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Hiya   Ive been looking for a contour kit and am stuck between Kat Von D Shade+Light or ABH countour kit. Im NC30-35 in MAC and I use Urban Decay Naked Skin in 4.5 as my foundation. I also use Gingerly in Nars' line of radiant creamy concealers. I have an olive/medium complexion with a yellowish undertone.   It's easy for me to find a contour shade for my cheeks and temples but Im hoping to invest in the kit that is best for contouring my nose. Any advice? Thanks!
I have been using the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade for a while now...but in the hot spring/summer weather I feel like it is too thick. I am looking for a brow product that is lightweight and easy to apply but will fill in my brows and keep them in place.   I am very fair and have blonde hair so I'm looking for something on the lighter side as well!   Any suggestions?
I would like to know what shade I would use in MUFE HD foundation? I have previously used MAC NC20, Bobbie Brown in Warm Sand, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk in 4.5.
Hi! I am a color med in bare minerals powder foundation. What color would I be in their complexion rescue?
I'm almost at the end of my Glamglow jar and I was wondering what kind of scooping tool (makeshift or store bought I don't mind) you use to scoop up the bits stuck along the sides, bottom, and edges. It's 76$ a jar and I want to get the most out of it. I've used my fingers but there's some places I can't reach. I know Sephora used to sell one, not sure if they still do and if it actually works well for that.
I'm an NC20 in mac, what color would I be in the Tarte Amazion Clay 12 hour full coverage foundation?
I'm attending an event next weekend and I'm trying to figure out what foundation to wear. I find that Clinique Even Better lasts the best for me when I have to be outside in the heat, but I'm scared that it'll cause flashback in photos because it has the low SPF. Has anyone had experience with this foundation causing that? Also, does anyone have suggestions for a setting powder? My skin has began to get oily around my T-zone and I don't think my MSF Natural will hold up in the heat. Thanks!
I'm really interested in Kevyn Aucoin the primed skin developer (normal to dry / normal to oily) and the sensual skin fluid foundation at the moment and wonder if anyone tried either of them. I googled and searched reviews on YouTube and IG, yet I couldn't find much.   From what I've found so far, most of them raved about the primer, saying it's the best they ever and very hydrating ;and Wayne goss loved the fluid foundation and some said it's better than Armani Maestro, but some others also pointed that it tends to sink in pores and fine lines. Color selection is also a very tricky matter with it. I found the swatch photo from camera ready site and I'm even more confused and strongly feel that the site made a mistake switching sf02 and sf03 marks. I'm around NC15-20 for MAC, 115 for MUFE HD, 10 ivory for Dior, Mont Blanc for NARS and 2 for Armani. I usually go for the lightest or second lightest shade in any foundation line in the market, but Kevyn Aucoin's products seem like they have the palest fair shade, even lighter than NARS Siberia! (I have the sensual skin enhancer in sx05 and it works and light enough for me.) I don't think sf02 will work for me, probably too light, so I have to go with either sf03 or even sf05? Need help here..😢   I'm also considering to get the celestial Skin liquid lightening since I'm about to finish my Dior glow maximizer. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't hate it anyway but hesitant to buy between KA and Becca liquid shimmering skin perfector in Moonstone. Anybody has both of them??   I would appreciate any kind of suggestion, reference and help. Thanks in advance😘  
Hi. I am traveling the middle east this summer (around 100 degrees and humidity) and i am in need for some products that will help me survive the trip. I am 16 years old with combination skin and light skin. I already bought oil sheets but i still need some recommendations for foundation/BB creams/etc. and any other products you may think would be helpful. THANK YOU!
What is better HUM Skinny Bird or Flatter me? If you are slim but not over weight and not skinny which is best. I like exercising and try to eat healthy. I want to stay in shape, plus its near summer and I want to keep up with my body. I am 15. Thank you!
I use Hourglass liquid to powder foundation and when I use a liquid concealer to highlight, the concealer cakes up. Is there a concealer that is ideal for that type of foundation?
2015-05-03 16.06.36.jpg
I have a lot of fine, long lashes, but I have a hard time finding a mascara that doesn't make them clump together.  Also, with some brands by the end of the day I have black smudges all under my eyes. I think I have oily lashes that just don't hold mascara well.   I just ran out of mascara and I miss having dramatic eyelashes!  Do you know a mascara I should try that won't clump or bleed?    
What is a good nail colour for older hands?  I am in my 60s.  I know that skin colour is important (I am fair in colour).  Also - I need to have the colour look 'professional'.  Dark colours make my hands look older and light colours make me look like I am trying to be a "young wanna be". I have looked at the hands of other older women and haven't seen a colour that I really like yet.  Thank-you
I have several non-peel facial mask products that say to leave on for X-minutes and then tissue off .  What kind of tissue do they mean?  Certainly not the Kleenex-type nose tissues.  I've seen some discussions about oil-blotting tissue, (wrapping) tissue paper, or rice paper or other oil blotting papers, and even toilet seat covers (!).    But I've never seen anything that expressly addresses what to use for these masks.  Is there a product out there without powder in them, or are we suppose to make our own?  Thanks!
I am in my mid 30s and I decided to splurge on the Premier Cru eye cream from Caudalie because I love the line, but unfortunately, it caused me to have milia under both eyes within a week's use and I had to stop using it. I do not have any wrinkles yet, so I want to use a good preventative eye cream to preserve my skin. Overall, my skin is oily around t-zone and combination on other parts of the face. Should I buy the Cauldalie Vinoexpert serum for the eyes and use it on its own AM and PM without any eye cream? Or should I buy the Vinosource SOS eye cream which seems much lighter than the Premiere Cru? I am also open to trying other lines as long as the product is paraben free and comes in a tube or pump, no jar. Please advise. Thanks! 
Hello! So I've recently been trying to find a good foundation for my oily skin especially since the summer months are coming up. I am looking at the Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation Mattifying Oil Free by Hourglassbut while watching some reviews I heard that it tends to cling to your facial hairs which is not very peaking to me; I also heard that it is for mature skin and I am a young lady so I'm not sure if it would work, I do like the fact that everyone said it keeps you completely matte all day. I've also been looking at the tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour full coverage liquid foundation but I've heard that does control oil. I've also looked I to the NARS sheer glow but don't think that would be suitable for my skin type. I am a cruelty free consumer and need some help, do you think the Hourglass foundation would work for me?
Hey BT! I've been reading a bit about heated eyelash curlers and I'm starting to see a couple of people mention them on youtube. Has anyone here tried using one? If so, which one did you use? I've seen a couple of them sold by Sephora and then heard of others on the market as well. I've never been good with a typical eyelash curler and am wondering if this is something that could work for me.    Also, has there been any information about how safe they are? I am just wondering how safe something that is heated can be held that close to your eye.    Any insight anyone has would be greatly appreciated! 
 I have to do this makeup for a show but I can't seem to get the right cheek/undereye color. Any suggestions?
Hello, I have been searching avidly everywhere online in USA and beyond, for the "Philip B Blue Spray (Skin Cooling Mist)" .. has been discontinued by Philip B, but is still available at some stores.. Any ideas where I can check, or, does anyone know of a product that is comparable to this? Seriously helps bone Cancer & chronic pain (the aromatherapy qualities).. thank you for any ideas/thoughts/help/knowledge that you may have... God Bless You ~LyndsieDee
Hello,   I'm wondering what people use to carry their Beauty Blenders when traveling? I'm currently using a case I found at Muji that fits the BB pretty well, but the last time I travelled, I forgot to unpack it right away when I got back, and my BB got moldy.     Interested to see what travel storage solutions people have for this particular item since it needs to be wet.   Thank you!  
I am not a sensitive skin person and never have this problem before. Lately I have been getting a burning feeling after using all kind of moisturizers (FAB, origins, etc.). I mean FAB is supposed to sooth my skin. Can someone tell me why?
Hi ladies   I need a hair styling tool mostly for curling. I have fine and straight hair with medium thickness. My hair does not hold style easily, even with the use of products. Also I have never invested into a good tool, its about time I do so. I have been looking into the instyler or the t3 twirl 360. If you have experience of either of these or any suggestion for a good styling tool, please let me know. Thanks!
Hello, I'm 34 with fairly normal skin. It used to be oily but has changed in past few years to normal (and VERY slightly sensitive, though not enough to really be a concern.) What I'm looking for is something to address my under-eye wrinkles which have developed in the past year. I've had forehead wrinkles for quite some time but recently saw lines looking like crows feet and some wrinkling that goes from under eye are to top of cheeks. It's kind of hard to explain, sorry! I also have a lot of dark spots from sun damage. I have used retinols and glycolic acids on & off infrequently over the past 10 years, as well as light moisturizers. What I've used so far in the past 2 years to address my current issues have not worked well: Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu brightening mask (great hydration but did nothing for my dark spots and wrinkles) Philosophy renewed hope in a jar: did not minimize wrinkles at all, Ole Henriksen 3 little wonders: making my under eye area VERY dry and seeming to deepen the wrinkles there. Long story short, I need something to hydrate my under-eye area and give me anti-aging benefits, and would love a multi-tasking product for my dark spots as well. Any suggestions are welcome and thank you so much for reading my long post!
I am new to this atomizer thing and want help about how to clean it to eliminate all the smell of perfume that was filled in it so it don't compromise the smell of a different fragrance that I want to fill in it..... Thanks
I been debating on whether to  purchase a Tria, Silk'n or an Iluminage. I always go to the spa and get my Brazilian laser hair removal, but it cost near the amount of a device for just one time. I'm use to the pain, and I always get amazing results since I'm an ideal candidate.  What are the differences between these devices and which one would be better for the dark hair and an olive skin tone? Which one would be ideal for just the bikini area and underarm area? Any answers would be great. Thanks!
What 2 or 3 Sunday Riley products do you recommend for someone wanting to start a regimen for older skin? I'm especially interested in the oils and a moisturizer.
I currently use Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation in 1.1. I want to try the Sephora Collection Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation. What color would work best?
I was looking at Cover FX drops, but need less steps as a busy new mom. My color IQ of 3Y06 matched me to Laura M Silk Creme Oil free in Beige Ivory, but that's light with neutral to warm undertones. Interesting, because in person, most pros think I'm cool undertone. I was sampled Rose Ivory and it's so pink and light. I prefer a neutral finish and was wondering if Bamboo Beige would be light enough?