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I have aging skin and can't use lotions with scent.  What's recommended brands that can hydrate skin all day and not be greasyand smelly?  
I have several questions. I have had extremely oily skin and when it was fixed it then started to be extremely dry. I spent forever trying to find a foundation and primer that would work, nothing did. Randomly my skin started to be normal, not too dry or oily but makeup still doesn't completely sit right. It doesn't last long on my face, give it a couple hours and it will look like I have barely to none on. It also oxidizes really bad, I am in the lightest shade but it turns dark. I have looked up ways to fix this but nothing helps. I exfoliate, I moisturize, I prime, and I have even used a setting spray. Ive tried expensive makeup brands and even cheap brands, I have tried full coverage to medium coverage.  No matter what I do, nothing seems to stay on or stay close to my shade.
Since the Clinique Moisture Surge tinted moisturizer is now discontinued, what is the best alternative? For my under eyes I use Clinique's all about eyes concealer in the shade medium honey and on top of it I would apply Clinique's tinted moisturizer in shade 4. What is my best tinted moisturizer alternative to apply over the under eye concealer, and what shade? Thank you!
I have dry skin mostly and very sensitive skin. I've used Orgins Modern Friction exfoliator twice a week for two weeks. the result was more breakouts. i had more pimples than I started with. is that normal or should a switch to another product?
I'm currently really liking the MUFE Ultra Hd foundation, but the shade I have, R230, is a bit too pink. Any suggestions on a different shade?
I went to my local Sephora and they didn't have this foundation in the store but when they found my skin IQ it was a Y303, so I was wondering what shade I would be in this foundation? Thank you! xo
My skin is very dull and I'm not sure how to get my skin glowy. This isn't an issue when I wear makeup but I would like to not have to wear a full face of makeup everyday. I wash my face and moisturize everyday and deeply exfoliate 3-4 times a week. I drink plenty of water. What can I do? Thank you for your time.
I want medium coverage as I'm going to school and I don't want them to notice that I'm wearing foundation. My skin gets a bit oily as the day goes by so I want the product to have a matte finish or something like that. What's the best product for me?
Which would be my color. My undertone is neutral and my tone medium. 
I need new foundation. I'm currently using IT cosmetics CC cream in shade fair. While I do like that it covers redness and imperfections I do not like that it isn't oily-skin friendly. I don't have time to re-apply throughout the day and I use finishing powder & setting spray. More than that, what I strongly dislike about this product is how pasty white I look in daylight and especially in pictures. I know I'm pale and unless I go tanning (NOT happening) there's not much I can do about it but I also don't enjoy looking like a ghost. I've been reading reviews and watching first impression videos on Youtube and have it narrowed down to Too Faced Born this Way or Makeup Forever Mat Velvet. Any thoughts? Which is better or is there another product that is superior to either of these? Thanks!
I love my shishedo lash curler but I need a mascara that pops on my hooded eyes I like my roller lash by benefit but I feel like in pictures it's not noticeable 😟 please help me find a mascara that will be noticeable in pictures
I'm 38 years old, and I'm looking for a primer that would both fill in wrinkles (especially around my eyes) but also not cause me to break out. Does such a product exist? The creased concealer look is not cute.
ok so I have dark spots on my face and I've tries all the homemade remedies or whatever but they are not fading? I've tried turmeric, witch hazel, lemon juice and neem oil. I'm looking for preferably one product that will help.     thanks so much    
Last time I was matched, they didn't let me save it to my account, instead just showed me KAT Von D's in 52 Neutral. What would my color iq be in that shade? 
What is a good foundation that won't settle in tiny wrinkles in 75 year old skin.  Or should I stick with tinted moisturiser
I am suffering from severe forehead acne since last few months. I never had acne before as a teenager. I am 22 years old and have very dry skin. I have tried a lot of stuff but nothing is really working. Any suggestion will be helpful.
hello,        I am a 27 year old who has had a history of acne since puberty anyways, but in my early 20's it had pretty well subsides. About a year ago the acne came back with vengeance. Now I'm a mother of 2 with a limited amount of time to spend on skin care and everything that seemed to work before doesn't work now. I need some suggestions on how to clear my acne and keep it at bay. I have a combination oily face with sensitive skin. The actual worst part about it is the red discoloration left by the old acne. Any good information would be greatly appreciated. 
I've narrowed it down to  SEPHORA COLLECTION Geometricolor Palette Blockbuster ITEM 1802198   which i like because it looks like so much and has some guidance, i think.   or    SMASHBOX Master Class Palette: Lighting Theory ITEM 1833425 which still has a good variety ( i think) and potentially nicer quality?  or ?  anyone have any thoughts on comparison?   xoxo y thank you in advance - !! coco
  What is your favorite highlighter? Hello lovlies!  I am purging my stash and thinning it out. I am only keeping what I truly love.  One of the collections I am keeping is my LE highlighter collection.  I love them!    Here are some pics of my unused ones. It is dark out , so pics not that great!  Please share your favorite highlighters, sparkly shimmery goodness! Post your pics and your faves!   
I want to get my friend an eye shadow palette for Christmas that is high end but not to expensive, what should I get her?
I want to get my friend an eye shadow palette for Christmas that is high end but not to expensive, what should I get her?
The Makeup Forever Duo Mat Powder Foundation Light Beige is sold out, what color would match this in the Pro Finish Multi-use Powder? Or what color would match the Light Beige in another good foundation powder brand? Thanks! 
I am a 48 year old woman and am in need of some advice. My face is very dull looking and I have lines on my forehead and from my nose to the corners of my mouth. Not sure what products to use to help with this. Please help!!