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Does anyone know if the Sephora Collection lipstick line "Lip Attitude" color no. S23 is still available? I think I got this lipstick last summer but haven't been able to find a replacement on Sephora's website. Thanks!
I was recently introduced to the Dior Hydra Life BB Cream and Nars tinted moisturizer and was wondering how the two would compare specs-wise (if their prices were put to the side). I have dry skin and am looking for something with light (but long-lasting) coverage. My shade is available in both products.   Thanks!
I want to try the new Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick and am unsure about what shade I'd be. My color IQ is 1R06 for reference, and I wear the color shell in the Immaculate Foundation. Thanks!  
Hello! Im Y375 in MUF HD foundation. Im interested in the UD all nighter foundation but I'm worried on getting the wrong shade. If I'm Y375 what would I be for the UD all nighter foundation?   HELP!   Thank You!
I want to start wearing makeup and perfecting my makeup skills. I want to get the right brushes and the right products for my skin. I've been taking care of my skin for 7 years and have been using Nerium day and night cream for the past 10 months. I only break out in my t zone when I'm on my period and my skin isn't sensitive. I would like to know everything I can possibly know for beginners from face to eyes even skin care products. Price is important but I've been saving up to go shopping specifically for makeup this summer (which is almost over x-x) so it's not a pro lem if some items are a lil expensive.
I would like to change bronzer as I feel the color I use is too light. I have a medium complexion with combination skin. I am 51 so I use it for cheeks and eyes vs. a lot of makeup. Suggestions on brands and colors?
what foundation will work the best for me? i tend to get oily throughout the day, but i have some dry patches. i want a foundation that will help with both, won't emphasize my pores, and is around 30 dollars or for my skin?
need help finding a powder/bb cream/foundation for school! I'm fair with combo-oily skin (oily in t-zone, normal/dry with KP on cheeks). I want something that feels lightweight but lasts all day with my crazy skin. I also want something that will be natural looking---I stick to light neutral looks for everyday occasions, and my school allows only modest makeup (no neon yellow eyeshadow or black lipstick). As far as acne, I have very minor blemishes/blackheads, but redness is somewhat of a concern for me, mostly on my cheeks. I'd appreciate recommendations on face products (foundations, primers, concealers, powders, etc.) from Sephora, the drugstore, MAC, or even other stores! I just want something comfortable and nice-looking 
Hi all:   Getting married in October and need suggestions for a primer/foundation/setting powder that will not make my huge pores worse.  I don't even wear foundation or powder at all on a good day as the colour just goes into the pores and makes me look like I have little coloured dots all over my face.  The rest of the make up is planned, have the whole look, just need to get the basics down on the face to make it perfect.  Would appreciate some product suggestions!    Thx in advance  
I have some keratosis pilaris on my cheeks. The texture issues have improved since I got on the pill (what a great random side effect!), but I still have redness. Normally I'd just find a green color corrector, but I'm wondering if specific formulas will be better suited to the kp (still some bumps). Are there any correcting concealers, primers, foundations, etc. that work best for this?
Shiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser.jpg
I am currently trying to figure out what cleanser to get to use with my clairsonic at night!    My skin is very normal, can be oily in my t-zone with zero to no breakouts!    my current night time routine is; No. 7 cleansing oil, Purity face wash with my clairsonic, Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliant, and then Derma E DMA firming moisturizer!    I am just no longer satisfied with Purity, and want to switch to something i can use with my clairsonic at night, and by itself in the morning!    thought i should add that i am 22 years old! 
I have a question about picking a concealer shade. I currently use the Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation. I am in the shade Medium 57. I would like to know what shade I am in her Lock-It Concealer Crème, and also her Lock-It Concealer. Ive never used her concealer before just her foundation. I tried to use the Color IQ online but to make sure I'd like some help to pick my right shade for both her concealers.
What would my shade be in the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Stick/Liquid foundation be if in the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation I'm in the shade Warm Beige?
Hello!   I wanted to ask. I'm shade Y375 in MUF HD foundation. But I'm interested in trying out the new UD All Nighter foundation, can someone tell me what shade that would be?    Thanks!!
My friends always recommend it to me but I don't know if to buy it, is it worth it? Is it good for combination skin? Does it last longer? Thanks, Alésia.
I am considering getting this set. But I have never used a foundation, believe it or not. I usually just use a Bare Minerals all-over face color A Little Sun (but just as a highlight, not all over).                                                     I am 62 and want to cover up some of my lines on occasion, but not every day. I have absolutely no idea what shade to buy and the stores in my immediate area do not carry this item. Any tips for choosing a shade online? 
I was color matched in the winter with Tawny (3W1) for the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation, but now for the summer I am a little darker. Should I buy the next shade 3W2 or go to 4W1? I'm trying to avoid another trip to the store to be color matched again so I can just order online.
Hello I am a guy and I used to have acne mainly on my forehead.  I have some indented scars and very large/pitted pores as well.  I have had laser treatments done but honestly havent seen any improvement.  I am to the point where I just want some sort of cover up or concealer but I am a guy so it seems weird to me to have to ask it.  Are there any options for me?  I have I guess what you would consider to be combination skin, oily at times, but also dry in spots.  I have tried some BB creams and concealers but nothing seems to really help, both with concealing the pores and filling in my scars.  Advice?  
Hi I need help finding a color IQ number. I forgot what number I am and my skin tone is fair with subtle pink undertone. I use Urban decay naked liquid makeup in 2.5 . Thanks a lot. skin is always craxy I feel like & I've recently tried the past few months gel moisturizers. I LOVE THEM. They're perfect for combination skin like mine. (I'm on Tretinoin AND prescription benzl perox) It's really great bc I was having such an issue wearing foundation and looking dry & cakey so gel hydrates it really well.   The only thing I don't like about it is that it tends to make me oily throughout the day. I've read that's a side effect but is there some way I can counter act this? How can I make sure I'm getting enough moisture so my makeup goes on smoothly and doesn't look like it's caking on the surface?    PS - Yes I've tried primer (maybe the wrong kind) but pretty much everything Smashbox makes lol    Suggestions? Pretty Please!  
Hey guys, so I have adult acne and my skin gets very oily throughout the day. Does anyone have any recommendations for makeup primer to keep everything smooth, and/or also a setting powder or spray to make it stay?  Also, my skin is very sensitive so if I'm not careful I can dry it out to the point of flaking and rough patches. Please help, I'm desperate
hi everyone Im a newbie with brows.  yesterday I used stencils and cleaned up my blonde brows.  but  I need help with color. Im fair skinned and my brows are really light... what are some good colors and whats best powders? thanks
Hi guys , can you guys tell me which foundation should i get helppp i'm in the middle of dilemma either kat von d,makeup forever or nars ?
Good evening everyone! Okay so, I am hunting for a new Serum to use with my skin care routine. I have been using Lancome  Génifique serum. I like it but I do not love it. I feel like my skin still looks dull and just there. I am looking for something that is going to help with the dull, fine lines and wrinkles, also that is affordable. Obviously something that is anti-aging also. My skin is sensitive and also combination. I did the skin Q test and reccomneded drunk elephant  Glycolic T.L.C. Framboos, But I dont know if that is a good choice? seems expensive for something that im not sure on? hopefully you guys have some good advice , on what products would be good choices.! 
2016-02-03 18.51.28.jpg
Hi im looking for a liquid foundation that med/full coverage,that long wear, water resistant. I have dry skin so i have no idea whats good for my skin, Im Hispanic  im 36 med skin, with yellow olive skin tone I believe,    Can u recommend me a brand and what color I should get, Ive enclosed my picture