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coral/orange lip something or other

I want to try a coral/orange lip gloss, lipstick, or whatever. I have a light tan/olive colored skin in the winter, in the summer I am a darker tan, still with an olive tinge. What do you think, should I try it? I really don't want a super bright color on my lips, but I don't want a light peach either. I want it to be a real coral/ orange. I am trying to decide if this would be a good color for my skin or not. I tried it on my finger and it looked alright. Looking for suggestions :smileyhappy:.

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The YSL Rouge Pur Coture glossy lip stains in #6 ,#8, or #27. Then the YSL Rouge Volupte silky radiant lipstick in #13 or 14. These are amazing and I hope this helps!

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Thanks so much everyone!!! I really appreciate the input.I actually found two lipsticks that work. Essence: Cherry Cherry girl and Rimmel: Rossetto 12. Dianabt: I will defenitly keep those lipsticks in mind, you never know how many shades of lipstick you can own :smileyhappy:.
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oops! sorry I put it under the wrong one. I definitely appreciate your input to though :smileyhappy:.
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