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My skin is my biggest concern for a while now, but after trying a lot of different products by myself I've decided to seek help from an expert. I live in a small middle of nowhere town so I'm not close to any dermatologist. I hope to get help online though.   I'm 15 years old, but I already have wrinkles on my forehead and slightly visible lines around my eyes. Any anti wrinkle product that's effective? If the ones I have won't disappear I would just like to know if there are any products that would prevent new wrinkles. Next concern is that I have dark circles under my eyes, concealing is not helping just making it worse, is there any product/ I've heard that oils help/ that would make them a bit less dark? Then, I'm oily in the T zone and I always have at least one pimple on my face in that area and blackheads. The rest of my face is normal, not dry but not oily. Should I care differently for one area than the other? I have no idea how to choose a proper skin care.  Discoloration is another thing. I no longer pick my pimples, but I did and they left marks, discoloration or scars that are like these little holes. Is there any way I could deal with that? I've thought about getting laser treatment for it after I'm no longer a teenager, but is there any product? I also have marks on my back from acne on my back, so it would be great if I could use it for that too. Then I have broken vessels or what to call it around my mouth and the lower part of my cheeks. I noticed them a few years back but it's possible I had them before that, I don't know what caused them and when they appeared. Again, will only laser help or is there anything else? I haven't been using anything on my face, washing it with water sometimes and putting olive oil on it which left the normal part of my face nicely moisturized and healthy, but didn't help the rest. Is it normal to have so many things wrong with my skin? Is there any hope for me? What should I use/ do? Thank you!!
For nearly a year now, my skin has transformed into what I call an awful mask. I have red bumps (not pimples) throughout my face, dry patches that even pure coconut oil won't help. My fine lines have definitely gotten a bit worse and I just have a rough, uneven texture with enlarged pored and a loss of elasticity. My chin is often oily though and I get breakouts a lot in that area. I feel like I don't even know which problems to start with and products i used in the past that are no longer working. My skin is also very fair and sensitive. I'm getting anxiety due to how bad my skin is and I really just need advice on what products will help. I'm also on a bit of a budget. Thanks for reading, I hope to hear back soon. (SN: I'm 26 years old).
I am currently using Bare Minerals Serum Foundation and love it.  How does it compare to Dr. Perricone's No Foundation Foundation in terms of consistency and coverage?
Hi girls! I was looking for the best foundation ever at Sephora and the girl who helped me out recommended the Armani Maestro Foundation in 5.25. I guess I have a light to medium skin with yellow undertones, but still haven't figured out how this really works I usually wear during winter MUFE in 127/140 and 160 during summer (also Teint Jolie by YSL in Foncè). I'm afraid the 5.25 shade would be too dark for me during winter and, being its price quite expensive I wanted to be completely sure about it. I totally trust you experts, can't wait to have your suggestions about the perfect foundation for me!
Can we somehow change a review? We used to be able to write more than one but now that doesn't seem to work anymore (so we could average them). 4 is too low…but I just decided at the last moment that 5 was too high and went with 4.
I have tried everything for the blackheads on my nose and chin. Nothing seems to work! Drugstore and dermatologist ointment. I'm hoping sephora has something I don't know about. I have heard a product called Glam Glow works well? Suggestions?
Hi there, so I went into my local store and had to trade out my Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation for a darker shade, and when the Beauty Advisor applied the foundation to my face, I loved the brush she was using, but failed to ask her which one it was so I could purchase it. I also use the new bareMinerals Acne Preventing powder foundation, and am wondering which brush I should use for that as well? Thank you! 
What brands or products are pregnancy safe regarding hair care? Is the 5 in 1 perfect hair day safe? What shampoo and conditioner can i use?  Thank you. Karen
I need a good anti age cream/serum for night with retinol.  Any recommendations? I am in my late 40's.
Hello my fellow makeup lovers! First, Happy Valentine's Day to you all!! <3 OK, I need help. I have red acne marks, that are slowly fading, but for the time being I am trying to make do. Anyway, I just got Tarte's amazonian clay foundation, which I like a lot! I have combo skin, and used to always use powders, so I am fairly new to this whole liquid foundation thang. I was using a stippling brush, but I didn't love it I need a lot of coverage so because I use a good amount of foundation...It doesn't look "cakey" but it looks like I have a lot of makeup on...Sooo, with all this Beauty Blender craZe goin on..I wanted to try so bad! Unfortunately, Sephora only had the The sculptor makeup sponge in the store.. it's ok...I do like it better than the stippling brush, but it soaks in so much of my foundation, and I am wasting my precious Tarte Amazonian Clay! So, my question to the experts is, Should I just go ahead and buy the orginal beauty blender...OR is there a fabulous brush out there I need to buy. I've seen tutorials on youtube, of the beauty blender, and it looks amazing. BUT, I need to remember I have something I am trying to cover, so please keep that in mind...I use more foundation than I would like, but I feel like I have no choice. I use MUFE green primer, btw. Thanks! xo
When I cry my nose and cheeks turn a nice shade of red. I would like to prevent this from showing through my makeup at an upcoming wedding. Can you recommend a redness correction lotion as I have BB creams, light foundations and heavier foundations so I don't need any more foundation products.    
Any idea if Sephora will bring this back? It's my favorite eye makeup remover ever. Thanks. 
Ok, so I have seen people comment in various threads about items they would like to see coming out for the Holidays.  That gave me an idea, and after  trying a couple of searches and coming up with nothing, I decided to pose these questions to everyone on Beauty Talk:  If you could create your own Sephora Favorites set, what would it be?  Or, if you were asked to create the next amazing palette, what brand(s) would you use and what would be in it?  These are just starting points, but lets all get creative!  If it were up to us, the consumers, what awesome things could be created to get everyone excited?   I will start things off!  If I could create a palette for Hourglass, it would be a large palette (but not TOO large) that has all of the Ambient powders and all of the Ambient blushes.  They would be smaller in size, but a great way to try them all and play around!  Or could make 2, each with all the Ambient powders then add blushes for warm skin tones in one palette with blushes for cool skin tones in the other.   What are your ideas?
What are your thoughts on this set? I just ordered it but am a bit fearful that they will not be up to par with the quality of the sephora pro brushes which are fantastic! I can't stand when brushes shed so I am hoping this are okay but have any of you tried this set ? 72?skuId=1492750
Hey Beauties! Looking for a facial exfoliating wash gentle enough for acne and combination skin---how's the Glamglow exfoliating treatment? I've heard good things about the Boscia exfoliating cleanser, but that dries out my skin, since I have combination and not oily---any suggestions?
I need help picking out a primer, but I'm limited to the brand Murale's site.   My skin has occasional breakouts and enlarged pores on the cheeks and under the nose. My skin is also somewhat oily.   Are Stila's Stay all day 10 in 1 primer (not available at Sephora) and One Step Correct good options? If so, which one would be better for my skin type?   EDIT: I'm not limited to just Stila's face primers, any other suggestions are welcomed, as long as Murale carries that brand.
I'm going to lose my mind the more and more I read, hear and learn about bronzer!   I just bought Chanel Les Beiges and am NOT looking to use it for contouring, but rather to give a little bit of warmth to my light, neutral-if-not-ever-so-slightly-cool undertoned face. I got it in shade 30, which is very similar to my natural skin color, but warmer and a couple very minor shades darker. It doesn't help that I tend to get pink/burn in the sun, so that is the color that I'm accustomed to seeing on the top of my nose, temples, etc. that I am now hoping to replace with bronzer.    The last piece of advice I received from an SA I trust at Sephora said to go out into the sun, and wherever you feel the sun hit your face would be where bronzer should be applied. But that also seems like where I already apply blush and/or highlighter. Which has led me to create this thread, trying to figure out how to use them together.    Would love some insight or direction to a good diagram on how to use blush/bronzer (not as a contour)/highlighter together. Because what the SA said makes total sense to me, but there isn't enough room on my face for everything!
I just bought the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Highlighter and I'm in love with the texture and the fact that it's not glitter explosion! But: I don't have a brush that will apply it right. All the brushes I own don't pick up the product or apply the product the way a highlighter should. So tell me what brush I should use! And I am open to all brands not just sephora brand! Thanks so much in advance
I have Rosacia and am getting married soon, what is the best makeup to minimize my pores and get rid of the redness so I look good on my wedding day?
Hi, I've been battling with acne for a while. Just went to see a new dermatologist and am prescribed some topicals that will be doing the job of drying my skin for me. She told me not to be using facial cleansers or moisturizers with any of the ingredients for acne such as salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide or I'll be drying my skin out even more which will be producing more oil.     Before today's appointment, I've been using Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion (for oily/acne prone skin) and washing with Estee Lauder perfectly clean foam cleanser.    Any product recommendations? My skin is pretty sensitive, so anything really light that doesn't contain "acne" concern ingredients would be great! 
does the clarisonic mia 2 winter hydration set come with a travel case?
Hi, I just wanted a professional opinion on how to get the most benefits out of my skincare routine and your opinion on what time (night time or day time) i should apply these as well. I will tell you beside the products what time of day I have been applying them but i still want your opinion on the matter. These are the products i use: *Clinique liquid facial soap for oily skin (day and night) *Clinique clarifying lotion type 3 for oily combination skin (day and night) *Clinique dramaticaly different moisturizing gel for oily skin (day time) (should i use at night also?) *Clinique Repairwear laser focus serum (day time) (should i use at night also?) *Clinique Repairwear laser focus wrinkle correcting eye cream (day time) *Clindagel (prescribed acne medication that is a thin liquid) (night time) *Mario Badescu glycolic eye cream (night time) *Tarte Maracuja Oil (night time)   -thank you- and for my acne medicine my dermatologist said i can apply it under or over moisterizer at night, hope that helps with giving me a good answer
Ok so I recently bought Bare Minerals original foundation...I figured it would be an easy foundation for days I don't feel like doing much. I put on a primer, liquid illuminator and a little bit of cream concealer then went to apply the foundation with the tarte airbrush finish brush (recommended by TiffanyD to use with this foundation) and it looked terrible! It went on patchy and clinged to dry spots that didn't exist before I put it on. I do have dry skin, but have learned to moisturize well before applying foundation. I feel like I made a crucial mistake somewhere along during the application because I know this is a very loved foundation by many people. Anyone have any ideas?
I did the Color IQ in a Sephora store and my match is 1Y02. None of the shades of YSL Fusion Ink Foundation come up as a match, but I'd like to try the product. What shade would be the closest match for me?
Hi there -   I'm a huge consumer of mascara and eyeliner. I used to have a great face wash that could handle the chore of removing my eye makeup as well as clean my face, but it was discontinued.   I want one product - a face wash - that can do the trick. I don't want to use eye makeup remover after I wash my face.    Any thoughts?
I'm looking for the shade that would match me best in the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. I'm NW20 in the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation, N1 in the MAC Face & Body Foundation, 3.0 in the Urban Decay Naked Sin Foundation and 30 in the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet +. Does anyone have any idea or suggestion on what shade I would be?
I am very very simple when it comes to putting on makeup, and I am attending an outdoor wedding on October 4th at Ahmanson Ranch, which I guess is really really nice. I was wondering if there were any tips you could give me to just do a simple, but fresh and pretty look for an outdoor, country themed wedding... I am wearing a royal blue dress, beige heels, I have blue/green eyes, tan skin, and dirty blonde hair.
Hi. I just bought Amazing Cosmetics Concealer in Light Honey. It was way too light! The Sephora near me does not carry Amazing Cosmetics. Can you help me find the right shade? For reference, I currently use Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in SC-3. The darker shade in the Laura Mercier SC-3 is a good match for my skin. I also use Benefit Hello Flawless in Never Settle Petal.
I am really wanting to try Dior star foundation but not sure what a good color will be for me! Please help.  I am shade  360 bisque in Lancôme teint idole ultra 24h foundation   BD 55 warm praline in YSL fusion ink foundation  and NW 35 in MAC