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What happened to the Sephora pore perfecting primer mist? It was the only product that kept me matte all day and it doesn't seem to be available in stores anymore! Has it been discontinued or is it being upgraded so the nozzle functions properly (if it is has been discontinued are there any comparable aerosol products)? Thank you!
I'm looking for recommendations for eye creams that de-puff and helps get rid of dark under eye circles.
Hi, I am interested in any kind of self-tanning products for face and/or body...  Can you please recommend a few notable ones to try?  (I dislike orange or yellow in colow)...  Thank you!!  
Debating which one to get. Any thoughts on either one? Or any other suggestion on hydrating serum? Thanks in advance! 
If I am the shade Golden in the Anastasia Stick foundation which shade would I be in the Make up for ever hd foundation?
I'm looking for a skin care that's going to help fade away hyper pigmentation, or even prevent it in the future from growing on anywhere. And I want i'm planning to aim around $25-$30 if thats possible. So please tell me which is worth the deal. Thank you. 
Spoiler (Highlight to read)     I need help finding my color for the Estée Lauder i supposedly have a cool undertone not sure if that's true that's what the ladies told me at ulta i have dark brown hair brown eyes and somewhat tan skin i had the 2w1 dawn in the Estée Lauder but i noticed it looked the slightest orangey on my skin i don't know if It's just me over thinking it .. it's a beautiful foundation only foundation that works for me but I'm ordering it online so i have no way to go in stores to check it out we only have a ulta here and they don't carry it previous foundations I've used are the born this way in porcelain or vanilla and 3.0 in the urban decay foundation
Hi! I have super oily skin and acne/blemishes and i don't know what to do! I don't know what works and what doesn't anymore, and I'm just trying to get that clear skin I've always wanted. Please help! (i don't wear much make up)
I need help finding my ideal foundation color, I wanted to know if I can come into any store and ask for help, while been in a budget?
Hi there! I'm currently loving the MUFE Ultra HD foundation in the shade Ivory. What MUFE concealer should I be using? I have combo skin and am on the hunt for a finishing powder. Thank you
I have combination skin, but it is also red and I have little acne, but I have blackheads and small acne bumps especially on my forehead. My main concern is getting red of the small bumps found on my forehead. Any suggestions!?   ALSO when I am applying my make up I find that my foundation and other products seem to separate on my T zone, how can I avoid this?
I have a light to medium warm skin, and my skin is pretty oily around my T-zone and chin, but on some parts it can be so dry it's almost flaky. I live in a tropical climate so I can get pretty sweaty, so I'm always nervous my makeup is going to melt off.    I have to use medium to heavy foundation & concealer to cover my uneven skin tones and spider veins, so I have a few questions:   1. Should I use cream contour or powder/dry contour? Which one is easier to use/blend? Which one would last longer? 2. Do you have any recommendation which kit to get? Do I need a kit or do I only need like one contour and one highlight color? 3. Is it possible that contour has enough coverage that I can opt for a lighter foundation? Or is it just to create that light and dark? 4. Considering I'm already pretty tan, do I even need a bronzer?   Finally, this is kinda a newbie question, but... Do I use contour before or after I use powder? I would think before so I don't mess up the contour again after I apply powder, but I've seen a lot of people do it after as well so I'm confused. Do I contour before or after eyebrow & eyeshadow etc?   Thank you in advance for your answer
Hi there, I'm hoping I can get some recommendation for an eyeshadow palette (and primer).   I'm Asian with hooded lids which can get pretty oily, so I'm thinking of either getting the Urban Decay or Tarte primer, but I'm also considering Smashbox and Kat Von D one. They all priced pretty similarly, so I'm kinda still undecided on that. If you can recommend one that works well (and hopefully works for eyeliner too because my liquid eyeliner always end up under my eye somehow even though it's super waterproof) I would really appreciate it.   I have light to medium warm skin and brown eyes. I'm pretty new to makeup in general and eyeshadow especially, so I'm hoping that I can kinda get that one palette that does it all. Because of my hooded lids I thought about getting an all matte palette like Kat Von D Shade + Light or Too Faced Natural Matte palette, but I'm also eyeing Tartelette in Bloom palette which got amazing reviews.   My only concern with KVD Shade+Light palette is that I may not use the neutral and cool shades that much. Plus I didn't have much luck with eyeshadows before because the color can't seem to stick, so I thought I should get a creamier shadow like Tartelette.    I'm not really considering Naked palettes because they have a lot of shimmers which I don't think I would use that much. I've been recommended the Lorac Pro palette as well, but I'm not sure if I would ever use that many colors so it feels kinda wasteful to me. However if there's other palettes that you would recommend, I'd love to hear that too.    The look I'm going for is more of a daytime look for work, but every once in a while I'd like to be able to do a night look as well.    Thank you in advance for your reply  
I'm looking for a reasonable (less than $75, preferably around $40ish) eye wrinkle cream that actually works and packs a punch. I'm 26 and noticing crows feet all of a sudden ah!!! I've never used an eye cream before, so I really have no idea what to trust (there are so many options), so if you guys know what actually works, please let me know!
I have these two laugh lines by my nose and two other dark lines on the side of my lips.  My skin has been clearing up so good with some of the Spehora products I buy but it still doesn't get rid of those lines and it makes me really insecure.  I'm tired of putting on concealer, I feel like if i didn't have those lines I would walk around with no make-up more often. Hope you guys can help a sista out
Hi everyone.       I don't have bags under my eyes. I have that sunken look under my eyes, and I don't know how to get rid of it.   Need help ASAP!!  Thank You
What would everyone say their favorite subscription box is? And which are a waste of money? I am looking to subscribe to some more. I have had Birchbox and it started out good but then I stopped seeing brands I knew and loved. I just signed up for IPSY and am crossing my fingers I like it. Julep looks like a good deal so I think I am going to sign up for that one to.
Hi,  Can someone help me find the closest shade match for MUFE Face and Body  #32 Alabaster Beige in the newly formulated MUFE Water Blend foundation, please?   Thanks!
I've been on the hunt for mostly skincare products that will help reduce the size of my pores around my nose and cheek area. What are all of you ladies loving and recommending? 
Hey everyone! I don't know what shade of concealer to use for the Estee Lauder double wear. I am in the shade Rattan in their foundation but I want to highlight my under eyes. It would mean so much if someone could help me! Thank you !!
Hi, I wanted to know my match for Kat Von D's Foundation & Concealer now that new shades have been released. I currently use MUFE Ultra Hd Foundation in N170=Y435 and concealer in Y41. Thank you. 
Hello, I am in need of a setting powder that is natural to sheer finish, not chalky, gives a blurred look. I have olive skin and am not a fan of the matte powder look, which is why I have never used a powder. Does anyone have any suggestions?   Thank you
Hi All, I am currently looking for a new foundation for my skin tone. I'm using the clinique foundation in caramel but it comes out too orange on me and does not match the rest of my body. Please help!
I cannot use my free shipping promotion code. When I type the code in blank bar, it popping a error says" You must select standard shipping to qualify."  However, I check my delivery method, it just have one option (standard ground). So,how can I solve this problem?  Thank you!
I want to know the color match of 2y10 for the make up forever mat velvet   mattifying foundation? Does anyone know. It won't bring it up on my search.
what shade am I in MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Foundation if I am porcelain in Too Faced Born this way foundation?   Also, I have redhair with blonde highlights and I am trying to find a good color for my eyebrows. I am currently using NYX auburn and I feel it is too dark. I also don't have eyebrows full of hair so I am constantly using powder to color to them in to shape and make them look fuller. I would like a better way to do my eyebrows a more natural looking way.
Hi, I'm kinda late to the party when it comes to makeup and skincare products but I'd like to what is he difference b/w luxury and drugstore products other than one is cheap and the other isn't. Also I like to know when choosing a product, how do you know it's right for you? BTW, I have normal-sensitive acne-prone skin (if that is even a thing) I like to try out new products but I breakout easily. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!  XOXO,      Z
My skin type is combo. I am looking for a complete skin care regimen; being: cleanser, exfoliator, spray toner, eye cream, moisturizer, acne spot treatment, etc. I would love recommendation on brands and also certain products you all have to recommend.   Update: I also forgot to mention I've been on the hunt to find products that will help minimize my pores.
Hi! i have a very sensitiva skin, so i am very careful about the brands that I chose. Alse i have been reading a lot about Bare minerals brand.   which one do you think is better or recommend? Bare minerals vs. Cover fx ( is the one i have being using for the last two years).     thanks!