makeup primers not working
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I have tried benefit, MUFE, Smashbox, and Lorac and cant seem to find one that works with my fine lines and oily face. It seems that they just fill in my lines and the foundation is worn off within the hour! I look so pretty at first but then look so rough by the time i get to school. I hate it. Can you please tell me a primer that last for hours, oil free, and makes you look flawless? Im 28 and flip flop between MAC and Benefit Oxygen in Im So Money, Honey.

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I had such a horrible time finding foundation primers at first! Fusion Beauty makes a wonderful primer for acne/oily skin types but it's fairly expensive and Sephora no longer carries it. More recently I've started using NARS oil-free primer and I actually really like it. So far, other than Perfekt...I don't like any of the BB creams or things like that being used for primers. I just find that they don't seem to be made for acne prone skin. Good luck to you! No primer is right for all skin and you never know when you'll come across one that's right for yours. Stick with Sephora and have them send you home with several samples of primers each time you come in until you find something you really like Smiley Happy


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