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Hi!, I am a 15 year old with a light skin tone but, since it is summer, I can't chose between the light or medium options for the benefit foundation set.
So... warmer weather is coming. Wonder if there are any product(s) to get my feet looking and feeling wonderful again so that I can show them off. Anyone out there willing to help me?
I bought COVER FX Total Cover Cream Foundation / Total Cover Cream Foundation P10 Item No 1452796.  I noticed it says on there EXP 16 DE.  What does that mean?  Does that mean I cannot use the product after 2016?  Please advise I bought 10 of those foundations.  Thanks.
Hello I'm using Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil and now I want to try Good Genes Treatment from the same brand but I kind of worry about how to combine them: one contains Retinol and another one - Lactic acid, not sure if it's safe and not too much for the skin to use one in the morning and another - at night. I need an expert advice)) By the way, I have combination skin type
Hi, I have predominately oily skin (T-zone) but numerous dry, flaky, and irritated patches from acne medication and healing acne, especially around my mouth. I use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion before I apply liquid foundation and concealer, but I'm wondering if there is something better out there to reduce the flakiness.    Cerave irritates my skin further, and I can't exfoliate much due to the already irritated skin. I'm happy with the foundation and concealer, it's just the moisturizer I think I can improve on.   Thank you!
I have extreme sensitive skin and I would really like to get rid of my blackheads on my face...what should i use to help my concern??
Hi! I use a minerals Bare skin foundation color bare caramel (14) and Im breaking out with it... Im thinking of changing foundation.. what do you recommend? and what shade?
I am very picky about lip colors and lipstick textures. What I want is a beautiful lip balm in a peachy pink color. Not too dark , but not too light  either. I could really use some ideas. Thank you for your time.
Watch the first few seconds of the clip and then fastforward to the last few seconds. Notice one half the face is without makeup and then compare the eye size. I think it's heavy eyeliner coupled with heavy eye ink liner.  I just can't get how she made her pupil look so big too.
How can I achieve a natural looking eyebrow that will last in the hot summer weather? I use Laura Mercier and Anastasia all year but they melt in the summer!
I currently use Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 eye cream and am finding that I am getting quite a bit of transfer from my mascara underneath my eyes, likely due to the product not fully absorbing.  This makes my under eye area look so dark!  I have tried using less product with the same result.  I have some signs of aging in the eye area and want to keep it at bay.  I am wondering if anyone has found a lighter eye cream to use during the day that would alleviate this problem, or if I should just go with waterproof mascara.   xoxo, Angie      
I have Dior's Forever liquid foundation, which is supposed to be buildable to full coverage, but I can't seem to get it past light coverage. I use a sponge, and don't want to switch to a brush or use my fingers. Am I supposed to wait for a layer to dry, then reapply? If so, how long does this foundation take to dry in order to apply another layer?    I really like this foundation, but I'm used to wearing foundations that require only one application. What is the best way to get this foundation to its fullest coverage?   Thank you!
I currently use 21 Petal (R20) SEPHORA COLLECTION 8 HR Mattifying Compact Foundation. With summer I have been getting some sun. What color would be one shade darker?
If I wear 2N1 in Estee Lauder Futurist what would be my match in MakeUpForever Lift Foundation?
cool makeup
Hi there,    I found this image on the web and want to know what products would be the CLOSEST TO THE ONES SHE USED to get her eye look. (I KNOW IT SAYS WHAT PRODUCTS SHE USED BUT THEY ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE.) so I was hoping to get a second best option from the beauty community.  Thanks! Kaitlin
hi i have uneven skin tone ...mild breakouts and i m 28 skin is combination n sensitive ..i used clinique custom repair serum which i buy sephora..can i use dr.dennis gross skinacre ferulic acid and retinol brightening solution on entire face... is is suits me???? myconcern is pigmentation n uneven skintone...where i can buy these products in India available at sephora delhi..???pls guide me  
Is Bumble and Bumble Surf range ok on color treated hair?
Hello!  I was wondering what shade you would recommend for me with the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed if my colour IQ number is 4Y03. Also would you recommend me buying the brush that goes with it?   Thank you much appreciated      
I was told you discontinued the Sephora Skin Perfect CC Cream...Delicat Fair (P) what should I substitute it with that won't be greasy?
I have recently found out that I have rosacea and that I can't use any of the skin care products that I use because they flare up my skin. Does any one have any suggestions that I could try out or some tips please. I am very self conscious about my skin because of it
i am hunting for a mascara that lengthens and doesn't clump! it must be waterproof. Suggestions?
I'm just starting a Retin A skin regime, my skin will be peeling for about a month. What makeup can I use to cover up my peeling skin? I want to allow my skin to peel so I don't want to moisturize my skin, just cover the dry patches. What products do you suggest?
Can you recommend a few eye shadow pallets for hazel eyes?
hey guys, i have the driest skin imaginable and can never find the right products for it. i breakout from oils easily, and i need suggestions for a foundation which not only looks good on dry skin, but wont cause me to break out. a primer is also what im searching for. and if possible, a product to clear my skin which wont dry it out
I've been using it as a contour, but I'm new to contouring and am not sure if it's the right product for it. I am pretty pale. Would it be alright to continue using it as contour? What other product would you recommend instead?
I love bare minerals complexion rescue, but want some more coverage. Any suggestions?
I am 53 yrs old and recently lost 50 lbs. My skin is saggy, dehydrated and has large pores. I need something that will help restore it. I have tried many different moisturizers but nothing has helped. Suggestions? Please help.
Is it just my computer or are both Sunday Riley and Drunk Elephant not on the Sephora website anymore? I've checked the brands list and can't find either brand on it, and I've searched as well and nothing comes up. I was just looking at these yesterday, and I've restarted my computer a few times but still nothing. I may just cry if this is widespread!