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Just noticed that all of the spring stuff is showing up (early as always) but the thread is still specific to Winter (which it is...but tell the brands).  So what have you found, dear BTers, that is new on Sephora...
I reside in Ontario, Canada and we're experiencing humidity which means not wearing any foundation as not only will my skin feel congested but it'll end up dripping off my face so I'm wondering if it's ok to mix a matte liquid bronzer (i.e. Benefit Dew the Hoola) with my moisturizer.  Are there any Canadians out there who also can't wear foundation due to the humidity?
I want to try Gimme Brow (new formula), having seen lots of great reviews, but I'm not sure if I need medium or deep. I have (rapidly graying) brown hair, with darker eyebrows, so I'm thinking deep from the way the colors look on my screen.    I'm currently using Boy Brow in brown, if that helps. The color is OK, but I'm not that impressed with the product. 
Hi, I just read somewhere that if a foundation is too pink for you, it will leave a white cast on your this true? I've always thought that a white cast was caused by SPF or the shade just being too light or whatever is in a lot of Asian BB creams (I've tried a few Asian BB creams and they all had that white cast on me).   I have light skin with neutral-pink undertones and prefer full-coverage liquid foundations or BB creams. Most shades look too yellow on me, even some neutral shades, so I tend to choose cool shades. My closest color match is Neutrogena's Healthy Skin in Natural Ivory, but that's a lousy foundation, and next best is Clinique's Beyond Foundation in Alabaster...but it does leave a white cast.   Should I be avoiding pink-based foundations in the future? Thanks!    
Have only done a manicure once because I had such a difficult time removing…any tips would be very much appreciated?
I have the Ciate Geltox kit but I've run out of the cleanser that it came with and I'm also running low on the gel top coat. They don't sell either of these products individually, so what are some alternatives I can use with the lamp?  
Hi! I am looking to purchase a liquid highlighter to add to foundation or as a highlighter itself to give me that summer glow. I am trying to decide between Becca Liquid Highlighter in Champagne Pop or Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight or Celestial. I am quite pale and have combination skin but craving a radiant glow. I would love anyones opinions and suggestions! thanks! 
Good morning all!   Okay, so I currently have a farmer's tan (t-shirt tan) on my arms. I'm in a wedding next weekend and I need a self-tanner to help even out the white part of my upper arm to my more brown lower arm. I've never tried self-tanner before, so I'm looking for a no-fuss, self-tanner that can help me out. Any suggestions?   Thanks   JB
Ever since i have began to wax i've had these weird bumps under and on top of my brows. They just never go away! I have tried three different waxing places and i always get the same results
This live chat is now closed. Thank you for your participation!   One of the biggest names in beauty is taking your questions! Iconic makeup artist and Lancôme Makeup Creative Director, Lisa Eldridge, has long transfixed the world with her video tutorials—and now she’s offering you personal advice! Visit this thread on June 15 from 12 to 1 pm PDT to participate in our live Q&A. Ask her anything—from her favorite easy summer beauty tricks to the best way to use Lancôme’s new Silky Crème Highlighters. Be sure to click “Follow this thread” on the right side of this post to be notified via email when one of your questions is answered.  
Hello ladies.....   Well, here it goes.........   Good day to you all. My name is Savannah and I am a newly uncloseted MTF transgender who is literally starting out on being ME  I am about to embark out into the world of makeup and I am SCARED to death.......... I need to know EVERYTHING from A to Z in what to do, how to do, when and when NOT to do, do's & dont's......... From getting my skin ready to apply foundation, to applying concealer, getting my face looking good......... To getting killer eyes, gorgeous lips, beautiful nails..... EVERYTHING I need to know how to go from 0-60 but not so fast so as to have an accident going around the curve.....LOL   I come to all You ladies because the best way is to learn from those who have been there, or so I am told ~~~   Anyhow..........Please have pity on a newbie who wants to get things right... I would appreciate ANYTHING I could learn from all of You wonderful women.......   Please get back to me.......Tell me YOUR stories of how it was when YOU first started out with doing makeup.........Ups, downs, trials and errors/successes........ I will appreciate ANY help I can garner from all of You here..........   So, please....Don't be shy............Please help me with Your input. It is ALL greatly appreciated. VERY much........   Talk to You soon........     Lots of love and furtive sighs,   Savannah
Hello! I am getting married next month and I need to find a good concealer to hide my dark circles brought on by wedding stress and lack of sleep! I have seen others wearing concealer that reflects the light in pictures and I really want to avoid that. What is a good product to avoid having that happen and how do I choose the correct color of concealer? Thanks so much for the help!
hey guys! i'm really stuck on finding a new foundation. i can't decide if i want to buy the kvd one or mufe mat velvet   mattifying foundation!! i have oily skin and i really want to find a foundation that stays on while i'm at school and doesn't look disgusting after awhile and also has great coverage ): also, do these foundations need to be set? can somebody tell me what would work great for setting them? please help! thank you!
anyone knows how does Too Faced | Born This Way Foundation  works on combination/dehydrated skin? I really like how it covers blemishes without looking heavyI have oily skin and but dry patches on my cheekbones, in between my brows and chin. Also, i live in a country with tropical rainforest climate. How does this foundation performs in heat and high humidity?   Please feel free to suggest any products (primer, foundation, setting sprays) that would be suitable for me as well! 
I found a shade similar in the Urabn Decay Or Tarte  collection but I can't remember which one any recommendations? I want that just bitten rosey plum color without it being too fuschia or too purple.
Can anyone recommend a good high lighter for some one with fair skin??
Hello beauty talk members, I see so many color threads here. I love to chat about luxury skincare products and procedures. I am addicted to trying new things and am always on the lookout for something new in skincare.    Have a favorite luxury brand or product?  Have a fav skin tool or treatment? Please share. Curious about botox? Spa treatments and peels? let's share our experiences here .   We can also post good GWP's, and specials.
New to the fake eyelashes and extension any suggestions on good ones
What are all the colors on a color correcting palette used for? Also, what are some good color correcting palettes/products? Thank you!
Hi,   I want to buy one of her glow palette. I'm very pale and only became light in the summer. I can only buy one of her palette right now and I'm torn between glow and sun dipped. I prefer to highlight than contour and I want to get good use out of these palette and use more than just 1 pan out of 4 . Which one would you suggest to buy first?
So I feel like I am applying my makeup all wrong. What order would you apply stuff and how would you apply each product and with what brush/applicator would you use for each product? Thank you!
Hi, I used to use color 1W1 of Estee lauder, but I want to change this time. Since summer my color change slightly darker than color 1W1.  Could you recommend any foundation for combination skin and slightly darker than color 1W1 BONE ? 
I have gone all the way to platinum blonde to disguise white roots, but my scalp shows thru in thin spots and the hair and brow colors are all considerably darker than my hair.  Advice?
I'm a beginner when it comes to contouring and I'm undecided whether to use a power kit or a creme kit. I'm aiming for a more natural look but I do have oily skin, so I'm not sure which kind to use. Please help!
Hi there, I have somewhat dry skin and suffer the occasional breakout. Right now I use Dior Airflash spray foundation with Cover FX mattifying translucent loose finishing powder. I like pretty full coverage foundation and want something extremely matte. I would love any suggestions for a primer, foundation, and compact powder combination that looks matte and natural while providing full coverage to my dry skin. I really like my Cover FX loose powder so I want to continue using that but the Airflash is just too expensive for not being exactly what I want. Thanks so much!
I need base that can cover redness and plays well with semi-sensitive, acne-prone, combination skin.   I love the Dr Jart Premium BB sheerness and glow, but it makes my nose oily and doesn't cover the redness in my cheeks (even when I build it up). I like the Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation coverage and oil-absorbency, but it gets cakey and settles into all my fine lines (even when I sheer it out).   Any ideas for a product with the best of both worlds (or at least not the drawbacks of either)?
Hi, I want to buy an eyeshadow palette, but my eyelids are dry and i don't like layering different kind of products. I was wondering if theres a creamy eyeshadow palette out there? or something not as drying. Thank you!
I am just wondering how long it took you ladies to fall in love with the BECCA backlight priming filter. I love the feel, and the scent when I first put it on - but the girl at sephora said it was amazing for dry skin and I still find it patches in certain areas (this is my problem with EVERYTHING)... I'm pairing it with Lancome Teint Miracle which has been the best foundation I've ever used...    Any advice ?
Does anyone know what the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea water foundation match to the Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation Europhoric RG 20 shade