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out of stock item that i want to buy

i want to buy the passport travel set from tokidoki but it is out of stock. will it be back anytime soon? i really want this bag

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Hi tab09,


The Tokidoki line is being discontinued, so unfortunately it's very unlikely that we will be getting any more of the passport travel set in stock. I would recommend contacting your local Sephora, as they may have a few sets left. Hope this helps! Alternatively feel free to check out some of the other travel sets that we have available.


SEPHORA COLLECTION - Deluxe Airless Travel Kit

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Clear Bag Collection – Pink

Hello Kitty - Hello Kitty Cosmetic Case

Hello Kitty - Hello Pretty Makeup Bag

Whimsically yours,
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Hi!  I'm so srry,, but I believe that Tokidoki was created as a temporary line for about two years, and now that time is up.  This is why pretty much all of the Tokidoki products have been put on sale recently, so I don't think you're item will come back in stock.  Here are the links to a couple other options that are similar (for the travel size containers, you could get them at Target, The Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond etc):


Izak bag collection:

Sephora Core bag collection:

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