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It's so annoying. I have used every lip product out there from Bite's and Fresh's scrubs, to Sephora's $6 balm to Amore Pacific's $42 balm, Fresh lip serum and every product in between and nothing helps. NOTHING. Spring, summer, fall and winter, it's not even seasonal. Vaseline even, nothing works.    When I'm not wearing balms I'm wearing moisturizing lipsticks.    I just don't get it. I don't think there is anything else for me to try.    Anyone else suffer from this and have you found a solution? It's been years and years for me of trying everything. 
I have warm-toned pale skin (3y03 in Pantone), warm eyes (hazel green), but really purple toned lips and, if I left my hair natural it would be salt and pepper. I dye my hair dark brown, but waver between neutral and warm tones. When I wear warm tones, i think I look good, but the second my lipstick fades, I look washed out. I have used the Bobbi Brown philosophy which is based on lip tone, but sometimes feel washed out with full makeup on. (Bobbi's makeup is very blue based, and my natural lip shade is her pink mauve.) should I just make sure I can re apply all day?
Today my husband bought me a gift card for $125 and got a Personal Beauty Consultation. I'm confused on how this works. Do I have to spend the $125 after the consultation? Am I obligated to purchase afterwords?
Anyone know when this will restock or where else it is sold?
Hello , I have very tangly hair. Lately i think as i used blow dryer, it became unmanageable.  It is knotting and have it all in tangles. I can't comb at all, its painful. I don not have curly hair, just  regular. What are the best products to tame the tangles and knots?  looking for very Fast and very efficient product Thanks!
I love the way Kat's liquid lipsticks look matte and stay put once they dry. I don't really wear regular lipstick because I can't stand it smearing. Is there another brand of liquid lipstick that is as good as KVD liquid lipstick, but less expensive? Thanks!  
I'm still looking for some gift ideas for my husband. I've really been leaning towards the $60 cologne sampler as I've been trying to convince him to wear more cologne. But I feel like that's just as much for me as for him and I don't know how much HE'D appreciate it.   Then I also thought, sometimes his face hurts. Like it's weird, he doesn't break out or get red or anything. But the skin on his face hurts. ANd I was wondering if there was some kind of moisturizer or something I could get him that might help with that. Any ideas?   I'm hoping to keep it to $60 or less here as well    Thanks in advance!!!
I am looking for a hand cream/lotion for dry and cracked hands?  Any recommendations?
This morning I threw away all my makeup while I was having a fit... so I am looking to buy new foundation!! I have no idea what shade to get or even what brand foundation. I have red blemishy combination type skin so I like good coverage but I don't like to look cakey. Usually I put liquid foundation and cover it with powder foundation, I don't know if that is normal but I'm open to liquid or powder foundation. Any tips on how to apply would be nice. My skin is fairly white and I don't know about undertones, I heard to look at your veins, mine appear green/blue-ish? So whatever that is. Any help is appreciated and thank you in advance!! Here is a picture of me so you get the idea.
hello I had a question on what hair products are recommended for thin hair I have ombre highlights and my hair breaks easily everytime I brush it so the ends have become straw like texture it feels rough and looks damaged I wanted a good hair mask and a good shampoo and conditioner that also helps to thicken my hair. i'd appreciate any suggestions thank you!
I have a Charlotte Tilbury eye crayon that I love and I'm wondering if Sephora carries any that I would like as much. I do not want a ton of metallic/frost. It doesn't have to be matte or anything, just not off the wall metallic. I found the Laura Mercier ones too  metallic except the one dark brown one which is too dark for an all over wash of color which is what I am looking for color.   Any suggestions on others I could look at? 
Athletic beauty essentials from makeup, to face wash....EVERYTHING
My older brother is allergic to aloe, and since it's in basically every shaving cream we can find, he has a hard time shaving. Does anyone know of any good shaving creams/lotions that don't contain aloe? I'd really like to get him one for Christmas!
  What is the best powder full coverage powder to use with Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage foundation?
I'm a full Filipino. My skin tone is uneven. I have a gift card but I have no idea where to start when it comes to make up. I bought a brush set for eyes but I have no idea how to use them or what colors I should use. Advice and tutorials are greatly appreciated.
Somehow, the website now thinks I'm in Canada and I can't figure out how to switch it back to USA. Anyone know? THANKS!
I have been using Tarte clay foundation for almost two years. I love the coverage it gives me but I really want to try another foundation. The only setback is, my skin is extremely light. I have difficulties finding a foundation that doesn't make me look orange, so I am hesitant to stray from the one I already am comfortable with. Can you recommend another brand of full-coverage foundation, which shade and a concealer that will pair nicely? I have yellow undertones around my t-zone. Not many break outs but I am prone to a large blemish or two a couple times a month.  
I want to try Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation for the first time and need help choosing the right shade. Right now I wear Maybelline Fit Me in 355 Coconut. Another shade match for me is Loreal True Match N8 Cappuccino. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you!
I am 32 years old and have never worn makeup in my life! hard to imagine for some I'm sure The problem is....I am tomboyish and I don't know the first thing about products, brushes, or anything....It's as foreign to me as another language. For some reason lately my face is breaking out and it's making me very self conscious. I need help / advice from someone with how to cover the blemishes while still leaving my face looking natural. I don't want to look "dolled up" or colorful any help is much appreciated!!!!
My family knows I am a beauty and skincare junkie so recently my aunt bought me the Ole Henriksen's ultimate lift gel eye cream. I've only used it a handful of time and I can already tell it's reacting poorly with my skin. I don't have a receipt since it was a gift, and I threw away the box it came in, not thinking twice about it. Would I be able to go to my local Sephora and exchange this for something else? (She told me it was indeed purchased at a Sephora. If I can exchange it, does it need to be for another eye cream or can I get anything?
Hello, My online account says I have 38 points but there should be a lot more from purchases I've made in the store. How do I have all of my points show up on my account online?
i have medium dark brown hair , it looks lighter when i am under the sun but its mainly dark . My eyebrows are very thin and light ,not dark whatsoever . I don't know whether to get the dip brow in dark brown or ebony . I saw a couple of videos and the dark brown looked like it has a reddish undertone to it and i doth want my eyebrows to look red especially under the sun . correct me if I'm wrong.   which one do you think i should get ?
I just bought the Mac matchmaster foundation and I wasnt happy with it because it went on really thick and it was super hard to wash off, made my skin really dry. I liked the coverage because it had a nice full coverage but i just hated the consistency. Any suggestions for a different foundation? Its hard to find one for me because I have dry spots and I need something that wont cling to them
Somehow I developed a bad habit of stocking my daily 'on the go'/purse makeup bag with nothing but 'reject' products. I have a motley assortment of lipgloss/sticks, an old compact in a shade that doesn't quite match, random deluxe/100pt samples of blush, mascara and shadows, a couple cheap travel brushes. I don't love (or particularly like) anything in there - and so I never touch up my makeup during the day.    When I saw the new Naked On the Run set, I was excited - realizing it would be nice to carry products I actually like and will use. I was bummed when I realized how big it is in real life. Too bulky to carry in my purse - better for an 'away for the weekend' kit. Its beautiful, just not what I need.   So, it got me wondering, what does everyone one else carry around every day? How much do you carry? Any products that are great to have on the go?  
I have tried countless products to tried to reduce the oiliness of my skin. Within hours of applying my makeup I am super shiny. Any suggestion of products to reduce the shine and extend the life of my makeup?  
I need some advice from the resident palette experts. I own UD's Smoked palette and Stila's Masterpiece palette set from last holiday. Would it be worth it to get MUFE's Studio Case? It looks like some colors would be similar, but I know the new formula is supposed to be amazing, so I feel like this could be a good way to try it out. However, I am also eying the upcoming Narscissist palette, and that all seems like a LOT of eyeshadow.   I still have my $20 GC, so I am trying to decide between the Studio Case and something else, like an Ambient powder. I have a Revlon highlighting powder (loose) and a deluxe Watt's Up, so it is not like I am in desperate need of an illuminator, but I keep eyeing the Ambient powders... For reference, I am pale with neutral to slightly yellow undertones (UD Naked foundation in 2.0, HG Immaculate in Porcelain (slightly too yellow, but pretty darn close)), medium blonde, blue eyes.   Suggestions/enabling welcome!
I'm close to VIB rouge and it would be wonderful for next year since my grad and all, but I know my year to achieve it ends sometime in Christmas break. It's only a $37 purchase but I'm currently spending my money on gifts for others so it would make a difference if I needed to make the purchase by the 27nd instead the 18th. My Sephora account isn't set up right so there's no way I could check online. Could I simply call my local Sephora and ask when my year ends? Or would I need to go to the store itself?