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Just noticed that all of the spring stuff is showing up (early as always) but the thread is still specific to Winter (which it is...but tell the brands).  So what have you found, dear BTers, that is new on Sephora...
I have tried many foundations but now that I am 52, I need something different.   I have begun using Orrogold and Perricone skincare and love them, but I need a foundation that:   has SPF light/medium coverage blends easily.   I am fair skinned w brown hair, brown eyes and of course, some wrinkles.   Thank you
This thread is closed. Thank you for participating!   Have a deep-rooted curiosity about natural ingredients in skin care? Visit this thread on May 24 from 12 to 2 pm PDT to participate in our live Q&A with brand founders Victoria Tsai of Tatcha and Tiffany Masterson of Drunk Elephant. Ask them anything—from the best solutions to your beauty woes to the stories behind their groundbreaking skin care formulations.   Tatcha: 12-1 pm PDT Drunk Elephant: 1-2 pm PDT   Be sure to click “Follow this thread” on the right side of this post to be notified via email when one of your questions is answered.
Hello beauty talk members, I see so many color threads here. I love to chat about luxury skincare products and procedures. I am addicted to trying new things and am always on the lookout for something new in skincare.    Have a favorite luxury brand or product?  Have a fav skin tool or treatment? Please share. Curious about botox? Spa treatments and peels? let's share our experiences here .   We can also post good GWP's, and specials.
I don't really have a need to wear foundation or anything for coverage unless it is just concealer for my dark under eye circles. Is a primer beneficial at this point? Is there a primer to enhance natural features?
Help! I always have redness show through on my chin. No matter how much makeup I apply it always comes through. I always use a primer and nothing helps. If i try and add a finishing powder it just makes my chin dry and skin flaky. I've tried everything and can't keep makeup on my chin! 
Does it look weird to only wear foundation and lipstick? I don't wear any eye shadows or eyeliner.
what makeup or skincare products do i absolutely need to buy right now 
I have the Makeup forever hd foundation. Is there some sort of primer ( water based i believe it'd have to be right?) or some kind of brush. The foundation when i put it on just sits on top of my skin . Particularly noticeable on my cheeks,nose and sometimes my eyebrows. I moisturize before and sometimes add a face oil. The oil sometimes help but not terribly. I have dryer skin so is this not the foundation i should be using? I like a foundation with coverage because my face can get red so i need coverage
I am looking for an eyerliner that will not smudge within 20 minutes. I have tried most of them what is the best one out there to keep from smudging or running. Thank you
i am currently using Dior Forever 010 but I spray tan in the summer months.  Am assuming I should use a different foundation but how do I choose it?
I bought the Vita Liberata tanning mousse three years ago and forgot about it, is it still good to use?
Hello...I am looking for a foundation. I currently use LM tinted moisturizer. I am looking for a little more coverage. Here's the thing....I like creamy or moisturizing. I find matte too drying. I would prefer no scent, but not mandatory. I have normal, slightly dry, skin, and I don't want a "tan" look. Anything creamy, on the lighter side that feels soft and moisturizing? Medium coverage, and no illuminating to it. Thanks for your suggestions. Lisa
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Office hours are closed. Thank you for your participation!   Office Hours are back and this time we are talking about wedding beauty and Springtime beauty looks!   Two beauty experts, Karoline Karakeosian and Hector Espinal, are logging into BeautyTalk from 12-1:30 pm PST on May 23, 2016  to help you master your looks this season! This thread will open early so you can ask early, catch them live, or both!   Ask anything from how to color coordinate your makeup with your ensemble to how to  make your look last on the dancefloor. Ask away!  
Hello I am getting married in Cancun Mexico and it so hot and humidityand I am afraid it wont last. I have some oily around my nose. RIght now I wear the nars foundation. Any advice will help. Thank you
So I already have abh stripped and I love it but I've wanted stila caramello for a long time. I was wondering how similar these colors are and if it's worth having both. Thanks!! 
Whats the best non chip, long wear nail polish?
I went to Sephora in store today looking at the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, and I really wanted to get it! I got a lady there to match me to 'Blonde', but sure enough, they didn't have anymore in stock (just my luck). I came on their website to order it, but the names of the colours are different. I know I would either be Taupe, or Caramel, but I'm not sure which one is Blonde in the stores? Did they change the names? Could anyone help me find my shade? Thank you!!
I have tried a lot of different methods and I can not find anything that will cover up my tattoo. I need something that is waterproof for the beach. I have tried Dermablend and tattoo camo and neither one of them worked. My tattoo is on the inner area of my arm so I need something that will not rub off on my clothes.
Ok, so I know this is NOT how it happened but I swear I feel like I went to bed one night and woke up the next morning with semi-deep forehead wrinkles!  I never noticed them before and then BAM - there they were!  Does anyone have any recommendations on the best wrinkle fillers/reducers?  My skin otherwise looks pretty good for 42 - no "11's", no wrinkles around my mouth, and very minimal 'crows feet'.  Just left staring at these lines on my forehead!  Please HELP! 
Good Morning!   I need help deciding on a new foundation. I moved to Korea 2 weeks ago for my job and my skin has just gotten worse and worse. I'm breaking out with dozens of white heads, under the skin zits, black heads spreading, pores look unusually large, redness worsening... I haven't broken out this bad in years. I hate the way my skin looks right now. I'm changing my skin care routine to something gentler (South Korea is known for its skin care so I thought I'd give some of their products/"secrets" a try) but I need a new foundation.  Currently using: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20- oil free in porcelain.  My Skin: I have combination skin. Very very oily in the T-zone but I dry out around my eyes, upper lip, and cheeks. I have had mild acne since I was a teen and some redness on my face and neck. The Issue: We're in the hot and humid season here and I think this foundation is only adding to the problem, clogging pores and worsening the oil problem. Looking for: A light coverage foundation, something like a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. I don't like the feeling of thick make up but I like to wear some since I do have some old scaring and an uneven skin tone. Can you please help?
H! I have oily/acne prone skin and I have been struggling for years to find the perfect foundation/powder combination for my skin. I also do not like anything too heavy. What do you suggest?
74 year young female...seeks solution for rosacea - combination skin type
Okay this one is for all my fellow fair folk. I've found that many eyeshadow palettes have "transition shades" that are a little too dark for really pale people like myself. How do y'all like to make such palettes work? Do you just apply less of those regular transition shades and build the color up slowly? Are there specific single eyeshadows or palettes that you find are fair-skin friendly?
I am just starting to learn how to correctly do my makeup. I can do foundation concealer and like eyeshadow and stuff. I'm learning how to contour and highlight and even just using bronzer. But I was wondering what products you would recommend? (From primer to everything else, even lipsticks and stuff).
Have tried Smashbox, Naked, Bear Minerals, etc. Still looking for the game changer. Never any luck on under eye concealer that doesn't look too light or settler into wrinkles.  Want a CC/BB that looks really natural. Help!