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Q. Why Boscia Tsunami Exfoliating Powder is discontinued?
I want to know the reason for discontinuing the product. Does it have questionable ingredient? or it doesn't sell? what's the reason? because I bought one recently and now I'm concerned!! 
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Looking to invest in either the Foreo luna 2 OR luna mini 2? Im 24, my skin is fairly normal, with occasional dry spots around my nose and chin. Any advice would be great, thanks! 
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Q. Cle de Peau Silky cream foundation vs Laura Mercier silk creme foundation
Hi, I have normal to combination skin. I currently use the Dior BB cream and find it absolutely horrible. I am willing to spend $145 CAD on the ole de peau foundation if it is a miracle in a tube.    I heard the Laura Mercier one was similar but I also heard the cle de beau was the best of the best?    Any thoughts? 
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Q. Unsuccessful authorisation
I placed an order a few days ago and it says the authorisation was unsuccessful but my money has been taken, how do i get it shipped? 
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Q. help choosing foundation shade
i am NC 40 in MAC. which shade in bare minerals original foundation suit better: golden medium or golden tan?
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Q. Missing a charger when shipping back the return to Sephora Canada
Hi everyone,    I'm returning a Glo Science Teeth Whitening Device that I purchased on Oct 26 and I used nine times of the whitening gel (there were ten whitening gels in the original package). However, I had canker sore and sore teeth after using it (I thought I could finish the whole treatment but I cannot stand it anymore, and the result is not as great as I expected). Neverless, I called in Sephora and asked if I could return it even I almost used up all the gels in the package, and the customer service representative said it's okay and simply to print the return slip from the sephora website. I did what she instructed, and then I realized that I forgot to return the charger of the device. So I read the return instruction again online, and on the web it says that I need to fill out a return form with the item return. However, I cannot find any return form in the sephora box, probably I threw it away without noticing it. Here're my two question now as the CSR was not giving me the full return shipping instruction:   Is it okay to return an item without filling out a return form? Can I actually return the device even after almost finishing the gel? Can I make another shipment for the missing part of the device? I purchased on Oct 26, and the shipment date was on Oct 27, and on the tracking of my return item, it'll be delivered on Nov 27. Does this count as within the 30 days windows?   This is all getting messy now, and I'm so panic and your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!    
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Q. Málaga sephora
Do You Dell koh gen aqua in Málaga ?
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Q. Naked Native Palette Alternative
Has anyone else exclusively used Urban Decay's Naked blush/highlight/bronzer palette in Native and found a comparable alternative??
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Q. Foundation for acne scars & advice on shade
Hi!  I'm stuck home after back surgery so can't get out to my Sephora.  I'm looking for a new foundation to cover/fill in acne scars.  I have a great primer but need foundation.  Here's my info: I'm naturally very fair with cool pink undertones but use self-tanner so not sure if that would effect the undertone of the foundation I pick. I want my face to match my neck with self-tanner on it.  I think if I get a foundation with pink undertones it won't match the yellow in the tanner.  I have combo skin, oily t-zone.  I'm 53 and I take good care of my skin so wrinkles aren't an issue.  To recap: need foundation to cover acne scars (some deep); what color/undertone should I get to work with the tone self-tanner makes my skin? I'm looking at Estée Lauder Extreme Wear (I think that's what it's called) or Kat Von D but I'm open to ANY suggestions. Phew!  Ty so much for helping me!  Being stuck at home sucks...especially when you wanna makeup shop!
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Q. What "fall" makeup do you use in hot Florida?
I am in my 40's.  Blond hair, hazel eyes and combination skin.  I want my eyes to pop.  THANK YOU!
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Q. foundation help
n the mc match master I am in the shade 3. what shade would I be in the mkeup forever ultra hd foundation?
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Q. Best/Top Skin Care Beauty Products for glowing/moisturized/pore minimizing complexion
Hey everyone!   I am 21 and am looking for skin care products that improve my skin...something that evens out my skin tone, adds a natural glow/dew, enhances moisturization, and minimizes pores. Any recommendations for skin care products that improve natural skin and result in a flawless complexion? There are so many choices out there, I'm having a hard time choosing products. I have dark spots from post acne(uneven skin tone), light/medium skin, and normal(not too dry not too oily) skin. I would love to start going au natural for some days during the week and starting a healthy skin care regime.    Let me know some of your favorite skin care products!   
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Q. Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night oil
Hey Sephora Friends, I recently purchased the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night oil. Does anyone know if it's meant to be used every night? How often should I use it?
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Q. How to use Shiseido White Lucent Total Brightening Serum?
Im not really sure how to use the Shiseido  White Lucent Total Brightening Serum. I got it for my mother, she's 58 years and I don't know what is the right cleanser and softener for her to use? She has combination/ normal skin type. Please help, I really want her to use it ASAP. 
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Q. Best color match in Dior Nude Air for 3Y06
I would like to try the Dior Nude Air serum, but I was wondering what the best color match is for 3Y06, my color IQ.  Right now, I'm wearing Diorskin Nude foundation, color 021.  Any suggestions?
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Q. How to get rid of laugh lines at 23?
I'm looking for a cream (or other method) that will get rid of my laugh lines. I'm only 23, so I don't want anything too advanced. My face is pretty skinny, which I'm guessing is part of the reason why my laugh lines are more visible than most. I'd like more than just a filler. I'd like something with a more permanent fix. Any suggestions?
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Q. blush match for lipstick
which blush shade would be a good match for the mulberry bite color. I also have warm undertone.  ty                                                                        
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Q. Does the NUFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device Actually Work?
I'm thinking of splurging and getting this-- has anyone tried it? What're your thoughts?
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Q. IBUKI moisturizer
I have oily skin, more oil in T zone, but also oily in top cheek area (the part of the cheeks that's closest to nose/eye.) BUT, the part of the cheeks that's further down (below cheekbone until past jawline) is very dry! I have a hard time finding a good moisturizer for this type of skin.  I need oil control in the middle but moisture in the bottom.  I use acne medication in the jawline area and chin area that makes it even more dry.  I wonder if the IBUKI moisturizer would be hydrating enough for this or do you have another suggestion?  thank you!!!!! 
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