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Is it black and blue or white and gold? You've all probably seen this before but I thought it would be fun to see what you all thought. This dress is literally breaking the internet.
so I am 17 and i am acne prone on my cheek area, i have an oily combination skin and i am really looking to just better my skin to cure and get rid of any blemishes or acne scars. Any products i can use?
I have used so many eye cream and under eye primers and nothing seems to work. My concealer always seems to crease or looking cake. I have been using nars creamy concealer with the banana setting powder and everyone seems to love it but me. I have extremely dry skin, but I have a good skincare regimen that I like besides a under eye cream. Any techniques or products to help??
I am 17 and I am currently battling acne, the breakouts usually occur on my cheeks and I've been using Tretinoin Cream to treat it. However I still have a lot of blemishes and I fear scarring like crazy, so is there anything that i can use on my oily combination skin?
My mascara ALWAYS rubs off of my lower lashes and onto the skin below my eyes and creates a "raccoon eye" effect...not cute. Any tips to keep this from happening?
Hi ! I have dry skin, and NARS luminous weightless foundation makes my skin even drier and leathery so I wanted to try Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation but I don't know what shade to purchase. In NARS I'm Benares, Dark 3. Please help, thank you !
Has anyone tried this yet? I noticed its finally back in stock and am deciding which shade to choose, between dark blonde and brunette. I need something warm toned, im currently using the brunette gel in ABH but i find the wand too big, and messy. I want something to lighten my brows on days when i don't feel like doing them or to add onto powder
Hello,   can anyone help,  I'm 42 and have sundamaged skin but more importantly lines and wrinkles.  I'm looking for a great primer to mask some of the wrinkles and fine lines and stop my foundation from finding those wrinkles and making them more obvious. There are so many primers, I'm lost.
lancome effacernes vs. make up forever lift concealer: I'm fair skinned, and at 22 I have very puffy, dark under eye circles thanks to genetics and terrible allergies. Which of these would work best? if you have other suggestions that work for my type of under eye leave them here too please! 
Hello,    I have been trying to find a highlighter that is more of a matte and not a shimmer and I have read some very good reviews about Yves Saint Laurent  TOUCHE ÉCLAT - Radiant Touch. I was wondering what shade to purchase. Please help! My current foundation is  tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage in light-neutral and my color match is #2Y05. I am a light medium with warm/neutral undertones and if possible prefer to stay away from anything that is too yellow in color. I was looking at color 2.5 but I'm concerned that might be too dark to be used as a highlighter not a concealer. 
Hey, I have really bad dark edges around me eyes not dark circles. I can't seem to conceal them; I try using a lot of concealer, but during the day it comes off and I look like a panda. I need advice. Please HELP! Thanks
Hi!!! I have a combination skin. My skin does break out and has a lot of blemishes, so that's why I always want to find a good foundation with medium to full coverage and does not cause break out. However it is so hard to find a right foundation or any primer for my skin. I have tried a lot of different foundations and my skin always gets super oily after two to three hours, which normally my skin is not oily at all. I am currently using the Estee Lauder- Double Wear, Dolge&Gabbana- the perfect luminous, and Chanel-perfect lumiere. Sadly, they all make me greasy  There is only one time when I had a Chanel's makeup artist did my face foundation, it looked flawless and matt for the whole day. Unfortunately, I cannot do it by myself. I try to keep my base minimal by only applying the moisturizer and sometimes Hourglass primer before the foundation to avoid heavy greasy stuff on my face. So do you have any suggestion?   
Hey ladies, I was just going through the skincare products and really wanted to see what your thoughts were on certain products so I thought I'd start a questionnaire type thing because I'm hunting for new skincare products and wanted to know what others use/works.   What is your skin type?   Morning Routine:    What is your favorite everyday cleanser? What do you cleanse with on acne/oily or dry days? What do you use to exfoliate?   Do you use a toner? Which one is your HG?   What has been your favorite serum? What serum have you tried that you would like to get or recommend for others?   Oil-free or oil moisturizer? What moisturizer do you use?    SPF, yes or no? If yes, which one do you use or is it in your moisturizer?   Nighttime Routine:   What do you use to remove makeup? Do you use any oils or balm cleansers? What do you use to cleanse your face after makeup removal or on days of no makeup?   What is your favorite mask for the following: Hydration? Exfoliation? Soothing?   What toner do you use in the evening?   Do you use a heavy duty treatment serum? Do you switch up your evening serums?   What is your favorite night cream?   ----   I know some people won't have answers to all the categories but I figured this is a good way of getting a lot of my questions answers (and I'm sure others' as well).   I would really appreciate your answers!
I wear camel/caramel med. 28 in Sephora perfecting makeup, as well as Punjab in Nars sheer glow foundation. In Bare Essentials original foundation I wear golden medium. Can you help me ding my match in the Nars tinted moisturizer and concealer from Nara?
What is the difference in tarte's Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen and tarte's BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen? Which one is a lighter coterage? Do you recommend one? Is one better for oily skin than the other?
Which NARS sheer glow foundation and concealer & powder should I use as a redhead with fair skin and freckles? Which can also be used for fotoshoots.
I want to find the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit, but I can't find it anywhere, where can I get it now? 
i got the color custard but i haven't tried it but i think its a little too dark because i like a really bright under eye, any suggestions? i have golden undertones so I'm not really sure...
How do i know which one would be best for my skin? I have light skin, blue eyes, brown hair, and a neutral skin tone. Thanks!
I am 46, and have large pores and wrinkles.  I have been using Bare Minerals foundation, and it's fine.  But it doesn't hide these problem areas very well.  Which foundation would you recommend?  I have what feels like dry skin when clean, but oily as the day progresses.
So, I am most likely going to Florida for my 21st birthday in April... I live in Chicago and it just won't get warmer! lol Anyways, I wanna start prepping now, so I am currently in the market for a sunscreen for my face, I have really sensitive skin, currently right now I use Clinique Moisture Surge as my moisturizer and I don't think that has any SPF in it. I used to be really oily, but this past winter I became relatively dry, so thats why I switched over to the Moisture Surge. However I finally have my acne under control and I would consider my skin to be probably normal now but I have been trying out some new foundations and after I few hours I am oily... So maybe I have normal/combo... I'm not sure. I also am really scared to try out new things on my face because I tend to break out easy.. So some other face products I am using are Purity Facial Cleanser as my cleanser and I like the Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliator and the Laura Mercier Flawless Face Polish (OMG my face has never been so soft after using that stuff) So those are some products that I have used and don't break me out. Sorry if I am a little all over the place, I am just trying to give as much info as possible.  I also want maybe like a BB/CC Cream or even a tinted Moisturizer because I still have some acne scars that I am trying to get rid of and I want to cover up.  I also want some hair products that you would recommend for like being in the sun and such... like styling products or anything really lol My hair is pretty long and mostly straight and I have dark brown/ black hair that I recently got Ombred about a month ago so now I kinda have like a natural looking ombre going on with my hair (dark to light/caramel brown) And any other products you would recommend for being out in the hot sun!  WOW, sorry that was a lot and all over the place!  But thank you in advance for any advice or recommendations!!
I purchased this brush and this palette as I'm new to contouring and highlighting and still am getting the hang of it. As far as only using this brush with this palette how can I apply both the highlighter and the blush or should i buy separate brushes for that and use the slenderized brush strictly from applying the bronzer and the other end to buff? I know the brush is suggested to be used with the face slenderizer stick but I purchased the princess park ave palette as i wanted a formal palette for my first contour palette.
Could you please color match me for other foundations that provide medium coverage for combination skin.  I currently use Hourglass Immaculate in Beige. Thanks!
Hello! I just recently brought a new tube of Urban Decay Primer. I noticed its kinda watery when I squeeze it out. I never noticed this before on previous primers I've owned from UD. Is that normal? Thanks.
I'm looking for a foundation that won't transfer onto someone's clothes every time I give someone a hug!  I was thinking something waterproof?  My color IQ is 1R05.  Any suggestions would  be greatly appreciated.
Hi there, I've been a faithful Boi-ing (02) user for quite some time. I've recently started setting my under-eye concealer with a very light dusting of powder, and now I'm noticing that my concealer is creasing. I feel like there might be a better option for an under-eye concealer that has less chance of creasing. Might you have any suggestions? I currently apply it with my ring finger and a brush - should I be using a sponge, instead? Also, is it best to set the area with a light dusting of powder?   Thanks very much!