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Whenever I buy a foundation and think it matches, it always ends up making my face look more pink/red than the rest of my body.  What exactly am I doing wrong? Please help! I've wasted so much money on foundation that I can't wear.
Best makeup recommendations for cool with a rosy undertone? I have oily and acne prone skin with some scarring on my cheeks if anyone has any tips on how to cover it as well that would be awesome!
I opened my opal highlighter to use today and found it completely shattered (except I didn't even drop it?). Does anyone have a way as to how I could fix this because homegirl isn't about spending another $50?
i got my makeup done earlier today by a seohora makeup professional to get ready for an event this evening.  Now I am getting ready to go out and it looks all caked around my eyes emphasizing crepiness and wrinkles.  Is there any way to remedy this or is my only solution to take it all off and start over?  Thanks for any advice
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I've been filling in my eyebrows for about 2 years now and I feel like I've improved greatly in skill. I finally upgraded to an ABH brow definer and I love it but I feel like I'm filling my eyebrows wrong. I feel like my lack of an arch and sparse hair leaves me over-compensating with blocky brows.  Can someone give me advice on how to tweeze or wax my eyebrows into a better shape? What would be the best way to fill in my brows, working with the hair I have?  Pictures: My natural brows, and how I typically fill them in. 
I must say, I am so very sad to hear that Nude is leaving Sephora; it was the only thing I could use on my sensitive, acne-proned skin that wouldn't cause further breakouts   My question to you lovely beauties is what is your favorite moisturizer? I have combination skin with a dry T-Zone and oily everywhere else.
Hey!! I have dry skin with an oily T-zone (so combo) and i want a new foundation that is medium to full coverage that is long wearing (wont sweat away) and will not look cakey, any suggestions? 
I have this dress for prom and I wear glasses. I was wondering if I should do my eye makeup darker instead of a light brown/gold because it might be hard to see from far away. I just wanted opinions and see if I should do more of a dramatic smokey eye, since I was thinking it could bring out my blue eyes and make my false lashes look better.   
after a beauty class, do you get to go home with freebies? 
I'm 21, oily/combination/acne prone skin, very fair skin. In the mornings, I wash my face with Tarte Deep Dive Cleansing gel, and follow up with an under eye cream (DERMAdoctor Kakadu C Eye Soufflé), Anti-redness serum (REN evercalm anti-redness serum), and a moisturizer (Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream) At night, its the same routine, except after washing my face, I add in Retin-A.
I want to get a true color match with the  Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay -in-Place makeup, but I can't find this product around my area. I have a true match with make up for ever Ultra HD 120=y245 (color IQ is 3Y04). I also have a Giogrio Armani luminous silk foundation which shade is 4 (lighter than my true match, but it works perfect on me). Another true color match I got in store is Laura mercier mineral powder real sand (color IQ is 2R04). Can anyone figure out what is my color match in Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay -in-Place Makeup ?  Thanks!
I have had my Beauty Blenders for quite some time now. I have the pink one and the black one. I recently ran out of my cleaner that came with the set of Beauty Blenders, and lets face it, been too lazy to go out and buy more. So I have been using a shampoo that I keep to the side, it cleans them very well BUT it has left them dry and not as soft. Any tips on how to re- "moisturize" my beauty blender? And a at home remedy to clean them? Thank you!!
Hi, I am trying to find a good nighttime moisturizer for my combination-oily skin , which can sometimes be dry in certain areas. What would you recommend? I also want to try looking into skin oils, but I am not sure about where to start. Any advice?
I just purchased the Laura mercier oil free photo foundation can you tell me what primer I should use with this. I have smashbox primer water, hourglass mineral veil, MUFE hydrating and the smooth one. Benefit pore fesional. Bare minerals prime time I'm sure I'm forgetting one lol so can you tell me if any of those will work I get confused on what is water based and so on the second ingredient in the foundation is aqua but the first is a silicone I believe
Looking to invest in either the Foreo luna 2 OR luna mini 2? Im 24, my skin is fairly normal, with occasional dry spots around my nose and chin. Any advice would be great, thanks! 
I have been wanting to try out a new lipstick, but I need help finding one. I like the look of most matte lipsticks, but they leave my lips too dry. I have tried the NYX matte lip creams, but they leave my lips dry and it doesn't last long. I want to get lipstick that lasts and doesn't transfer onto anything/anyone. I basically want lipstick that makes me forget I'm wearing it. I am open to trying lip stains, but I don't personally have experience with them so I wouldn't know what kind to get. Just nothing overly glossy!   Please help! I need opinions.   Thanks -Gaby
What acne kit do you think is better to use? The Clinique acne solutions clear skin system starter kit or the Clinique acne solutions clearing kit?
What products would you recommend for a dry matte look that can stay put on my face even in warm weather?   I live in California, so it is pretty common to have a hint of face sweat as I go about my day in the sunshine. I wear a cream concealer under Sephora powder foundation, and I feel like maybe 30% of the time I will look in the mirror on my lunch and there are my cheeks, shining through a couple small patches where my make up used to be, but isn't.    I typically avoid liquid foundations because I hate that wet look they can give you. I know some people live for that, but to me it just looks like a shiny, sweaty face. I like a soft, dry, look, which is why I'm so excited that Matte everything is showing up all over the place. But does liquid matte really come out matte? I figured this is exactly where to find out.    My morning beauty routine is: splash of toner, moisturizer, do my hair while my moisturizer absorbs, concealer, do my eyes while my concealer dries, then powder foundation. Is my make up moving around because I'm doing something wrong?    What products would you recommend for a dry matte look that can stay put on my face even in warm weather?
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Hey all! I have tried so hard lately to cover up my deep set eyes but I can't find anything that helps.  I'm so self-conscious about it although I'm sure it isn't that bad! I have attached a picture to show what I'm talking about!  This picture is after using Bobbi Brown Corrector.  Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!
Hi!   I have the BareMinerals Blemish Remedy Foundation and it seem really nice, doesn't make my skin breakout!   Buuuuut I feel like I can't get the application right. I know with mineral foundation and foundation in general, you should layer. And I think I'm layering! Starting out with a little and just building up.   Since I have acne and some acne scars I want to cover it up. However, the foundation as I layer seems to get weirdly orange and really obvious that I have foundation on and just looks really bad--without even giving me more than a little bit of coverage.   So my question--after this lengthy thing lol--is what am I doing wrong? Or rather, how do I properly apply this foundation so that it gives me full coverage and looks nice like all the Youtube videos and BareMinerals videos I see??
Hi,   I would like to try the Kat von D Lock it Tattoo Foundation. I currenlty use a Revlon Colorstay 320 True Beige shade, what's the best match I can get from Kat von D?   Thanks!
I have dry skin with an oily patch on my forehead and have the occasional breakout. But now my face has started getting extremely rough and uneven and filled with terrible dry patches and acne spots. I haven't been using any new products or doing anything unusual. Is there anything i can do or products I could use to calm it down? Thanks!!!!
Hello Sephora family!   I used to cut myself really badly, and the scars are awful. All of the bad ones are about half an inch wide and 2 inches long, and they're a reddish-purple colour.   I really need to get these as faded as possible, and I need to know what product(s) you would recommend for achieving this.   Thank you!
Hello!   I have dark circles and puffy eyes from allergies. Could someone please suggest a good eye cream or any other product to cure this? I have tried a lot products but of no use.   I would appreciate any advice!
Want to try the makeup forever mat velvet foundation. i am currently using urban decay naked foundation in shade 3.0 what shade is that equal to for the make up forever ?
So, as the title says, I did the Color IQ and got matched as shade 3Y08. However, this shade doesn't show me a MUFE match.  I want to get the HD foundation, but I don't know what shade I would be.     Thanks for your help.
I've probably spent about $100+ on trying different foundations - and nothing works. It's either too yellow, too pink, too dark, too light, etc. The only foundation I have ever used that has actually matched my skin tone perfectly is Neutrogena's Skin Clearing Liquid Foundation in Natural Ivory (20). I really want to branch out and try some new foundations because lately I haven't liked the way this has been leaving my skin afterwards, but I have tried so many different ones with no luck. Any suggestions? Including a pic of myself for reference because I'm desperate. 
What can I do about these tiny rice like things that are in the poors of my lower face around mouth / chin and on forehead?   I am using scrubs/spinning brushes/masks and nothing gets rid of them?  
What is the best order of application for translucent setting powder/finishing powder and blush/bronzer? Should I apply setting powder before blush and bronzer or is it best to apply setting powder after applying blush and bronzer? I've always thought setting powder should be applied before blush and bronzer but I'd like to know for sure what the best way is.