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I bought a night cream on Monday Arpril 7, 2014  at a sephora retail store when I went shoping at the mall. The mall is an hour of drive from my town. No I want to return the night cream because it is too heavy for my skin. There is a sephora inside jcpenney in my town. I am wondering if i can return it there ( I still have the receipt ). I don t want to drive 1 hour just for a return. 
I'm looking to switch up my skin care routine. I currently use clinique for my cleansing and toning needs but have been looking in to the olehenriksen face the truth gel cleanser as well as the fresh rose deep hydration facial toner . Do you guys think it's okay to use products that aren't from the same company? Has anyone ever experienced skin irritations from doing so? Any advice would be great! Thanks! 
I think it's time to turn to you all for help. I feel like I'm doing everything (fairly) right in terms of my skincare and makeup routine but no matter what I do my makeup just will  not  stay in place all day! It's enough to drive me crazy. First of all, I would say I have combination skin. My t-zone gets a little oily but not bad while some areas (particularly my chin) are a little on the dry side. I'll walk you through my routine and you let me know if there's anything I'm doing wrong. In the morning when I wake up I usually cleanse my face with the Lancome 'Creme Radiance' Cleanser and, of course, pat my face dry. I then pat toner on my face (alcohol free) and use Lancome Renergie moisturizer. I am 26 so I don't have saggy skin, but I have used multiple moisturizers and this is my favorite. Then I wait for the moisturizer to dry and proceed to use Lancome's La Base primer. Then when that's dry as well I put on my foundation with a clean beautyblender.I happen to use drugstore foundation so that's the only thing I can think might be tripping myself up, but I don't think so. I mean plenty of people use foundation from the drugstore and their makeup still looks great, so that can't be it, can it? Anyway, I typically use Laura Mercier translucent setting powder to set my foundation and then set everything when I'm all done contouring and all that with my setting spray. By the end of the day, though, my makeup has worn off my cheeks and nose (I don't touch my face at all) but I don't have an excessive buildup of oil or anything. On the rest of my face my makeup has settled into any fine lines I may have and it's just crappy.   By the way, at the end of the night I diligently remove all my makeup and use my clarisonic and my lancome cleanser to clean my face so I'm not neglectful or anything. Should I buy a higher end foundation instead? If that would help I'm going to go out right this minute and buy one. Other tips would be helpful as well.    P.S. if I do need to go buy a high-end foundation, what is recommended? I'm thinking MAC Studio Fix but I'm open to suggestions.  
Hello beauties,   For my birthday, my husband surprised me with a gift certificate to a spa for a facial.  I had never been to a spa, nor have I ever had a facial--so I was both excited and a little nervous because I didn't know what to expect.  It turned out to be a positive experience for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.    My esthetician was wonderful, and she provided some tips on what I could do to help heal my acne scars.  I have a couple small ice pick scars on my cheeks, but I have several hyperpigmentation scars--once again, on my cheeks.  I'd like to think I do a good job of covering my acne scars every day, but when the makeup comes off, I feel self-conscious about my face.  I've converted to natural, chemical-free skincare products, such as: Trader Joe's, MyChelle, Derma E, and Mad Hippie.  Unfortunately, I suffered from severe acne in my teenage years but couldn't afford to see a dermatologist, so I researched and discovered that drinking water and changing my diet could make a difference in my complexion (and it did)--but I was left with scars.  The esthetician did not recommend facial scrubs, as she said they would be too abrasive for my skin type--but she said I'd greatly benefit from a peel that contains lactic acid, salicylic acid, or glycolic acid.  I currently use Derma E peel twice a week which I love, but it contains alpha hydroxy acid.    I am asking for recommendations on a peel that contains lactic acid, salicylic acid, or glycolic acid.  I would like to get rid of these acne scars once and for all, and I know I've come to the right place for expert advice. Thank you so much in advance!   Love & blessings, Daskala
I am not seeing Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Natural lipstick on your site anymore. What is the closest color to N9?
I have some old acne scars on my cheeks and I was wondering if the Sephora brand has a good foundation for covering them up.
HI, since day 1 of using makeup, i've always had an issue with cakeyness, where u can see my dry skin and all my pores/redness. I am currently using the NARS all day luminous weightless foundation, underneath I prime with makeup forever step 1 primer in green because i have rosacea so my skin is red and blochy, i use a drugstore contour which has never been an issue, and i use the nicole glow glow kit which as well, is not the problem. I finish it off with the urban decay cooling setting spray. I use two beauty blenders, one regular one and one edged one for my concealer (concealer is the sephora branded concealer in the lightest shade). I ALWAYS cover my face in a layer of coconut oil and exfoliate with a st ives apricot scrub. what am i doing wrong? I only apply one layer of foundation. Is there a product someone in my case recommends? LIke any moisterizer or anything. People comment on how cakey my makeup is. I know it's my shade for the foundation so it isnt that. Thank you.
Hi, I'm 43 years old and I'm looking for a liquid foundation that provides full coverage with matte finish that is light weight, sweat-proof (really holds all day) and is natural looking. My skin is light to light medium but I typically like a little more color to help cover reddish checks and yellow undertones. Help please! What foundation and color would you recommend?    
Hi, I am 20 years old and I suffer from hyperpigmentation & discolorations on my face. I am also on a tight budget, so I was wondering what can I do to help have a clear skin? Thanks!
Hello beauty talk members, I see so many color threads here. I love to chat about luxury skincare products and procedures. I am addicted to trying new things and am always on the lookout for something new in skincare.    Have a favorite luxury brand or product?  Have a fav skin tool or treatment? Please share. Curious about botox? Spa treatments and peels? let's share our experiences here .   We can also post good GWP's, and specials.
I am also looking for a moisturizing skin product. I've heard from several people to try Cerave, Cetaphil, and Vanicream products, but not sure which is the best for extremely dry skin, especially on my hands. I have tried several things, but my skin is still very dry. Sometimes it's painful because it's so dry and cracked. Can anyone recommend a good moisturizing hand cream or butter that I could start using? I'm hoping to find something that finally works that I will be able to use daily.
My skin has been AWFUL lately. Horrible breakouts on my chin, flaky skin (even though I exfoliate consistently), and my foundation has stopped going on smoothly and lasting all day. I need major help. Do I change my skincare routine or change my makeup? Or both? I've used BareMinerals for years and have always loved it but it's not holding up it's end of the deal anymore. I'm not perfect, I get lazy sometimes and don't always take my makeup off before bed but that happens like once, possibly twice a week. My typical routine is to take my makeup off with Neutrogena wipes, and then wash my face (just switched back to Neutrogena for blackheads), then I do spot treatment on my acne, and put face lotion on. Sorry for the long post but I'm desperate for some solid advice on what to do. 
I'm looking for a moisturizing lip product with not too much color. I have pale skin and don't really like bright lip colors. I do like lip gloss, but I want to be sure it's moisturizing and isn't too sticky.   Could I get a few recommendations for Sephora's best lip products?
Is there anything out there that can pre treat zits? Talking about the red and hurts part. I have sensitive skin.
I'm really struggling to find a foundation that is pale enough for me. My skin is pale, neutral-to-yellow undertones, and somewhat dry. Shades I've tried that are too dark: MUFE Ultra HD Y205, Estee Lauder double wear 1N1, Lancome teint idole 090N, Urban Decay naked 0.5. I'm starting to think I'm going to have to buy white pigment and mix it in.
My hair is blonde, that real golden blonde when uncolored. But it changes hues during different seasons, getting darker in winter, and lighter in summer, sometimes changing overnight...   but lately i will wake to a black hair, a full black hair on my head, which i do not have normally, black from root to tip... is something wrong? what is the cause? I do not have grey hairs at all BTW... THANKS SO MUCH!!! Jo
This thread is closed. Thank you for participating!   The founders of IGK are taking your hair questions on BeautyTalk. Ask a hair question and/or upload a photo for customized advice. Come back to chat live with the renowned hairstylists on Wednesday, March 22, between 10am and 2pm PDT. Ask them anything—from personalized product recommendations to how to get the most-wanted looks of the season.   Be sure to click “Follow this thread” on the right side of this post to be notified via email when one of your questions is answered.
Planing to replace my Makeup forever Pro-finish (140) with all natural/organic makeup options. If you know any alternatives, please suggest ?  I am beginner in makeup therefore plz recommend all the must haves for everyday makeup. Thank you. 
What are everyone's thoughts about the sephora foundation? positive and negative? for dry skin. 
what is the most effective and affordable anti aging product? i need help finding one that actually will work overtime.
I just recently purchased Kat Von D's lock it foundation and I'm in LOVE!   I know the powder shades match up with the foundation number wise, but I'm not sure how to find my corresponding concealer shade? If it helps my Lock-It Foundation shade is Light 44 Cool. Thanks! 
I am looking to get the clinique superbalanced silk foundation but don't know what shade... I am a light 42 neutral in Kat Von D Lock-it foundation. Thanks!!
Hello All, I have normal to oily skin that is sensitive and acne prone and I was wondering what is a great foundation to cover everything, blend to look a little natural, medium to full coverage, one that won't make me breakout and possibly luminous. I also would love if the foundation wouldn't crack and break up throughout the day I currently don't own a foundation I like I own one I own the makeup forever ultra hd and I use the Tarte shape tape concealer but that looks cakey. Thank you all so much and take care!!      
Hi! I currently live in the UK so don't have access to a sephora. I'm in the shade  Y235 in Makeup for ever Ultra HD foundation, and I was wondering what shade I would  be in their full cover concealer??? I have the shade 6 right now but it seems too dark. 
When I have my self tanner on, my perfect shade match is Hourglass  Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint in Shell and Nars Creamy Concealer in Vanilla (Colour IQ: 1R04). I'm looking to match this with the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops.    I use LM Tinted Moisturizer in Porcelain everyday. Since it's a TM, I find the sheerness allows me to blend it out to match my skin tone.   I've tried using the colour IQ, but I know that it's not incredibly accurate but here's the results I found in the Cover FX drops shades (their lightest shades, I don't think P or G will work): 1Y02 - N10 1Y03 - N20 2R04 - N25 2R03 - P20 3Y03 - G20   So since the Colour IQ accuracy is questionable, I'm seeking your advice! Which one do you think would be the best match for me? Thank you  
I have been wanting to get the Make Up Forever Matte Velvet Foundation and the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation but I don't know what shades to get. My old foundation are Smashbox Studio Skin in 0.5 and Clinique Superbalanced Silk in 01 Silk Porcelain. I have a hectic and busy life right now and I don't have time to go in store and get shade matched. Please Help!!!!
I bought an Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette in Naked from Poshmark (yeah, yeah...) last week. I was impatient receiving it because shipping was taking forever, so I went to Ulta (sorry it wasn't Sephora )and bought another palette but in N00ner (looked better on me.) When I received the palette from Poshmark, I compared them and noticed many small differences. I'm new to this brand, so I couldn't tell if the palette from Poshmark is a counterfeit, or simply an older version of the product. What do you ladies think?    
Hey, I want to buy NARS all day luminous foundation but as I live in a country where there is no Sephora I can't find my right shade. I know my shade in Makeup Forever ultra HD foundation which is: 120=Y245 Soft Sand. And in Clarins Everlasting foundation my shade is: 108 Sand. I m confused if my shade in NARS would be Fiji or Punjab. Please help me out. Thanks in advance <3