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I wear GA luminious silk 7.5 foundation which seems yellow and oily as compare to neck .Can you please suggest something to cut down yellowness and help oiliness as well 
What is better HUM Skinny Bird or Flatter me? If you are slim but not over weight and not skinny which is best. I like exercising and try to eat healthy. I want to stay in shape, plus its near summer and I want to keep up with my body. I am 15. Thank you!
Hello, I'm 34 with fairly normal skin. It used to be oily but has changed in past few years to normal (and VERY slightly sensitive, though not enough to really be a concern.) What I'm looking for is something to address my under-eye wrinkles which have developed in the past year. I've had forehead wrinkles for quite some time but recently saw lines looking like crows feet and some wrinkling that goes from under eye are to top of cheeks. It's kind of hard to explain, sorry! I also have a lot of dark spots from sun damage. I have used retinols and glycolic acids on & off infrequently over the past 10 years, as well as light moisturizers. What I've used so far in the past 2 years to address my current issues have not worked well: Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu brightening mask (great hydration but did nothing for my dark spots and wrinkles) Philosophy renewed hope in a jar: did not minimize wrinkles at all, Ole Henriksen 3 little wonders: making my under eye area VERY dry and seeming to deepen the wrinkles there. Long story short, I need something to hydrate my under-eye area and give me anti-aging benefits, and would love a multi-tasking product for my dark spots as well. Any suggestions are welcome and thank you so much for reading my long post!
I want to purchase some new eyeshadow and eyeliner. I have blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin with pink undertones and rosacea. Hooded eyelids/aging eyes. At 45 I am showing signs of aging and not sure what colors I should be wearing to flatter my skin tone, enhance my blue eyes and are good for my aging eyes. Often times my eyes look tired.  I have no idea what colors to wear.   I do have trouble with my shadows creasing and liners running. I do not like to wear waterproof products due to my delicate lashes.  Any suggestions?
I just received my order of Sunday Riley's "Start Over" eye treatment. I've used the product before and my last bottle reads "Active Eye Cream" but this new one reads "Active Eye Gel Cream."  Does anyone know if this is the same product? Have they changed the formula? The packaging is different from my old one (bought in January) so I was wondering if it is the same.  Thanks!
Ok, so I have been looking around at new ideas for eye makeup When googling, I came across the smashbox eye shape recommendations, which seem pretty popular. I had always believed my eyes were round, so I tried their round recommendations. I got a bit frustrated since these recommendations are clearly for people who do NOT have prominent lids (I have prominent lids). Everything is VERY light with little eyeliner, and I was looking washed out. Last night I came across the video they have for determining eye shape and now they say I have one almond eye and one downturned eye. Thinking that the downturned eye needs the most help I went with those recommendations for day, but the wash out issue is way worse, since in their opinion people with downturned lids should use even less liner. Has anyone else had this issue? When I look at the videos, the concepts seem great, but in real life it just doesn't seem to work.
I'm wanting to try the Sephora Teint Infusion Ethereal Foundation but am not sure which colour I would be? I currently wear the Perricone No Foundation Serum. Thanks in advance for the help!
I currently wear MUFE HD 170 and 118 in MUFE pro finish! Was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for tinted moisturizer and concealer! I just want something easy to wear for every day Ive been recommended NARS malaga for tinted moisturizer and NARS creamy concealer in caramel but would like to know more thoughts! shade recommendations would be appreciated, thanks!
I am looking for a body lotion/oil for summer, a little light weight but moisturizing. Any suggestions would be helpful ladies?
Can anyone tell help me with a color match please??? Im ordering the Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + Matifying foundation in No25-Warm Ivory, but I need to find to find a matching color in the Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer. Thanks beauties . Have a gorgeous day!
Mufe 120 need a color match in shiseido dual balancing foundation. Thanks
What skincare products would you recommend using to help combat the flaky skin caused by the Retin A Micro 0.08% Gel? Also, my derm has me using Onexton (3.75% Benzyl Peroxide/clydamycin phosphate) every morning for acne which also causes dryness and irritation. Morning Routine: Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Foaming Face Wash Simple Toner Onexton Neutrogena Healthy Skin Moisturizer spf 50 Night Routine: Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Foaming Face Wash Simple Toner Retin A Micro 0.08% Gel (After 20 min Every Other Night until May) Cerave Pm Moisturizer (45 min after Retin A)   ... Also what makeup products would you recommend for this? I usually have really oily skin and own mostly dryer, thick foundations. 
I really like how lipstick was for the girl on the how to countour video for square shape face. I just want to know what was used on her and how to apply it? thank you btw it also reminds me of lipstick application in Movie GIA  interview scene with Gia
I was in search of a great setting powder and I always do my research. I ended up buying the YSL Matte and Radiance Pressed Powder. I have used it twice and I don't see a big difference after applying it and definitely not in keeping me matte. It was my high end splurge and I am disappointed. Has anyone tried it and have any suggestions of how to use it? I tried it with the puff that comes with it and a powder brush. I kind of pat it on after foundation.
I'm interested in purchasing one of these devices. But I'm stuck on which one to buy. My goal is to use it on my legs, armpits and arms. I hear the Tria is small and takes more time to do larger areas, and that the charge only lasts 40 minutes. Though I hear the device works better in terms of hair removal. Also I hear the Silk'n one is more ideal for larger areas since it's bigger but it requires a longer time period to yield results. I'd like to hear the opinions and views of others in terms of which device is better. And if there are any cons in either or, whether it's a risk or simply a flaw that might not make it as ideal as one would like. Thanks in advance.
What is an immediate, non-masque anti-aging, skin plumping/lifting product that works immediately & is a leave on? ce/primer/step1   Is that the same primer as the MUFE HD Microperfecting Primer that we already have in the states? 217906?skuId=1097153   Even tho the one Wayne showed is in a different tube and is called Step 1 Equalizer it seems to have the same shades and descriptions as the original primer. Just curious!    
I have been under a dermatologists care all my life and have highly reactive sensitive skin and have to be really careful as to what I use. I am completely dependent on Paula's Choice and I won't use anything that doesn't get a BEST review from her site. She's never done me wrong as my skin is in excellent condition.    However I am still a beauty junkie and like to try new products sometimes and it does take a while for her to get new products reviewed and she also can't get everything.    Does anyone know of another website that does in depth product reviews?    I need to to replace my Boscia night cream that just ran out. I love it, it's worked flawlessly for me but I'm itching to try something new. 
I've heard using a nude color or shimmer lip pencil could make your lips bigger. Anyone else heard this or have any recommendations?   I've tried color lip pencils in the past and cant seem to either patch the lip pencil color to lipstick or the pencil line looks obvious.
how do i cover up cholesterol pockets under eyes
I've been using Lancome Renergie foundation in Porcelaine 30 w 0r the 25 w..I cant find it anywhere and was going to try the visonaire... I just dont know what shade..Is there a shade close to what i was using
What shade of Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy Acne Cleaning Foundation should I choose if I currently am using Make Up Forever Foundation in shade N128?
  hi i am looking for the best shade in kat von d foundation i am thinking madium 52 i have laura mercier in macademia and its perfect what do u think
I am currently the shade N40 in COVER FX Pressed Mineral Foundation and  want to know which estee lauder double wear foundation shade would match me?