I have medium to dark skin. full lips  and I would like a different lip color that would compliment my skin tone. im not very bold with color like oranges. I frequently use brick colored lipstick. what do you suggest

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Mac has great color range for all skintones and it's a tad bit affordable as well. But colors like: flat out fabulous, up the amp, retro, ruby woo, mac viva glam III

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Hi dasoink,


 I suggest getting a set with smaller sizes of multiple sizes so you can try out a variety of shades without the commitment of purchasing a full size lipstick. This will give you a better idea of the shades that you are most comfortable wearing.


One of my favorite sets for this is the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar All-Star Mini x 12 Set. This set includes 12 beautiful shades - everything from neutral pinks and peaches to more bold reds! A great thing about the lip tars is that they can be mixed together to create new shades! Smiley Happy




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Erm, how different are we talking here? 'Cause I've got green and blue suggestions but most people aren't quite that different. But I'm a 2Y12 in the color IQ systems and these are some colors I like to use.


Wednesday.jpgMelt Cosmetics Shady Lady w/ Mac Magenta Liner



MAC Polished Up


tumblr_ml6h9pCc631s5tsryo2_400.jpgMAC Everyday Diva


Sephora Radiant Orchid Lipstick


Day 6 Berry Lips.jpgOOC Black Dahlia + OOC Stumpet +  OOC Love Craft


7625541_orig.jpgOOC Black Dahlia


7178605_orig.jpgOOC Anime


1031591_orig.jpgOOC NSFW


UD F-Bomb.jpgUrban Decay F-Bomb


UD Shame.jpgUrban Decay Shame


UD Venom.jpgUrban Decay Venom


The Bare Minerals Feel the Love lipstick, which I can find in JCP Sephora's but not big Sephora's is also pretty. MAC Pink Plaid, MAC Violetta [purple], MAC Viva Glam V [which i do have a picture of I just have to resize it], ad there are lots of others but those are all I can think of right now.

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