need a new skin care regimine. korres, ren, origins, boscia?
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I never really had a problem with breaking out until now and I am 20. I find it rather annoying considering what I used to use for months is no longer working. I swear my skin gets used to something and then shuts down. I tried the Murad 30 day kit and I am on my 4th day. I know that's not long at all but I cant take it anymore. My skin is red/blotchy and itchy in some areas(along my jaw line and around my nose). I cant just keep using it. It is helping with my blemishes though! that is the only thing. I do use the GlamGlow mask, love that. I am looking into Korres, Origins, REN, and Boscia and I am wanting to know what other peoples opinions are on their products! HELP!

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have you tried clinque's 3 step system?


Sounds like the Murad system is too harsh for your skin. I can recommend specific products if you give me more info! What's your skin type, what kind of acne do you get? Is your skin sensitive? Have you noticed better results with a certain ingredient?

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After using Murad's spot treatment for years, I decided to give Sephora's acne spot roll-on gel a try. Its moisturizing properties sounded promising because my skin just felt so dry and itchy as you described. I now swear by that and Josie Maran's argan oil for moisturizing. Be careful with overdrying acne products, they can make your skin go into oil production overdrive - good luck!


I used Murad's line, too, and loved how it instantaneously made my pimples go away but then made my skin feel rough, chaffed, and uncomfortable.  I tried Boscia and felt they are way overpriced and not effective.  Origins seems to be a hit or miss, and I felt they, too, were overpriced and kind of hard to discern what actually will work or won't.


What I've circled back around to using after ALLLLLL that is: Clinique.  I'm combo/oily with cystic acne.  Since March, I've had only 1 breakout.  I'm using their Mild Liquid Soap, #3 toner (pink), and Dramatically Diff Gel twice daily.  No sensitive reactions, gorgeous skin.  Truly, in my 30+ years, this is the best skin I've ever had.

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I love my REN products! I've dealt with breakouts for a while and had also previously tried Murad acne products and got a similar reaction as you, they were WAY too harsh for my sensitive skin. The best thing I've done for my skin has been switching to natural products, so all of the brands you've listed are really great. I think REN is the best if your skin is sensitive or prone to irritation, and they have an amazing anti-aging line as well. I've tried a few Boscia products which worked well but I found that they were a little too drying for me.

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I'm acne prone too - sensitive and oily combo. Clinique made it worse. Boscia tried samples of the black line, did not do anything, no warming noticed, didn't feel clean. Philosophy purity made simple and Korres wild rose are what I'm using now. No problems. Korres doesn't have a strong scent IMO, and does lessen a pimple faster. Origins, no problems either. Another brand to look into: The Body Shop (sold on their site, if you have a local store and Ulta). They have a tea tree line, with witch hazel. I've used the toner without problems, which also helps with shine.


Have you seen a dermatologist? My skin is more under control from prescriptions.

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Ren has a little kit (The Fab 4 kit) that has a nice regimen in it, and it is on sale for $18 right now. It sold out on the website, but they still have it in some stores. It is selling for regular price ($35) at Nordstrom still.

Here are the deets:


Kit includes:
- Micro Polish Cleanser (0.85 oz.).
- Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask (0.5 oz.).
- Bio Retinoid Anti-Ageing Concentrate (0.24 oz.).
- Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream (0.5 oz.).
- Bonus No. 1 Purity Cleansing Balm (0.17 oz.).
- Muslin cleansing cloth.


Edited 11/15 5:13pm PDT - it is back in stock:



It seems like your skin in sensitive. Do you find it is?

If I were you I would try a skin care like specifically made for sensitive skin or maybe an organic skin care line. Then I would use a spot treatment on blemishes. I find plain tea tree oil works well.


For taking your makeup off and toning your face gently: Purity by Philosophy all the way.  A little pricey, but oh so worth it! A medium sized bottle of it has lasted me a whole year!  It takes waterproof makeup right off and I love using it in the shower to really scrub.   Also pricey but very worth it: Clarisonic Mia 2 with the sensitive brush head (and on the website it comes with different skincare from different companies like fresh, etc.).  It's wonderful for break outs.  Be warned, the first week and half you  use it, you will break out more than usual but that's because the brush is really getting deep into your skin.  After that, your skin starts clearing up beautifully- I would def give it a try.


I have oily/combo skin and have been using Korres for a few weeks - I love it. I do notice the scent, but I think it's nice. A few weeks ago, all the TJ Maxx and Marshalls in my area had almost the entire Pomegranete line (for oily/combo skin) so you might check there as well!


Are you sensitive to scents? I ask because I find Korres products to have really strong scents (fruity/floral). It's so strong that it puts me off using the products. Anyway, just wanted to mention it.


Korres is good for combo/dry skin, Ren is good for sensitive and dry skin. Boscia is lightweight and good for oily/combo skin. And Origins have line for oily and dry skin.


Murad is pretty heavy duty, so you want something gentle. If you don't have dry skin, I would skip Ren. That leaves Korres, Boscia and Origins. If you have oily skin, I recommend Boscia, Korres for dry and Origins for combo. Now you gotta do your own research since different people's skin react differently. Good luck!


Try purity face wash by philosophy! I'm also 20 and suffer from break outs and although it is not specifically designed for acne it is suitable for all skin types and it really really clean my pores out. hope this helps


Give me some more info on your skin and I'd be happy to help!

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Hi Tweet409!

It sounds like you might need a little more of a personalized skincare routine. Here are a few products I think would work well with your skin type. :smileyhappy:


For your cleanser, I recommend you try the Ren ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser. This product is great for sensitive skin and has a gentle approach when it comes fighting acne. The clay in the cleanser is also going to immediately calm down your existing redness.


For your moisturizer, I would recommend the Boscia Clear Complexion Moisturizer. This product is going to be key in keeping your pores clear and keeping future breakouts away. The willow bark in this product is very gentle and it smells awesome!


Also, staying in this brand, I would recommend the Oil-Free Nightly Hydration for your nighttime moisturizer. I know that some clients concerned with acne do not like the idea of using a night cream, but it's important to keep your skin nourished when you're fighting acne. Because this formula is oil free, it shouldn't break you out more. :smileywink:


It's also important to have some kind of treatment mask when trying to clear up your skin. Going back to Ren, I recommend you try the ClearCalm 3 Anti-Acne Treatment Mask. This is the product that is really going to help with any redness or inflammation caused by your breakouts. You only use it twice a week, but you're still going to see the effects from the mask in those in between days so no need to overdo it. :smileyhappy:


And lastly, for your spot treatment, I would recommend the Origins Super Spot Remover Acne Treatment Gel. This product not only helps quickly get rid of breakouts, but it also helps lighten existing acne marks you might have.


Hope this helps!





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