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I am 32 and am starting to develop some fine lines around my eyes.  I have found an eye gel and a general moisturizer that I love, so my question is about make up.  I would love to find a not-too-expensive eye shadow palette I can use for daily wear.  My colorful, shimmery, sparkly stuff is still fun for the night time but I'm starting to feel like it accentuates fine lines and is a little age-inappropriate for daytime.  I have fair/pale skin with pink undertones and dark brown hair and eyes. 
So I started shopping at Sephora a months ago for hair care products only. Makeup has always intimidated me, and I grew up a major tomboy so I never saw a need for it. In fact, I only started wearing makeup about a year ago (I'm 23) and strictly only bought drug store products.   Now that I'm considered a "professional" in my field of work, I feel that my appearance should reflect that. I'm not saying that I don't "put myself together" before work, but I feel that I need to graduate from drug store to "grown up" makeup. Problem is, I have no idea where to start.   The makeup side of Sephora is so overwhelming and I don't have a clue what I'm doing. Concealer? What the heck is that. Why is that primer green? I'm completely lost. Even after doing tons of  research to see what I would need, I always find myself walking out empty handed. Hence, I've turned here.   What are some basic products that you feel every girl should own? My skin is extremely dry and I also have rosacea on my cheeks and my forehead which is something I've always been really self conscious about. Honestly, anything helps.   Thanks!!
I registered for a Beauty Insider card but the cashier punched in the wrong email. Is there any way I can connect it to my correct email?
Hey guys so i have an issue. I use a Retin A cream in my night routine. So during the day i have to use an spf to protect my skin,,,, currently i use CeraVe spf moisture lotion. Unfortunately, Im now stuck with a white cast in photos. I dont use liquid foundation just concealer and laura mercier smooth finish powder foundation. I always set with UD setting spray. Do any of you have any suggestions to help battle the ghost face LOL
What is lip Exfoliator for? Is it a must have item?
I want a holy grail lip primer. I want one that is not drying (already suffering with dry lips and winter has barely begun). I want it to stop lipstick feathering and bleeding and lock in color so I'm not reapplying every hour.    I don't want it to be either slippery nor drying.    Is Guerlains Kiss Kiss worth a shot? 
Hi everyone! I just got a gift card to Douglas-a makeup store in Europe that carries brands like Tom Ford, Burberry, Isadora, Zoeva, and Clarins (and also brands that Sephora carries). Since I'm not at all familiar with these brands, is there anything you ladies would recommend?  Amazing products or shades I need to try?  I've been looking at Tom Ford Crimson Noir, but besides that I'm lost.  Thanks!
I like that it comes in a light olive shade but I just don't like the price! Are there any other foundations that are better and come in a light olive tone?
dark eyes.jpeg
I have dark circles under, around, in between my eyes. Legitimate, unrelated to sleep, dark circles. If I wear eyeshadow I look like I've been punched in the eyes.  I've tried Lemonade, Fake-up, Smashbox under-eye brightener... the problems is that it's not just under.  It's all around.  I'm fair-medium skin, late 30's, very few fine lines (I don't suntan) with dark hair and hazel eyes.  And, to boot, I get eczema under my eyes.  HELP ME.  Seriously, I'm looking for products, colours, all around eye suggestions. This image has not been edited.  This is my dark circle problem....
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I am 43 and a fair skinned caucasian.  I have hereditary dark circles under my eyes (seriously - they are there in pictures when I was 3) made worse by allergies.  My skin is dry, starting to show a little age around the eyes and top top it off I get eczema around my eyes from time to time.   I am looking for a concealer that will help masque these dark bags. But at the same time not be dry or accentuate the line below my eyes. Anything I have to set with powder is also a problem as they all instantly look cakey.   I feel like I have tried everything!   Cle de Peu (both matching shade and a honey to counteract the blue). Settles into lines and looks heavy. Amazing Concealer. Same as above - looks like paste. Make up Forever.  Did nothing. Trish McEvoy Under eye brightener (which I like but still  doesn't  quite cover enough). Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealers. Fine but not enough coverage for the effort. Touche Eclat (A joke for models who sleep 10 hours a day :-) Laura Mercier - way too dry and mixed with moisture  doesn't  cover Benefit - Erase Paste and Boing all trigger allergies and  eczema  attacks - cannot use this line. So - is there a great mystery product out there I haven't tried?  Im not expecting a miracle and for them to vanish without looking like I am wearing a mask, but something to minimize would be great.  Or am I stuck just  buying  bigger glasses and hiding behind them?
What do you reccomend if i want to wear foundation but make it light. Also what would you use for a natural colored lip gloss
Hey ladies!   Lately I have noticed that my mascara is smudging onto the area under my eyes.  The area directly under my lower lash line gets black smudges, and it is no matter the brand of mascara!  I only put mascara on my top lashes as well, so this is so frustrating.  It makes me look like I have big dark circles under my eyes.    Please help!
You see I don't have fair or medium skin,it looks like olive skin only lighter (in the winter,in the summer it turns more medium) I don't burn,freckle,or peel,and I'm really struggling to find foundation/bb cream/powder that will match,everything looks cakes if I get a product that's too light,and It doesn't look natural if I grab something darker. If anyone could help that would be great!
What would be a good primer to try for combo/dry/oily skin? I have rosacea as well so something made for sensitve skin would be perferred.
Hey everyone!   I got color matched in store. I'm wearing NARS Sheer Glow in Macao. It matches color wise, but for some reason it just doesn't look right.  It looks too yellow and my skin looks sallow and flat. Then I tried MUFE in #75 and my skin looked red. How can I get my foundation to look better ? I need a foundation that can make my skin look brighter and to match my undertones. I have combination/dry skin and lots of dark spots btw.     Thanks!
I am planning to give my mother and sister night time Korean skin care ritual sets for Christmas. I bought towelettes, toner, the Amore Pacific exfoliator, and Lancome Energie de Vie essence. I am planning to give them gift certificates to pick out their own serum. I assume they already have a water-based cleanser and moisturizer.   Can anyone recommend a guide for me to include? (I still haven't figured out whether to put sunscreen or Philosophy Total Matteness on first!)
I have baby fine hair that is long. I condition it and put a leave in conditioner in it but it still tangles from rubbing against my collar or turtleneck. What product is best for this?
I am wondering what lip liner (Probably from NARS) would match a couple of shades from NARS Audacious line. I am looking for matches to Charlotte and Bette. They are relatively close to each other.    I have never used lip liner before, but I've been reading about how to get the most out of your lip color and get it to last longer. Everything I've read mentions using liner.   Thanks in advance! 
Moldy argan.png
Hello everyone! Today, my mini Josie Maran argan oil dropper popped off (the glass dropper). Upon closer inspection, I saw some black dots on it! It very much looks like mold or something, and I'm concerned that I've been using this oil with mold on the dropper. I tried to get a good picture but I cant get the camera to focus on the glass, so I'm sorry its a bit blurry Can someone tell me what they think it is? And if it is mold, is there is any risk from touching it everyday and applying it to the skin? I would take it to a store, but its more than half used, and I don't want to abuse the return system. Spoiler (Highlight to read)
Just a quick question... I re-qualified for VIB around October 25-29. I don't remember the exact date. Sorry. Then around November 11 or so I became VIB Rouge. I was just wondering where my code is for my VIB 20% off that I usually get when I re-qualify. I also remember the girls telling me that I had the code but couldn't redeem it until the next time I came back. This was before the F&F sale. I just figured since I jumped from VIB to Rouge so quick that it got lost in the cosmetic world out there. I'm trying to check out online right now and was hoping if anyone can tell me how or where I can get my VIB code to apply to my shopping cart right now. So when I re-qualified for VIB, I never got any thing but when I got the Rouge, I did receive that little black Rouge back. Help please...
Hello! I am 27, and have oily/combination/sensitive skin that is very acne prone. I get breakouts all over the face, but especially on the cheeks and chin area. (I've been dealing with acne for over 12+ yrs). I am looking to purchase a Clarisonic device, and wasn't sure which one to get. Should I get the Mia1 or Mia 2? (Is there a huge difference between the delicate/universal speed setting?    Thank you!
I am in desperate need to find a product to get rid of all this acne. I know a lot of it is stress related but I am uncertain of what will work. I've used Proactiv and it has helped but I am looking to see if something is better. I don't want to waste money on something that won't be effective. Any ideas? 
What shade should I choose from the Touche éclat pen, my complexion is light to medium and I  would like to use it mostly for highlighting? 
I am currently in my 3rd month of Accutane. I am almost done with my Boscia Makeup Breakup Oil. I saw that Murad had something similar.   For those that have used both which one do you prefer? The Boscia one hasn't irritated my skin so not sure if the Murad one would.    To remove my makeup or just clean my face I first use a makeup wipe to remove the initial layer and then to get in deeper I use the Bosica breakup oil. 
Just not getting this one..I've seen a number of articles, MUA and YTer's all apply an illuminating base or primer.   Some brands that come to mind are : CT, Clarins Flash Balm (?), Givenchy, Guerlain....all applied before makeup and touted as giving that "glow from within.    Mind you they have all have used this as a primer.  Doesn't that defeat the purpose?  If one then applies foundation, powder, etc...aren't the light reflecting properties (these products claim to have) lost?   It seems counter intuitive  to me.  Am I missing something here?   I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, and if you happen to have used any of this products. TX in advance,   ~KAM
  in the brow wiz im in medium brown what color would i be in the pomade?