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This thread is now closed. Thank you for your participation!   Brand founder Natasha Denona is making her BeautyTalk debut on Wednesday, May 25, to answer your beauty questions. Visit this thread between 12pm and 1pm PDT to ask her anything—from what makes her eyeshadow formulas so pigmented to her go-to product for glowing skin.   Be sure click "Follow this thread" on the right side of this post to be notified via email when one of your questions is answered.
Just got off the phone with Natasha Denona and team and they are SO excited for our live chat this Thursday. I gushed about how amazing you all are and how excited we are to have Natasha for a live chat and she is equally as excited   Here are the details:  12-1pm PST (but I will open the thread ~30 mins early) Link: See you there! Katie
What happened to it?  Just watched a Sephora pro video using it but product can't be found
are Buxom lip glosses,be legendary lip gloss, BITE lipsticks,Too Faced liquefied Melted Long Wearing Lipsticks, Sephora lip stains, Audacious Lipstick, Smashbox lipsticks, NARS Matte lipsticks gluten free? I've just been put on a gluten free diet from my doctor and all of my lipsticks are from SEPHORA. Thank you!!!!!
Hi, I am actually using Make-up Forever Ultra HD stick foundation in color 120 (my foundation for winter). For summer, I was wondering which foundation should I be buying, one or two shades darker? 123, 125? I have a golden/yellow complexion. Thanks!
i've been going to the dermatologist since highschool (am now 25), and think it's time to stop using the Clindamycin and Trentinoin creams from the derm. and get some different skin care products. my skin is sensitive. issues include some dryness, mostly oily skin, blackheads around nose, and light pinkish acne scarring. any suggestions would be appreciated. also, what's the return policy on skin care items?
Hi, I'm interested in purchasing the new tarte clay stick foundation but I'm not sure which shade to buy? I have light skin with yellow undertones... any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 💕
I am 21 years old and I have been plagued with puffy under eye bags for years! How do I get rid of my under eye puffiness? Serums? Creams? Rollers? Facial massagers? What is the best routine for me? (:
Hey, so i was sooooo excited that the milk tattoo stamp finally arrived an hour ago. I stamped two black cute little stars on my wrists.  It claims to be waterproof.  I washed my hands with water only while some water splashed onto the tattoo..  It started smearing and became purple. Also, I just tried to use makeup remover (that gets out even my most waterproof mascara, but there are still reminants of purple ink (like I got a bruise).   Does yours do that?  Did I get a defective product?
I am Moving to a humid location and it already happens in the dry environment I live in now. No matter what kind of mascara I buy (my favorite right now is Marc Jacobs) after a couple hours it ALWAYS ends up under my eyes and on the outside crease. How do you prevent this? It happens with every single mascara I've ever tried. 
I've never purchased a setting spray before but I want to get one this weekend before my bachelorette party! Do you prefer All Nighter or the De-Slick setting spray and what are some of the major differences between the two? My skin is normal/combo. I usually get oily in my T-zone and my chin, so I was considering the De-Slick spray, but I've heard such good things about All Nighter so I'm having difficulty choosing. Any advice would be appreciated!
I got my hair done on Sunday for a wedding... when I went to wash it today its a complete disaster after blow drying it. It is not soft like it use to be.... is there anyway to fix this? I want my hair back to normal!!! 
Hi has anyone ever used a brow growth serum that actually works?
I've used the Laneige toner but it dried out my skin because i'm using topical creams for acne. i'm now looking for a new toner that does not have alcohol in it because i have sensitive skin, but i also have oily/combination skin with some dry patches, and blackheads/pores in my T-zone. Thank you! 
Before I put on any makeup of any kind I have to exfoliate or the foundation seeps into the "crevasse" of my skin.  Even when I do exfoliate I still can't wear any makeup sometimes.  Please help me!
I just found out that the "Espresso Your Love" has been discontinued.  I am not interested in the "Caffeine Buzz" shade which is a red brown.  What is a good dupe for the Espresso Your Love?  I'm looking for something that wears all day on my upper lid, and is a dark brown.  
Hello! I just had a simple question I am hoping one of you could answer, I recently was in the store and got a sample of the Sunday Riley Luna sleeping oil. I have never used it before, but in the little packet which you tear open, it feels like its powder and like.. little balls! and on the product information, its obviously an oil, So i'm confused as to how to use the sample, and I'm terrified to open the packet and like.. waste it, because I've wanted to try this brand for so long! and the directions on the packet are the same as for the product and I guarantee you this sample is like a powder not an oil,   Any help at all please! thank you!!
Hello All, I have very thin and fine hair and I was wondering what are some amazing thickening and voluminous shampoos that give my hair volume and fullness and are long-lasting. Thank you all so much!!          
Hello beauty talk members, I see so many color threads here. I love to chat about luxury skincare products and procedures. I am addicted to trying new things and am always on the lookout for something new in skincare.    Have a favorite luxury brand or product?  Have a fav skin tool or treatment? Please share. Curious about botox? Spa treatments and peels? let's share our experiences here .   We can also post good GWP's, and specials.
I have not found a blush is some time , that I feel compliments my face. Every blush seems to pull orange tone on me and doesn't seem to compliment my irish fair skin.  I have tried NARS sin, Benefits DALLAS, MAC, Tarte matte bronzer as blush, and nothing seems to be the key color for me. I am fair skin, without make up have some redness, brown hair .  Most lipsticks I feel that look best on me are more of the neutral darker mauve/brown ones. Any suggestions?   Thanks you , Liz
Hi! I actually do not have much experience with skin care routines and I would really appreciate some advice. There are so are so many suggestions and routines online that I never know quite what to do. Normally I have always just washed my face before bed to take off my makeup from the day and my skin has been clear. But recently I have started to get lots of clogged pores on my chin and forehead along with blackheads all over my nose and acne in my T-Zone as well as along my jaw line. I really want to get this all cleared up and would appreciate any advice on products and routines!
Hi there,    Which skin care products/routine (cleanser, moisturizer, acne/blemish product) would recommend for a 14 year old boy who is starting to develop blemishes?
I am Barcelona in Nars Sheer Glow. What would a good match be for me in Kat Von D's Brightening Powder?     thank you!
Hi there   Looking for recommendations for a self-tanner for my face.. I use St Tropez mousse for body but have not tried their face one yet - I'd love to hear feedback before I purchase at $40. I have used Vita Liberata on my face in the past.. any top tips or recommendations for other brands? Thanks
Hii! I was wondering if I am the shade Sand in the Dior Foundation, what would be 1 and 2 shades lighter in the NARS concealer? Thank you
So, I have not got an allergy test done, I know I should, but I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for sensitive skin and very pale......what product from Sephora best suits someone for sun protection on your face, with senstivities? Im talking face sunblock. I get a rash 1-2 days after, its usually flesh colored and bumpy, then dries up, and goes away in 2 weeks. This has also happened on my body as well. 
Hi there! I am a 36 years old with oily acne prone skin.  I have tried several different brands of foundation with little success.  I have tried Lancome, Clinique, Make Up Forever and Tarte.  I am looking for something with long lasting coverage that will NOT make me break out.  I use Philosophy cleansing products.  I also have very fair skin.  Any help would be much appreciated!
I once bought a higlighter for a friend and recently realized that she had the same one! I bought it 3-4 months ago but still have the receipt and not used but I took the plastic off. Will I be able to return it? 
Hey guys! I'm a little late to the game with this product, but for a while I've been eyeing the Tarte Shape Tape trying to decide if I want it or not. I know it's not crazy expensive, but I was wondering if it's worth the hype. I don't have dark circles by any means, I will just put on a concealer (Lancome's waterproof concealer) one shade lighter than my skin tone to brighten up the area a little, but I don't have anything in that area that desperately needs covered. In fact, I use a light to medium coverage foundation and on days where I'm just doing foundation and some mascara I can easily get away with just patting my beauty blender over my under eyes and looking just fine without extra coverage. I think what's drawn me to the Shape Tape the most are the claims that it's crease proof. I'm skeptical about that, but I have a major problem with under eye creasing. What do you guys think, is it worth it for someone who doesn't really need high coverage concealer?