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Hi!  This question is espcially for Sephora employees.  Did you attend a beauty school or makeup courses before applying for your job at Sephora?  I was thinking about doing a Christine Valmy program next year (Basic Makeup or Basic and Advanced Makeup course), or possibly taking a course at the Make-Up Designory institute (Makeup 101 course).  Has anyone heard anything about these programs?  Thanks!

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Great question maltipoo66! Personally, I didn't attend a Beauty school prior to working for Sephora, but you go through different trainings learning how to apply make-up, shade match clients, skincare, etc. I haven't heard of those programs, but I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors. Smiley Wink


Hi Maltipoo66.  I didn't have any training or education when I first started in cosmetics.  I joined the Sephora team much later so by that time I had quite a bit of training and education.  Makeup schools are great. They can definitely help you with application and different styles. If you are interested in special effects makeup, I would highly recommend it.  However, if you are purely interested in artistry, your real training and knowledge comes from work experience. I have learned so much by working with clients with every skin tone and type.  Also, you learn from working with other artists.  Everyone has their own tips and tricks and are more than happy to share! 

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I've never attended any kind of beauty school, but I was thinking of joining the makeup school in Toronto. I had a look at their website (, and all of their content seemed really great. Take a look and tell me if you think it would be a viable option. Thanks Smiley Happy

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