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I've called my two local stores and even though the mall is open the stores are not answering their phone...I just got back from vacation, have to go back to work tomorrow and need my fix! 
Korres Sleeping Facial
So, I have a night skin care routine that I'm happy with.   Right now it's Cleanse, Tone, EL ANR, OH Sheer Transformation, OH Invigorating Night Gel, + random eye cream (haven't found the one yet for eye cream).    My question is, do you combine sleeping masks with the skin care you're already happy with, or do you cleanse, put a sleeping mask on, and forgo the rest of your routine?   And has anyone had a negative experience from overnight masks?   Right now I have in my stash deluxe samples of:    I want to take these samples for a spin, but I don't want to throw my skin into a tailspin from a dramatic change in my routine.
  In a few months I'm going to be doing a very long haul (14 hour) flight. One of the things I'm really looking forward to is settling down in my seat, having a glass of champagne,  giving myself a mini-facial and trying stuff from my recent chic week haul to keep my skin nicely hydrated throughout the flight.  I've also got a few simple makeup things so I'll look reasonably decent when I disembark. I think I've got it  all sussed - it's pretty much all foils and samples so I'm traveling pretty light even though I've got lots of stuff.  I'd love to hear any other suggestions though - TSA approved please!   So, in order of usage, I've got: Ole Henriksen Vit C Cleansing Wipes When Whenever You Travel gel fiber mask Shiseido Benefiance Eye Mask Dior One Essential Serum (foil) Tarte Maracuja Oil Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream L'Occitane hand cream and lip balm Single use moisturizing eye drops Then, for freshening up and getting ready to disembark: Lavanila deodorant  Amele freshening up wipes Dry shampoo Teeth and mouthwash stuff (not pictured) Ole Henriksen Vit C Brightening Serum (foil) Murad day cream (foil) Smashbox primer Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream Couple basic eye shadows (not pictured) Lancome black eye pencil Chanel mascara YSL Rebel Nudes glossy stains (foil)
Hey guys! So I need some help. I have a bad case of dark undereye circles, and have no clue how to make them go away (or get lighter). I got them while finishing my Bachelor in Animation (lots of all-nighters, etc), and so far have only been covering them up with makeup.  I now have some more free time, have been getting my 8 (sometimes 9 lol) hours of beaty sleep. They have slowly been getting better, but I would love some advice on cremes or serums I can use on my undereye are to make my dark circles go away. Cheers!     *** I would like to point out that I HAVE tried the GlamGlow Mud treatment, and that was a no-go for me***
I am 19 and I don't know what my skin type is because my nose and mouth area are always flaky and I have breakouts on my nose, btwn two eyebrows, and also in temporal. I rarely have acne on my cheek. I thought I have dry skin but my skin is not dry nor combination skin and definitely not oily skin. So what is my skin type and what skin care routine would be the best for me?
Hey everyone,   So I am in need of a good recommendation for Tinted Moisturizer that can be found at Sephora.    I've been using the Wet'N'Wild one that you can find at Walmart. It's a great product longevity wise, coverage wise but the color selection is very poor and doesn't work well for me.    So I am on the hunt for a new Tinted Moisturizer that has Light to Medium buildable coverage. It'd have to be great for Combo skin and have a much wider shade range. I'd also like it to have decent longevity as well.    
I have severe ingrown hairs and scars on my stomach under my belly button.  It is very embarrassing, I sometimes need to use a light concealer to cover them.  Need recommendations on scar creams that can be used on the body to maybe lighten them And something to help with the ingrown hairs. 
3 Little Wonders
Hello, I am 19 years old girl and I am having hard time searching moisturizer that would fit my skin.  I have dull skin and breakout on my nose, forehead, between two eyebrows and chin. and also around my nose and around my mouth is flaky. I recently using clinique dramatically different moisturizer for dry skin but it kept make my skin more break outs. What moisturizer should I use? Please recommend me a few products. I will really appreciate it.
I have very, very fair sensitive skin and naturally blonde hair & eyebrows. What colours would you recommend for a daytime eyeshadow look? (I work in a conservative environment, so I can't rock the bold colours at the office). I also have very sensitive skin and need something that won't irritate my skin. Feel free to suggest brands too! Thanks!!!
I currently wear Bare Minerals original foundation in Light, but I would like to purchase Estee Lauder's double wear stay-in place makeup.    According to the color IQ tool, I was matched to Rattan 2W2, however the descriptions for Rattan (2W2) and Dawn (2W1) sound very similar.  I was hoping someone could explain the difference between the two shades?   Thank you in advance for your help!  
I’ve been working on simplifying my makeup for a rather active trip I have coming up. I have no problem switching out my foundation for a CC cream or skipping the liquid liner in favor of an extra coat of mascara, but I keep on running into a roadblock with my lip color.   I simply don’t leave the house without a fully-lined, totally opaque, semi-matte red lip. But I can’t help but feel it’s a little inappropriate for where I’m going and what I’m doing. I’ve been looking at things like the Tarte Lip Tints or Clinique Chubby Sticks, but I can’t seem to wrap my head around the concept of Not Lipstick.   What I’m looking for is something long-wearing, non-drying, red (pinks and I have never gotten along), but a bit more natural and low-maintenance. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!     What I usually wear:   Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in F-Bomb   Besame Lipstick in Cherry Red   Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in Hellbent
photo (3).JPG
I accidentally capped my eyeliner brush in a rush and I bent the bristles.... -___-'' Is there a way to fix this?  
I am currently using mufe hd and its not quite enough coverage for me. So I am stuck between trying estee lauder double wear, kat von d lock it tattoo, or tarte amazanion clay?
I was recently allergy tested at my allergy dr.  They did the patch test (true test) where they put the patches on your back.  I tested positive for parabens, fragrances & balsam of peru.  Those things are in practically everything!!  Luckily I'm not terribly symptomatic.  I was mainly wanting to find out what face skincare/cosmetics ingredients I may be allergic to, since I've been keeping a log of potential problem ingredients.  My skin is acne prone and sensitive.  It has a tendency to get red and irritated looking (which I thought was just due to acne, but now know that allergies may be playing a role too).    I don't really use skin lotions (aside from sunscreen), body butters, etc.  I'll wear fragrances/perfumes every so often, and haven't noticed any reactions.  I use hand cream somewhat frequently and every so often I'll get a rash, but it isn't too often.    My question is, how closely should I adhere to not using products with parabens, fragrances, & balsam of peru??  I'm thinking I should just avoid certain products if I notice a reaction on my body.  But for my face, maybe I should completely avoid those ingredients?    What about shampoos & hair products?  My scalp doesn't really get itchy, but I do tend to notice my hair falls out pretty easily.  Could that be due to an allergic reaction?  Isn't fragrance in almost all high-quality shampoos??   Any help is appreciated!  Thank you!
 Need a little help with picking a bobbie brown foundation stick my color.. so I'm #6 in naked UD 123 in MUFE  medium light in cc cream smash box  Medium 3 Stromboli in Nars sheer glow... any of you gals similar ? i have olive combo skin... (: thanks !
I have begun trying to contour my cheekbones and nose as I have recently really gotten into make up . I have all the supplies necessary including Sephora's great contour brush set. My nose contouring looks great, making my nose look long and thin. However my cheekbone contouring typically looks like I did nothing or just a stripe of dark color that does not look like a shade. Any advise on how to get a noticeable difference without feeling like I have a huge stripe on my face?
hi!! <3 guys i really, really want to wear foundation. I never get to wear it because my skin is dry. I've tried exfoliators, lotions, anything you can suggest ive tried. and nothing. When i put my foundation on it doesnt look blended into my skin. you can see flakyness and you can still see my imperfections. I go on youtube and see all these beautiful gurus and how pretty and natural their foundations look and i want to look the same. I think i would be the happiest person alive if someone can help me out. Thankssss
What is the best powder to set your foundation with? Both loose and pressed? 
Hi, im just starting out to wear makeup and id really like to know what are the essentials when you first start using makeup? Ive bought a couple stuff from sephora like the cover fx concealer but id still like to know the essentials and what is the routine for putting on makeup. I have sensitive skin so i dont know what kind of makeup to use I really dont want to use foundation i usually use bb cream lol
What is the best eye makeup remover for very sensitive, dry skin (only around the eyes is it dry)? After a week of taking my eye makeup off, my eyes are very sore, especially the tops.
I just bought MUFE shade 127 and its a perfect match in person!! but in pictures with flash i look white. I need one a slightly darker but not tooo much darker.Which shade is recomended? 
I just discovered that greige eyeshadows compliment my green eyes and auburn hair light skin !  DESPERATELY seeking help in putting combos together, please include brands and shade names because i absolutely suck at putting looks together !  Ty to all who reply !
 Hi guys,   I recently got the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in Rich Chestnut 5C1.  I think this shade matches my skin but I'm not sure. I wear MUFE HD foundation in 178. I tried Estee lauder double wear in Amber Honey 5N2 and that was too orange for me and I tried it in Rich Cocoa 6C1 and that was too dark for me . Do you think this is the correct shade I should be wearing? 
What would you recommend for summer foundation or bb cream or tinited moisturizer for everyday. I am oily/combo skin, medium skin tone.  
Hi All !!   I once received a sample 3-step package from clinique which came with a soap, another like a toner, and a lotion. I am not sure the exact names of what I used but I loved it. Is there a big package ...or are they sold separately ? Any help !
Hi I have a question I was wondering what the difference between eyebrow powder and wax is.? I have a few shaping eyebrow kits the Sephora collection one and the brow envy kit, Which I love that kit, I also received a sample of the Anastasia brow powder duo which I love as well. Im into trying to get the best product for a good looking brow. I noticed too faced had a new wax called bulletproof brows which I was interested in buying, because on Sephora the Anastasia pomade is all sold out. So I was just wondering what the difference was and which is always best to go with.?
Do you have any products you'd recommend to help grow eyebrows?
I need a bronzer for all over my face to give me a little warmth what would be a good one, I do not like nars, or the hula.      I have medium skin tone, yellow undertone, and combination skin