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I have freckles all over my face, I would really like to know if there are any products that will balance out my skin tone(maybe help with oiliness or redness) but not completely cover my freckles or make them appear grey. I've been told to use low coverage powder foundations or skin tints but I'm completely lost on what products.
Hello beaty people  so i have no idea how to put on/make the perfect winged eyeliner save me by telling me how to do this
I dye my hair blonde and since my eyebrows are black, I dye them to match my hair color. (I am very very careful when I do this). However, my brows don't stay dyed very long. Is there a product I could use that would change the color of my brows from black to a lighter shade without looking overdone? Also they have started becoming more sparse despite the fact that I've always been careful not to over pluck.   Thanks for reading
  Any recommendations for a night cream/serum that helps promote cell turner and lighten/slough off acne scarring/dark spots? I am acne-prone and have sensitive, combination skin. Thanks!
Whats the best foundation and concealer to cover a scar from surgery on my face? I'm interested in the It Bye Bye foundation and concealer and would like some feed back on the product, as well as other suggestions. Thank you.
I am over 50 and have a scar on my eyelid. I use concealer and eyeshadow to hide the scar. When I use primer under eyeshadow, my eyelids wrinkle badly and make the scar look worse.  When I go without primer, the effect is better but the eyeshadow wears off quickly.  Is there a primer that does not have such a dehydrating effect?  I am allergic to bismuth and many primers contain bismuth.
Hello! If I just took the Skin tone test in a Sephora store, and they recommended me to buy the Cover Fx foundation in the N 30 tone, what is my color tone?? Thank you!!!
I've been using Mary Kay for several yrs as I have sensitive aging skin but would like to change my skincare regimen as I'm looking for more dramatic results and I've heard positive reviews for drunk elephant. What would you recommend for late thirties with some sun damaged sensitive skin?
hello !! i wanted to know if someone could help me pick a foundation color ??   i currently use the makeup forever ultra hd invisible cover foundation but it isn't enough coverage for me, so i'm looking to try the marc jacobs re(marc)able full coverage foundation, but the problem is, i don't know what shade i'd be for it. with the makeup forever foundation i was matched at the store and was shade Y205 (albaster). my color IQ is #1Y01, but i don't know how to match that to the marc jacobs foundation color choices. can anyone help ?? ://
I suffer from really bad creasing, smile lines! I love to do my makeup but I'm now at the point I of stopping doing my makeup because of these lines. Is there ANYTHING out there that can stop/prevent these. Thanks x
I need help on choosing the best color from Makeup forever foundation stick
Hello, I have combo and sensitive skin and I have a lot of acne and pimples and I was wondering what products will help for acne and acne scarring. Thank you have marvelous day!!
I'm looking at products like "Skin Inc. Pure Revival Peel" and "Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel" for general skin care and keeping dead skin off my face etc. My concern is this, they all say that they brighten your skin and I am a brown skinned girl who likes looking tanned. If I use this, how much will it actually lighten my skin? Is there a better product to use for those of us who don't want to look lighter? Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
Hello, I am a female, 38 y.o. and I am looking for eye cream, night cream, and for day cream too. My skin is normal to dry. Could you please recommend something suitable for my age?
What is a fall lipstick color for Kat Von D too bright but light that makes no one will notice 
Hi Everyone! I am looking for a primer or any product to tame my extremely oily face (t-zone). Any recommendations? Thanks in advance
I have really sensitive skin and I want to use a color corrector for my dark circles. Are there any particular yellow/peach ones that are best for sensitive skin? 
Hi everyone!!! I'm looking for a good lightweight foundation or a bb cream that still has good coverage. I currently use one of the Mac foundations but for every day, I find that it's a little too heavy on my skin. I'm willing to try anything! Thanks!!! 
Does anyone know if the Sephora skin IQ matches concealer a to your actual skin tone or does it go a few shades lighter than your skin tone? I know my skin IQ and some concealed came up and I didn't know if it automatically shows a them a few shades lighter.
Hi, my family got me a gift card for the Holidays, but I have been using the same products since middle almost 10 years now. I only wear eyeshadow and mascara. Any suggestions for a newbie or good skin care products? Thanks! 
I just recently bought the Luna 2 and I think I may be returning it in favor of getting a smaller device - I like the customizability of the Luna 2 but the size is a little cumbersome. I was looking into getting the Luna Go rather than the Luna Mini since the Luna Mini only comes in one skin type and I think I am more suited toward the oily or sensitive skin Luna.    Does Sephora have any plans to carry the Go or will they only have the Luna Play as a smaller, more universal option to the Luna 2 and Mini? 
I want to buy Make Up Forever HD Concealer.  I've used the Lifting Concealer for years in shade #3. I need help knowing which shade I should use in the HD.  Any help would be appreciated! 
Do you have a good lip primer or balm recommendation for use under liquid lipsticks?
  I'm 37 and  after many years of ugly breakouts, I finally got my combo/oily acne prone skin somewhat under control- although I am starting to notice more fine lines around my eyes  but that's a different story   I use the PTR Irish Mud Cleanser, Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner, and clinique dramatically different moisturizer. As of the past month, I also use the clarisonic Mia a few times a week and the origins charcoal mask weekly.  It feels amazing to not have a bunch of pimples, but I have a really uneven skin tone and the texture is HORRIBLE! Its so uneven. What products would you recommend to help with this issue. I'm so scared of trying new products and then starting to breakout again. Thanks for your help
I am currently using the YSL touche eclat le teint foundation I have 2 shades BR 45 AND B20 one for when I have a spray one for when I don't.I have dry skin so this was recommended by an employee at Sephora. Prior to my foundation I am using tarte Clean Slate Poreless 12-Hr Perfecting Primer and nars concealer after, I prime, apply my foundation conceal.Bake my under eye- you get it BUT Both shades come out patchy on my nose and is not full coverage, why is this? I set my face with spray but should I be setting it with powder too? This is so frustrating and a waste. 
So I was in a store the other week and I waited over an hour for someone to help color match me and no one was available. I left after waiting for so long. In the summer I wore Smashbox Studio Skin 15 hour wear foundation in 2.4. I wanted to try the new Anatasia Stick Foundation and what shade would you think I would be?   I was debating between that stick foundation and clinique's. I have used Bobbi brown's but it was a bit too thick and light for me.   Thank you!!! 
Hey all,   I was looking for a lip liner to go with ABH Pure Hollywood liquid lipstick.  I'm really bad at these things...   Also, if anyone could suggest nice lip shades for me that would be great! For reference, I have pale-ish skin with neutral to cool undertones, so corals/oranges/etc. generally DO NOT look good on me, at all.  I'm looking for cute light pinks (not barbie-doll pink) that would go with a more prominent eye look (so not dramatic lips).   Thanks!!