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is the Anastasia brow wiz in the color granite black?
What is the best eyeshadow for really sensitive skin? My eyelids have been very sensitive lately, I think an allergic reaction to some old makeup I used, so I'm hesitant to use anything too harsh on them. 
I'm looking to purchase a curling wand and I can't decide between the "Nume Titan 3" or the "Bellami 6 in 1 set". I'm looking for the least damaging tool as well as the one with most staying power, please help! 
I have some what of an uneven skin tone because of my acne. I have been using the Derma Doctor DD cream because I love that it doesn't make me oily like my skin usually is. However, I'm looking for a foundation that can give me a little more coverage when I need it. I have tried a few other foundations like makeup forever and all they do it make my skin super oily! 
I have have ance prone skin and I use two different prescription lotions (one in the morning, one at night) I also have combination skin. Very dry but before I know it, my t-zone is super oily.   I've been using bare minerals for as long as I can remember and I love it...However it is not enough coverage at all. I would like to use a liquid foundation and maybe finish with a powder?  I am nervous that it will break me out. I have read reviews on all products but am always getting a mixed review.    Thanks for the help!!!      
So, I'm really sensitive about what comes near my eyes because my allergies cause bumps all along underneath my eyelids. I want to try wearing eyeliner but I really don't feel comfortable doing my waterline due to the fact that my eyes are typically irritated on that area as is. Is it absolutely required that I do it or will I look like a complete momo?
What do the letters "BB" stand for? Why are the creams called "BB" creams?
I currently use Makeup Forever HD foundation, but feel that it is too heavy for everyday use.  What are some suggestions for everyday foundation that isn't too heavy and seems like I have nothing on?
I am 14 years old and I am looking for a good foundation, bb cream, etc. that is around $35 or it could be under and that I could wear everyday that doesn't make me look cakey. I have normal to dry skin. 
Okay so I've been having some problems blending out my shadow. They just aren't a dream to blend. I'm also lacking a few good basics. I'm looking for a great palette that has awesome basics, blends easily, and as good transational colors that work well with almost any color. Nothing to cool or warm. I don't mind if it had a couple.non neutral colors. Any suggestions please??? Thanks for your help!
If I have breakouts & have tried all types of acne skin care and nothing seems to keeps face clear am I using the wrong like of skin care? Should I go with hydrating or regular? I realize when you break out it doesn't mean you have acne, but I'm not familiar with anything else because it's really all I've tried. Maybe I'm drying and irritating my face too much where it gets the opposite effect? I have no idea but PLEASE HELP!!
Hello, I am wondering how the Buxom Lash mascara and Urban Decay Lush Lash mascara would compare. They have very similar hourglass brushes. I have been using Buxom Lash, and really like it. Should I stick with Buxom Lash or try the Urban Decay one?
Hi. I cant decide if I should just get a good tinted moisturizer and then put a setting powder on over it or if I should get a foundation plus setting powder? I have redness on my cheeks ( eczema), so its something i'm insecure about and want to cover up but I want to find the right way to go about doing it. What would be your suggestion?
I've been searching for years for a lightweight powder foundation that is light enough for my pale skin tone. The latest I tried was Urban Decay Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup in Illusion and it was too orange and dark, although I loved the way it feels. The closest I've ever been able to find is L'oreal Paris True Match Naturale in Soft Ivory 456/n1-2, but I'm not totally satisfied with it either. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I'm going to be a junior bridesmaid or bridesmaid in a wedding in April (I'm 14). I'm not sure if we'll get our makeup professionally done, so I'm wondering what makeup I should wear so I can plan ahead. I have very pale/cool combination skin with blue eyes and auburn/brown hair (naturally curly and medium length). I obviously don't want to stand out too much as it's the bride's day to shine, but I also don't want to fade into the background and be just a face in the crowd. I don't know what color our dresses will be. So, to sum it up, I need makeup products & ideas to use for a bridesmaid's hair and makeup. Thanks!
if im a c40 in mac's studio fix powder plus foundation what color would i be in KVD's lock it powder foundation?
I dont have a picture to attach but, I have dark hair, dark brown eyes, and really pale skin/cool skin tone.
I've always had to use Almay's  moisturizing eye makeup remover pads because all others dry out the skin under my eyes.   I can no longer use them because I have learned they test on animals.  Anything else out there comparable?  
I have pretty fair skin and ive tried a few drug store bronzers and they all look ridiculously  dark on me. Any suggestions for bronzers that arent too dark? The ones i tried look like ive wiped mud on my face.
I am a MAC NW25 or MAC matchmaster 4 in colour I am wanting to try the Kat Von D lock it councation the Bobbi Brown long-wear even finish foundation the Tarte Amazonian Clay, Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup and Laura Mercier oil free I am in Australia heading to USA in 1 month if anyone can give me some suggestions iknow they do colour matching and colour IQ when I was in the USA 8 months ago they gave me all too light colours in the above foundation
I was sent a sample of the oil cleanser from DHC and I loved it.  I would have never considered putting oil all over my face.  I would buy it but problem is they test on animals.  So, what would be the best oil cleanser for my skin type?  Also, does it defeat the purpose of the oil cleanser if I use my regular cleanser afterwords?  Thanks so much for the help!
Hello. Looking for a full coverage foundation that matches my skin tone. I am a Tanned Oriental Asian ...kind of like Grace Park, Michelle Kwan...any recommendations? Thanks!
So I'm going to be a bridesmaid for my friend's wedding in August. I just picked up my dress last week and I love it. I've been looking for makeup ideas on YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr and I really have no idea what to do.   Here is a picture of the dress:   And here is a picture of me wearing it, so you get an idea of my skintone. (Please excuse the horrible picture, my camera was having a tantrum that day lol.) I'm about a NC 40-42 or 2Y09   Thanks!!!!!!
Something that is easy and I can just swipe on without a mirror! And won't melt in my bag on a hot summer day! For summer; lip gloss or lip stick? I always feel like lip stick is too heavy, but I hate overly sticky glossy lips (so does my boyfriend!).
black heads, i would like to clean up my rigid black heads what should i use?
I have asian eyes, and even with an eye primer, my eyeliners smudge all the time. I also have sensitive eyes, and my eyes get really watery .. so by the time I even get to the train station, half my eye makeup is ruined (I'm not even at school yet)   I'm wondering if anyone could recommend me a great liquid eyeliner that doesn't smudge, and is easy to use. I've tried the bobbi brown gel liner before but it hardened on me - didn't bother doing anything with it because I got so frustrated. I've had every pencil liner there is, but all of them both smudged and washed away with water. I've tried Stila's felt tip liquid eyeliner - is easy to use and is great, but it does smudge and isn't very long lasting. using LORAC liquid pen right now, works well, but I think it can get a little better than this one and a bit more accessible (so that I can just go to a store and buy it in person rather than waiting a week for sephora to deliver) tried Clinique's cream liner - smudges and washes away with water Smashbox felt tip pen - was great, but didn't last very long as if I bought it half empty..
My skin gets super oily (even with powder!) after only a few hours and my foundation seems to never set, it always comes off if I touch my face. I also have acne prone skin, so if there's a primer that smooths out the skin, that would be great, but my main concern is the oiliness.   
I recently purchased the Discover the Amazon 3-piece set and absolutely LOVE the Amazonian Clay 12-hour full coverage foundation! The problem is, I now want to purchase a full-size bottle, but I don't know what shade of 'light' the set came with, as that colour perfectly matched my skin. Does anyone know the shade?   Thanks!!