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I'm noticing a lot of threads lately asking about makeup tips for aging skin (I always see them for skincare).  So, I decided to create a more comprehensive one so there is a reference thread.  Anyone have any tips for makeup either as we age (what is age appropriate) and what works on aging skin (a liquid concealer instead of a cream one).  Skin care tips are fine too but I'm mostly asking about makeup? I'll add a few. Use a foundation brush on skin still moist from your day cream to gently dot on foundation to prevent heavy cake-iness or foundation settling into lines. Use an illuminating foundation primer and a lighter foundation substitute like a high quality CC cream.  Then gently use a liquid concealer and an illuminating powder like Guerlain's meteorites.  Save foundation for evening. Mix a little color into your brown or taupe eye shadows to avoid looking dull.  Sandwich method…dot your brush in the taupe, then in a colored shadow (depending on your coloring…blue, pink, purple, green, gold) then dot in the taupe again then apply.  Adjust the amounts of different color depending on your comfort. Be careful with dark lip colors as lips thin as we age and they can look harsh.  Add a little neutral gloss over lipstick.  Line lips with a neutral liner, slightly outside the lip line to make lips look more lush. Anyone else have anything to add?
Whenever I try to look up the ingredients of eye creams , majority of times the product will contain some form of alcohol. I'm not a skin/cream expert at all, but isn't alcohol more detrimental than beneficial for your skin , especially if you use the product religiously? Also are there any ingredients I should avoid in eye creams?  
I have a question regarding the VIB 15% discount card I received in the mail. Is this a one time use? I used it today for my sisters makeuo purchase but the cashier gave it back, just wondering if it's a one time use or can I use it again? 
I have a couple of good quality daily facial moisturizers that don't contain SPF.  Is there a product I can mix into them that will add sun protection to them, without turning them white and chalky like so many sunscreens?   Or should I use a sunscreen on top of them, and then my makeup?   
How do I choose a color for this product?
I received a SiJCP gift card. I tried to redeem online and it wouldn't accept it. I called the Rouge line and was told they could only be used at SiJCP. I don't understand why I can't use this card online when I am able to use a regular JCP gift card online.   Edit: I mispoke. I did not use a JCP gift card online at  I am very sorry for any confusion I caused.
Hi, I recenlty recieved a sample of the 100 perk  LANCÔME Advanced GÉNIFIQUE Youth Activating Concentrate and I LOVE it, and would like to purchase it, but I am also eyeing the Caudalie  Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. I am just curious which one is better and why.   VS  BACKROUND INFO:  I am 23 years old, I have freckles and a some acne scares.  I wanted something to even out my skin tone and possible brighten it. I do have some red areas and my skin is oily/combo.
Over the past 8 months or so, I've gotten rid of a lot of piercings. Some of them have left behind some less-than-pretty scars.   What works the best for minimizing the look of scars over time? I looked at some drugstore scar creams but all they seem to be is petroleum jelly (eww!) and maybe vitamin E.      I'd also appreciate concealer recommendations, as I am presenting in two conferences later this month and I want to hide a couple of smaller scars as best I can.   Thanks in advance!
My birthday was a couple days ago, however I don't plan on buying anything from Sephora until sometime around June. I know in order to receive the birthday gift online you have to make a purchase... But do I have to make a purchase at the check out in a Sephora store in order to receive my birthday present?
I'm in my sister's wedding in July and I'm wondering what a good foundation choice would be. It will be on the beach in Jamaica so I need it to hold up in the heat along with the usual photos etc. I've tried Nars Sheer Glow and it doesn't last for me, which is strange since my skin is only slightly oily just around my nose. I've also tried Bobbi Brown Skin but the coverage is a bit lacking. Any opinions?
Hi, I am makeup obsessed but not makeup skilled. I have a really hard time deciding what colours would look good with my skin tone/hair/eye colour so I tend to just stick with nudes and neutrals. With Spring/Summer season on the horizon, I am looking to break out into some brights/something new. Somebody help me? Haha, I desperately need help trying to decide what products/colours would look good on me. Any suggestions would be SO appreciated! Thanks! Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read)  
i think the sun safety kits were out the first week of May in 2014, so hoping that means that we have less than a month til they are out in 2015. Any word on a release date yet? I love the sun safety kits!!
Well I'm not into the whole contouring thing, but am trying to find a highlighter that would give me a nice glow.  I use Bareminerals Buttercream BB cream.  I want something that would look natural.
I'm an Asian with a fair to medium complexion.  Which shade in Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation would be a good match for me? Thank you very much for your help!
Whats a good under eye setting powder without any shimmer?
I'm 14 and I'm looking for a good concealer specifically for dark circles underneath my eyes. I don't need it for anything else because I do not have problems with pimples and acne. Can you guys suggest me good concealers?
A light fragrance, with notes of rose and powder would be perfect. Something not too floral but has a powdery finish would be preferable. 
So I'm getting a little self conscious of my teeth right now and would love to whiten them. What's the best product to use? Something that doesn't damage teeth please. 
I have always struggled with finding the proper shades of foundation specifically because of undertones. I have done multiple quizzes on my skin undertone and some of them tell me different things. I have issues with my foundation looking yellow on my skin (I currently use a pink-beige foundation). Can someone help me figure out what my undertone is and what foundation shades would be best. Details: I'm fair, with red hair (dyed). The veins on my wrists are both blue and green, i look better in silver. I look terrible in pastel colours and better in white, bright or black.    Thanks!!
Hello!  I have had an extremely tough time with face products this past dry season. I started using the lotus youth preserve face moisturizer with the Boscia eye cream. Th eye cream hasn't made a difference to where I ca tell andI still feel like my face is screaming for moisture. This is making my makeup end up looking cakey which is never a plus! I am going to order the josie maran aargon oil, but are there any recommendations for a night cream, day cream moisture mask, or eye cream that can relieve this dry skin!?    thank you!!
What is the best makeup look for someone with dark skin;like eye shadows, blush, foundation, lips, etc..
Looking to get my 20 yr old daughter a gift as she starts out in the business world from college.  She is Asian and I am not so was looking for a suggestion as to how to know what set to order her for the BareMinerals Get Started Complexion Kit, I use the Medium with Cool undertones and she is lighter than I am and does not really wear much make up at all but wanted to start her on a healthy path of a good product.
I'm looking for a deep cleansing mask to use once a week that would be great to draw all the skin junk out. I have my eyes on the PTR Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask and the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask. Which one is better? Thank you! My skin condition is pretty good. I don't have any blemishes or acne.
I'm a 60 yr old looking to find an eye liner for hooded, crepey(sp) eyelids. My skin on eyelid is almost laying on lashline and I cannot seem to get anything to work anymore. Can anyone help with suggestions?
Hi!  So I have the Naked 1 & 2 full palettes & I love them. However, I am kind of wanting more brown colors. A friend suggested Naked 2 Basics or Too Faced Natural Matte but I am trying to decide if I need them or if the first two Naked Palette's I have are good enough.... I am bad at making decisions haha! I just didn't know whether to spend the money or just stick with Naked 1 & 2.    I also considered getting an eyebrow kit but I wasn't sure whether I wanted to spend the money on that either.... Just need some feedback & suggestions. Thanks so much. Bella
1. If I choose to put a green primer under my eyes will it help fill in fine lines and act as a good base for my concealer?    2. What are the chances that using a green primer will leave a very noticeable green tint on my face? I am very fair skinned and worried that it might show through my powder foundation.   3. Also, any recommendations for green primers?  Thanks!
Hi everyone! I am looking for a long wearing powder blush.  I love the colors of the Becca and Mac blushes, but I feel like they are undetectable after two hours!  Price isn't really a concern if they truly are long lasting!  Thanks in advance for any suggestions
I use my fingers to apply foundation, which works well for me--but several people have told me to use a foundation brush to apply my foundation.  Is there a difference?  I need medium coverage (to cover acne and scars), and I fear the brush will not allow for this.  Please advise.
I am looking for a great under eye concealer for mature skin (I'm 55) to hide dark circles.  Hydration is a must so it doesn't get dry and  cakey and settle into lines.  My skin tone is fair to medium,  Thank you.