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I was interested in trying the new NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint, but am not sure which shade would match as the product doesn't even come up on my Color IQ.  In the YSL Radiance Awakening Foundation I'm a BR20.  What shade would you recommend??
I'm confused as to whether I can use cleansing oils with my Foreo Luna (mini 2). I have been reading many reviews and FAQs but I seem to find contrasting opinions regarding cleansing oils. Foreo's brand representative on said that cleansing oils can be used with the Luna. However, the official Foreo's website states that cleansing oils should not be used with the Foreo Luna (I found this info in the FAQs section). I sent an email to Foreo to make sure and they replied:   " Hello Thank you for your email  In regards to your email FOREO does not recommend to use cleaning oils with your FOREO device  It will damage the silicon surface use the cleansing oil to cleanse your face  rinse it with water. always make sure you have no oils when using your FOREO device. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us, have a great day."   So...Can I actually use cleansing oils with my Foreo Luna? I'm so confused right now. I don't want to risk damaging my device.
Hi everyone!   I will be going on a trip in a couple weeks and hope some of you can help me. I will be flying and won't be checking any bags in. I currently use Lancome mousse radiance face wash (foam). Unfortunately, the bottle is 6 floz and for carry ons the limit is 3 floz >.< does anyone have any recommendations on what to do? Any certain bottles to put it in?    Thank you in advance!! <3 <3
Hi! I've been using a Beauty Blender for a couple years now but I've found that sometimes the long wear foundation I use won't come out when I wash it. I use Estee Lauder Double Wear and when I go to clean my Beauty Blender there're patches of the foundation that get hard and won't come out. It's not just a stain, there's actually a hard patch of dried foundation (sometimes on the surface and sometimes i can feel it inside the blender). I've used their soap with both hot and cold water, but nothing seems to help. Also, it's happening with a brand new blender so its age can't be the problem. I need some advice on how to get it out. Thanks!
I'm new to the whole makeup world and haven't got even the slightest clue of where to start! I don't wanna seem bothersome and I'm kind of shy of approaching the employees for help, but IF i were to ask for help, will they be willing to help in any way? Believe me when I say I have NO knowledge of makeup whatsoever. I've worn it like 2 times in my 18 years of existence and I'm just now realizing how nice makeup is lol so I'm starting to explore and I want to know more about foundation, concealer, eyeliner, highlighter, basically EVERYTHING haha, but I'm worried about seeming clueless/annoying cuz idk how makeup works. I know the employee's jobs is to help, but i was wondering do you have to have a certain amount of knowledge of makeup to begin with when asking for help or can you be totally clueless and it won't matter?  
Every time I apply my foundation I seem to get dry flaky spots on my cheeks and around my nose and it doesn't seem to cover up the pinkness of my cheeks. I wash my face every morning and night, use a mist and use a pretty thick moisturizer, is it the foundation causing these problems or do I need to change something in my skin routine?
I was just wondering if anyone knows/heard what the sephora birthday gift for 2016 will be? My birthday's in January
Hey ladies,   I recently bought the Jurlique Advanced Herbal Recovery Serum and have used it consistently for about 3 days or so. I'm starting to get tiny red pimples which were not there before. And some random ones where I don't normally break out. Is my skin purging? Or am I just breaking out?   I bought the serum in hopes of fixing some dark spots from past pimples.    Help and recommendations would be great!!!
Does anyone know what shade I am in the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation, if in the Too Faced foundation I'm the shade warm beige. Also, in which sephora do they sell the luminous silk foundation
Hey I'm new to makeup and I'm trying to finding eyeshadow and lip colors that would look good with that combo? Please help!
Hi I just made a purchase but forgot to use my card to get points how can I get them if I still have the receipt please if you can answer as soon as possible it would be great
Does Sephora have any plan to get other products from the Tatcha line? Such as their moisturizers? Thank you.
My husband has psoriasis and eczema on his hands, arms, scalp, and neck.  What is a great product to help the flare ups go away and less appearance?
I've always just done my makeup pretty basic, but i want to start getting a little more detailed, like eyeliner, lipstick, contouring, stuff like that, but I have no clue what would look good with my features. I have brown eyes, darker brown hair, and my eyebrows are pretty dark too, but i have fairly light skin.
Once you achieve the VIB status do you enjoy the fruits of this membership for the whole calender year only? or the years countdown starts from the date of achieving the status? Please explain
Whats the best brush to use with ABH Dipbrow pomade? Product details suggest ABH brush #12, reviews seem to favor ABH brush #14. However most reviews on ABH angled cut brush small 15, say its the best for the pomade. Please help.
Hi, I have normal to combination skin. I currently use the Dior BB cream and find it absolutely horrible. I am willing to spend $145 CAD on the ole de peau foundation if it is a miracle in a tube.    I heard the Laura Mercier one was similar but I also heard the cle de beau was the best of the best?    Any thoughts? 
Photo Dec 05, 1 54 23 PM.jpg
I know this is a common problem for many women, but at 21 years old it's something that frustrates me and takes so much time out of my day to try to conceal.  I find myself perpetually looking more tired than my peers when I without a doubt received more sleep than them and religiously drink water. Feel like my under eyes age me.   I'm an asian american woman with tan skin and currently use strivectin ev , followed by nars creamy concealer then bobbi brown creamy concealer kit . I'm not satisfied with the results as my under eye bags/circles are still visible so I was wondering if anyone had tips or product recommendations!   Especially looking for a great eye cream to help this problem so that I wouldn't have to use as much makeup to conceal and when I wear makeup, I like a more natural look. Pic of my problem attached--would love all the help I can get!  
I am currently using Armani Luminous Silk in 5. While it is supposed to be neutral, on my skin it still leans more pink. It's the closest match to my skin tone and I tend to make do with it by using some bronzer to warm it. I have tried luminous silk in 5.25, 5.5 and 5.75 as well as 4.75. I have oddly been matched to all of those! After a few hours, the foundation tends to look gray on my skin. I am light but not cool toned. I have minor pigmentation on my cheeks. For some reason, I was color IQd at 3Y06. I think that is a little too deep for me. I would love a long wearing, medium coverage foundation just a tad warmer than the luminous silk 5. I need something moisturizing, or perhaps a great primer, for my dry skin. I also cannot match a concealer. Again, I have gone to several makeup counters to be given very yellow or very pink and too light or too dark under eye concealers. I have terrible under eye circles I cannot conceal for the life of me. Again, the dry skin makes it a problem to find a formula that does not cake or crease. I am desperate for advise. It's gotten so bad that I will not leave my house because I am so embarrassed of the way I look. I have tried so many times and have spent so much money to find the right products but I constantly am being mismatched. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
I placed an order a few days ago and it says the authorisation was unsuccessful but my money has been taken, how do i get it shipped? 
Hi, so I bought the Clarisonic Mia 3 K-Beauty set for $199 on the 23rd of November. I haven't even received my package yet and realised that the price has dropped to $140. That's a $59 price difference and I was wondering whether I could get a price adjustment on this? Or does Sephora really need me to return it and repurchase it again? Thanks!
I have a bit of acne on my face, nothing too serious but I do suffer from breakouts. I have a lot of blackheads on my chin, especially underneath the sides of my mouth. Everywhere else on my face is clear, but there. The only way I know how to get rid of them is to squeeze them out, which then causes me to get acne there. I even have scars on my chin from the blackheads. I have also used pore strips and they don't work for me at all, if anything they just cause me more acne in that area. I also get super dry skin in that area because of the blackheads. What can I do or what is a good product I can purchase to possibly help me get them under control or get rid of them. Thank you, Chelsea
I wanted to get a cream based contour kit, however, I'm stuck between two options. The Laura Mercier Flawless Contouring Palette and and the Anastasia Cream Contour kit. Pros/Cons of each? Which would you recommend more? My skin is normal- not too oily or dry. I am medium skin tone. Any help would be great. 
i am NC 40 in MAC. which shade in bare minerals original foundation suit better: golden medium or golden tan?
Hi Everyone! Newbie here..   Im sure this question has been asked a thousand times, but I'm here to add a different spin onto it, If you could all please inform me what is your opinion?   When I drive around shopping in the wintertime, I always have the heat cranked in my vehicle up to 25 degrees Cs (80 Fahrenheit to Americans). I noticed today that my shower gel which I bought was warm to touch when I brought it in the house (the heater was blasting right onto my bag).   Does this effect the shower gel in any way? Would you all still use the shower gel or is it now need to be discarded?  (I'm paranoid sorry).   Lastly, at what temperature do your cosmetics and skin care or body care sit at when you are driving to and fro in the winter time?   Can any of you describe products which were left in moderate heat and turned out to be fine?  I guess I'm just worried the texture or smell of my shower gel is off. It will take me long time to use since it's a scent I love but I only reach for maybe once or twice a month? Will it go bad faster now that it's been warmed?   Thanks for your opinions on this matter.    
I was wondering what products anyone would recommend for blemishes, dark spots, and uneven skin tone. I was looking for a serum possibly, and heard great things about the Mario Badescu brand, but they don't carry it here.