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I wear a BB cream called Missha M perfect cover cream in shade # 21 (light beigh) However, I have oily skin (looking for oil free make up products) and it wears off but I still like it because it's oil free. My skin gets oily /shiny on my forehead, nose and chin. How can I fix this? I've been told mineral make is best but how what are your suggestions ?  Second , what do girls carry nowadays in their make up bags ? Sorry for asking the same things. I'm a college student that recently became interested in make up. 
What is the best cleanser and moisturizer (one for day with SPF, one for night without), to use to cleanse & then hydrate sensitive, dehydrated, slightly combo to pretty dry, skin that is about to be treated with Differin (prescription topical retinoid) and Duac (prescription topical containing benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin) for moderate acne? I know my skin is already sensitive & VERY prone to dryness/dehydration, yet also prone to clogged pores, obviously. PLEASE HELP!! Thank you in advance!
I was wondering on your thoughts pertaining to Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightening Solution which I heard is great to use after the Alpha Beta Peel Pads that I currently use.    Any advice and/or thoughts are totally appreciated (and, as always, needed)!!!!!    I am 33 with fair, combination to oily skin that has hormonal breakouts with the occasional cysts. My concerns for my skin are acne and antiaging.  I currently use Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Cleanser, Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner, Philosophy Clear Days Ahead moisturizer (day), and Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra Pure Moisturizer (night). I also use Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads Extra Strength 2-3 times per week at night, Glam Glow SuperMud mask once a week and Fresh Rose Mask 1-2x's a week.   I had a previous post too inquiring as to whether I should switch cleansers to Dr. Gross' All-In-One Foaming cleanser, but had yet to hear back on that one.    
I really want to switch to good quality contour and in stick form, I just feel overwhelmed with all the choices. Any recommendations? 
I am 33 with fair, combination to oily skin that breaks out easily and gets hormonal breakouts with the occasional cysts. I currently use Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Cleanser, Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner, Philosophy Clear Days Ahead moisturizer (day), and Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra Pure Moisturizer (night). I also use Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads Extra Strength 2-3 times per week at night, Glam Glow SuperMud mask once a week and Fresh Rose Mask 1-2x's a week.   I am wondering if I should change up my routine slightly. I have heard good things about Dr. Dennis Gross All-in-One cleansing foam, but was wondering if that would be a good choice for me. Should I switch cleaners to Dr. Dennis Gross' one or stick with Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Cleanser?   Thank you.  
I'm a skin care guru and always like to keep up to date with the latest best products. I'm in need of a good eye cream and have found the most raved about is Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Ferulic Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum. I am obsessed with anti aging, but am only 25. Is this a good product for my age? I do not want to have negative affects by starting anti aging to early. What would be the best product?
I'm an NW15 in MAC Pro longwear foundation.What shade would I be in the Smashbox 15 Hour Hydrating Foundation? I recently got matched to a 1.1 in the Smashbox 15 hour hydrating foundation but I find it a bit grey / green on my skin. Is the undertone wrong and should I be trying the 1.2? 
I am using the following Shiseido products.  Are they all safe during pregnancy? -  Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream; - ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate; - Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream; - Benefiance NutriPerfect Night Cream; and  - Benefiance NutriPerfect Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 18. Thanks!
Hi all, I was hoping someone had some insight on brushes for the flash Dior spray....    Im trying to avoid spending the big bucks on the Dior Brush... Any thoughts ? Thanks,  K
I'm moving to Florence in a few months and would like to start a good skin care regime to keep my skin beautiful. I'm 27 and always get compliments, I am currently washing my face with Clinique gel cleanser and using the Clinique moisturizer as well. I just went through a little tub of the dark eye circles cream, but I didn't relly notice any difference. I have normal skin, maybe slightly dry in Winter/slightly sensitive. What else should I use in order to maintain my great skin into my 30s and also during my next few years in Florence?
In about 5 weeks I will be getting my certificate to finally be a certified makeup artist. I am doing it online. I am just wondering if Sephora has a discount program or to anything like that?
Hey guys, I'm new to the makeup game and all I have is cheap drugstore makeup that lasts like 5 min. I want to buy a set that'll have the essentials, any recommendations?
Hey everyone, I was wondering if any of y'all have tried the iluminage precise touch and want to share your thoughts on it.   I'm South Asian and have been blessed with dark facial hair and would really like something that's a tad more permanent than waxing or threading or epilating.   
I am experiencing breakouts and My dermatologist suggested I avoid acne treatments to give my skin a break. She suggested I use a really good skin care line (cleanser, toner, moisturizer, spf, with masks and exfoliators). I would prefer to stay within one line. I have heard really good things about Caudalie and Kate Somerville, but not sure which line to choose.
Hey all! I am looking for a recommendation for a fall face moisturizer. I'm going to the VIB Rouge event and wanted to pick something up then. I have combination skin usually but in the winter it's super dry so I have a really thick moisturizer - too thick for fall/end of summer. I do use a serum under it. Any recos? Thanks all!
So my smile isn't looking too good on account of the fact that I didn't take good care of it in my younger years. My fault of course. It's not too bad but I'd love to whitenn it up to feel more confident. There's so many different things out there so I thought I'd ask here. I don't really have a budget. Something that I can also easily attain since I live Canada, I don't mind getting stuff shipped in. Thanks in advance!
The GHD one is almost three times as expensive and is it worth the investment? I currently have the Conair one from walmart for $20 but I noticed it doesn't hold the curl anymore. I have thick pin straight hair. 
I wear MUFE in 128 Almond or Urban Decay Naked in 6.5. I am also a MAC NW25 or NW30.   I wanting to try the Estee Lauder Maximum cover to help cover some age/dark spots.  What color do you recommend?
Hello beauties,   I just bought a jar of coconut oil at Home Goods, and I was hoping y'all can share some ways you use it.  When I did a Google search on uses of coconut oil, hundreds of uses came up which overwhelmed me--so I preferred to post my question here, where I know I'll get the best advice. One of my friends uses it on her dry heels and said it works wonders!  She said her heels are as soft as a baby's skin.  If I were to apply it on my hair, would I do so before or after I wash it?  Does my hair need to be wet?  Any other suggestions/ideas?  Thanks!   Love, Daskala
hey, just wondering if anyone knows how many pumps i can get out of the new Makeup Forever HD foundation.....  It's 43, pretty expensive, so I would love to budget and see how long one bottle would last me! Thanks lol 
I just want an eyeliner for my water line that has good pigmentation and will stay put all day I had the smash box one which i liked but it doesn't twist up or sharpen so it lasted me about a month any advice?
Oddly, today I finished the most recent Coco Chanel biography (amazing) and I also got a really weird email through my youtube that if I wanted a boy I should wear more Chanel scents and Guerlain makeup.  Crazy timing (and comment) right?  But I got to thinking...I used to wear Chanel scents and I used to wear even more of their makeup.  The latter I've recently gotten more into ..and the product can be excellent though not always.  So, if I want more boys, or just to buy the best of Chanel, what should I be buying (or is Guerlain a better bet)?
I am looking for a foundation that would last in the SUPER hot and humed climate of Costa Rica while looking natural and not paisty/cakey. Also, it ihas AWESOME ingredients. (I have super sensitive skin) Also, I already use Dr. Jart BB spf 45 for my sunscreen and primer. Any ideas team? 
Dear beauty experts,   I have never invested in a high end foundation and I am trying to do so but am really unsure on which brand or type to try. I have normal skin, with an oily t-zone. My skin tends to react sensitively to some products (i,e, breakouts on my cheek or forehead) but generally my skin behaves and remains clear. I have issues with foundations accentuating my pores around my nose/cheeks.   I'm looking for a light-medium coverage foundation that will last all day, can be every-day, but will particularly serve me well for my sister's wedding. This includes humidity, photography, and a lot of running around.   I was considering MUFE HD or Face and Body but now I'm not so sure.   Any advice is welcome, my budget would be less than $50 I think.
is the moisturizer Aqua Bomb by Belif non comedogenic? if not, which brand makes one
I got the ever popular NARS concealer when I went to Sephora awhile ago. I listened to the associate when she recommended this to me based on what I was looking for: great coverage, long lasting, and NO CREASING! The NARS was what she recommended. I am not impressed now. The coverage? Wonderful. The lasting and non creasing power? Disappointing for the price tag. I have to carry this w/ me to work and reapply so my dark circles don't completely come through. Am I asking too much for a concealer to completely cover, last, and not crease?    What are good eye creams to wear under concealer?