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Ask The Experts
My skin can tolerate pretty strong products and I am looking for a good over the counter serum to counteract the dark spots and discoloration on my face.  I live in Florida so we rather worship the sun and outdoors - I do use SPF15 but I love to soak  up the rays for a little color.  Is there a fake self-tanner for the face that does not turn you orange and gives a tanned body a matching tanned face?  I have pretty deep squint line wrinkles so perhaps a serum that fixes color issues can help with that too??  I did have a series of 3 professional peels but did not see much of a difference.   Aging ain't for sissy's so I'm open to your advice.  Thanks!
I have severe ingrown hairs and scars on my stomach under my belly button.  It is very embarrassing, I sometimes need to use a light concealer to cover them.  Need recommendations on scar creams that can be used on the body to maybe lighten them And something to help with the ingrown hairs. 
I have sparse eyebrows and they are all white.  I have used many different eye brow creams and pencils.  Non, so far, have given me that natural real look.  The other day I saw something that covers both hair and skin but now I can't seem to locate in Sephora.  What would you suggest.  Thanks for your help!   Arlene
I have extremely dry skin. Does anyone have any recommendations for a foundation/bb cream/tinted moisturizer that is light weight but with some coverage and that is very moisturizing? I prefer a dewy/radiant finish.   Thanks!
I've tried numerous products, probably meant for much younger skin according to the reviews. Looking for something to conceal redness, dark under eye, fine line (that won't settle into the lines making them look worse).  Something that will blur a little to make my skin look a little younger and fresher.
I have always had great skin, But I am now 61 and the lines and wrinkles are starting to show up around my mouth from smoking in my youth. (Smokers another reason to beware!) I realize that I need products for my age. What primers and make up base should I use to hide my wrinkles. Any other ideas? Thanks! 
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I have very, very fair sensitive skin and naturally blonde hair & eyebrows. What colours would you recommend for a daytime eyeshadow look? (I work in a conservative environment, so I can't rock the bold colours at the office). I also have very sensitive skin and need something that won't irritate my skin. Feel free to suggest brands too! Thanks!!!
Hi beauties!   I'm in desperate need of an eye cream that targets dark circles.  I have combo skin, but my under eyes tend to be pretty dry, especially if I forget to smooth some of my moisturizer there.  I don't have any fine lines at this point but I'd like something that's anti-aging as well.  My dark circles, are truly almost black, with sort of gray/blue undertones.  I don't have sensitive skin but my eyes are easily irritated to anything with any kind of smell.  I've been looking at Clinique All About Eyes or the Even Better Dark Spot Corrector for eyes, which I have for skin and do like.  I don't have any problems with puffiness, I just feel like the skin under my eyes is like super delicate and really thin.  I wear make-up when I work and if I go out, but I don't wear it if say, I'm going to the supermarket and I'm tired of getting the "are u ok miss?" from people.  I'm open to any brand really, Clinique is just one that I'm familiar with.  Please Help!
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I have VERY oily acne prone skin, mostly in the t zone especially my nose area, I've tried everything from different cleansers, moisturizers, primers, setting sprays, and foundation & powders that are made for oily skin and nothing has worked for me. Currently I'm using the Cetaphil oil control foam wash, neutrogena rapid clear acne defense face lotion, and the cetaphil oil control moisturizer. For my makeup routine I use the Becca Every-matte poreless priming perfector, Tarte amazonian clay liquid foundation, followed by the tarte amazonian clay airbrush powder, then i use blush and bronzer and the Maybelline shine free loose translucent powder, then I top everything off with the Kat Von D lock n load makeup setting spray. With this routine I still get very oily within about an hour of doing my makeup. I don't want to have to retouch my makeup throughout the day or blot if I don't absolutely have to. Does anybody have any suggestions for either my skincare or makeup routine? I'm looking for options that are not super expensive either. Thank you in advance!
I have combination skin and I want a foundation that will cover my imperfections is long lasting but can still give me that healthy glow? I don't like the very matte look but i still want the healthy skin glow and have a medium coverage without being shiny. My skin is sensitive in the way that i breakout with red under skin hard zits when i wear heavy makeup so i prefer a foundation that is lightweight but can still get the job done. 
When is the ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Contour Kit going to re-stock online? Do you see a date? I neeeed it! Thank you!
I have fine hair, but a lot of it.  I would like it to look thicker, but also be moisturized on the bottoms.  My scalp can get oily, but my ends get dry.  I am looking for shampoo, conditioner, and styling products.  Any recommendations? Thank you!
Korres Sleeping Facial
So, I have a night skin care routine that I'm happy with.   Right now it's Cleanse, Tone, EL ANR, OH Sheer Transformation, OH Invigorating Night Gel, + random eye cream (haven't found the one yet for eye cream).    My question is, do you combine sleeping masks with the skin care you're already happy with, or do you cleanse, put a sleeping mask on, and forgo the rest of your routine?   And has anyone had a negative experience from overnight masks?   Right now I have in my stash deluxe samples of:    I want to take these samples for a spin, but I don't want to throw my skin into a tailspin from a dramatic change in my routine.
I don't break out much on my face, but I do break out on my chest. I always shower right after working out. Any product suggestions for chest/back breakouts?
I was recently allergy tested at my allergy dr.  They did the patch test (true test) where they put the patches on your back.  I tested positive for parabens, fragrances & balsam of peru.  Those things are in practically everything!!  Luckily I'm not terribly symptomatic.  I was mainly wanting to find out what face skincare/cosmetics ingredients I may be allergic to, since I've been keeping a log of potential problem ingredients.  My skin is acne prone and sensitive.  It has a tendency to get red and irritated looking (which I thought was just due to acne, but now know that allergies may be playing a role too).    I don't really use skin lotions (aside from sunscreen), body butters, etc.  I'll wear fragrances/perfumes every so often, and haven't noticed any reactions.  I use hand cream somewhat frequently and every so often I'll get a rash, but it isn't too often.    My question is, how closely should I adhere to not using products with parabens, fragrances, & balsam of peru??  I'm thinking I should just avoid certain products if I notice a reaction on my body.  But for my face, maybe I should completely avoid those ingredients?    What about shampoos & hair products?  My scalp doesn't really get itchy, but I do tend to notice my hair falls out pretty easily.  Could that be due to an allergic reaction?  Isn't fragrance in almost all high-quality shampoos??   Any help is appreciated!  Thank you!
I am 19 and I don't know what my skin type is because my nose and mouth area are always flaky and I have breakouts on my nose, btwn two eyebrows, and also in temporal. I rarely have acne on my cheek. I thought I have dry skin but my skin is not dry nor combination skin and definitely not oily skin. So what is my skin type and what skin care routine would be the best for me?
Hi, I'm eighteen and have very dry skin that is moderately acne prone (although you can't tell in the picture.) I have very pale skin with a slight yellow undertone, and I need help find a hydrating foundation (preferably with buildable coverage) that is non-acnegenic and won't make me look orange. thank you! Here is a link to a picture of me Thank you!
 Need a little help with picking a bobbie brown foundation stick my color.. so I'm #6 in naked UD 123 in MUFE  medium light in cc cream smash box  Medium 3 Stromboli in Nars sheer glow... any of you gals similar ? i have olive combo skin... (: thanks !
Hey everyone,   So I am in need of a good recommendation for Tinted Moisturizer that can be found at Sephora.    I've been using the Wet'N'Wild one that you can find at Walmart. It's a great product longevity wise, coverage wise but the color selection is very poor and doesn't work well for me.    So I am on the hunt for a new Tinted Moisturizer that has Light to Medium buildable coverage. It'd have to be great for Combo skin and have a much wider shade range. I'd also like it to have decent longevity as well.    
What is the best powder to set your foundation with? Both loose and pressed? 
Hey guys! So I need some help. I have a bad case of dark undereye circles, and have no clue how to make them go away (or get lighter). I got them while finishing my Bachelor in Animation (lots of all-nighters, etc), and so far have only been covering them up with makeup.  I now have some more free time, have been getting my 8 (sometimes 9 lol) hours of beaty sleep. They have slowly been getting better, but I would love some advice on cremes or serums I can use on my undereye are to make my dark circles go away. Cheers!     *** I would like to point out that I HAVE tried the GlamGlow Mud treatment, and that was a no-go for me***
I currently wear Bare Minerals original foundation in Light, but I would like to purchase Estee Lauder's double wear stay-in place makeup.    According to the color IQ tool, I was matched to Rattan 2W2, however the descriptions for Rattan (2W2) and Dawn (2W1) sound very similar.  I was hoping someone could explain the difference between the two shades?   Thank you in advance for your help!  
I just bought MUFE shade 127 and its a perfect match in person!! but in pictures with flash i look white. I need one a slightly darker but not tooo much darker.Which shade is recomended? 
The YVES SAINT LAURENT ROUGE VOLUPTÉ - Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15   which color do you like and why??
photo (3).JPG
I accidentally capped my eyeliner brush in a rush and I bent the bristles.... -___-'' Is there a way to fix this?  
I've called my two local stores and even though the mall is open the stores are not answering their phone...I just got back from vacation, have to go back to work tomorrow and need my fix!