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I am really confused.  I keep reading all of these things about eye shape.  While the instructions seem fairly clear I still cannot determine what shape of eyes I have - or what to do to make them stand out.   Can you help me out?  Here is a picture:

eye shape.JPG

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Thank you for submitting a picture so I have a better idea of your eye shape so I can make recommendations. When I look at your eye shape it they are round with a slight downturn on the ends. Think Britney Spears as a reference. You can do a lot with your eye shape. =) I would recommend for going out if you want to play up your eyes with a soft Smokey eye.

This will make your eyes appear larger and be very flattering.


For a more natural look for during the day you can use eyeliner to enhance your eye shape. I would apply either a liquid or pencil liner on your upper lash line and turn it up on the ends like a cat wing. This makes your eyes appear like they are more lifted on the outer corners. I hope this helps. =) 


Let me know if you have any questions. 





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