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hey guys, i have the driest skin imaginable and can never find the right products for it. i breakout from oils easily, and i need suggestions for a foundation which not only looks good on dry skin, but wont cause me to break out. a primer is also what im searching for. and if possible, a product to clear my skin which wont dry it out
Can you recommend a few eye shadow pallets for hazel eyes?
I've been using it as a contour, but I'm new to contouring and am not sure if it's the right product for it. I am pretty pale. Would it be alright to continue using it as contour? What other product would you recommend instead?
I'm just starting a Retin A skin regime, my skin will be peeling for about a month. What makeup can I use to cover up my peeling skin? I want to allow my skin to peel so I don't want to moisturize my skin, just cover the dry patches. What products do you suggest?
I love bare minerals complexion rescue, but want some more coverage. Any suggestions?
i am hunting for a mascara that lengthens and doesn't clump! it must be waterproof. Suggestions?
I am 53 yrs old and recently lost 50 lbs. My skin is saggy, dehydrated and has large pores. I need something that will help restore it. I have tried many different moisturizers but nothing has helped. Suggestions? Please help.
Is it just my computer or are both Sunday Riley and Drunk Elephant not on the Sephora website anymore? I've checked the brands list and can't find either brand on it, and I've searched as well and nothing comes up. I was just looking at these yesterday, and I've restarted my computer a few times but still nothing. I may just cry if this is widespread!
Hi, I have predominately oily skin (T-zone) but numerous dry, flaky, and irritated patches from acne medication and healing acne, especially around my mouth. I use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion before I apply liquid foundation and concealer, but I'm wondering if there is something better out there to reduce the flakiness.    Cerave irritates my skin further, and I can't exfoliate much due to the already irritated skin. I'm happy with the foundation and concealer, it's just the moisturizer I think I can improve on.   Thank you!
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Hello,   I am having a hard time finding highlighters that don't look too ashy or too dark, and matte bronzers that aren't too orange or too muddy on my skin. I go as pale as NC42 in the winter, and tan up to an NC45 in the summer, and I know a lot of mixed-race, lighter-skinned black girls (like me), hispanic, indian/desi and east asian ladies also fall into this complexion range.   Do you have any product recommendations?    THANKS!
Hey I really need your help everyone! I have dehydrated skin and I'm trying to find a good cleanser but I'm so lost! I keep looking at the REN- evercalm cleansing milk, the Caudalie instant foaming cleanser, the Boscia purifying cleanser, or if you have any suggestion? Thank you!!!!
I'm going to a wedding next weekend which is outdoor. I'm looking for a pretty makeup from eyeshadow/eyeliner/blush and lipstick. I'm liking picture but would take suggestions. I have fair skin, hazel eyes and brown hair.  
what happened to OLE HENRIKSEN TRUTH IS IN THE EYES - EYE PEEL CONCENTRATE?   i can't live without this product and i went to re purchase it but its not longer on the site….
Hello, I am doing a friends grad makeup early tomorrow morning, my only problem is I am doing it first thing in the morning, and they won't be heading to pictures and grad until later in the day (early afternoon). I have hourglass primer but I want to know what are the best products or techniques to help the makeup last ALL day!   Thanks
Hi. I suffer from bad hormonal acne and scarring. it's been really bad around my mouth/jaw and on my cheeks. I was recommended the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels after spending an hour or so with a skin expert in Sephora. I was told they are the holy grail of fixing anything. So I used them. My preexisting spots are going down but I BROKE OUT SO BAD on my chin and forehead. Is it just my skin purging because the Peels are working or should I stop using them? 
I am looking into purchasing one of these two blushes and am wondering which would work best for a tan skin tone (I wear Urban Decay's Naked Foundation in 7.0 or MUFE 128)? Also, are the formulas of the blush comparable?  Thanks in advance for your replies!
Hello!   I use shade N25 in Make up forever HD foundation, what is the closest shade that I can use for Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation?   Please advise.   Thank you,    Aimeelin  
Seeing as how I cant get it from Sephora anymore, I am looking on both dermstore and the sunday riley site but don't see Luna anywhere. Any suggestions on where to order it from? I will be forever grateful!
I am interested in contouring but i have pale skin and am not certain on which product to purchase because i am afraid it will look muddy. I do like more natural looking makeup and my regular foundation is makeup forever HD in 115. Any suggestion?
Hello. I am looking for a concealer to cover my dark acne marks and a setting powder for the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. I wear shade 10 and have oily, acne prone skin
Im looking for a good night cream that will leave my skin feeling plump and rehydrated without making my skin overly oily. I have combo skin and i tend to get dry patches around my nose but oily on my forehead. I want to find a good night cream or a general moisturizer that wont clog my pores hydrates my patches and does not make me over oily. Im 21 and i want to find ingredients that help with fine wrinkles since its important to start early.
I am a male, new to make up went and Got foundation stick Bobbi Brown Almond 7, as a base I had help haha but I need powders, contour kits, eye shadows, lipsticks, glosses, primers, eye liners, everything to help me transition for every day use all the way to when I perform in drag shows HELP
Hey everyone! I'm on the hunt for a new face oil and I'm having trouble deciding between Sunday Riley's Flora and Laura Mercier's Infusion de Rose. My local Sephora isn't as local as I'd like and with two littles, it's a bit tedious to get down there and look around without everyone having a meltdown. So online is my option I'm in my early thirties and my skin is pretty dry. I'm just not sure which one would be the better option. I like how both of them are "rose scented" (to a degree) but any guidance would be greatly appreciated.    Thank you in advance!
I've hit the over 40 mark, and NOTHING I've tried helps to lessen the dark circles around my eyes...Suggestions??
So I've finally decided to take the plunge and dye my hair a greyish-blue/silver color, the only problem is that I'm a natural blonde who has always filled her brows with Anastasia Beverly Hill's brow powder in soft brown. What color would be best suited to go with this new hair color? I'm of a quite pale, neutral skin tone and have grey-green eyes. Any suggestions regarding the rest of my make-ups color palette would be appreciated as well!!!