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Moldy argan.png
Hello everyone! Today, my mini Josie Maran argan oil dropper popped off (the glass dropper). Upon closer inspection, I saw some black dots on it! It very much looks like mold or something, and I'm concerned that I've been using this oil with mold on the dropper. I tried to get a good picture but I cant get the camera to focus on the glass, so I'm sorry its a bit blurry Can someone tell me what they think it is? And if it is mold, is there is any risk from touching it everyday and applying it to the skin? I would take it to a store, but its more than half used, and I don't want to abuse the return system. Spoiler (Highlight to read)
After hearing many success stories, I want to include some retinol products in my skin care routine. I researched a little and came to know that Retinol can be obtained from both animal and plant sources.Is there any way to know which brands use plant based/ vegan retinol in their products. Thankyou
Hi I am currently using Dior Forever Foundation shade 021. I could carry both 021 and 020. And I was thinking to buy the Hourglass Immaculate Foundation but I dont know which shade should I get. Im Asian, should I get the yellow undertone? Please help. Thank you guys! Much appreciated!
Hi everyone! I don't have a Sephora near me so I can only order online. I'm wondering what shade I would be in Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12-Hour foundation? Exactly how light is the lightest shade? The lightest shade in Smashbox 15 hour wear foundation is currently too dark for me. I don't really think I'm super porcelain but I'm definitely really light.   I have a cool tone to my skin, I usually wear silver jewelry and purple/silver eyeshadow compliments my skin well. However, when it comes to foundation I think I usually use like more yellow or neutral based foundations because even though I have a cool tone I have a pink tone and redness in my skin, and I feel like the yellow helps cancel it out.  But how yellow is the shade fair sand? Will it look too dark on me since I'm super light? Am I better off going with ivory? Thanks
I am 34 years old and want to invest in an awesome serum that will help with anti-aging, wrinkle combatting and healthier skin.  Over the Iast few years I have developed lines on my forehead, around my eyes and mouth.  After lots of searching, I think I have narrowed it down to two choices  - Estee Lauder Perfectionist CP+R Wrinkle Lifting/Firming Serum and Shiseido Bio Performance Super Corrective Serum.  Can you help me make a final decision or recommend something better than these two options.   Thanks!
Question for a Sephora specialist:   I'm looking for a cream-to-powder multipurpose makeup stick, in a pinkish bronze shade. What would you recommend?   Thank you! ♥Emma
Hi everyone!   I am 30 years old and just now taking the time to really pay attention to my skin. So I'm learning it all from the beginning.   On a regular routine I wash my face with Fresh, and use a FAB moisturizer after. I also use a Supermud mask a couple times a week. This is all doing wonders for my skin...   ...but, my eyes still show my age. :-/   I don't have puffiness, or dark circles. I think my issue is called "under eye bags". It's just a deep circular crease from the corner of my eye that swoops away from my nose and back up toward the outer corner of my eye.   I've always worn glasses, which kind of hid this issue, but I just got contacts! I should feel like I look great without glasses, but I just want to hide behind them again so no one will see these lines.   Can anyone recommend a product, or type of product I can use for this? I am sort of overwhelmed by all the products on the Sephora search page, and I don't know if I need something to "tighten" or "cool" or "moisturize" or what.   Thanks for all your suggestions!
So I started shopping at Sephora a months ago for hair care products only. Makeup has always intimidated me, and I grew up a major tomboy so I never saw a need for it. In fact, I only started wearing makeup about a year ago (I'm 23) and strictly only bought drug store products.   Now that I'm considered a "professional" in my field of work, I feel that my appearance should reflect that. I'm not saying that I don't "put myself together" before work, but I feel that I need to graduate from drug store to "grown up" makeup. Problem is, I have no idea where to start.   The makeup side of Sephora is so overwhelming and I don't have a clue what I'm doing. Concealer? What the heck is that. Why is that primer green? I'm completely lost. Even after doing tons of  research to see what I would need, I always find myself walking out empty handed. Hence, I've turned here.   What are some basic products that you feel every girl should own? My skin is extremely dry and I also have rosacea on my cheeks and my forehead which is something I've always been really self conscious about. Honestly, anything helps.   Thanks!!
  This chat is closed. It will open at 12 pm on December 5th.   Ask Drybar founder Alli Webb a styling question exclusively on Beauty Talk! Visit this thread on December 5 from 12–1pm PST to get hair advice from the blow dry master and entrepreneur herself. Ask her anything, from which Drybar product is right for you to how to get Texas-sized hair for the holidays.   Be sure click "Follow this thread" on the right side of this post to be notified via email when one of your questions is answered.
On my online order I had ordered samples of the dermadoctor rd cream, Dr. Jart pore medic, and supermud clearing treatment but received the lancome liquid to powder makeup, phytospecific moisturizing styling cream, and the Dr. Jart pore medic. Is there some way I could get the two that I ordered and return these samples? And I have to say i'm quite upset because this is the first time I had bought anything from Sephora and I was looking forward to try the samples as well as what I had bought
How do I know if a body wash is cream-based? For example, are the Dove Nutrium-Moisture washes considered cream-based? If not, what cream-based body wash do you recommend?   Thanks! ♥Emma
I've developed a serious allergy to coconut and coconut-based products.  Besides the mineral foundations, I'm struggling to find a single liquid foundation that doesn't have some sort of coconut product in it.  Any advice?  
How long after the expiration dates can you use the product?  My oil free daily hydration has an expiration date of December 2014, and I still have a lot of product left, which is surprising because I use it every day.
I use my makeup brushes everyday and wanted to know how often I should be washing them, also how long should I be keeping brushes for until I replace them?
I was referred by a makeup artist to use cover fx; I see there are many different choices for face coverage.  What fx product do you recommend for dry maturing skin???
Going to Sephora tomorrow and im looking for the perfect bronzer! I have olive medium skin town and I want something that I can contour with and will look perfect
I''m. 53 years old with Rosacea on my cheeks and chin and with large pores on my nose and surrounding area.  I'd like to start a regimen that will address those issues and the aging skin scene.   Thanks
I have extremely oily skin and I have the becca primer and has been recomended to me but, it does not keep my shine away all day. Do you have any must have combos for oily skin? Powder, primer, concealer, foundation? I also have a little bit of acne.
Hey everybody, hope you are having a wonderful evening!   I was sitting in my room thinking about my cold (sick) and I remembered buying a scent or oil in the fragrance world of sephora that acted as a sort of aromatherapy.    Problem is I can't remember the brand name or anything, nor can I find where in my clutter that I managed to stash this fragrance.    I also think sephora may no longer cary this brand but I was hoping someone would remember the name of it.  They came as rollerball scents and were named certain numbers. There were a bunch of different numbers. One of them was for fatigue and another for energy, etc.    Hopefully someone knows what I am talking about!   Thanks!
What brush should I get to apply cream blush?
Hi, Can someone tell me if it is safe to use  OH ultimate lift eye gel that has a Best Before date 01/2015 written on it. I have heard good things about this jel for treating under eye puffiness and want to give it a try but with Expiry date too close, I'm concerned if it will be OK to use???
I recently purchased the Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Concealer in  325 Natural Beige - for medium skin with dark pink undertones and am looking to select the accompanying MUFE's HD Invisible Cover Foundation but am unsure which colour to choose... I'm unfortunately not nearby a Sephora location and will be purchasing online and so cannot speak with an expert in person (obviously the best way to do this :-/) so any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!
What are the differences between the several kinds? Are they different colors? Which one has the most coverage?    I have the Black Label but it's a little dull and dark and I would like more coverage. Is there another one I should try instead?   Thanks!
Whats the best facial cleanser and moisturizer for acne prone skin that is also dry? I am caucasian and 33 years old. Thanks!
I love the color of Nars Multiple in Siam on my lips.  The color is so perfect for my skin, but I don't think the Multiples are ideal as a lipstick.  Anyone know of a perfect match in a more lip-friendly and lip-compatible formulation?  Lip balm, lipstick, any and all recommendations would be highly appreciated.  
Just not getting this one..I've seen a number of articles, MUA and YTer's all apply an illuminating base or primer.   Some brands that come to mind are : CT, Clarins Flash Balm (?), Givenchy, Guerlain....all applied before makeup and touted as giving that "glow from within.    Mind you they have all have used this as a primer.  Doesn't that defeat the purpose?  If one then applies foundation, powder, etc...aren't the light reflecting properties (these products claim to have) lost?   It seems counter intuitive  to me.  Am I missing something here?   I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, and if you happen to have used any of this products. TX in advance,   ~KAM
I've been searching for a good concealer to hide dark spots on my cheeks for the longest time.  I'm using Estee Lauder Double Wear Camouflage and it provide good coverage. However, the only complaint I have is that it's ashy.  Can anyone recommend a better concealer for Asian with light/medium skin tone?
I been really debating if I should get a Clairsonic and also confused on which one. I know the Mia 1 only had one speed and no timer vs the Mia 2, but for the price are those two features a must?    Also, I use a lot of mask and I alternate them every other day. I mostly use glam glow thirsty mud, glam glow youth mud, ole henriksen lemon peel and Kiel's deep pore cleansing mask. I love being able to alternate all the time between all these mask. I read reviews that the first month of using the Clairsonic it makes you breakout and your skin goes thru a transformation. So I just was worried if I will be able to still use all my other products and if it was worth the spurge.... Please help, I feel so confused .