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oily and dry skin?

My skin is often dry with peels. It's also very sensitive to the sun. At the same time, I do get oily during the day, and have breakoutsand a lot of "white heads" and blackheads around the chin, temple and wings of nose. Is my skin oily or dry really? Coz I am often when choosing skincare products. I have large pores too. Really want better skin. Please help!

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It sounds like dehydrated combination skin. It might be over exfoliation. You should exfoliate with a gentle scrub at most every 3 days or so, same with chemical peels and such. If that's not the problem, then here's what worked for me:

1. Take a shower so the warm steam open up the pores and soften the skin, or use a warm towel for the same effect.

2. Pat dry your face, then put on a peel mask, I use Sekkisei Kose, but Boscia Black Mask also works (their white mask did not have the gripping power). Let it dry then peel off. It's more effective after a shower, might hurt a bit, but you should see dry flaky skin patch on the mask.

3. Use a cotton ball soaked with gentle toner to wipe the face clean, one for dry combination, without exfoliating acids or alcohol, or just purified water if you usually don't use toner. This+peel mask help to gently get rid of layer of dead skin for more effective treatment.

4. Take some oil, Argan oil, Vitamin D oil, any of the oil for face sold on Sephora, put 2-3 drops on your hand, rub between palm, then press onto the dry/peeling area of the face. If it makes your skin feel itchy that means your skin is not that dehydrated and wipe off immediately with water/cotton ball. If it mostly absorbs into your skin within 1-2min, then you are doing the right thing.

5. Apply a thin but hydrating moisturizer to seal the moisture in, don't use the oily/greasy cream. Try Clinique Moisture Surge.


I have oily combination skin, but my skin did a 180 and I got dry flaky patch the size of my thumb on the face. It even hurts/burns when I use toner and serum, the 5 step above is what I tried one day and my skin was back to it's dewy/combination self the next morning.


Good luck!



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Thanks for the great advice! Now I use the argan oil to quickly rescue my poor dry cheeks and it's really nice: )
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