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I keep my makeup very simple with just bb cream, tarte stick concealer and lip balm and gloss. I've been using BB cream (Misshia) for 4 years now but I've learned there's also CC cream. What is the difference between these two and which one will work best for oily skin? I have oily skin and acne (occasionally) and I am looking to purchase a cushion compact because I am tired of blending BB cream on my  skin with my fingers but  I don't know whether to get a BB cushion or CC cushion. It takes forever. Also, I do not plan on purchasing a brush to blend it in because I want something that is compact and light  to travel with and feel a cushion is best since it comes with a puff.
Hello! I am looking for a face primer for extremely acne prone skin. I have tried bare minerals prime time and believe it has broken me out terribly. Any suggestions/advice?
Will sephora be carrying any more of the full size colors in the salon perfect line. I bought the sampler set and feel in love with the powder pink shade. I would like to get it in the full size. 
Help Please is Kat Von D foundation non-comedogenic?  I break out easily and this is what I need.
Hey everyone! So I have been wanting a matte eye shadow palette for a while now and I have been wondering which one I should get: The Kat Von D Shade and Light eye palette or the Tarte eye shadow palette? Thanks to whoever who can help! xx
I fell in love with the gloss shade, one from the left as shown here, but fear it is no longer available.   Please assist me in identifying the gloss & shade, and hopefully locating a new supply.     Thanks! Sue in Austin, TX
I currently use nars luminous weightless foundation in mont blac... but it is very watery... i am looking into switching to HD forever invisible cover foundation... but am unsure of the shade to buy... can anyone help with this? The nars mont blac matches perfectly to my skin tone. 
I have been looking at a few different products from the sephora collection and I noticed it says that the product has not been tested on animals. When I look online and search it up it says sephora isn't cruelty free. I'm a little confused and was wondering if anyone has reliable info on their testing policy? and if they test when required by law?    Thanks  
Hi there,   so I would love to order the Laura Marcier tinted moisturizer oil free. All I know is my ColorIQ is 1Y08. Any pretty certain suggestions on which shade to pick? I live in Germany so sadly I can't just pop into a store, in case you are wondering what is wrong with me.   Thank you so much.   Anna
I am looking for a new foundation for 40 year old skin. My skin is combo but need moderate coverage to help with redness and freckles. I like to use a powder after foundation so it feels "set." I don't like to looked caked on or makeup to sit in lines around eyes. Do I use a primer? Please help!!!
What your favorite murad products...cleanser, lotion, please:-)
Do I use this in place of my serum? Can I use it around the eyes? It is a SPF but can I still use it at night?
I need a mascara that gives you the false eyelash look....any suggestions/help?
I am looking for a new moisturizer. I have very oily skin and acne prone. I've been using Murad's skin perfecting lotion but it makes my skin oily still. Any other good day moisturizer I can use for my skin type?
How do I accurately determine which skin type I have?
Ive been trying out new foundations with light- medium coverage. I really liked the Urban Decay Naked foundation, but it leaves the white cast on my face in pictures. Is there anyway to make that stop happening, or is there a similar foundation that does not give you a white cast in pictures? Thanks!
Hey there!    I absolutely love the idea of a long last lipstick that doesn't come off on coffee rims, and I generally have good luck with matte types (Like the tarteist lip paint). But my lips are SO dry and uncomfortable when I wear them, and when I layer a gloss or blistex or a balm on top of them I lose the long last effect. Any suggestion on how to moisturise my lips while keeping the colour?
I am about to purchase Ula Henderson "Truth Serum" and Dr Dennis Groose "Retinol Peel" any thoughts? Can I ues these in tandem? My problem is "AGE SPOTS ON THE FACE AND CHEST...AND HANDS" . What is your best Sephora product/products for this problem?
Hi! I went to Sephora and she color matched me for the Kat Von #46...they were out so she gave me a sample...I really like it but think it's a bit light...what is the next step up in the same family for Kat Von?  Thanks!
Can I wear NARS radiant concealer without foundation? Ik foundation is important, but I'm not applying the concealer all over, just on the sides of my nose bc of these tiny marks my glasses made from wearing them all the time, and under my eyes bc of dark eye circles. So I was wondering if i can make do  without foundation (i really have no knowledge about foundation and concealer, I'm a first timer) but if i can't make do w/ out it, which foundation(s) would you suggest?
Anastia color chart
As of right now I use ABH brow wiz in caramel and I'm considering trying the brow powder but I can't decide what color would be best. When I see the caramel color in the brow powder it just looks to dark and the medium brown looks too grey. My hair is naturally strawberry blonde to a light brown color but I keep it dyed blonde with some lowlights. I'm ordering online because the nearest Sephora is over 2 hours away from where I live so I would hate to order the wrong color.
I love using my oil free BB cream and I plan to get it in a cushion form of the laneige pore control bb cushion. I also love using my tarte stick concealer. However, the concealer stains my glasses. My skin gets shiny and oily during the day and what can I use to make my skin matte?   I do plan on getting the make up forever step 1 equalizer primer for oily skin since everyone recommends it.  Should I get a blotting powder (white cast or no ?) and this primer or touch up with blotting paper then  with the laneige cushion and tarte stick concealer ? 
I have a very unsightly red mark on the top of my right hand.  I was thinking of trying concealer to cover it but there are so many to choose from I don't have any idea what to pick.  Can someone help?  I am so self-conscious about this I'm always trying to hide my hand!
Dearly Beloved....We are gathered here together to save humanity from my crankiness! I need your help, please. I have shoulder length stick straight hair which responds well to styling tools, mostly. My BIG problem is that I recently got bangs, again, and sometimes I leave them straight, but sometimes I want to be able to just kind of bend them back off of my face, especially when I use my KISS Instawave tool and my hair is curled. They can just feel "bang-y" and I like them off my face. The Instawave tool just works on my long hair, so no luck with that. I used to just do it with a curling iron, mine broke, so should I get a new one or get a flat iron/curling iron? Thanks, friends.
I need a new makeup bag for my purse with compartments...any  suggestions/recommendations??