 this year.  My skin type is combination oily. I have minor acne breakouts.
is there any product that I can use for my eyes, like an eye lift cream? My eyelids tend to droop down, and I want it to be firm and lifted.. making it look more awake. thanks!
Hello, community.   I have been suffering my genetic acne ever since 9 years old. Right now I am 20. In the past 6 months, I have really crazy about skincare for both reducing the chance breakout and erasing all the hyper-pigmentation that is left as well as using makeup during the daytime. Of course I know that using makeup is not for my skin but I had no choice because I need to deal with my client in the workplace. So here is my current skincare routine: Shiseido: Pureness Foaming Cleansers Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corretor Dior Hydralife Collection(Serum, Moisturizer and Eye Cream) Ole Henriksen: PowerPeel Spa Kit(Once a Week) My current foundation routine: Dior Hydralife Moisturizer Dior Glow Maximizer Primer Diorskin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear Makeup(021 Linen) MUFE Full Cover Concealer Nars Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder Face Mist One thing I think I am lack off is a product which contain BHA acid(preventing more breakout) and a retinoid serum(promote new skin cells regeneration). Is that true? Or am I  missing some other things as well? My goal is to get a complexion with no need to wear foundation by the end of of 2014. Thanks!!!            
Hello everyone.  I need help.  I am 21 with very strange skin.  I guess you would call it combination; it is very dry around the cheek areas and a bit on my forehead but it gets extremely oily throughout the day.  I have tiny bumps on my forehead that appear to be acne under my skin.  I do not really break out anywhere else, however, the bumps on my forehead do not clear up! I had my son 7 months ago so I understand that may have somethign to do with it.  They are so irritating, I have tried a MILLION products to clear them up and absolutely nothing has worked.  I've tried different cleansers, toners, masks, moisturizers.  But the problem is, it always feels dry even after moisturizer but then gets very oily.     I also have very very very large pores around my nose and on my cheeks that seem to be so apparent.  I would really like a smooth complexion.  I have tried at least 10 different foundations; liquids, powders, loose, minerals.  I have tried endless primers, sprays, creams, etc.  Needless to say, I have spent quite a pretty penny trying to a) clear my face and b) hide my pores for my than 10 minutes after applying my face makeup.  Right now, I kinda skipped a lot of my products and have only been using a clay mask (3x week), a very light cleanser and moisturizer as my daily routine to see if my skin will tolerate that instead of other harsh products.  I am also limiting my foundation to just a tinted moisturizer and some powder but my cheeks are very red and I do love my full coverage at times.   I just want minimized pores and a smooth complexion and for these darn bumps to get off my forehead!  Please help and thanks for taking the time to read this. 
I lived in Beijing from when I was 11-19 and I only had the occasional breakout before my period. When I went back last summer to visit I broke out horribly on both of my cheeks after 3 months or so (my parents have never had acne problems in their life so it wasn't genetic). I blame it on the pollution but I do have to say stress and the scorching humid weather probably contributed as well.   Discussion: Have you ever had any skin problems resulting from pollution? How did you deal with it? Can the effects of air pollution on our skin be prevented?
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Hi everyone, I'm looking for a product that can minimalize/vanish fine lines under the eyes. I'm 23 and I just noticed this a couple months ago. I really don't know what product to try or look into, so I would love suggestions. I also have dark circles but no products have helped with them (I've tried skyn icelandic relief eye cream, REN vita mineral active 7 eye gel and ORIGINS ginzing refreshing eye cream), which makes me believe that they could just be hereditary or the result of my severe dust allergies/chronic sinusitis. I don't have any other eye concerns! My skin is pretty normal, but a bit on the sensitive side. I don't have a price range either! Thanks for your help in advance
So i went to sephora and got matched to a 3.5 in the Urban Decay naked foundation and i liked it on and it looked fine as i walked around the mall and also when i went outside to walk to target i got a sample but for some reason i feel like it looks to pink for my face now that ive worn it two times.   I believe im cool toned (im pretty sure) and im light but not super duper pale but im also not medium and i get redness in my cheeks especially when im outside in the sun or when im walking.   Ive been matched as NW 30 in mac but that was a shade too dark for my skin so im assuming im NW 25 or NW 20    I dont know if i should go for a 3.0 or 4.0 can i even wear a yellow toned based foundation even if im pink toned?
I have legitimate amber eyes. Although I love that they're so different and rare, the problem that arises is every time I have t indicate my eye color I have to select "brown" as there is no "amber" option. This may seem mundane to some but the thing is, colors that bring out brown eyes are NOT the same which bring out amber eyes. I have scoured the internet and youtube and there is nothing for people with my eye color. The other problem that arises is in concerns to hair color. Although my eyes are warm, my skin is veryyyy much cool, light in fact with pink undertones. Therefore, what may wash out my skin and make it ruddy looking will, by the same token, make my eyes look incredibly bright.   Is there ANY one else who has a similar issue? Cool skin and warm eyes? What do you do for hair color in this situation? Go with what suits your skin? And what colors should I be using on my eyes? Yellows bring out the yellow flakes in my eyes but look terrible on my skin....   My hair is currently in the process of being lightened, the brassy color looks TERRIBLE on my skin but makes my eyes look super bright.  
PLEASE HELP!  Need suggestions to enhance my late 40's green eyes.   I also have cool toned light complexion, and burgundy hair.   Ty to all !