chubby stick vs tarte lip surgence vs philosophy gloss? which one is most kissable and wont transfer as much?

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I like both but the Clinique ones may have a more glossy-full mouthed appearance and finish to them that will transfer more. The Tarte lip stains are slightly more pigmented and will stay on the lips longer. 



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I haven't used the Tarte product so I can't comment there.  The Chubby Stick is nice but will transfer color and the Philosophy gloss will make a mess.   I used to love the Philosophy glosses but I think they changed the formula and now I find them to be way too thick and sticky.  If you want to know the truth about kissability-most guys hate sticky gooey lips.  You are much better off making sure your lips are soft and in good condition by using a lip scrub and lip balm in the evening.  When you know your going to be kissing, I would suggest softly blotting whatever gloss you have on so he can make contact with your lips and not the gloss.  Have fun!

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There's about 3 threads on this by now, I hate to sound witchy at all, but, are you near a Sephora or Sephora JCP or any other cosmetiic shop with these in it?  I highly recommend swatching these or getting samples!  That will be the best way to know which will suit you best. :smileyhappy:  Although the least transfer will be from the chubby stick or lipsurgence, I haven't used either personally, but I hear that the Clinique gets fantastic reviews (although I haven't been impressed by very much from them) and I haven't disliked anything I've gotten from Tarte.  Hope this helps on your search!

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