loose powder and bb cream

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Just wanna ask about loose powder and BB cream.

Which one is better for sensitive skin?? 

Since, every time I'm using BB Cream or powder for the whole day.

There will pimple pop up the next day.

Would like to ask for some advice.



Re: loose powder and bb cream

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I have normal to dry sensitive skin, and I would say BB cream doesn't seem to bother my skin when it's sensitive, but powder and foundation can. I noticed that mineral powder seems to be best when when my skin is sensitive. Good luck!

Re: loose powder and bb cream

If you are getting acne because of your face makeup, it's a problem with your skincare as well. You should probably be using acne targeted products if that happens regularly. And secondly, make sure you aren't putting on TOO much BB cream and loose powder. I find those easiest to overapply, and if you do, it will definitely clog up your pores and result in zits

Re: loose powder and bb cream

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thx for ur reply and advice...

anyway, which one is better for daily use?

bb cream or loose powder?


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