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Heading into the new holiday sets of 2015 I wanted to get insight of the best of 2014 (sometimes brands are consistent; sometimes they disappoint...but still).  Last year I loved the LM eye sticks, the UD Vice Ltd (the neon green one), the Tarte set and the Sephora collection mini cleanser set.  I also liked the UD and KVD mini lipstick sets.  And then there was the Chanel Camellia de Plumes highlighter.  Anyone else?
I love the Makeup Forever HD cream blushes. I have two, 335-fawn and 501-raspberry. I am Filipino with tan skin. What would be the next two colors I should buy that are different from what I already have?
I recently went to Sephora to get color matched for the Esteé Lauder double wear foundation and I was told I am Bronze 5w1 but I couldn't find it on Sephora's IQ page to see what shade I am in other brands. Can someone help me find that shade in other brands? Thanks! x
   I'm using Laura Merciers oil free tinted moisturizer in ochre, but it is a little too dark now that I have lost a bit of my summer tan. My foundation ID is neutral yellow and I'm looking for Laura Merciers oil free tinted moisturizer that would work for my skin tone that is just a bit lighter. Any suggestions?    
tNot the ones that are already out, but the original one that has a mixture of the best makeup products at Sephora. Last year, it was the smashbox bb cream, nars orgasm, abh brow whiz, ect.... 
I have extremely dark circles underneath my eyes and I need a product that will cover them well.   I have no idea what to use because I am new to makeup and every concealer I have tried doesn't seem to work. I currently have Urban Decay's 24/7 Concealer Pencil that I do like for other things, but it doesn't do the job for my eyes. I have combination skin that can get oily sometimes especially as the day goes on.   Do I possibly need BB/CC cream to cover them up? A different type of concealer? Does anyone have any advice for me? 
Pink hair
So I dyed my hair green a few months back and I faded it but didn't take all the color out. After that I bleached it, which didn't take out the rest of the then I used One N Only Colorfix (I used it about a week ago) from Sally's Beauty Supply. It seemed like it removed it, but the green is slowly coming back. Nothing is working. My hair is a disgusting embarrassing snot green/yellow color. I wanted to dye it pink tomorrow! Will the pink dye cover it, or will I have to try something else?   Here is my hair color now (sorry, I had just washed it):    I wanted to dye it this color:    Please help! I'm at my wits end.
Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 11.47.08 AM.png
Does anyone know whats going on with this. it was OOS for many months and now it says its not being sold in the US anymore? 
What is a comparable foundation to the HD Makeup Forever foundation.  No the Ultra (new formula) as it is way to oily and breaks me out.  The old formula, which I have used for years, was perfect.  Never oily and never break out.
I need a color recommendation for Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Foundation, my color id is #2Y05. My go-to foundaiton is BB skin foundation spf15 in Beige 3. Thanks for your help!    
I recently ordered philosophy's miracle worker miraculous skin care collection set and have used it for a few days (day and night) but I was wondering how I could use my tartes maracuja oil with it? Or if I shouldn't use anymore even though I have a jumbo size of it. Just seems like a waste and I do really like the stuff. Any suggestions?? Oh and I would only use the tarte oil at night, so I just want to know if there's a way to incorporate in my new nighttime skincare routine.   Thank you!!!
Hello I recently bought the anastasia creme contour kit in light and I'm having problems with it.     I'm not a contouring expert, but any means but I have been watching youtube to get tips and tricks.  I'm having the worse trouble with it creating dry patches on my skin.     First I prime my face with the hydrating laura mercier primer.  Then I use the  josie maran argan oil and I put that on contour palet (this is what I have seen people do in youtube videos).     Then I proceed to higlight and contour my face.  Followed with my smashbox foundation and the laura mercier setting powder.     Between my eyebrows, right above my nose and any highlighted creme parts that are on my forehead are really dry and sort of cakey (so mostly where I highlight my forehead becomes dry and cakey).   I don't have this problem with my cheeks.   I was using the kat von contour kit and didn't have any problems like this, but I really wanted to try out something different.       Does anybody have any tips for me? Maybe I need to start using a moisturizer? The only moisturizer I use is from the third step in my proactiv routine (using proactiv could be casuing the problem as well).    
Hello! I am on BT multiple times a day and am just recently starting to join in on the convo! I do have a problem, though. My foundation seems to separate and look patchy around my lower cheek and jawline. I have an expansive skincare routine for being a 20-year-old and have combo skin. I do make sure my skin is properly hydrated before going in with my makeup. I am currently using the Makeup Forever Step 1 moothing primer before going in with my Too Faced Born This Way foundation. Any suggestions on what to do BTers? You ladies and gents always have a solution haha!!
My eyeliner ALWAYS goes away on my waterline. So im looking for a dark (no liquid eyeliner) for my lower waterline. I dont like to keep sharpening them either. Im also very new to makeup. I went inside your store and I couldn't choose, What do you recommend on buying. I'm going to be going to college. So i want the older but elegant look. Bold eyes is a must,
Need a nude lip stick and lip gloss for medium light Asian skin. Thank you
I have two other Sephora beauty's, how can I add those points into my online account?
I have very fine, long and stubbornly straight hair. It is difficult to get any sort of curl to stay for more than 30 minutes. I am thinking I need a really great curling iron... my hair stylist recommended some sort of titanium one, but I'm not 100% sure on what I want/need. Any recommendations on a really great, powerful curling iron that could help me get some curl in my hair?
How can I keep my face matte all day? I live in a very hot and humid place and have oily skin. What product do you recommend?
Hi, I have been using the shade 'Barcelona' (medium w/ olive undertones) in the NARS Sheer Glow through the summer and love it. However, my tan is fading and I'm looking for a lighter shade to mix into my Barcelona as I head towards my naturally paler complexion in the winter. What would you suggest as I have to buy online and can't make it into a store?   Cheers, Courtenay
 I have scarring from acne and tweezing ingrown hairs (hirsituism). I need a new skin care routine and all new makeup. I have combination skin that gets more oily as the day goes. I have used Clinique and bare minerals in the past. What do you suggest for a new routine that is affordable? Thanks in advance!
1.)  How do I get rid of white heads on my face?   2.)  What are some other ways to treat Keratosis Pilaris?   thank you for your time
 i have tried MANY different concealers and foundations to try and cover the dark patches on my skin.  (especially for the dark patch above my upper lip that resembles a five o' clock shadow, and is quite embarrasing)  any suggestions?
Hey guys! I need some advice for men skincare.  My 32 year old brother suffers from oily skin and breakouts. I want to get him a gift to combat his skincare concerns and I've been telling him he should try clearsonic. I don't have one but I've always wanted one myself!     I saw they have a new clearsonic alpha fit cleansing system for men but it is $189 whereas there is also a new Clinique for men sonic deep cleansing brush for only $89.   Does anyone have any recommendations or thoughts on each? The Clinique definitely fits my budget more but is it any less effective? Or any other skincare and tool recommendations for him?
Hi I recently started using Nars sheer glow foundation and I am in the shade punjab and I really was wanting to try Nars concealer stick but unfortunately i don't know what shade i would be so i was wondering if you would mind helping me. Thank You!!!
Hi, everyone! I have a question regarding gift-cards bought in United States. One of my friend has a Sephora gift card and she doesn't wear makeup so I was wondering if I can use her gift card number in Canada at any Sephora retail store. I won't have the actual gift-card but would a gift card number or scanned copy of the gift card work? Looking forward to any replies by the experts.