can face primer be used under the eye?
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I've been on the search for the perfect under eye concealer and while I've been looking I realized I also need a good under eye moisturizer and primer to keep the concealer from sinking into fine lines/wrinkles.   I would love to hear what you all would suggest and what you love to use for this area! 


I currently have the renew and hydrate eye cream, which has been ok, but I haven't noticed any amazing results. There are so many eye creams out there it's hard to know where to start! 


I also have the bare minerals face primer which I have never actually tried under my foundation (I've never used primer), but I was wondering if I could use this for the under eye area before applying concealer?  if I can I figured I might as well use it up.  Is there another under eye primer you can recommend? 


and lastly, I also have the bare minerals eye primer which I also have not used.  (I had the best intentions, just haven't been able to work these primers into my routine!)  I know this primer is for the eye lid for eye shadows, but could this be used for the under eye area too? 







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Hi Josies,


I used bare minerals primer along time before I changed to the hourglass mineral veil primer and I use the primer all over my face and even my eyelids it helps to set just a good as any eye primer you would use.Smiley Happy


I agree with beautytester that most primers are fine for use under the eyes, however just be careful how close you get the product to the eyes.  Sometimes products that aren't specifically designed for the eye area can be irritating, so just watch out for that.


I'm currently using Korres Face Primer which I absolutely love and I use it everywhere (including my eyelids and under my eyes--I apply it like a moisturizer) and it hasn't given me any problems so far!


Hope this helps and best of luck!


You should be able to use any face primer in your undereye area as long as you don't put it too close to your lash line.


The eye primers I've tried are mostly used to make shadows stay in place (UD potion and Too Faced). I do have a sample of Bobbi Brown eye cream, which have the dual purpose of priming the eye area. You can try that and see how it works for you.

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