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Ask The Experts
So I got tired of waiting for Perversion mascara to be available in store and bought the Marc Jacobs Omega Lash. I'm on the fence about it. I do LIKE it but I'm not sure I LOVE it. All things being equal, I probably prefer Too Faced Better than Sex because it gave me more volume and fullness. MJ's gives a ton of length, but I already have super duper crazy long lashes and usually want fullness and volume over lengthening.    Having said that I am not one for returning products without a REALLY good reason. I really dislike returns of products done lightly as in the end that drives up prices and is extremely wasteful.   I think I should just keep and use the mascara. It's a nice mascara and even though it doesn't blow me away, in 2 months I can justify a new one, and hopefully by then Perversion will be available. I desperately needed a new mascara as my old TFBTS was way old.    OK, I think I just talked myself into keeping it. 2 months won't kill me. I know it was pricey at $33 CAD, and if I HATED it then I would return it, but I don't think feeling "meh" about a product justifies returning it.    OK, sorry, I didn't really ask a question there so much as I just went through a thought process exercise. :-) 
I am pregnant I have no color in my face I look dead I need a whole make up look to make me look like am glowing or have some color idk what to get am new to the whole make up thing so some one please help me.... My face is normal not dry or oil I have no brake outs because I never wear make up this will be my first time... Please help
i recently purchased the hourglass ambient lighting palette but I'm unsure how to use it correctly. Are their any links that describe how to apply the 3 colors?    Thanks for any tips you all may have
Is anyone familiar enough with both these BBs to be able to make a comparison on coverage, feel, heaviness etc? I've worn Guerlain's and am very impressed with the coverage - almost as good as foundation If not just as good, esp for the under eye area - I don't even need concealer. I don't think the same is true for TF. 
Yep, another question.   So I bought Guerlain's BB but it's very light for me right now but will be great once my tan wears off in the Fall. I also bought Nars Bronzer to wear over it and that really does help. I was given a sample of the Guerlain liquid bronzer and I thought that might be the best way to go but what is the ratio of bronzer to BB? I just tried to mix the two together and got a ton of product waste trying to figure it out. Is there a formula to use to blend them together - I'm afraid just pumping out a bit of this and a bit of that is going to result in the wrong color or a ton of waste as I keep trying and retrying to get the right blend.   Maybe I should just stick with one of my other BBs that does match my skin tone right now, I just happen to love the coverage of Guerlain's. 
I'll admit that even though I've been into makeup for a pretty long time, I never really payed too much attention to my skin. But, now I'm trying to change that and I don't even know where to start! I've just run out of my cheap drugstore facial cleanser, so I figure it's time I actually put some effort into this.   I think my face would be considered combination. It gets both oily and dry...sometimes it looks like dry skin with oil ON TOP of it, ugh. (But, I've been using Ceramidin, which seems to be taking care of that pretty well.) I very rarely get acne and I don't really have any blemishes other than a kind of uneven skintone. And my skin doesn't seem to be very sensitive.   So, I'm looking for a daily cleanser for combination skin, doesn't need any special acne treatment, and doesn't necessarily have to be for sensitive skin.   Any suggestions? :3
I am at a point where I have tried everything to try and control the oil on my nose and t-zone area and nothing has worked so far. I have tried skin care products such as origins zero oil, shisheido, MAC, and Christian Dior. I have also tried mattifiers from MAC, Peter Thomas Roth, Becca, Murad, Boscia, cover FX, and mineral veil. A few products help for about an hour or two but I'm oily again after about 2 hours. Any suggestions on something that I can try?
So I am always on the hunt for that "Miracle in a Bottle"  I went into Sephora to try a new foundation that I have not worn yet. (Which I have worn a lot) I am 42 with acne/oily skin.  I find a powder foundation works best, but love the way liquid looks instead.  I was matched to #33 in the 8hr mattifying compact in the Sephora line.  It looked good when she applied my makeup.  Just wondering why there is not much talk about this one.  I have the MUFE Duo and I would compare it to that. (or when wearing it I won't?)  I have yet to wear it, just curious if anyone that has used this likes or dislikes it. Also wear MUFE HD (stinks for oily skin, and yes I cleanse with my Clarisonic, use the Ole henriksen line and always use a primer, currently the oily free one from Smashbox) also use MUFE Duo compact. Never tried the mat velvet, don't know why. Aveda, and BM (matte formula) Also SA applied with brush, I have been using my BM Kabuki brush, shall I apply differently??
i recently have researched the naked palettes and have no idea which one to purchase. Im not the biggest fan of the naked 3 because i am not a huge a fan of pink. so i was thinking either the 1st or 2nd one. I have dark brown hair and have medium/fair skin tone and green/brown eyes. Anyone have any suggestions on what i should purchase?!
This summer my skin has gone crazy. I came off birth control which obviously would affect it. but never before have i been THIS oily. My face feels like I bathe it in grease after three hours of washing it in the morning. I'm also breaking out on my forehead a lot more suddenly! Before it was my chin, now still occasionally but more my forehead with white heads and under the skin. Someone please tell me how to help the oiliness!  I have ren calm replenishing gel, I have Mario b buffering lotion and murad exfoliating serum and acne cleanser. also have prescription lotion for pimples.... And murad tonEr. Someone please help suggest a product for the oil!!    Im 22 by the way
I want to switch from bareMinerals matte C20, fairly medium to the new bareMinerals "bareSkin."  What is the color match?   Thanks!
Hi everyone! I would love some advice on my morning makeup routine! I have combination skin, usually gets a little too oily if I'm wearing too much makeup or in the heat of course, and occasionally a few tiny dry patches around my chin. I have sensitive and acne prone skill as well, so looking for a foundation to cover a few tiny bumps up and some other acne scars. I've been using the Ole Henriksen vitamin C truth serum in the mornings, followed by a Vichy water based oil free moisturizer (which I'm looking to replace!) I use the Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation moisturizer at night, the lady at sephora told me it wasn't moistuirzing enough for the morning ?Then I have just been using a concealer where needed, and finishing it with the Sephora foundation face powder. I was using the NARS TM in the past and without a moisturizer on before my face gets dry, but with one one I found that I would feel too oily! I have also used Laura Mercier TM in the past and am considering switching back if it is not as oily. Does anyone had advice on how I should be using it, and if these products would all be okay to use together? Thank you!!!
So, I've tried literally every single foundation, bb, cc, and tinted moisturizer that Sephora carries that fits my requirements (moisturizing, non-chemical SPF, doesn't settle into my huge pores or flaky spots, non-sticky, medium coverage) and not a single one has worked. I finally tried the Clinique Even Better foundation, however what appears to be the lightest shade (linen) is still one shade too dark for my ultra-pale skin. I really love this foundation, and I'd like to use it. Anybody have any ideas how I could make this foundation work for me? 
Most of the supplements from HUM have high ratings on this site, but I'm wondering if anyone has tried any of them? They're pretty new on here and I usually take the reviews here with a grain of salt. In general, I don't sit on either side of the fence when it comes to supplements and if they work or not. I'd love to hear anyone's experience with these - favorable or not so much. Although I'm interested in most of them, I'm particularly intrigued by the Runway Ready set and the Daily Cleanse.
I am looking for a new fall lipstick. I am trying to decide between Venom and Shame from the UD Revolution line. I already own Buxom's Menace, so I'd like a color that isn't too similar to that lipstick. I am light with pink undertones.
luxe brush set.jpg
I am wondering what the best eyeshadow brushes are for all the different purposes and if there are any sets that are the best
We are going to Barcelona and Paris and Provence. Don't want to be loaded down with product. Dry/krepey eyes, 58 years old. What should I bring? I use everything- cleanser, serum, moisture with spf, light powder, concealer, liner, shadow, mascara, lipstick/gloss. Any eye shadow that's powder doesn't seem to work. Love the smaller, all in one kits yet they mostly feather pearly, sparkle shades that don't work. Fair skin, green eyes. HELP!
low light.jpg
Makeup isn't my environment, yet. And contouring is very new to me. I was wondering what the store carried for contouring products? What would you guys recommend I'd buy as a new person to this? Like I'm sure you can go out and get 20 different things just to do this, but I want something simple and straight forward. I'll go in and have someone show me how to contour my face, but it would be less overwhelming if I had someone here tell what would be best to get and what brushes would be most useful and needed. 
If I already have nice thick brows and they're mostly already dark as it is.. Which would you perfer I would get.. The Anastasia Brow wiz or the Anastasia dipbrow? I want my eyebrows to be more defined and there are some spars areas..
The invitation states All Stores, however I can't RSVP to the only store in my province because it states 0 stores in NS, therefore I can't add any locations to the RSVP. What is going on?
Hey guys, could someone tell me how the Beauty Studio make-overs go?   Like, once you are there do you tell them what products to use or they just sit you down and use the products they think are best? Also, BIG QUESTION, do you show up with a clean face (no makeup)? I don't feel too comfortable walking around the mall bare-faced until I am able to make my way through the food court and into the Sephora store. Can make-up simply be removed at the store instead? I have never used this service and am completely clueless as to how it goes (besides making the online appointment). Help?
Hi girls! I need your help to find my shade in other full coverage foundations and concealer. I think Marc Jacob's gel genius foundation in 46 "Golden Deep" is perfect. So what other foundation / shade would be perfect or close to perfect? High-end and/or drugstore.       *please don't use the "color iq" I've tried it and found it inaccurate.       thanks!
I'm looking to smooth out those ever present little bumps on my face. Is there anything that you would recommend?  I'm also looking for glycolic solutions for chemical exfoliation. 
I am looking some retinol treatment now that my BDAY is coming up and I will be soon officially be in my late twenties.  UGH.  So far the  BE from Sephora gave me samples from REN and Philosophy's "Help Me".  I liked the REN better because I thought I felt improvement and the Help Me just doesn't feel as strong enough compared to the Ren. My skin is "normal" neither dry nor oily but I have been having some acne lately which is quite odd since I thought I was over that (stress, hormones?? IDK)  and price point isn't really an object (I use La Mer daily lol) plus 4x points next week YAY!   Thanks for your help and suggestions!!
I need help! I went in to a Sephora store and was matched up to the Make Up Forever Full Coverage Concealer in Dark Beige #12. It looked great inside the store but in natural light, it still seems a bit dark. I am using it to cover a small tattoo on my arm. The color is very close, but it makes my arm look like I have a bruise on it. I would like to order it in a shade lighter, but I am not sure if I should go with Golden Beige #10, or Beige #8. Will the golden beige #10 be too yellowish? Will the beige #8 be too light?  Suggestions?
I always knew that my skin is oily, but I think my skin is also dehydrated....because I rarely drink water.. heheh.   I did a search and a lot of people recommended drinking more water (duh), Clinique Moisture Surge, and Korres Greek Yogurt Moisturizing Face Cream. Is there anything else that you can recommend?
I have mature, sensitive skin, prone to redness, broken capillaries, large pores.  My oncologist told me to not use products containing soy.  Can anyone suggest some products for cleansing, moisturizing and treating my skin issues that do not contain soy products?  I was looking at the First Aid line but could not tell if it contained soy.
I have extrememely dry skin, that suffers from eczema at times. What makeup and/or skin care regime would you recommend? Or do you know of anyone that has some beneficial advice regarding this skin type?