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what shade am i?412945_2700833281814_1286151217_31997873_61227554_o.jpg


Re: blush

I'm pretty sure this user is either a troll or doesn't understand how BT works.  Others posts have followed the same format: very vague question, completely random and unrelated picture.


EmilyDoer, if you really want help, please try to give us some information we can use to make informed suggestions for you.


Re: blush

I agree, I've responded to the user in a couple of threads with a response similar to what Mia said below and don't really notice the user being attentive enough to change their format.


Not really here to throw EmilyDoer under the bus or anything, because she has posted/participated in other threads rather than only post threads with vague questions, but to Emily, Emmaclarie and Mia are right, give us more information to work with so we can better help.


Re: blush

Hi EmilyDoer,


Did you have a photo of yourself or can you describe your complexion?  Its impossible to match you with the photo you posted :smileywink:


xo, Mia


Re: blush

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I'm confused... what?!

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