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I have dry sensitive skin. For the last 2 years I have been using first aid ultra repair cream with great success at the begining but has not really worked for the last 2-3 months. My skin is still dry after application by 5 minutes. I am only allergic to philosophy products. I am looking for a nice smelling moisturiser that is paraben-free and silicone- free.  I don't really care for 5 in one creams that promise a lot of things and deliver nothing. I just want a moisturiser that helps with dryness. I have some redness but it is not really an issue. Clinique is out of the question too because they use a lot of chemicals in their products and hydrocortisone. any suggestions? Thanks

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Hi akaber,


Boscia and Korres all have a number of products that cater to drier skin types. Both creams listed below specifically cater to hydrating the skin rather than serving multiple purposes.


Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturizing & Brightening Cream


Korres - Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizing & Brightening Cream


Boscia's Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel

Boscia - Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel




Whimsically yours,
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how does the 24hr Korres compare to clarins hydraquench line?
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Also I had another question, if I am in search of a new moisturiser and a new hydrating eye cream, should they be from the same brand? is there a kit that you recommend ?
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