best lipstick colors for fair skin

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I need some advice on lipstick options. I always wear sugar chapstick and maybe a nude gloss. I really want to branch out and try some lipstick shades. I have fair skin with cool undertones, dark brown hair, and blue eyes. My lips are naturally fairly pink so I usually stick to nudes and clears with gloss. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Re: best lipstick colors for fair skin

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I'd recommend the Give Me More Lip set, if you can find it in stock (or in store), because you'll get to try nude, pink, red, and berry lip products. I am fair too and I enjoyed trying things that are a little out of the range of what I usually wear, but I found that I could wear almost all of the colors! :smileyhappy:


Re: best lipstick colors for fair skin

Hi lydkid,


I think you'd love the Tarte Pure Delights 8 Piece LipSurgence Lip Set!  There's a variety of shades to ease you into more shades :smileyhappy:  Another great one is the Sephora Collection Give Me Some Lip.  I love that you have the variety of shades AND finishes to try out!


Tarte - Pure Delights 8-Piece LipSurgence™ Lip Set

Sephora Favorites - Give Me Some Lip


xo, Mia


Re: best lipstick colors for fair skin

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I'd say to try some neutral berry shades. Nothing too magenta or purple, but just dark enough for fall. Bite's Bordeaux is a really lovely color. Clinique's Black Honey is great for something sheer to buildable, and it really is universal, but looks extra great on fair skin. There's also some really great rich colors in the YSL gloss stains. I'd recommend something like #7 or #29 for a daytime look without too much pink.


Re: best lipstick colors for fair skin

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I'm incredibly fair with rosier lips myself. A couple products I've fallen in love with for the fall/winter are:


1. It looks like the Bite product with the doe foot applicator is Bite's Cashmere Lip Creme in Bordeaux. It is absolutely gorgeous, albeit a bit pricy. I find that MAC's Hang Up appears about the same as the lip creme in Bordeaux and for nearly half the price.


2. OCC Lip Tar in Strumpet. Such a beautiful fall color. And it stays on for a long time if you use the clear lip tar or a lip liner.



There are so many great lip kits out right now (Bite, OCC, Give Me Some Lip). Maybe getting one of those will give you some more bang for your buck and you'll get to try out some new colors to see what you like best. Good luck delving into some new lip colors!


Re: best lipstick colors for fair skin

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I'm a little like you so I stay away from anything brown.  Nudes are ok but anything darker with brown in it looks awful. Since it's fall you might want to try something deeper.  I'm really into Bite Beauty lately and I've been eying a few deeper colors like mulberry and cashmere lip creme in bordeaux.  Smash box has a nice one too called Fade To Black Be Legendary Lipstick in Black Cherry.  I used to wear lots of nudes and light pink but getting into more flashy colors and now deeper darker colors for the fall. Do you have a Sephora close by where you could try on a few colors? There's also a lot of nice lip kits for the season so you might want to try one of those.

 Urban Decay's Catfight is also very nice!












Re: best lipstick colors for fair skin

Fresh has a great lip balm with awesome pigmentationimgres.jpg

It has a nice bright color which can be subtle or more concentrated depending on how much you choose to build the color. Its also very hydrating and has a nice subtle shine. Its a nice way to ease into wearing colored lipsticks and brighter shades of gloss.

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