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So when it comes to make up I'm completely new to it. I don't really know what type of make up to get or how to pick the right foundation.

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I would suggest going to a dermatologist to sort out your acne first. My suggestions are to cleanse and moisturize every morning and night, and exfoliate once or twice a week. Also, apply a face mask once a week! Make sure you use products to suit your skin type.


For foundation and concealer, I would suggest going to Sephora and talking to one of the ladies there. They are very helpful and will find something to suit your needs.


I would also suggest blush but apply it sparingly so you don't look like a clown! Benefit and Mac have good blushes (in my opinion) and you can find one to suit your skin tone. It adds a nice flush of colour to your face while looking natural and not overdone.


As you want to keep it natural, I would suggest getting brown eyeliner (try Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil). Eyeliner takes practice! Also, there are tons of good mascaras out there, depending on your needs - volumizing/lengthening/defining. You can try the drugstore for these if you want.


Also, try a neutral eyeshadow palette. The BareMinerals Ready 4.0 in Truth is supposed to be very good. I have Benefit's Big Beautiful Eyes which comes with their Boi-ing concealer. They are both shimmery. Urban Decay eyeshadows are very good, especially their Naked palettes, however as you are a beginner I don't think you need the Naked or Naked 2 Palettes. However, if you want a matte finish (no shimmer) you can try the Naked Basics palette. This is much smaller than the other Naked palettes and only has 6 shades.


I hope this helped! Good luck xx

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You girls provided some great feedback for Averyiana!!  Great job ladies! Smiley Happy -Laura

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hey, so for face makeup like foundation they have different shades with different undertones.For the shades you simply pick the shade that is closest to your skin color and undertones are like when your skin looks slightly pink or has a yellowish tint. I would definitely recommend going to a sephora store and asking one of the ladies to do a color match for the foundation you wan. During a color match the lady just puts a bunch of different shades on you to see witch one matches your skin.

Another very important thing is getting one for your skin type

: if you have oily skin look for a foundation labeled mattifying,

If your skin is dry look for one labeled moisturizing.


Another thing with foundation is how much coverage you want: sheer medium of full. Sheer coverage is usually when you just want to even out your skin tone. Medium is when you have blemishes you want to hide but don't need full coverage.full is when you have things like dark spots and such that are hard to cover. 

a couple other things you should know: primers are what you put on before foundation to make it last longer

you apply concealer after foundation on places that need more coverage

powder is what you apply last for face makeup to set it and block shine.

 And last but not least, make sure you use brushes and the right ones for the make up you applying. So you don't have to go and buy a bunch of different brushes you should buy a set which sephora brand makes good ones. Hope this helps!!

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Thank you for the tips Smiley Happy

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My pleasure! Feel free to take the suggestions below and any more than may come and visit a store so you can touch and feel the products and get an idea of what they will be like on your skin.


In regards to applying foundation, try to avoid using your fingers if you don't have to or unless it's specified by a product to do so (NARS Sheer Matte foundation is advised to be applied with fingers) as working with your fingers too much can lead to placing oils back onto skin and not having make up set as well.


For primer, it's fine to use your fingers, start with a pea sized amount and lightly smooth onto skin (minus the lids, which have separate primers for that area).


If you use a foundation sponge, wet it with water and squeeze out excess, this will help prevent the sponge from absorbing all your foundation as it will have absorbed some water already.




If you work with a brush, there's a slew of options from traditional flat foundation brushes that look like paint brushes with rounded tops like the below, which are good for all over use, but for starters you might practice to ensure even distribution and no brush strokes:

Buffing brushes look like stubby kabuki brushes and have dense, soft packed bristles, these are great to buff on make up in a rotating manner for a soft diffused look:



Stippling brushes are going to give the lightest amount of coverage and a very sheer look to skin, they're great to apply a fine amount of product and keep skin looking natural as they have varied bristles that are longer and shorter, use it like a buffing brush with a rotating manner:




Kabuki brushes look like large, fluffy powder brushes and are similar in idea to the buffing brush (once again, use in rotating manner) but can offer a softer application than a buffing brush because the larger the brush, the wider the area and more product is distributed:



The pink brush from Too Faced is retractable so you can use it loose like a kabuki, retracted half way as a buffing brush, or retracted all the way as a concentrated concealer blending nub for larger areas.


And in regards to concealing, especially for blemish areas, check out the below thread where I posted a diagram on a technique to ensure blemishes are concealed and tools to use:


Aside from that, a traditional concealer brush looks like the first foundation brush posted but much smaller and works well to dab, pat, and blend concealer:


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I am currently using True self by kleancolor  and I have never used foundation primer.i get breakouts like everytime I use the make up which is like at least 6 or more times in the month. It like a couple on the sides of my cheek or basically where ever I use the foundation.

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Try a primer that helps to target break outs and keep them at bay like Cover FX's Anti-Acne Mattifying Primer (1% salicylic acid) or Smashbox's Blemish Control Primer (2% salicylic acid):


Primers will form a bond over skin to smooth your appearance from pores, blemishes, lines, or dryness and ensure your foundation lays better on skin and blends well.


In regards to suggestion specific colors for products, it'll be a tough call as the lighting in your photo is really warm and has a yellow cast, but from the info from your skin type and issues you're wanting to address, check into:


Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation:




This oil free foundation has a gel like texture to remain light weight yet infuses optical diffusers to soften the look of skin and diffuse imperfections, giving skin a flawless, yet natural look with light to medium coverage.


You might also consider their complexion kits that come with a range of products:


The BB Kit comes with mini primer, BB cream (blemish balm, gives light coverage, helps to basically even skin tone out and multitask, great as a time savor but offers a touch more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, and their HALO powder, which is packed with minerals, amino acids, and encapsulated water molecules to hydrate and nourish skin:




The Complexion Perfection Kit comes with similar items (primer and HALO powder) but includes a liquid concealer and liquid foundation. The Healthy Definition Foundation is a bit creamier than the Liquid HALO above, but also oil free. The kit is a wonderful way to learn layering and using products in multiple ways with one another to build to the desired look you want, try using priming skin then using maybe just the concealer and powder or the foundation and powder, play with it!



You might also look into Tarte, it's a great line that is void of many synthetics and fillers and uses natural mineral pigments.


Their Amazonian Clay Tinted Moisture helps control oil and shine as the day wears on, but is sheer and breathable:



They also offer a BB cream that's a wonderful multitasker for days where you want something natural and quick (BB creams do have priming aspects, although if you find it still settles into pores or doesn't combat oil/shine enough you can still layer them over a primer):


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also not picky on time restraints either. I could take from 10 mins up to an hour or so Smiley Happy

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I have acne, it dry except the nose is oily. I want to look natural but pretty. other than that im not to picky on what I use if it powder or liquid. the current foundation im using makes me break out even more though.

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What do you currently use and have used in the past? Are you using a foundation primer as well?


In regards to the acne, how many breakouts/blemishes do you get in a month? Is it more so just a few here and there that pop up on areas or is it wider, more vast areas that have blemishes that frequent the areas?

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There is lot to consider when hopping into the beauty world.


For starters, give us some more info such as:


-Skin type (dry, normal, oily, sensitive, acne prone, combination)

-Any skin care related issues (dry patches, enlarged pores, excess oil, discoloration, pimples, etc.)

-The look you want to go for (natural, fully made up)

-Preferences for finishes (satin, dewy, matte)

-Preferences for formulations (liquid, cream, powder)

-Preference on coverage (light weight, buildable, medium, full)

-Personal preferences (want to avoid synthetic fragrances, want to avoid parabens, only want mineral based make up, etc.)

-Sensitivties/irritations to any ingredients to known products

-How much time you want to spend on an average routine (something quick and simple done in a few minutes, something fuller and more indepth taking upwards to half a hour or more)


You might consider going to visit a store and opting for a personalized beauty consultation or make over so a cast member can work one on one with your needs and wants. That way you can also test and try product before making any decisions on purchases.


The below link outlines the two indepth services that can be booked at your local Sephora and even smaller and quicker Express Services which are free:


Sephora has also started a wonderful feature as they've partenered with Pantone to bring the Color IQ Foundation Matcher service:


This service brings a slew of options from tinted moisturizers, bb/cc creams, liquid foundations, cream foundations, and powder foundations from various brands all matched to your color IQ number. This service can be completed in store or online if you already know a line/brand you wear and the color/shade you are.

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heres a picture if it helps....019.JPG

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