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I have done all the research. I live too far from a Sephora, but i am now certain of my undertone. I am a neutral or warmth. But i cannot decipher which i should use when buying. I am so interested in the Bareminerals Getstarted kit. However, I can't decide if I should get neutral or golden for the undertone.  YES, i have done the vein test. It's in between. I also have done the jewelry and white test. I've done everything. Help.
Hey everyone! I have good, dewy skin on the cheeks however I can never find a cream that is good for my skin type. My skin literally covers both ends of the spectrum. I've tried Ole Henrikson's sheer transformation cream and while it felt amazing on my cheeks, my t-zone, specifically my nose, was still flaking like no tomorrow but it was still a bit oily. It's very frustrating because at the same time, I get breakouts approximately once a month in my t-zone area and my forehead tends to be quite oily. Anyone have skin care advice/tips as well as suggestions on what creams/moisturizers have worked for them? I live in Canada so our temperature fluctuates throughout the year. Thank you!
I'm 22 years old and I need a new concealer for under-eye circles.  I've tried a bunch but haven't found "the one" yet.  Most of them settled into fine lines around my eyes and made them more noticeable.  Any suggestions?  I've tried "Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer" by SMASHBOX, "All About Eyes Concealer" by CLINIQUE, "Double Feature" by LORAC, and "Amazing Concealer" by Amazing Cosmetics.  I've also tried the bareminerals "well rested" and "bisque" and wasn't sold on either of them for my undereye circles.  I wouldn't even mind using two different concealers but I just want something that will work!  Any ideas?
I have very bad hyper pigmentation and ive been searching for the best concealer to use. But none have worked for me they usually dont have enough coverage and fade has the day goes by. What concealers out there are good for my hyper pigmentation?
I'm 41 and looking for an eye cream to help with my sagging lids, crows feet, and fine lines. I have very sensitive skin, so I don't want to use anything with retinol in it. I have already tried the Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist cream (it was so heavy and greasy it made me break out in white bumps all around my eyes). I also tried the Algenist Firming and Lifting gel and I had an allergic reaction to it (it made my eyes puff up pretty badly all around and caused a lot of discomfort). I could really use some help. I love my Sephora store, but, everyone who works there is in their 20s and none of them know what to recommend for me. Can anyone please help? I'm desperate! Thanks!
Hi everyone! I've been getting really into wearing more colorful liquid eyeliners lately, but I've had one problem: on, the top-rated ones are usually black, brown, or grey! I really would prefer to use a liquid, or a gel if I really have to. So, my question to you is: what is the best liquid eyeliner that comes in colors such as gold, silver, blue, etc.?
I am interested in trying the Hourglass concealer as coverage for occasional pimple but not sure which shade. I am 49, light brown hair and hazel eyes...pretty fair but do not like to use makeup so a natural look would be my preference 
I need a new foundation and I'm a little stumped on what to get. I'm thinking either the Nars Sheer Glow or MUFE HD Invisible Cover and I'm not sure which would be better for me. I have dry, sensitive skin and have struggled with acne. I have my acne under control, but I have scarring that needs covering. I'm looking for something that looks super natural, but also has medium coverage and isn't going to draw attention to dry spots. Any ideas which foundation would be better? Or if there's another one that I should consider? 
I'm 25, fair skinned with sensitive combination skin. I have this under control with a regular routine that seems to be working, however I need help with repairing damage from the past! I don't wear a lot of makeup, cleanse gently daily, lightly moisturize when needed, exfoliate occasionally, and wear sunscreen (now). I have a lot of acne scars that just won't go away on my pale skin and a few pock marks and discoloration/sun spots. My main problem are the red marks from acne. (My breakouts are mostly gone, but if I use anything too heavy/moisturize I WILL BREAK OUT!) What sort of products should I be looking for that might help with overall quality of my skin? Concerned about preventing wrinkles/aging too. (I have a good eye serum so that's fine.)  Is there any product that might help with all of these things? I don't like to use more than one or two, because the more product I use the worse my skin gets. I tried something from Clinique a while ago and I'm not really sure that it helped?  Any knowledge or tips would be appreciated!!
I've easily tried 20-30 different types of mascara over the past few years, and have yet to find a single formula suited to my straight, short lashes. I have to curl my eyelashes--otherwise, they stick straight-down. With non-waterproof formulas, my lashes uncurl in less than an hour, and I can't build volume. Trust me--straight lashes WITH mascara is worse than straight lashes WITHOUT mascara.   I've found a few extra-strength waterproof formulas that hold curls, but they tend to be very clumpy, thick, and make my lashes brittle--I avoid using them. BUT, I once tried a sample of mascara with a formula that wasn't super wet--it was almost dry. It was subtle but buildable, and held a curl MUCH longer than a wet mascara would on me. It was a sample my sister received, and I never got the name of it.   So my question is, do you know of any mascaras with dryer formulas? Because after trying all these supposed miracle mascaras, I think a drier formula is my best option.
I am going to be getting eyelash extensions. I currently use eyeliner, mascara and some shadow to blend out the liner around my eyes. I understand that with eyelash extensions I will be wearing a lot less makeup, but I'm wondering what a good eyeliner product/method is for extra accent? Is it better to stick with shadow as a liner or does it build up at the lash line?? Also what is a good makeup remover that is safe to use with eyelash extensions?? Thanks!
Hi I just made a purchase but forgot to use my card to get points how can I get them if I still have the receipt please if you can answer as soon as possible it would be great
I'm asian girl and have some acne spots that make my skin look red. So does this make me yellow base skin tone? I tried shade 3 and it worked well. But I am not sure whether I should try shade 2 before buying shade 3 or not. Is shade 2 also yellow base? Or is it pink base?
What's the best shade of NARS consealer to match with the NARS Punjab Sheer Glow foundation? Thanks!
Lancome Collaser serum.jpg
I use prescription retin A (.1%). I tried the L'Oreal youth code line and can't see a lot of difference. What should I use? I am 54.  Major problem is loss of firmness.  I don't mind spending some money, but don't want to waste it (again)!
Im not really sure how to use the Shiseido  White Lucent Total Brightening Serum. I got it for my mother, she's 58 years and I don't know what is the right cleanser and softener for her to use? She has combination/ normal skin type. Please help, I really want her to use it ASAP. 
I would like to try the Dior Nude Air serum, but I was wondering what the best color match is for 3Y06, my color IQ.  Right now, I'm wearing Diorskin Nude foundation, color 021.  Any suggestions?
I the past year I suffered from really bad acne. I finally got it cleared up, but still have some scarring. Last spring I got the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation in the shade Ivory, which I liked okay but I wasn't in love with it. My skin can get pretty dry, especially in the winter and I felt like it just clung to and enhanced my dry spots. A few weeks ago I picked up the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in the shade NW15. I really like the Pro Longwear concealer so I thought I'd try out the foundation. I liked the finish and how much more natural it looked on me compared to the Tarte foundation. It took a while to figure out a system with it so it didn't look cakey, and now that I finally got it down I'm noticing some clogged pores and small breakouts. I'm planning on taking it back this week, but now I'm not sure which foundation I should try instead. I'm thinking either MUFE HD Invisible Cover or Nars Sheer Glow. I really want something that looks super natural, but has enough coverage to hide my acne scars. Does anyone have any input or recommendations? Thanks so much!
I have acne and i need to cover it as best I can. I live far away from a Sephora and I would very much like to purchase new foundation. However, while looking at Urban Decay Naked, I am not sure which color would be best for me. Is there a way to tell without going into the store?
Can I be matched for foundation at sephora if so how much will it cost ?
I have a couple of dark spots on my face from sun damage when I was younger. I've tried many concealers but they always cake, look too obvious, don't cover well or simply rub off when I put other products, like cream blush, on top. The dark spots are on my nose and one of my cheeks. I prefer a product without parabens or phthalates. I have light olive, sensitive skin. I do have some redness around my nose that I'd like to cover too but my main problem is covering up my dark spots. Please help! Thanks!
Hey everyone! I have good, dewy skin on the cheeks however I can never find a cream that is good for my skin type. My skin literally covers both ends of the spectrum. I've tried Ole Henrikson's sheer transformation cream and while it felt amazing on my cheeks, my t-zone, specifically my nose, was still flaking like no tomorrow but it was still a bit oily. It's very frustrating because at the same time, I get breakouts approximately once a month in my t-zone area. Anyone have skin care advice/tips as well as suggestions on what creams have worked for them? Thank you!
Hi guys! So, I've had this problem forever where whatever foundation I get either makes my skin even more dry or makes me break out. I am very prone to break outs but I do not have oily skin. It's so hard because foundations that are made for people who break out dry out your skin super bad. I use face scrubs to get the dry skin away (and ones that I know do not already break me out) but I am in desperate need of a new foundation that fixes this. I have bought 90 dollar foundations and 8 dollar foundations and the one that has worked best thus far is Maybellines Dream Matte Mousse for some reason. It doesn't dry or break me out but I'm looking for something more high end. Most kinds I've tried so far have actually been worse for my skin. Thanks guys!
I have been using Yves Saint Laurent Maximum Volume Effet Faux Cils mascara.  I am not sure if Sephora is just discontinuing carrying it, or whether they are just out of stock - but is there an alternative brand that would be just as good?  
I made an account online, and I am a beauty insider, I have order many things online and have about 100 points. I went into a Sephora inside JCP store, gave them my other email by accident, and got the physical card, but it's linked to a different Email so I have two accounts. Is there a way I can merge the two accounts so I can use the card in stores but the points will rack up on my different account? Thanks!
I recently switched from using philosophy Purity and a Clarisonic with a "delicate" brush head to Ole Henriksen's Pure Truth 3-in-1 Melting cleanser (Gelee).  While I was in-store the Gelee was recommended to me on the discovery that I was probably stripping my face (it stung really badly when I put moisturizer on).     I love the way that the Gelee makes my face feel and the fact that my face is not red and super sensitive for over an hour after cleaning it.  The only downside it that I have yet to find an exfoliator and a gentle morning cleanser.   I have used philosophy's Micro-delivery exfoliating wash and several drugstore brands but they have all stripped my face to varying degrees and the Micro-delivery wash left my face red and hot to the touch for about 45 minutes.   I am looking for something that is gentle enough to smooth and refine my face, but not so harsh that it leaves my face red and stinging. Any suggestions?
I use Kat Von D lock it tattoo foundation shade 48. I still look Orange. What do I do?
I normally use the MAC veluxe brow liner in brunette, and I love it, but I want to try something new. I want to test out the Anastasia Brow Whiz, but have no idea what colour I should be using! I have natural darkish brown hair and very pale/fair skin. What would be the best Anastasia colour for me?
I have been using Dr. Brandt's Blemishes No More line for a long time and it seems like that line has been discontinued as it is not in stores or online at all. I have found a replacement cleanser (GlamGlow) and replacement toner (Simple), but I cannot find a moisturizer that works for me. I am allergic to benzene, benzyl, and basically anything in the benzly related family.I was recently trying boscia's revitalizing black hydration gel but it's making me break out.   Do you have any suggestions for good moisturizers for combination skin that is acne prone?   I would greatly appreciate any advice! Thank you!
Is there a shade in the new Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue that matches my complexion number of 3Y06?   Thanks!!