best foundation and concealer for sensitive dry skin

I have moderately sensitive and dry skin and am having a hard time finding a concealer for my blemishes, and a foundation to put all over my skin.  


My foundation history: 

I used to use the Maybelline Fit Me foundation from the drugstore until I found out that it oxidizes to an orange shade throughout the day.  So, I decided to splurge and started using the Shiseido Dual Balancing Foundation in O40, but there's some ingredient in there that gave me massive amount of whiteheads all over my chin.  So I went to my local Sephora and the rep there recommended Tarte, but it was difficult trying to get a precise color match since they had such a limited shade range. So, I'm looking for something that will offer medium to full coverage (but with a natural finish), has shades that have yellow-undertones, and is ok to use on sensitive skin.


My concealer history:

I use the Maybelline Fit me concealer for my undereye, which is surprisingly better quality than the foundation.  But I'm totally at loss for which concealer will offer lasting converage for my blemishes.  I wouldn't necessarily classify my skin as blemish-prone, but when I do break out, I'll have numerous small red bumps all over my chin.  My liquidy undereye concealer isn't cutting it in terms of longevity when it comes to my blemishes, so I want to find something that will last through an 8-hr workday, doesn't cake, and is ok to use on sensitive skin.



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Far and away the best medium to full foundation I've found for dry sensitive skin is Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer. I highly recommend trying it on in the store because it's hard to describe how good of a job it does. It gives you a soft, dewy glow that you can mattify with powder if you like, but I perfer it - more natural than matte IMHO. They also make a wonderful concealer that blends so well you could wear it on it's own. 

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