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Ask The Experts
I need a good foundation with heavy coverage I am getting married in 2 weeks.  I have some scars on my face and recently has scar revision that went bad and have bigger pock like scars.  What are my best options ?
I always knew that my skin is oily, but I think my skin is also dehydrated....because I rarely drink water.. heheh.   I did a search and a lot of people recommended drinking more water (duh), Clinique Moisture Surge, and Korres Greek Yogurt Moisturizing Face Cream. Is there anything else that you can recommend?
I have horrible age spots and some scars on my legs. What can I do to cover them. I don't want a tan or bronzer - just need to make some of them disappear.
I would like a product that is $50 or under. I have oily acne-prone skin so something that is hypoallergenic, perhaps natural, and oil free would be great. The main obstacle for me trying to search for a good night cream is that I want to find something that has healing power to deal with acne scarring, current acne, and healing acne. Thanks!
is this stuff good to use in hot weather? I'm going to Miami in a few weeks I want to find something to fill in my eyebrows that wont melt off and will look natural under the sun. Any tips for my makeup during this trip? i'd really appreciate it. I bought Laura Mercier smooth finish flawless fluid for when i go, what setting powder would be a good choice to use? any really good primers or setting sprays recommended? I've used urban decays was never really impressed by it. :/
Most of the supplements from HUM have high ratings on this site, but I'm wondering if anyone has tried any of them? They're pretty new on here and I usually take the reviews here with a grain of salt. In general, I don't sit on either side of the fence when it comes to supplements and if they work or not. I'd love to hear anyone's experience with these - favorable or not so much. Although I'm interested in most of them, I'm particularly intrigued by the Runway Ready set and the Daily Cleanse.
I am in the Army and want to do a Pin-up photo shoot for my husband before I leave for 5 months of training.  What are some good techniques, products, ideas on how I should do my makeup?  I think I can do the lips (thanks to the free VIB rouge BITE lipstick) and already have natural curly black hair and tan skin but I feel that I need alot further guidance on getting the smooth thick makeup look and "bedroom or cat eye' effect   Thank You    
Can the Living Proof Prime Style Extender SPRAY be used on dry hair? I normally was my hair at night and when I curl my hair the next day they fall like a few hours later and that isn't going to help when i'm starting Cosmetology school and its a 7 1/2 hour school day and then i have to work. So can i put the Prime Style Extender balm or gel whatever it is in my hair at night before blow drying and then in the morning use the Prime Style Extender SPRAY before curling? I have long thick hair and I need my curls to last and not fall out 2 hours later so it looks like I didn't do anthing
I feel bad even writing this...and I'm not trying to offend any of the girls that work for Sephora. I just want to know if anyone else has had a bad experience with a makeover at Sephora. I went there yesterday for foundation, concealer and blush. She offered to try some products on me. I don't know if it was her or the lighting, but the concealer she had used (becca creamy concealer) was SO ORANGE on my skin. I am super pale, and I don't know why she thought it looked good. Then she tried a MUFE concealer under my eyes, and it was ghostly and all you could see was my purple bags. Next we moved on to foundation, and she still couldn't get a color right. So now I am totally clues as to what skin tone/IQ I am :-( A little disappointing. Do you know if they take makeup training classes like MAC does, or is it just basic application? Thanks for any feedback.
I've always used the d35 sephora brand pressed powder foundation. What color would it be for Kat Von d brand? Thanks
I've been having trouble finding the right foundation to fit my skin. All I'm looking for is all day full coverage non fading and waterproof foundation, if I could have some help finding some good products along that line that'd be great thanks
I am 47 years old. I have very large pores on my cheeks and redness in that area as well. And it's pretty oily. Is there anything that can help with that? Any suggestions for skincare and foundation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 
What is the "Fat Girl Slim" and "Sit Tight"?  I was trying to understand w/hat its for but not sure I understand?
Can anybody offer some information about how these products compare to one another?
I am looking for something to make my foot smooth and healthy. Is there anything anyone would recommend for me? I do have sensitive skin. Thanks
Hi, I struggle with very stubborn skin, my face is extremely oil prone, but if i use to harsh of product it will also peel yet still be very oily, anyways I was using Cliniques Stay Matte Powder Foundation it seemed to soak up excess oil and not cause alot of oil on my face, but now I see that it is no longer being sold. Does anyone have a recommendation for a powder foundation that will keep my face as matte and not oily as possible?? I also use face primer too and that helps a little bit..... Thanks!
I have been using Wen for three years and all of a sudden my hair is very dry, what could I do? 
I like that it holds a lot of uses per charge and doesn't require replacement brushes.  But wondering what you all think of it?
I use Guerlain's Lingerie de Peau liquid foundation and on lazy days the LDP BB. I usually use the BB with my fingers (which I hate, but that's what the instructions say) and the foundation with my MAC 190 (flat domed synthetic brush). I've read good things about MAC 187 (stippling brush) which I also have but I just can't see how that works. I have very good results with the 190, but it seems that this style brush is falling out of favor and I'm not sure why.   Is there another good brush I can try or should I just stick with the 190 if it's working for me - no streaks, perfect even application, etc. I'm always looking out for the "next best thing" and I guess I'm curious as to what that is. 
I have super oily skin, and I hate that by lunch my makeup is pretty much melted off.I have a few big events coming up and I want to look my very best for them and not have to worry about reapplying multiple times. I would like something with staying power that has pretty decent coverage because I do have blemishes on my chin. thanks so much!
Hey! I am very interested in the skin foundation stick by bobbi brown and before i purchase it, I want to know it it gives full coverage like another heavy liquid foundation would do?
Hey! I am looking for a very bright and long lasting hot pink color for my lips! It can be a lip stain or lipstick! Any suggestions for the brightest and boldest option?
Hi, Looking for an all-in-one eye product that helps dark circles as well as PTR Power K, but is more moisturizing. The PTR actually seems to dry the area out more. Had an allergic reaction to Clinique All About Eyes, so please don't reco that one! :-)
Hello! I am new to using blush and have purchased quite a few. I like the matte look more since shimmery shades make my huge pores stand out more. The problem is...I've got very oily skin, so I use an oil-free lotion, then a matte foundation on top and a light dusting of loose powder to set. By the time I apply the Tarte blush, my face looks so flat. I don't know if I am applying it wrong (my face is oval so i'm not 100% on where to place it) or should I be using different products? Maybe a liquid highlighter underneath? I'm so confused and have spent lots of $ trying to get a good combo down. Thanks for your help!
I love the Dior Forever Powder however when the product is nearing the end it crumbles and the compact itself breaks on the hinge.  This is the 3rd time I've purchased it, it has happened every time. Although I love the powder the packaging has left me frustrated.  If I wear the 030, what would I wear in the Dolce and Gabbana Foundation Powder Compact, am thinking of giving it a try. 
i really need to buy the kat von d lock it foundation but my finding my correct shade is the problem.I use nc 50 mac studio fix foundation and nc45 mac powder.
So I'm on the hunt for a glycolic peel or facial mask but I don't know where to start looking. Can someone please help me?
I am confused about the differences between (Shiseido) WrinkleResist24 Balancing Softener Enriched and (Shiseido) Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Balancing Softener. I don't know which one should I get.