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I'm looking for a fun summer lip color. I love the bubblegum pinkish ones I've seen but that may be too dramatic. I'm pretty fair and I have super pink undertones so anything with coral looks too orange. Any ideas?

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I like mac creamcup.  It is a pale bubblegum pink that leans on the neutral wearable side.  One of my personal favs. Smiley Happy



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Too faced la creme lipstick in marshmallow bunny is really nice! 

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Oh that's a good recommendation!  I'm very fair and pinkish and I love that one.  Smiley Happy

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I'd look for something sheer in the color you're interested in.  Clinique and MAC both make lip crayons in bright colors, and the sheer quality of them makes the colors more wearable.

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SEPHORA COLLECTION Rouge Infusion Lip StainItem # 1558733 Size 0.152 oz

Color No. 3 Pink Essence


  This is a PERFECT light "bubblegum" pink  lip color ( it is also a long lasting color stain )  There is not any touch of coral at all, this is a PURE LIGHT PINK !


I think by giving this color a try , you will love it ( and if you do not - remember Sephora has a very liberal return policy, you can return it for any reason or exchange it - your choice ).


I own 3 of the colors from this collection, and they look darker in the photo than they do when you apply it on an actual person Smiley Happy


My extremely pale, blond child looks marvelous in this color ( the light skin comes from my child's Fathers pure English Heritage, did not get any of my Native coloring at all ! )

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