nAm I cool, warm, or neutral?

I have dirty blonde hair, light skin, and blue eyes. My veins appear mostly blue-ish but I can detect a hint of green.  My cheeks are naturally reddish pink (which I cover with foundation because it's not cute rosy cheeks its splotchy and unattractive) I haven't really considered how I look in gold jewelry, I normally wear silver. I wear Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation in 2.0 and from what I understand the shades ending in .0 are warm. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!

Re: nAm I cool, warm, or neutral?

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Hi Abby1025,


Based on y our description, it sounds like you are a neutral Smiley Happy  Which is fantastic, because you can pull off both gold & silver!  When all else fails, I would suggest picking up a few samples in the correct shade range to try out, just to be sure Smiley Happy


xo, Mia

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