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Q. Beauty Blender Cleaning With Stubborn Foundation Patches
Hi! I've been using a Beauty Blender for a couple years now but I've found that sometimes the long wear foundation I use won't come out when I wash it. I use Estee Lauder Double Wear and when I go to clean my Beauty Blender there're patches of the foundation that get hard and won't come out. It's not just a stain, there's actually a hard patch of dried foundation (sometimes on the surface and sometimes i can feel it inside the blender). I've used their soap with both hot and cold water, but nothing seems to help. Also, it's happening with a brand new blender so its age can't be the problem. I need some advice on how to get it out. Thanks!
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scrapperluv / RISING STAR / answered
A. I have the same problem with Revlon Colorstay (which is supposed to be a dupe for EL). I've tried Bronners, BB cleanser, olive oil/dish soap, facial cleanser and even tr... see post
Q. Eye serum for college student?
I'm a 21 year old college student with combination skin and large pores on my cheeks. My eyes are my main problem, I have dark circles, lots of puffiness, and significant bags under my eyes from stress and lack of sleep. I just finished the Drunk Elephant Shaba Eye Serum, it reduced my dark circles slightly but not enough to repurchase. Any recommendations for an eye serum or light cream that reduces eye bags and puffiness are greatly appreciated!
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A. Hi @sugarstan   I remember those days! I really like the Dior Essential Eye Serum and the  Origins Dr. Weil For Origins™ Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Eye Serum.    ... see post
Q. Lipstick and gloss
Hi I'm looking for matches to 4y05 in Dior and ysl pinks, nudes and coral the app doesn't give me much choice thank you
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A. Hi @goddess82,   At this time we're unable to use a Color IQ number to match to a lipstick. If you can let us know more about what color you are looking for or somet... see post
Q. Combo skin: makeup and skincare recommendations
My skin is both oily and dry. I'm also have large pores and very fair, and sensitive skin. Would love skincare recommendations as well as foundation/primer/concealer etc recommendations. I find that my foundation gets patchy and dry looking fast no matter what I try.
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Q. Is my foundation too dark? Or am I doing something wrong?
Recently I was matched with the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation in the shade R260. I loved how it looked in the store, so I purchased it. I've used it a few times and I've noticed that after a few hours it starts to crease under my chin/neck and an orange "band" (I guess you could call it) forms. I make sure to use a pretty damp beauty blender to not only apply the foundation but to also blend it onto my face and neck as well. Before I even apply the foundation I moisturize my face and then apply the Porefessional primer by Benefit. Is my foundation too dark for me? Or is it an operator error? PLEASE HELP!  
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Q. Coverage for Tarte Rainforest of the Sea vs NARS Pure Radiance TM
I'm trying to decide between Tarte's Rainforest of the Sea foundation and NARS Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturizer. I really don't need much coverage at all, I just want to even out my skin's appearance. Despite the "tinted moisturizer" branding, one of the "cast members" at Sephora told me that was misleading and that the NARS TM was actually serious coverage for a TM.   Which of these two will offer lighter coverage?    It may be worth adding that I'm very, very fair (Terra Nueve in NARS and Fair Neutral in Tarte) and have a difficult time finding foundations/TMs in a shade that will work for me (and I try to stay cruelty free as much as possible), so I'd like to stick to Tarte or NARS brands.
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Q. Setting Powder with No flashback?
Hey all - I know there are some questions like this already but wanted everyone's updated opinions. I'm doing my own makeup for my wedding day and wanted to find a setting powder that didn't have much flashback as I will be in a lot of photos that day!   Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder was recommended to me before. Does this cause flashback?   Thanks in advance!
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Q. Pale/combo Skin Foundations?
Hey, My skin is very pale, my chin, creases of my nose and forehead are often dry but my cheeks, T-zone become oily during the day.I am having troubles finding a foundation that will actually work for my skin even after going into a few of the sephora stores. I have been using CLINIQUE Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup and I love it. It works great. The downside is that I am too pale for Clinique's lightest shade which is linen. I am shade 1Y01. I have tried make up forever ultra HD and found it looked cakey on me and clung to all my dry skin (around the edges of my nose, forehead and chin). Then I tried Kat Von D's Lock it and that too looked like I just crushed chalk up, mixed with water and painted my face (was even a little whiter then my face!). Ive tried BB creams but they dont do much for me other then make my T-zone worse.I am currently using Urban Decays All nighter foundation but I am finding that it applies nice but after setting for 3 min you can see its clinging to my dry skin again. Acne isnt something I really have to worry about as i only get one or two pimples every now and then  but I do try to cover my veins because I am really pale and you can see them (yes i get sunlight I swear I just dont get any color or burn)  I just dont know what to use now.. Losing hope in foundations lol!  Thanks.
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A. Hi @PickyPandu.   I agree with @lylysa, I'd definitely recommend looking into a primer. First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer and Smas... see post
Q. Creasing and fine lines!
Okay... So I have extremely dry skin and use many products to prep my skin before applying foundation with my beauty blender.. I use peter Thomas roth's cloud serum, Dr. Jart ceramidin gel-cream after and sometimes even Neutrogena hydro boost water gel under the Dr. Jarts when im super dry.. then I go in with baby skin primer from the drug store (open to finding a new primer primarily for dry skin or filling fine lines.) I apply my foundation and everything is golden until I apply my concealer, I use Urban Decay naked skin concealer (I've used Nars creamy concealer and Maybelline instant age rewind also) . My problem is.. If I don't set it, it definitely creases within seconds... But if I do set it, it instantly looks dry and starts to crease within the next couple hours.. And im talking bad.. makes me look like im 5 years older than I am. So what am I doing wrong? Is it the concealer im using? The setting powder? I feel like ive tried everything. Oh and I use Maybelline fit me set + smooth pressed powder to set my make up. Looks great on my face but not so much under my eyes. I've also used Laura Mercier secret brightening powder to set with and I wont even try to describe how awfuly that worked for me lol.
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Q. what color???
I really want to try KA skin enhancer but I cannot find color match for color id 1Y04. Can someone please help me?!?
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Q. Huge pores from glasses
Hey guys, which products should I try next for pore minimizing? I'm looking more for masks/treatments than face wash. I'm a 21 year old college student and I wear glasses 24/7. I have combination skin but my pores in my t-zone and cheeks are huge from my glasses. I've tried pore strips, GlamGlow SuperMud, Salicylic Acid wipes, Kate Somerville products, etc. yet all they do is dry out my skin, nothing has noticeably reduced my pores. My skin is very fair and sensitive, can you recommend some products? Thanks so much! Edit:  I use Philosophy Purity face wash morning and night, and Origins Original Skin Serum at least twice a day, or more if my skin is dry. Also use Kate Somerville Gentle ExfoliKate once a week to smooth out my skin. 
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A. Hi, Sugarstan!   Pore size is unfortunately determined by genetics so there are no over the counter products or methods of treatment to permanently alter their size. A... see post
Q. Nars Sheer Glow with Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer?
I know that the Nars Sheer Glow is technically water based, but being as the second ingredient is a silicone I'm wondering if I'd be able to avoid having my makeup  pill/bead/generally apply weirdly  with the Hourglass primer despite the fact that it's mineral/silicone based. Has anyone tried this combo before? I'm also looking into the Smashbox Photo Finish Light primer but I'm very scared about switching up so much of my base makeup with my skin's pretty unrelenting sensitivity (other than being sensitive my skin is combo-oily but I'm not afraid of needing to blot or powder). Thanks! 
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Q. Foundation Help
Hello All,   I'm having trouble with my foundation lately. I've been using the Tarte Amazonian clay foundation and I've noticed my skin has become very dry. To the point were my whole face was flaky. It could be the weather that's doing it to my skin. But I was wondering if anyone had other suggestions for foundation. I'm having dry skin issues but I also get extremely oily throughout the day to the point where my makeup will slide off. Before anyone asks I do use primers and setting sprays nothing works to fight to oil.  Thank you all in advance 
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A. Hi @LilAsh2,    I agree with @TrysBeautyItems, it sounds like you're skin might be extra dry so it's producing extra oil to compensate. I'd look into getting a reall... see post
Q. Foundation Problems -- Oiley Skin X 10
I'm not sure what has been going on with my skin lately - but I haven't had any extreme problems with it in a while. Lately it seems like my skin started producing mass amounts of oil causing my foundation to start separating (this never happens). I'm in need of some recommendations for skin care because I know that is where it should all start. Right now I exfoliate my face twice a week with a strawberry sugar scrub I purchased from Sephora, following up with a normal face wash and then a charcoal pore face mask once a week. I'm using an oil free lotion but I honestly think it's horrible. I went to Sephora and tried a few samples of the fresh mattifying serum with the tatcha pore gel (it was alright). I'm trying to make my make up last longer and keep my oiley skin under control and need some skin care recommendations and maybe primer recommendations as well because I love my foundation but I want to make it work where my chin isn't shiny within four hours of wearing it and I don't have separation around my nose.   So far I haven't been a fan of the benefit porefessional primer or any of the makeup forever ones. If someone could help me out I'd greatly appreciate it.
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Q. Lightweight Foundation for Combination Skin
I am looking for a new foundation.  A few years ago I started using Urban Decay foundation.  While I loved it initially, I have found I like it less and less as time goes on.  I feel that it just slides off of my face, or spreads after a long day.  I want something lightweight and natural looking, lately I have only been using concealer to cover up my red puffy areas or large pores.  So, I am looking for a foundation that is suitable for combination skin, oily t-zone, that is lightweight, not cakey, and can last all day without being touched up. 
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i am a vib member but have not used my makeover how do i know when it's been 90days 
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Q. Foundation recommendation
I was previously using sephora hydrating and smooth liquid foundation in R35. Since it is no longer available for purchase which other foundation is equivalent to it. Thanks in advance
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Q. ABH Dipbrow Pomade??
I love the Anastasia brow wiz but it gets a bit of a hackle when it runs out. It is a bit pricey and I was thinking why not use the pomade instead, to avoid the runout of product like how the brow wiz runs out. The only thing is I'm a bit afraid to use it, it's just more advanced to learn... I already have a angle brush I received in a brush set from amazon, so would that be ok to use too? A part of me wants to try it out and another part is saying don't do it, what do you think?
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A. Whenever I use the pomade I use the ABH #12 brush. I get great control with it cause it's thin and firm enough for precision, but not too tough where it picks up toooo m... see post
Q. Neck creams
Hello,   I am in search of a great preventative neck cream.  Im 26 so I think I just need something preventative.  I don't know if its best to just apply sunscreen in the am and something more specific for the night.. I don't really want anything too thick or really expensive.  Any recommendations?  
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Q. I can't get my concealer to stay on my face/ get that flawless look?! :(
Hi everyone.   Okay, so whenever I put under-eye concealer on it doesn't stay on my face for even an hour or two without dissipating. I use a colour corrector under my concealer ( Smashbox color correcting stick ) to cover my dark circles, followed by Kat Von D's Lock-it creme conealer that I lightly set with powder ( Laura Mericer loose setting powder ). I also set all my whole face with UD's All nighter setting spray . I do not use a lot of the corrector and concealer - I am very careful about that.   Even though I do all of this, when I look in the mirror at work about 2hrs later, my concealer looks all broken up and strange, like it's wearing off my face or textured or something. I don't rub my eyes, so I don't get it.  It really bothers me! I just can't seem to get that smooth, even look like all the beauty vloggers seem to achieve.   Does anyone know how I can fix this or what is going on?? I would really appreciate the help!!! 
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A. You have to use some kinda powder to set the concealer. My favorite is the RCMA no color loose powder.  see post
Q. Can You Give Lipstick Suggestions?
Just went through my collection and disposed it of all expired lipsticks! Ready to try out new things. Any brand is welcome besides Lime Crime (allergic reactions)! ALSO, I haven't even on the BB in forever! HEY GUYS!!! Heres a photo as a skin tone reference point.
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A. Hi, Lilleexoxo!   I would recommend checking into Bite Beauty, their formulas are made with all food safe ingredients so if formulas can be hit or miss with your aller... see post
Q. Asking for a friend
Hi, my friend has been asking around for a good product to alleviate her dry lips, but I don't have that problem so I came here for help. She doesn't want an exfoliator because they just irritate her lips even more. Her lips are EXTREMELY dry to the point that the area around her lips is also dry and red.  
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I have been blonde for about 2 and a half years now-I'm sure a lot of you know the maintenance that comes with it. I recently decided to dye my hair back to it's natural state, an ashy brown. After the first dye job, my hair didn't take all the color so I went back and got it redone 3 days later. It's not been about 3 days since the dye job and I washed my hair this morning with color depositing shampoo, and IM GREEN!  My hair has this faint, green tint to it that is noticeable. I have read online that it's because I didn't have the right base...but I can't afford another dye job.    I just purchased the Tressa Watercolor shampoo that should deposit color (I used John Frieda this AM) and it say's it has red tones in it. The red should cancel out the green right? As a 16 year old in high school, the last thing I want is green tint to my brown hair.    What would you recommend? Use the Tressa and see what happens?
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Q. Acne fighting makeup
I am brand new to face makeup, ive been doing my eyes (eyeliner, mascara, primer) for years and am confident with that. I am looking to get into face makeu but I am very acne prone and i have oily skin. so i have been looking into acne fighting foundations and primers but my question is if i get an acne fighting primer do i need an acne fighting foundation?   I have also been looking at bb creams that are also acne fighting and along with that i was thinking of using just that on my face in the place of foundation since it is a lighter product. with that though would i need a primer underneath it? which brings me back to my first question again, if it would need to be acne fighting also
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Q. Foundation
What is a good liquid foundation for combination skin, oily skin, that is light, and would cover up the redness of my skin? Looking for more coverage! I have only ever used powder as I have oily skin and didn't think that liquid would work for me but I want more coverage.
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Q. Concealer
I was looking to buy the Nars creamy concealer but I'm not too sure which shade would fit my skin tone best. I would go to an actual Sephora store but its a bit far. Thanks for any help!
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HALL OF FAMER heartsmyface / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / answered
A. Your skintone looks fairly close to mine.  Based off this picture I would guess you're vanilla. see post
Q. face makeup for wrinkly skin
My mom asked for a fluffy powder brush for Christmas and said that since she's getting older (late 40s) she can't just use the puff that comes with it anymore because it settles into lines so she needs a fluffy brush to blend it out. I was thinking about it and I think maybe she needs a primer instead (I'm going to get a brush anyways but I might also get her a primer). Are there primers that cater to her issue or is there a different solution?    side note: in terms of makeup she only uses a light layer of powder (I think it's l'oreal) and sometimes tinted lip balm, nothing else
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Q. Kat Von D Lock It Edge Concealer Brush or Marc Jacobs The Concealer Brush
Hello,   I am interested in a new under eye concealer brush and am looking at either the Kat Von D Lock it Edge Concealer Brush or Marc Jacobs The Concealer Brush. The shape of both these look fairly similar. I have the Sephora Pro 57 brush which works quite well but was interested in something with a different shape. Would you recommend going with the Kat Von D brush or the Marc Jacobs?   Thank you! 
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