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I seem to have deep pores around my nose and I have been on search for products that can effectively get rid of blackheads. Any suggestions?
Hi there, just a warning, i am going to write a novel to give you a background on where I'm coming from and my previous experience with my makeup/skin history. I am admittedly one of those that like to switch things up here it goes. I'm in the mood for a new primer, and every so often, I go to sephora, speak to an associate about skincare/makeup, I sample & buy tons of new stuff, usually love most of it, but then after a while I'm like hmm what to try next? The only thing I can say I've truly stayed loyal to is urban decay eye shadow primer, which I've ben using for about 4-5 yrs and even still I'd be willing to try something else if given better suggestions. So I recently switched foundations, and started using Josie Marans argan matchmaker foundation. All based on sephora recommendation I also recently invested in her argan oil light, the pure argan milk, and not to mention her liquid gold self tanner 😊. I also recently started using dr. Brandt microdermabrasion which I got as a sample and love. I also ordered samples of tatcha cleansing oil & gentle rice powder exfoliation...I wasn't kidding when I said I like to try new things..meaning everything!! So as far as primers go, I've tried a ton. Benefit, too faced, hourglass (both types) smash box, dr.brandt, Nars, Tarte, cover fx, and a few other brands not sold at sephora. I'm almost out of what I'm using now and would like to try something new to compliment my new foundation. So as for my skin, it's tricky. In teen years I used t be dry and very acne prone, and then from years of trying to control the acne with everything from proactive to prescription topicals etc.etc. it resulted in over oil production to compensate for the over drying acne products. Now that I'm in my 30's, I've pretty much got the acne & oil issues under control, but now I consider myself combo since it's somewhere in between depending on which way the wind blows and what products I happen to be using at the time. I would prefer something on the natural side, (no harsh chemicals or parabens) but I'm remaining open minded. I Prefer no silicone or oil as I do feel these make me oily. But I've used creamy primers that don't work as well. I feel I need a happy medium, something that will deliver a smooth canvas filling in fine line & wrinkles, as well as mild acne scars, and keep my makeup long lasting for a full work day or night out. I really can't spend more than like $30-40 on a primer considering how many cosmetic products I like to own at once. My biggest thing is makeup going on smooth and lasting long as possible. Also if you could suggest some different eye primer that would help too! Thanks a bunch and sorry for the novel!! 
I am 32 and need some concealer help. But I have some challenges. I  have really thin skin under my eyes, and it is a little sunken in. I have some wrinkles/fine lines around my eyes as well. But the biggest challenge is that I have the most sensitive skin I have ever seen. Almost every liquid product gives me a painful rash.   I CAN use grapeseed oil, Burts Bees Radiance day cream (in the tub, not the pump, or the eye cream), and Bare Minerals complexion Rescue. (I reacted to the Bare Skin foundation).  Every other liquid item (Moisturizers, oils, foundations)  I have tried had bad results.    I have a little more leeway with powders, but some of those have made me react as well.    I have been using Bare Minerals Well Rested, but not only is it not enough, it settles in the lines and doesnt look as smooth as I would like.    Any recommendations? 
Hi! I am a 24 year old woman and have severe under eye syringoma. Does sephora carry any treatment of syringomas? Thanks!
I am currently using Flextone Dr Brandt but it only has one color chose.  I am looking for med to full coverage and something that lasts all day as I am a flight attendant
Hello Ladies, I am starting to pack for a big vacation and I am puzzled on how to store brushes and sponges to keep them in shape. Any suggestions? And if you have any storage solutions for story all kinds of make-up. Please share. Thanks!
will there be a similar set online this year to the current summer obsessions set that is exclusive to inside JCP. I really wanted this one but my local store is OOS currently. If i remember correcly there is usually a similar version of this set online every year. Any info much appreciated. 
I'm looking to change up my skin care routine and try some new products. With summer just around the corner I'm asking for suggestions on the best techniques and products to protect and nourish my skin in the summer heat.  
I'm looking into creating a my started makeup kit and I want to use Makeup Forever products and I would like to know what products are a must to have ...I just purchased my first set of MUFE eyeshadows and I'm in love !!!! 😍😍 I just want to know what eyeshadow colors blush lipsticks lip liner anything that's important to have in my kit. 
Hi guys!  I am currently using Benefit They're Real and was looking for something that has a good hold but not too much and is a little easier to take off.  I also wear contacts and notice that after a few hours, the mascara has been bothering my eyes.  Any and all suggestions are welcomed.  Thanks guys.
Can anyone recommend a water based moisturizer for oily skin. 
i think the sun safety kits were out the first week of May in 2014, so hoping that means that we have less than a month til they are out in 2015. Any word on a release date yet? I love the sun safety kits!!
So I get that BB/CC creams are a hybrid product and so they may not perform in all categories as well as their specialized counterparts.   I do love the Hourglass and Givenchy primers but they do not offer an color correction.  I am looking for a good CC cream that has a good primer that will wear well underneath YSL Fusion Ink Foundation in BD10.  I have normal/dry skin and neutral fair.  My current Clinique Moisture Surge CC in Natural Fair is great but it feels a little heavy with the YSL on top. Thanks!
Can anyone tell me what color should I get in Tarte's amazon class 12 hour makeup if I use Laura Mercier's Silk Creme Foundation in Cashew Beige
I'm looking how to do a soft smokey eye for and everyday look im really looking to do this look for work. I have different aray of eyeshadows mostly from Makeup Forever. 
I need some help picking out skincare products (cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc.), eyeshadow and eyeliner.  I have blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin with pink undertones and rosacea.  Oily skin, pores.  Age 45 and signs of aging.  I need help choosing skin care products.  I also want to purchase some eyeshadow and eyeliner.  Colors that will flatter my skin tone, enhance my blue eyes and are good for my aging eyes and skin.  Fine lines and wrinkles.  Starting to lose some skin tone this past year.  Most likely due to stress.  I look tired.  I have no idea what colors to wear.  I do have trouble with my shadows creasing and liners running.  I do not like to wear waterproof products due to my delicate lashes.  Any suggestions?
I recently used Ole Henricksens Invigorating Night Creme for the first time and it completely dried out my typically baby soft facial skin. I am horrified, it has been almost two weeks since I used it and my skin has never looked worse. Does ANYONE have any suggestions as to how to get my skin back to normal besides moisturizing seven times a day? TIA! 
Well I'm not into the whole contouring thing, but am trying to find a highlighter that would give me a nice glow.  I use Bareminerals Buttercream BB cream.  I want something that would look natural.
I have very fair skin and dark brown hair.  Now that summer is around the corner, I am interested in a bronzer that is natural-looking.  Some that I've tried in the past are either too brown or too orange.  I also don't like the luminous look on me, as my skin is combination (on the oily side) and looks luminous after just a few hours on its own!  I'm interested in a matte bronzer that is natural-looking for fair skin.  Thank you in advance for your recommendations.  Just remember, you are beautiful!
Does anyone have any suggestions for dupes?   I really like the product but not the price tag for the amount you get. I've purchased the .5 oz twice now (is currently $22) and like the results but would love a cheaper alternative, hopefully one with more product that is more bang for your buck.
So it's about time that I added a sunscreen to my routine. I've been convincing myself that since my moisturizer has spf and that my foundation is marketed as a "skin perfecting sunscreen makeup" that i'm okay but it's time that I get in touch with reality. I'm 24 and I definitely am starting to get some fine lines on my forehead and i'm sure it's partly due to my very dry skin and lack of good sunscreen use and it's only made more obvious when my foundation settles into them despite using a primer, I actually use two - hourglass primer serum all over and Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch. I am looking for something very lightweight that I can wear my foundation over. I also have very dry skin (although it is finally starting to improve) since I have very dry I would prefer something that would not give me a matte finish, I like a very dewy look. I always had very clear skin as a teen but once I hit 22-23 I developed some pretty bad, deep cystic acne (I notice this seems to be a trend with people my age) mostly around my jawline and sometimes on my cheeks. It's finally gotten a lot better thanks to the what my dermatologist prescribed me, Aczone in the AM & Ziana in the PM and Clinique acne solutions clarifying lotion (I had dry skin before these products) but unfortunately I was left I was left with some pretty bad post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (bright red) and I am very fair, to put it in perspective I have a foundation by Clinique in alabaster and it is too dark. That being said if there is a sunscreen that also has brightening qualities that would be great too. I'm asking a lot for a sunscreen I know but any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Also any recommendations on a serum or treatment or the marks would be great. I realize they may be a little hard to see in the pic especially since I did my best to cover them up but you can still see them coming through which kind of gives you an idea of the darkness.  Sorry I know this post was super long and if you actually took the 15 minutes it probably took to read it you are a trooper and I thank you. .  
Okay my fellow SEPHORA BEAUTIES, I'm looking for a serum (preferably, but open to suggestions) to help take away the redness that's been left over from past "acne" (even though it's not, it's the best way I can't to describe it). Somedays you can barely tell it's there, other days, you can barley look past it to lol Along with that new serum purchase I'm changing the concentration of my products to more soothing & gentle ingredients. I THINK I've made a decision on everything else besides the serum. I'm going all out this time with my regimen!! Tell me what you think and please feel free to leave any advice or suggestions. I had posted earlier asking about REN products and as much as I would love a bathroom full of REN, I simply just can't afford it. I've heard GREAT things however and am very anxious to give it a try! I'm sorry it's so long but thank you in advance for taking the time to read   Background: I'll be 24 in May & have combination skin however if I'm being honest I think my own skin is confused as to what it is. Right now, I think it's irritated and angry. My "problem area" is the cheek/jawbone area. Bumps are really a problem, every now and then but it's the left over mess (PIH, scarring, blotchiness) that's driving me insane!   Morning: 1) FAB Ultra Repair Cleanser   2) FAB Anti-Redness Serum OR REN Evercalm Anti-Redness Serum (Sephora has everything but this on their website I found it directly on the REN website) OR should I go the Ole Henriksen "Truth" route? My question with that would be do I have to use all of these products together to see results or could I mix FAB & Ole Henriksen? gen-booster-P42343?skuId=1403518&icid2=ole_lp_disc ... activating-oil-P378347?skuId=1500669&icid2=ole_lp_ ... ced-hydration-P308101skuId=1411289&icid2=ole_lp_di ...   3) FAB Ultra repair Face Moisturizer   Night: 1) FAB Ultra Repair Cleanser 2) FAB Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery Serum 3) FAB Ultra Repair Hydra-firm Sleeping Cream   1-2x Weekly: 1) FAB Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser w/ Red Clay 2) REN AHA Concentrate      
I went to my dermatologist this past weekend to inquire about laser treatments for some acne scarring I have on my face, and I also inquired about various facial products.  My dermatologist is considered a pioneer in his field, and he has even treated movie stars.  People come from all over the country to see him!  He basically said that more times than not, we pay for the name.  Marketers do a good job of promising this or that, but in reality, the products don't deliver.  He told me to keep my regimen simple, such as washing with Cetaphil face wash for normal to oily skin, using SPF, eating a healthy diet mostly comprised of fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, beans, and fish, getting 8 hours of sleep per night, exercising, and drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day.  As a product junkie, I often get the urge to try different products in hopes of getting better results, but he said not to bother because I'll be wasting my money.  I thought I would share this advice in hopes of enlightening all of you!
My color IQ is 2Y06 which leads to Make up for ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation in the color of 118 Flesh. So I am looking for a good concealer to match that color and blends very well into the skin. Please help... Thank you! 
Hi! I'm wondering if I'm a match for the Nars Radient Creamy concealer in Vanilla, will I match the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless foundation in Mont Blanc?
Hi, I want to order Peter Thomas Roth Cc/ Chanel Cc cream jproducts but do not know which shade I should choose😋. I'll show pictures of my skin color in natural sunny light(standing in front of window) and my desired look😍. Can you recommend what shade( light or light to medium) is right for my skin tone☺️? I like the shade I would use is lighter one or two times than my real skin color. And by the way, what is my type of skin tone (I guess medium-yellow undertone😳)? Your answer would be useful for me to choose make up products! Thanks so much for your consideration! Have a nice day!😋
So about a month ago, I was on spring break in Florida and decided to wear a bathing suit that left me with awkward tan lines around my chest and collarbones. Well, I have a dance to go to in 10 days and my dress is strapless. You can see my problem, right?  I've never tried a self tanner and I'm very leery of doing so, but I'm desperate. Some of my concerns about using a self tanner are will it be too dark, how long would it last, and would it be hard to remove if there was an issue? If someone could help me out I'd be very grateful.  
I am med- deep complexion i am NC42 in mac. I was considering Smash box step by step contour sticks but I'm afraid it may be too light. Any advice or suggestions? I am flexible... 
I use Makeup Forever HD foundation right now in 128, I would like to buy the new Makeup Forever bronzer but I do not know what color to buy since it is not offered in any stores. I get darker with the summer coming up and 128 is usually a little light for me, but I use bronzer to add color.  What shade of bronzer do you recommend?