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hi, i have fair asian skin that's combination to oily and I figured i need a good contour palette that's a powder and I'm in the midst of looking at all of them and was wondering if the hourglass ambient lighting palette is a better choice or the marc jacob's #instamarc is? if it's the marc jacobs, what is the better shade for my skin? also i tend to break out easily so i dont want anything that would contribute to acne. if there's another contour palette i should look into, im open for any advice thanks
hi im having trouble pickiing a shade im currently wearing sephora foundation in 31 almond!?
I would love to try the Luminous Silk foundation but I am not sure what shade I would be.  I am in color 010 in Dior Skin Nude Air.
Hi Everyone   I wanted to know if I purchased the tan to deep powder kit what shade should I get in the cream kit? Do you think its necessary to have both? What are y'all opinion on ABH Kits. 
Hi all, recently I've discovered that silicone and talc both wreak havoc on my face and I end up with terrible breakouts. I've been using a great silicone free primer from clarins but now I'm on the hunt for a foundation to fit my needs. Does anyone have a recommendation for something that is both silicone and talc free? I've tried the Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme but it made me really oily by the end of the day. I also tried Bare Minerals but they don't have a good color match for my skin tone. My skin is sensitive, acne prone, and combination leaning more towards the oily side. Thanks!
Hi!   Can't find an answer to this in the product's Q&A so I thought I should ask here:  When the Dior SkinFlash Radiance Booster Pen is empty, does it stop clicking or does it simply not dispense anymore product?  I read at least one review saying their pen wouldn't dispense product unless they kept the applicator clean by washing it regularly.  I wish I could see how much product was still in the pen.     Thanks for any help!
I need advice on how to get "raccoon eyes".  I use primer, powder, a pencil liner covered with powdered eyeshadow the same color.   I use a regular mascara and put a coat of waterproof mascara over that.  Don't know what else to do. Help!
i think the sun safety kits were out the first week of May in 2014, so hoping that means that we have less than a month til they are out in 2015. Any word on a release date yet? I love the sun safety kits!!
I just started using a few products from the Sunday Riley line - specifically, the Luna Oil at night and Good Genes and Bionic moisturizer in the morning. I find that later in the day, my skin feels a little dry - not flaky or peeling, just dry. Should I swap out the Bionic for one of their other oils?
Is foundation supposed to look "flawless" close up?  I use a pressed powder foundation from MAC, as with liquid (such as tarte Amazonian clay) I begin to get oily.  I've applied with both brushes and the beauty blender.  Somehow, it looks *great* at a distance, but when I lean in to look closer at the mirror, like when I'm applying eyeliner, it looks horrible.  Usually I wouldn't mind, but when I'm talking to people, I wonder whether they're at a distance to see the calmness of my makeup.   I can't imagine that I'm "applying it wrong".  I literally take the beauty blender, swirl it around in the compact, and press it into my face.  And this is after using the green smashbox photo finish primer.   Oh - and I've also tried RCMA.  FORGET IT!  That stuff is even worse!  My whole face is tiny little flakes in no time.   Thanks.
I would like to purchase both the NARS Multiple and YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch.  However, I don't know what shades would look best on me.  Color Match IQ says I'm 1Y07
Hello.  I use Make Up Forever Pro Finish #125.  I want to switch to a Duo Mat color.  What color would you suggest is closest to #125?  Thank you!
Hello everyone   My senior prom is on Friday, and I need a photo friendly foundation to wear. (Im terrified of having a white cast in photos...)I'd prefer to stay away from matte foundations and go more for dewy since I wanna look glowy lol and plus, I have dry skin. I'd also need medium to full coverage, because I have dark marks from acne.   Any suggestions? I'm thinking about asking for samples just for prom because I don't have the money to spend on foundation right now. Thank you!    P.s. if you guys have any dewy makeup routine tips, let me know please
I've had my dipbrow for maybe 2 months now and it's starting to dry out. Is there any way I can fix it or do I need to get a new one?
Looking for a quick & easy brightening under eye concealer that I can use every day even when I don't wear foundation . . .
Hi everyone!! I just got the boscia 500 point reward set that contains the "black" line of products. I was looking at the ingredients of the detoxifying black cleanser and I noticed that it contains charcoal and is use to eliminate excess oil and impurities. I have dry skin and I'm worry that it would dry out my skin even more, do you think I should use it? Or do you think the other ingredients would help to prevent excess dryness? THANKS!!
I've been using Elizabeth Arden eye shadow primer for the past several years and really love it, but unfortunately, I think it's been discontinued because I'm having trouble finding it.  Are there any other great eye shadow primers out there that are good for oily eyelids?  I'm interested in a product that will help my eye shadow last all day.  Thank you, beauties!   Love, Daskala
I would like to purchase the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer and the Creamy Concealer, but I do not know what shades I should purchase.  However, I do know that my Color IQ  Color Match is 1Y07.  Thanks for your help.
I use MAC Studio Fix in NC30. Anyone know what shade to ge in SEPHORA Collection 10HR Wear Perfecti Foundation?
I am looking for a new moisturizer. My skin is normal to combination. I have pretty normal skin everywhere but my t-zone, which tends to get oily throughout the day. I have been noticing lately that my pores are more noticeable and I have a little bit of redness in my cheek and chin area. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
In search of something I can use for minimizing the look of lines and wrinkles around my eyes and forehead I have horrible lines at the time of my nose/forehead probable from squinting.  Is there something you suggest
Hi!   Please recommend a mineralized blush/bronzer that resembles MAC's discontinued So Ceylon (Mineralize Skinfinish).   Thank you!   -Chrissie      
Hello beauties,   I recently went in to see my dermatologist to see what options I might have in terms of treating my acne scars, and he recommended laser treatments for my face.  Unfortunately, I can't afford laser, so I've been reading online about other treatments/remedies that are affordable and can be done at home: applying vitamin E oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil, or lemon juice (not all at once, of course).  Have any of you tried any one of these remedies?  If so, have you had success?  Perhaps there is something that has worked for you that I did not mention; please share, as I am desperate in getting rid of these acne scars that have plagued me for years!   Thank you in advance for your expertise, recommendations, and input.    With love, Daskala Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
So one of my friends suggested that I try Smith's Rosebud Salve. One of the ingredients caught my attention, petrolatum. I was told this stuff isn't good for you. Though I've heard different views. Do you think it's perfectly fine to put this on my lips? 
I'm hoping to use Dior's Nude BB Cream in tandem with the Lancome Dual Finish for my daily moisturizing/foundation routine. The only foundation that I've found that has ever truly matched my skin tone is Matte Neutralle II by Lancome in their Dual Finish product. I'm fairly pale most of the time, yet have olive to neutral undertones.   I'm hoping to get a good BB/CC cream to wear with the dual finish product in order to help treat and cover my acne. I will also be purchasing a new concealer, however I'd rather have this focused exclusively on covering my dark circles, as I find many concealers just cause my sometimes cystic acne to become dry, flaky, and very red, or oily products cause further breakouts.   It may be important to note that I'm not 100% set on the Dior Nude BB cream, it's just the one that seems to have the best reviews. I would love to be able to visit in store to swatch everything out, however I am an 8 hour drive from the nearest store.   Bonus points if you can recommend a good concealer for me! Preparing to buy a completely new foundation/concealer/moisturizing routine.
Does anyone know what concealer shade I would be in the estee lauder double wear stay in place concealer and the kat von d lock it concealer? my foundation is light 44 in the kat von d and 1C1 cool bone for the estee lauder foundation! thanks!
I have a problem... I live in florida and I am in highschool and it HOT and HUMID all day, so I sweat and end up wiping my face and then mt face gets oily... ya, I have tried as much stuff I can afford, which is not that much, and nothing has worked. the main thing is money. I dont want to buy something more then $10. I know thats cheap but I cant really afford anything elese. PLEASE HELP