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humidity resistant everyday eyeshadow

Hi: I need help in finding an everyday humidity resistant eyeshadow. I'm 60, so no sparkles. I have fair skin, silver hair with dark undertones and gray/blue eyes

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Hi missbrenda! Smiley Happy


So there's quite alot of eyeshadows out there that are extremely good but it's rare you'll find one that will magically withstand humidity or simply stay put for many hours. I definitely think that investing in a good eyeshadow primer will do the job, that way you can use ANY eyeshadow you prefer, what matters the most is the base! In this case I highly recommend Urban Decay's Primer Potions. There's various ones with different colors however the regular one should be just fine!


urban decay reg primer potion.jpg


This primer will ensure that your eyeshadow stays put all day with no creasing whatsoever. In addition it makes your eyeshadow appear more vibrant! Smiley Happy


I want to add, as I've recommend before, I do like one eyeshadow line in particular that works great with humidity and is long-wearing as well as waterproof. That is MUFE'S AQUA eyeshadow cream! That's some good stuff right there too! I've only used this WITH my urban decay primer potion and it does an amazing job at just staying IN PLACE ALL DAY. Smiley Happy


mufes aqua shadow.jpg

Hope this helps!



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