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I can't decide between buying the Tartelette pallete, the semi-sweet chocolate bar, or the original chocolate bar!! I love them all but cannot decide which to get! Any suggestions?
I'd say my skin is a bit dry after I wash my face with my face wash but then it gets oiler throughout the day. What type of moisturizer should I use? I was thinking of the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel from Clinique, but I'm not sure. 
After hearing a lot about them, I decided to finally try an AHA. I bought Paula's Choice 8% AHA after hearing rave reviews about it. It was great at first, I used it every night; however after a couple of weeks I noticed it started to burn certain parts of my face after applying, and it would also cause pimples and acne scarring those places. I decided to stop using the AHA and I think my skin is going back to normal... however now I do have some raised bumps where I did not before. So, are AHA's more harmful than not? 
hello sweethearts im still getting into make up and im not sure if im blending enough please help can someone give me tips for blending ?
Hi there,   I need your advice! I have a very very very oily t-zone. I tried almost every face primer in the market and even mattifying lotions and it seems like it doesn't really work for me. I use MAC Studio Fix powder as my foundation everyday and gets oily in 45minutes! and when I am using a liquid foundation such as the Maybelline Matte and Poreless, I get oily in 30minutes! Soooo insane!   Also, I have oily eyebrows. I tried everything but it just gets shiny. Blotting papers are so expensive especially when a person use it frequently. For me, it's more embarrassing to have oily eyebrows than to have oily face because having oily eyebrows emphasizes sparseness and it's not natural looking.   Please help me. I'm 22 years old and just started using makeup.   Thank you!
I have fallen in love with Givenchy's Prisme Libre powder and want to try their Photo Perfexion Fluid Foundation, but don't know what shade to go with.   For comparison, I mix two shades in Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation: Beige and Cool Beige make the perfect color match. Another reference point, Marc Jacobs Marvelous Mousse in Bisque Medium is nearly spot on, if a little light, ultimately.    What would you recommend as a good shade (or two to mix) in the Givenchy formula?   Thank you!
I have been using Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation for the last couple of years.  I see that it has been discontinued/reformulated.  I need a suggestion for a new foundation.  I'm not interested in the new formulas as I've not seen too many positives about the product in comparison to the older version.  I have Rose Ivory & could go a tad lighter because I have to be very careful to make sure it is blended with  my neck.  I have fair skin with a pink undertone.
  hi there, as you can see from the attached pic (yuk) I have very bad Melasma. I need help I'd finding a foundation that will cover this, but look natural. I have never had 'clear'  as I have freckles across my nose, but I also don't like the heavily made up look as it doesn't sit on my skin well. I have to wear SPF 50-100 (winter-summer) so my skin doesn't darken. I used Clinique Stay matte powder in Stay Honey, which is a little dark for me during the winter, but fine in the summer (it matches my neck colour). I've read about the MUFE colour pallete and using a peach shade to neutralise dark areas. Which number should I use?   i was colour matched by Boots ( avery large UK chemist, they have their own very good cosmetics ranges) In Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation I am deeply 'honey' and 'wheat'   Unfortunately I cannot get samples of products here (Ireland) the dapartment stores don't really give them (Estée Lauder especially) I wasn't really impressed with the girl on the counter, the colour she applied was very yellow, and I looked jaundiced.    Can you guys help? I've seen so many videos on YouTube where girls have coverd very bad acne scars....   I dream of one day wearing blusher....but at the moment it just highlights my blotches on my cheeks :-(   Sad single and ugly :-(  Ruth  
I am about to turn 43 in a few months. People have told me I do not look older than 30-34. I am also going to be getting married around the same time. I am looking for coverage. My skin still breaks out and I have scars due to this.My skin can also be dry. I never use soap on my face. I do cleanse and moisturize everyday since 20.I am also starting to see signs of aging. I have light to medium skin tone, blue eyes and brown hair. I am new to highlighting and contouring. I would love to have perfect skin and makeup when I walk down the isle. What do you recommend?
Hi,   I am wondering if you can mix skin care products - more specifically can I use the same cleanser and toner and use a different moisturizer and serum? 
Winter has take its toll on my face with so much redness on the cheeks.  Any suggestions on foundation and/or concealer?    All set with stuff to calm it down.     
Oh I need this in my life!! When will this or will it be available at Sephora? 
Hello, I am 62 years young and have sensitive combination skin. Whenever I try to wear foundation it always disappears within an hour or so. I get shine on my T zone at that time but under my eyes gets dry and fine lines become noticeable.Have used blotting papers for the shine but then the dryness looks awful! I use a serum & moisturizer (lighter in summer) then primer before foundation, I like a radiant finish, nothing too heavy. I've tried Guerlain Lingerie, NARS Radiant BB, Smashbox under eye primer, Hourglass mineral veil primer with several other high end foundations.  I also use finishing powder and setting spray.I am so frustrated!!  Thanks so much in advance for any recommendations!!
I Accidentally got Clinique Blended face powder in Transparent Neutral instead of Invisible. I wear Stay Matte foundation in Alabaster adn was recommended the Invisible for my neutral undertones. I don't want to wait 4 wks for a return. Pros and cons? WIll I look ghosty in pics?
I am looking for something that will give light coverage throughout the day.  I don't often break out, and my current skin care regimen keeps my skin relatively normal throughout the day.  Sometimes, however, I get these random spots or splotches of irritation.  They usually go away (sometimes minutes, sometimes hours), but I am looking for something that will help minimize the appearance of these when they do occur.     Also, anything that sits too heavy on my skin will cause me to break out.  I am using the First Aid Beauty Facial Moisturizer, and this has been the only moisturizer I have been able to find that doesn't cause me to break out by the end of the day.
I have NEVER had a problem with my skin being this red, and I have no idea what's causing it, so I'm kind of at a loss of what to do.   I need a cleanser that fights acne but isn't too intense and/or a primer that will reduce the redness in my face, but not suck out all the color (as most red reducing primers tend to do). Also, maybe something that helps brighten my skin? Is this a herculean task to ask of any product?    Any recommendations? With warmer weather on the horizon, I need something that's not going to oily and/or too moisturizing, but this is such a weird problem for me that I'm not equipped to deal.   Thanks team!
Yay, Mexico! Boo, oily skin and melting makeup... If you know what I'm talking about please help. I need to find some essentials for my oily skin and large pores on my trip in June so I won't look horrendous in photos or throughout the day.   For sure I'd like suggestions on sunscreen , primer , and foundation or face powder . For sunscreen I was thinking of using the Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 42 (Face) since the reviews are pretty good. As for primers + foundation I'm currently using Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer + Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation (Lancome Dual Finish Powder - Extra Coverage) + Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder.   Thanks! <3
I have oily/ combination skin and due to the harsh anti acne products I have used it is dry and patchy and gross! I have been doing some research and it seems like my skin is extremely dehydrated. It seems like both Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial and the Peter Thomas Roth VIZ 1000 75 percent Hyaluronic Acid Complex can help.. can I combine both at night? would just one work and if so which one?? Please HELP
I went to a Sephora store to receive help picking a foundation. The associate told me to get Urban Decay Naked but I don't think it was a wise choice. It settles on my face extremely bad on my cheeks and upper lip. I have tried using a primer first and without but both ways settle on my face. What would be a good solution to make this foundation look better? I even purchases the brush that she recommended. I think she was just comfortable using that brand so that's what she suggested. Instead of asking enough questions to choose a good brand for my skin type.
I have dry acne prone skin but my face gets really red is there a BB cream or Tinted Moisturizer that I can just apply everyday and will give me  moisturize while not  breaking it out?
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Now that I am a senior citizen, I have very red eye lids. I use foundation but it doesn't reduce the redness enough. I have also tried concealer with little improvement.  Any suggestions?
I was in search of a great setting powder and I always do my research. I ended up buying the YSL Matte and Radiance Pressed Powder. I have used it twice and I don't see a big difference after applying it and definitely not in keeping me matte. It was my high end splurge and I am disappointed. Has anyone tried it and have any suggestions of how to use it? I tried it with the puff that comes with it and a powder brush. I kind of pat it on after foundation.
I really like the Better than Sex mascara made by Two Faced but it irritates my eyes.  Any suggestions for another mascara that goes on wet like that one?  I prefer one that doesn't smudge either and is longer lasting.    
So here's the deal - I usually set my foundation (NARS Sheer Glow in Tahoe) in order to set it and avoid shine throughout the day. I ran out of my pressed powder recently (bought before my Sephora obsession days!) and I was wondering what pressed powders y'all recommended, and in what color? Thank you!
Did anyone other than me get an email survey yesterday? It wanted to know about makeup buying habits and all of that and said that in exchange for completeing it i would get 100 points. Real or scam?
Hello, I am caucasian with very thick/coarse wavy hair, and I was looking for a method to somewhat tame them. I have used Brazillian Keratin in the past, but with all the issues around it I stopped using it and my hair is now back to it's old self.   I was considering trying the Phytorelaxer index 1, since it seems to have great reviews, my only consideration would be that I have colored my hair with an ammonia based hair dye in the past (months ago), nevertheless they are not damaged or dry, will it be OK to use the product?   Also, how long after I relax my hair can I color them again?   Many thanks  
It says on the website that this foundation has a beige undertone. I have tried the kat von d 46 and it is to pink. I have tried 45 and it seems better but it might be to yellow. Is there a chance that 44 would match better? Is it in between pink and yellow? 
Hello Lovelies,   There are so many serum foundations out in the market- YSL fusion ink, Armani Maestro, Lancome Nude Miracle, Dior Nude Skin Air. I want to make a purchase during the chic week, I have a normal to slightly dry skin with NC 30 coloring. Have you guys tried any of these and what are your thoughts and suggestions?   Thanks!