i can't tell whether or not i'm having allergic reactions?

I've always been scared to try face makeup ever since my friend put foundation on me and the next day I got red bumps all over my cheeks. But, recently I was inspired to get into the makeup groove and so begins my quest for a good tinted moisturizer or BB cream since I don't want something too heavy. In stores, I explained my fears about face makeup and was recommended the Too Faced Beauty Balm. The lady put the Beauty Balm on me along with Too Faced's Primed and Poreless Powder (I complained about excess oil around my nose) and I loved it. I kept it on the whole day and I didn't get any reactions the next morning. But before buying, my friends told me to try similar drugstore items in order to find cheaper alternatives. I picked up the Neutrogena Shine Control Powder and the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream. I used those two products together and they passed the no reactions test. However, the Maybelline BB cream wasn't as great as the Too Faced one and so I began to use the Too Faced BB cream sample given to me with the Neutrogena powder. First day, no reaction the next morning. Second day, I got pinkish bumps in the morning that sort of got worse (and then better) at night. It's better now but I'm still a little bit bumpy on the cheeks. I can't tell if I'm allergic to face makeup or something... I didn't have any reactions to the products when they were on. I felt fine. When the makeup is on, it's not itchy. It feels like nothing's there. So, can anyone clarify for me whether or not it sounds like I'm allergic to face makeup and also recommend "safe" face makeup to try? 


Also, does removing the makeup have anything to do with it? The first night I used makeup remover wipes on my whole face and also a face wash when I showered. The second night, I only removed my eye makeup and relied on my face wash to get rid of my face makeup. I don't know if that would make a difference so... comments?

Re: i can't tell whether or not i'm having allergic reactions?

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It sounds like you're using too many products at once. Usually when I start a new product in my regimen, you only want to use one so you can say "yep, this is what's causing me to break out". I would recommend picking one of the BB creams to start with. Use that for a few weeks and don't use any of your new primers with it. Then once you figure out if it's breaking you out or not, you can add something else in, or switch it out for a different product. It's just easier to only use one new product at a time. Otherwise, it's harder to figure out what is causing your skin to flare up.

Re: i can't tell whether or not i'm having allergic reactions?

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Hi kchinhilla,


I totally understand what you mean. I get so frustrated when I find something I love only to have an allergic reaction to it.


There is no guaranteed way to find out if you will be allergic to a specific cosmetic unless you go to the dermatologist to discuss potential allergies to products along with bringing along ingredient list.


Brands that specialize in catering to delicate skintypes are: CoverFX, Josie Maran, Clinique, and Boscia.


The way you remove makeup is important. I would recommend using a makeup wipe (I love the Sephora collection ones) in conjunction with a cleanser that will also remove traces of makeup (like Fresh's Soy Cleanser). For a deeper cleanse add a precision pore cleansing pad.


Sephora Collection Express Cleansing Wipes





Sephora Collection Precision Pore Cleansing Pad




Fresh Soy Cleanser




Whimsically yours,

Re: i can't tell whether or not i'm having allergic reactions?

Do the bumps look like pimples- with white heads? If this is the case, the BB cream is probably clogging your pores from some ingredient your skin doesn't like. If you're getting little red bumps that look like hives and not pimples, then you're having an allergic contact dermatitis reaction. Regardless, I'd stop using the product.


Unfortunately because makeup products contain so many ingredients, it can be difficult to figure out exactly which ingredient your skin doesn't like. I'd recommend continuing to try samples of products before purchasing anything so you can find something your skin doesn't react to!

Re: i can't tell whether or not i'm having allergic reactions?

Sounds like you have some sort of skin allergy. I had similar results/reactions until I found out I'm allergic to sulfate/sulfites, and most chemical sunscreens. I currently use Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer and now my problems are gone. A nice drugstore brand is Sonia Kashuk's tinted moisturizer at Target stores. Remember, primers can cause breakouts too... so use them separately for a few days to make sure that isn't the problem. And always wash your face well after wearing makeup because it's a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria.

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