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I used to have really bad acne and now its finally cleared up so I decided it will be okay for me to give up my heavy bb creams and start wearing normal foundation again...I just purchased Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super Charged because 10 Light Ivory is the perfect match for my skin! However my excitement was gone when I got home from work and saw that my face looked like poop. It separated really bad and clung to all my dry spots. My face looked very patchy and the texture looked even worse. I have combo skin with redness and acne. I exfoliate once a week and use eminence skincare. I moisturize before putting my foundation on too. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? or recommend a foundation/moisturizer/whatever? Please and thank you!
My sister is 12 going on 13 and wants to start wearing makeup. Any suggestions as to what she should wear?
So i have been using makeup for a while but my eyeshadow never shows up on my skin no matter how much i use! I use primer before i put it on and i have the right brushes. I don't know what the problem is. Any tips are greatly appreciated!
I'm in need of a blending brush. I originally was planning on buying the popular MAC 217 until Kat Von D's Shade + Light Contour Brush came out. The only eye brushes I have is a flat eye-shadow brush and an eyeliner brush, so the reason why I'm more drawn to Kat Von D's brush is because it's a 2-in-1 and it comes in a cute case so I feel like I'd be getting my money's worth. However, my main concern is blending and creating that flawless put-together look which the 217 is known for.     My eye shape is deep set so I'm not looking for an eye-shadow brush for the purpose of emphasizing my crease. My eye looks actually involves trying to do the opposite and bring my eyes forward. I also know that it's best to have two blending brushes, but I can't afford that at the moment. Any input is appreciated, thank you in advance! ^_^
Does Sephora have any plan to get other products from the Tatcha line? Such as their moisturizers? Thank you.
Hi, my color is 153 in MUFE HD Foundation and I was wondering what the best shade to purchase for Kat Von D's new foundation is
I currently don't have a concealer for a highlight but I have a foundation that's too light. Will the foundation have the same effect on my under eyes?
Im a beauty insider so I believe I can get a 15 minute makeover to learn how to apply false lashes. Will I have to pay for the eyelashes or will they be provided?
Hi all,   I have a pretty intense skin regimen which I love, but I am looking for a new under eye night cream.   This is what I put on my face in the AM:   Origins Oil-Free face wash Korres Pomegranate toner Fresh Youth Preserve face cream Fresh Youth Preserve eye cream The Balm tinted moisturizer with spf   PM: Origins Antioxidant face wash Clarins Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery face cream   I used a sample of the Algenist eye balm, but I didn't love it.  Now I am using a sample of the Clarins Total Restorative concentrate, but I think it is for more mature skin and don't want to damage to the skin I have.   I have darkness under my eyes, so I use a Caudelie Glycolic peel once or twice a week.  I also try to use my Origins charcoal mask once or twice a week as well, The Balm TimeBalm Blueberry Mask, or the Nude Foaming exfoliator.    I drink about a gallon (or more) of water each day and keep my alcohol limited.   Thanks for your help, beauties! A  
Hi, I'm new to the makeup world and I was wondering that if I walk into a Sephora store:  Can they help me determine the right color product for me? (whether its foundation, concealer, press powder, etc.)  Is this free to help determine which one i am? or do I have to pay? Can they also help me determine what products are best for my skin? (I have clear skin but sometimes it gets a little dry/ flaky on my forehead)        Thank you to whoever can help me out    
ITEM 1688225 - IS this the actual original formula, or that dry overpriced nonsense that Bare minerals has replaced it with? I really loved the first Bare minerals I purchased, back in the day, but it has definitely changed. Thanks!!!
Hi Everyone    I am planning to redo my makeup collection and I wanted to ask all of you what items should I look into getting for my skin color and skin type. I have combination skin. So what are the "must haves" lipsticks, blush, eyeshadow,etc shades/colors should I get. They can be from sephora and Mac.   ☺️
I have been looking forever for a palette that contained a bronzer, highlight, blush and eye shadows and when I finally found these two palettes I am having the toughest time deciding between the two. I love the idea that they are all in one packages, and I love both sets of colors for the eye shadows, but I am just wondering what would work better for my look. I have olive/tan skin, with brown eyes and dark brown hair. I am somewhat new to makeup, so I am still not sure what would look best on me with my skin/hair/eyes! Please help!
So I've just gotten into foundation and I'm having a hard time figuring out my shade. I've gotten Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation in Toffee Caramel (330) and Warm Honey (322). Toffee Caramel is a little too dark for me and Warm Honey is too light. A friend suggested going to Sephora to get color matched and I was curious as to how accurate matches are? Have you gotten matched before? What is the experience like? Thanks!   
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I have the Hourglass one in Mood Light as well as the Kat Von D contour/highlight palette. I want something that really catches the light and is not glittery at all, just something with a great sheen. Thanks y'all !!!
if i wear matte ivory in clinique double powder...what color would i need in makeup forever pro finish?
Hey Sephora Friends, I recently purchased the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night oil. Does anyone know if it's meant to be used every night? How often should I use it?
Hi, I got color matched as 4Y07 and I'm wondering which shade would be closest to that for the Smashbox Studio Skin 15 hr foundation? Thanks!
Hi all! So recently I've been thinking about changing up my skin care routine quite a bit.  I was wondering what recommendations people have for eye creams, face wash, and moisturizer?  I have normal to oily skin, but I'm just looking for something new!
Want to try the makeup forever mat velvet foundation. i am currently using urban decay naked foundation in shade 3.0 what shade is that equal to for the make up forever ?
Hello all,   I've recently really got into skincare. As of right now, I switch off on cleansers. I use Mario Badescu and Cetaphil, depending on whatever I grab first. I use Ole Henricksen truth serum in the morning, along with SuperGoop Sunscreen Serum. I have been using Mario Badescu seaweed night cream.   I was wondering if any one has any recommendations to try and an eye cream!!    
hello, everyone  I'm 17 and I've been having problems with my skin recently it was really irritated and itchy and super dry but I went to the doctor and they gave me something for it but now it's very dry and oily I stopped using what they gave me but anyways I recently bought mask of magnaminty from lush and one of their toners which works good, my skin feels nice but then I decided to buy a new moisturizer as well for day&night so I went to sephora two days ago and one of the ladies that work there gave me the 'sephora instant moisturizer, more beautiful than ever' I started using it ever since two days ago day and night but my skin looks dry on my cheeks and forehead, and I hate it bc i bought new makeup as well and I don't want the dry parts to stand out. I need any tips to deal with this dry skin and do you think it was the right moisturizer for my skin? and any tips to not make the dry spots stand out when applying foundation? and i currently can't go to sephora so im stuck with whatever i have now. I use to put vaseline at night and it helped kinda. i have 3 events at school this week and i really dont want the dry spots to stand out. also another question, should I cleanse my face with cold water instead of warm from now on? also should I put vaseline at night and then the instant moisturizer during the day?   thank you.
This was my go-to mascara ever since high school for everyday use and it gave you a false lash look for going out nights as well. Then recently they changed their product formulation... while I dont have acutal proof of that I know that now their mascara is dried out and clumpy within a month of buying it. I kept it buying it from different places thinking I might have just gotten a bad batch. But all of them now dry out and get clumpy! So, is there a mascara that comprares to how good this one used to be?? I like a dramatic look like Dior that wont dry out my lashes and clump. And if its possible that it be healthy for my lashes, even better!
My foundation is NARS sheer glow in Santa Fe, now I want to buy TOO FACED Tinted beauty balm spf 20, what color do you propose?? Thanks xxx
Is the Laura Mercier Artist Palette from 2013 permanent now? Please tell me it will be restocked, I don't think I can bear missing it yet again :*(
Received the Bio Ionic flat iron today. Noticed that the flat iron is a little loose. Meaining where the two pieces come together, it can move a little side to side (area where one pass is written). Haven't used it yet but I was wondering if that is normal? n-P393316?skuId=1693027
Hi   I need some suggestions for daytime moisturizer that will sit nicely below makeup. I have a normal to dry skin. I tried the Sheer Transformation by Ole Henrikson and did not like it much. Please pour in yours suggestions. Thanks!
Hi guys,   I need a peachy orange cream blush for summer. I already have the Becca beach tint in guava, Stila blush in hibiscus and petunia. So I want something that is a bit different from these. I have a medium skintone. Please suggest. Thanks!