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Hello beauties,   Years ago, during my teen years, I worked as a lifeguard at a swimming pool.  Ever since that experience, unfortunately, I've had an issue with fungus on my toenails (one foot only, oddly enough).  If I knew how contagious this was, I would have walked around with flipflops instead of barefoot.  My podiatrist prescribed an oral antibiotic, but after treatment, the fungus reappeared.  Do any of you know of anything topical that I can apply to help get rid of the fungus once and for all?  I'm a very healthy and clean individual, so I'm frustrated to be dealing with such a nasty thing and would be ever so grateful for any advice/recommendations.    Thanks so much in advance!  
I need the color iq number for Clinique Perfectly Real foundation in shade #1. I've also worn the Clinique almost powder in shade fair. I haven't had any luck with the online shade finder because these two items have been discontinued. Can anyone help? I'm not near a store to go in to be matched. 
I am looking for a cruelty-free product that doesn't give flashback. Which is better-colored setting powder or a translucent powder? and pressed or loose powder? just what is the best way to set foundation?
Forgive me if I'm a Klutz - I just brought Benefit Soft and Natural Brow kit and I'm loving every products in that kit.   However.......about the stencils.  Both stencils (arch/straight, look 1 and 2) - I look closely and both look very similar - except when you feel it, you can tell the difference..... So, when I use one stencil, for example, straight, look 1, on my eyebrow, the question is....... should I flip around and use on my other eyebrow?  Or take it out, turn it around, re-insert the stencil tool for my other eyebrow? Please forgive me for the useless question!  
Hi! I am 19 years old (lol my mom and I share an account) and I have extremely oily skin with enlarged pores, acne, and lots of texture. I recently got a sample of the Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 PA++. It has done a fairly good job of keeping my oiliness at bay and I like that it has SPF in it, but I'm curious about the Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion for Blemish Prone/Oily Skin because it says it works better for smoothing out texture (I have lots of acne, enlarged pores, and bumpiness in the center of my face). I will be visiting my local Sephora to test out the consistency of the skin perfector but I was wondering what others think of these two products.
I am trying to pick shades for the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick and Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation. Can you help? Color IQ is 1R14
Hello! I think I've finally found my perfect match - 4Y09 and was wondering if you have any suggestions from the cheaper end to more expensive lipsticks / lip glosses/ lip stains.   I am looking for nude colors; but also would like to know what my matches would be for other color families such as pink, red, and berry.   Thank you  
I heard a lot about this powder but I'm not sure whether to buy it or not. I have dry skin so I like to look dewy/radiant. The shades for my foundations are MUFE ultra hd foundation 117, tarte rainforest of the sea fair light neutral, and too faced born this way pearl. Which "shade" would you reccomend? Or if this powder is not suited for dry skin, then what other powders are good? (I just want to set my makeup but not look satin or matte afterwards)
I typically use MAC NW20 but want to try something else.  I've been using MAC for a long time but technology changes so I am pretty sure I can find something else.  I'm interested in either Sephora Collection bright future gel serum or Tarte marcuja concealer however I'm not sure what color(s) to choose that would be suitable replacements for MAC NW20.  Any suggestions?
if I wear Nars foundation in "Santa fe," what shade should I wear for Maybelline Fit Me foundation and Revlon Colorstay foundation??
Hi! These past couple of months I have been using cheaper makeup brands. Now, my skin is starting to react badly to them. I don't break out, but my skin feels like it is burning. I am looking for face products like foundation, concealer, color correctors, and powders (translucent/setting powder and regular face powder). Brands, tips, and any other helpful advice are very much appreciated. Thank you!
Hey guys! so i was looking into these pallet's and I really like them both. I do like Becca's highlighters, but i haven't really used their blushes. Can anyone do a pros vs cons for these two pallet's for me?
Which line is better for acne prone skin with discoloration? I've read that Tiffany Masterson recommends using the same products from one line as they are designed to be used together. 
Hi there!   Is there an up-to-date list of silicone-free sephora products? It's been asked before, but it doesn't look like there's ever been a comprehensive answer. I'm specifically looking for foundations, concealers and primers to try for my oh-so silicone-sensitive (dermatologist-tested) skin, and for others with the same sensitivities.    Thanks!
Last time I brought the wrong powder foundation. The liquid deep 74  is a bit orange on me, if it had more of a "yellowish undertone" it would have been perfect(I believe).    
I use a loreal foundation, W5 true match (Warm - Chaude?)... I would really like to get bareminerals, What would my shade be for bareminerals?
Hi, All! My Color IQ is 3Y08. Can anyone recommend a color from NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation that would match my skin tone? Thanks so much!
Hi there, any recommendations for foundations similar to MUFE Face & Body? I LOVE the formula and the lightness but it is causing me to breakout which is strange since it is mostly water. Thank you! 
So there is this product: oofing-gel-P384062?skuId=1578731&country_switch=ca   It says its ingredient is silicone resin. Lots of people have been saying its the best thing ever to transform any lipstick into a non transfer lip. My question is this, IS is safe if you accidently consume it? I'm not talking about like putting it on your tongue, but if you're placing it on your lips, is that safe? I was trying to look it up. It did say that it could damage your lungs if consumed but I'm not sure if its referring to the same thing? There is information on silicone and resins, lots about silica, but the answers are different... So specifically silicone resin I only found one possible article but I wanted to know if someone might know more?
Hi,  I'm trying to find my shade match for the Marc Jacobs Remarcable foundation. I'm about NC25 in MAC with very strong yellow undertones. Most foundations tend to run pink or orange on me. Thank you!
There is no Sephora near me.  I've purchased the Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder in 06, but I look very pale when wearing it.  What shade could I switch to without looking too orange?
Hello everyone,   I want to ask advice for picking the right eyeshadow for myself. I actually own the NAKED Basics and Baked Eyeshadow (PK03) from The Face Shop and I would like to add another palette to my very small collection. I'm very much into simple eyeshadow makeup, something that I can wear on a daily basis. But I'd also want something to wear in some special occasions but again, nothing too dramatic. I was looking at NAKED 3 I really love the colours and I don't mind the pink since I've heard that the palette is subtle(pigment) compared to the first two palettes but I'm not sure if it's a great choice for myself. I'm an NC35 (yellow undertone) with a very dark brown hair and also dark brown eyes (southeast asian). Which palette's would you guys suggest? The highest I can go is $70.   Thanks!
I am going to Mexico in June and I always wear a light foundation at night. Any recommendations on a foundation that won't melt off? I got married in Mexico but I wanted a fuller coverage so I know that Estée Lauder Double Wear is amazing. I also use it all the time but like I said just something lighter. TIA
I'm between a light and medium (closer to medium during summer), with olive/yellow tones. What Naked foundation should I purchase? I don't have a Sephora near me, so I can't go in to try on! 
Hi! I was in Sephora and got colour matched for laura mercier tinted moisturizer in the colour almond. It is a good match, a little darker than my natural skin colour. I want to purchase the nars creamy concealer but I need help choosing a colour, I was thinking maybe biscuit but I'd like a second opinion! Thanks!