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I'm going to NC in two weeks and would like to pick a few items up. I'm wondering if there is any way to get points from those purchases?
My boyfriend has an oily nose and the skin under his eyes is getting a little bit damage with dark circles and fine lines, even dryness.  He is turning 50 and very concern about looking nice. What could you recommend? ...please help!  
In search of a setting power that doesn't not wash you out. I am currently using dermablend white setting powder and it's great because  it leaves skin matte, however I notice that in pictures my face looks really pale and washed out. Any recommendations??
I have battled severe acne for many years and I finally have it under control. However now I have hyper-pigmentation and some pretty deep acne scars. I have used Dr Brandt's exfoliator and it has been a miracle worker for the hyper-pigmentation, however I'm in search of a product or products that can help with the scarring. I also have a lot of overall redness, especially around the eyes. I guess just looking for something to help take care of the scarring and overall brightening. Anything suggestions are helpful! 
I need an eyeliner for my waterline that stays and doesn't smear. I heard great reviews about UD 24/7 and bought it but I'm slightly allergic to it so it actually makes my eyes water more. Please help, I've been through so many different eyeliners and I just want a decent one. 
Hi there -   I'm a huge consumer of mascara and eyeliner. I used to have a great face wash that could handle the chore of removing my eye makeup as well as clean my face, but it was discontinued.   I want one product - a face wash - that can do the trick. I don't want to use eye makeup remover after I wash my face.    Any thoughts?
I need a skin care routine! I'm 34 and haven't really done any skin regimen for years. I have the forehead and under-eye lines, mild breakouts and combination skin that leans towards oily. I am overwhelmed with the choices of serums, toners, eye creams, cleansers, moisturizers, sunblocks, etc. What are they all for? Do you need them all?  What products I need and in what order do I use them?
I am 26 yrs old and I am looking for a night cream. I have combination skin, very oily in the tzone. Any suggestion?
Hi, I'm trying to find good skincare products for my mother. She is 53 years old, has ashy dry, sensitive skin, and has wrinkles forming all over her face, specifically around her eyes, forehead, and smile lines. 
I tried a sample of the cool honey and it matched my skin. Problem cool honey is out of stock. The only option is warm honey right now. I need foundation asap. I need to know the difference between the warm and cool honey. Help
If Sephora doesn't carry the "Mineral" primer is there another primer that is close?
I started using my clarisonic a month ago with the sensitive brush head, once a night. I developed small pimples on my forehead and cheeks about two weeks into it. Now, I have weird bumps just about all over my face that are slightly itchy. They seem to be under the skin everywhere. It's very upsetting being that some people are getting improved texture from the clarisonic and mine is horrible. I switched to the delicate brush two days ago but it feels just as rough and I haven't noticed a difference? Do you think these bumps are from irritation? Has this happened to any of you? Do any of you use the delicate brush and has it made a difference? PLEASE HELP
A little background: Skin: Oily Color: around ivory, i live in San Diego so the sun is always shining on the face. I do have acne, It hasnt been bad for the past 5 months until recently i switched up my cleaning routine, I am currently in the process of getting a clear face with my old products. My question is, What foundation do i use!? I have been a makeup lover forever and i know how to paint my face pretty darn well. But its always a hit and miss when it comes to foundation. Recently i went and picked up Makeup Forever Mat velvet + matifying foundation and i hate it. After an hour i feel like the foundation makes me oily. I use true match and that lasts at least 5 hours, so it has to be the foundation. The primer i use is the one from Hour Glass and i absolutely love it! I was looking at the new YSL foundation but its so expensive so i am trying to find a bit cheaper foundation before i fall in love with something that will break my bank every few months.....The foundation has to be full coverage. any suggestions please?!!  
I want to use a (or a few) Boscia skin cleaners/moisturizers, since I've heard great things about them from friends and reviews, but I don't know the differences between all the (cleansers etc.) products. What is best for a not-so-oily face? Do you have an opinion on any? Any answers are greatly appreciated, thank you.
Hey everyone i am in desperate need of help!!! I have oily eye area and no matter what i do my eye liner ends up in my under eye area even when i don't put eyeliner on my lower lash line, i have bought "smudge proof liner" water proof liner and mascara thinking that my mascara that i put on on my lower lashes rub off on my skin, i just don't know what to do any more, can someone please help me!!!
I have the most oiliest skin on earth.  Nothing seems to work for me.  Currently I am using Becca's Ever Matte Primer, followed with Tarte's 12 hour amazonian clay, with tarte concealer, and cover fx pressed powder to set and set it with the Urban Decay 12 hour all nighter setting spray.  By 11 am my skin is beginning to look greasy, and by 4 my makeup looks as if it is melting off my face.   I use Algenist pore minimizing moisturizer, Ole Heriksons Ultimate Eye lift cream and cleanse morning and night using my clarisonic mia 2 with philosophy purity.     I have tried smash box primers, make up forever matte foundation, kat von d's lock it foundation, smash box 12 hour foundation, basically it seems like everything!    What is a good remedy for this? I have rosacea, and need coverage because of my combination skin (extremely oily t zone, cheeks, but dry in certain areas).  I want a good foundation that can go the distance and not add to my already oily skin.  PLEASE HELP!!!  
went to purchase bare minerals customizable starter kit that includes choice of foundation for 49.00 for entire kit. Product states the price would adjust at checkout. However it only adjusted 14.00 so the total price for kit was over 60.00 not 49.00. Am I doing something wrong?
My fav Lancome waterproof mascara failed me today when I went to raging waters. All the mascara smudged to the bottom of my eyes and looked horrible (I didnt notice until 2 hrs later). Can someone recommend me a "real" waterproof mascara that does not budge even with a makeup remover- thanks.
I'm looking for a foundation like Clarins "Instant Smooth Foundation" which isn't made anymore.  Anything similar out there?
I like buying from Sephora because of it's fab return policy...among other reasons. Is there anything that they won't allow you to return? 
I just bought the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Highlighter and I'm in love with the texture and the fact that it's not glitter explosion! But: I don't have a brush that will apply it right. All the brushes I own don't pick up the product or apply the product the way a highlighter should. So tell me what brush I should use! And I am open to all brands not just sephora brand! Thanks so much in advance
One of my friends swears by Dior Capture Totale One Essential. She says it completely changed her skin and made her fine lines and wrinkles disappear.    I've read several reviews, and people either think it's life-changing or they think it's a waste of money. One reviewer who loved it said she stopped using it because it has alcohol in it and alcohol's bad for your skin. (On a side note: What does alcohol do to your skin? I'm a newbie and have no clue!)   I'm thinking about giving it a shot for myself and also for my mom for Christmas. Since it is so pricey, what do you all think about it?
hi any idea whens the next event of 20 % off on entire store sephora... also there is this utube girl i she had a 1000 points and wanted to use it ....for that she got 20% off anything in store its the graveyard girl by the way also i asked my sephora and they said they will be coming out with this deal... any one shed some light on this pleaseeeeeee thanksss
i have been waiting on sephora supreme cleansing has been out of stock for ages now....any one in higher ups can tell me when this will be back ? thankyou
I would like to try a non black or brown mascara, but not sure what color would work best. I want a color that actually looks like the color. Have tried too many that barely even show up on my lashes. Any recommendation on colors and/or specific products?
I recently bought a makeup brush at Sephora - It was probably a foot long (maybe a smidge shorter) - the handle was black, the brush bristles were long.  It came with this super cool plastic cover for the brushes that had a lid, so you could put it on and off of the brush easily.  I travel constantly and LOVE this brush.  I lost it on my last trip.  I just bought it about a month ago - any ideas of what it might have been?  Thanks.
Wanted to know what my matches would be for Nars' Sheer Glow and Sheer Matte because I was matched in store with Syracuse, but its too dark. Thanks.
Was this always in stock? 6?skuId=1572916   I couldve sworn i looked for it a few months ago with no avail...Just made an order for it!