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My new love is taupe lips...undertones more in the lilac or grey world than the more brown versions.  But I'm finding blush hard.  And I learned (via a MAC SA) how to wear those deep, almost black lip shades (the right blush and a little black eye liner).  Certain looks are harder to make work than others.  What tips do you have for those less simple colors and looks...that make them work?  So other examples are purple or lilac lips...the blush has to be cool with a blue or purple undertone.  Too much pastel and I need some black shadow in the crease and/or black eye liner. do you pull off taupe lips and other less than easy to balance looks?
I bought a contour kit and I have used it 3-4 times, looks like new and everything but it doesn't fit with my color nor my mom's. Could I exchange it without the receipt? Thanks. 
SEPHORA COLLECTION Still Life Alchemy: Pro Airbrush #55   Is this brush going to be for sale in Canada? 
I'm told the only way to get rid of these "folds" is to have something called PRP or Fraxel.  Is there another way?  Is there a product on the shelves that would make this less invasive?
I don't usually use SPF products unless they come in my foundation. I don't spend hours upon hours outdoors so I never really felt the need to wear SPF.   I'm going to be spending the day at the waterpark next week and I know that I seriously need some SPF or I'll be red like a tomato, no joke. I plan on buying a bottle of L'Oreal Ombrelle to use on my body, probably with an SPF of 30-45. I'm not sure if this is good to use on my face, I don't want it to break me out and I'm not sure if I'll be wearing makeup yet, I guess it depends on how hot it is and if I really want to deal with the maintenance of it while wet. I might just slap on my Too Faced BB cream which has SPF20.   I do have a sample of the Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield that I got with my last order so I was thinking of using this, either under my makeup or alone. Is this a good product and will my makeup go on smoothly?   Is there anything that's better that I should buy (specifically for my face)? It needs to be somewhat waterproof and have good lasting power. Keep in mind that I'm in Canada so there are certain brands I won't be able to order from Sephora.   And lastly, what waterproof basic makeup products do I need?
I'm looking for a finishing spray or a facial mist/toner that I can also use after makeup application. I already have the skindinavia setting spray, but I don't use that everyday because of the alcohol content, so basically I just want something to make my makeup appear less powdery/more blended on days when I choose not to use a setting spray. There seem to be so many options that I'm not sure what to try.  I have combination to dry skin.  I am also very sensitive to fragrance.  Any recommendations would be appreciated!
I have sensitive combo skin, and have a few fine lines. I've always assumed that a Clarisonic would do more harm than good as the bristles looked harsh to use on skin, and I've read mixed reviews on whether or not chemical or physical exfoliators are best. Can anyone share their opinion on them, or any recommendations?
I have oily skin ( shiny forehead, nose and chin pores everywhere my face and blackheads on my nose. I use cetaphil to cleanse my face everyday. However,  what are some good brands that last long for the following items ? BB cream in light beigh with spf (oil free) matte face powder (oil free) concealer:stick or liquid (oil free) to cover dark circles / bags under eyes  Brow pencil  lip gloss tinted lip balms  eye liner  Primer to cover up pores  will eye shadow be good on me ? if so which one? If not then it's fine.  I am Asian with monolids. I do not want false eye lashes. what will I need in my make up bag on the go?  
  I have caramel colored skin (I do have the smashbox foundation liquid halo in no.7 just to give an idea). And I get oily skin in the hot weather and I do have acne scarring and partially sun burnt skin mostly on forehead and chin and the upper part of my nose. My main problem is finding the right foundation that doesn't give the translucent effect so that you don't see the scarring and that can last most of the day and feels light! Also that looks very natural on my skin. I do have a tad bit larger pores that are visible from close up and that gets a little bumpy in the hot weather. I don't have anymore acne or pimples just scars that are slightly prominent. Please help me on this it's really a problem. I really want something that makes my skin look lighter and fair and match my skin tone of my neck that is about 3-4 shades lighter. Thank you!
What are the best products to use? I normally have oily acne prone skin, so I use products to help with that. But then I end up with my makeup looking dry & flaky...
hey I want a primer that holds my makeup on place, that also controls my oily skin, and that doesn't break me up. Any sugestions?
What can I use to get rid of black heads ? I already do masks and I use dr Dennis chemical peels
Should you use a base coat under Julep color treat polish? If so, which one? What about a nail strengthened?
Hey BeautyTalkers!    I'm sure you are all familiar with the concept of a "pop-up" shop / restaurant / juice bar / dog park  whatever , but today we have a special treat - a pop-up Live Chat!   I've got two AMAZING Sephora PRO artists with me, Julie Taing and Ilde Goncalves, who are here and ready to answer all of your burning beauty questions for the next hour (including everything you wanted to know about the new MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Foundation, Sephora Collection hakuho-do brushes, strobing, baking, or any other random new beauty trend that's out at the moment).   They are on BeautyTalk RIGHT NOW and ready to answer your questions. So ask away!     
Can anyone tell help me with a color match please??? Im ordering the Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + Matifying foundation in No25-Warm Ivory, but I need to find to find a matching color in the Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer. Thanks beauties . Have a gorgeous day!
So my smile isn't looking too good on account of the fact that I didn't take good care of it in my younger years. My fault of course. It's not too bad but I'd love to whitenn it up to feel more confident. There's so many different things out there so I thought I'd ask here. I don't really have a budget. Something that I can also easily attain since I live Canada, I don't mind getting stuff shipped in. Thanks in advance!
So my friends birthday is coming and and she asked for and I quote: "Any mascara that will make my **bleep** eyelashes POP!"  So i was wondering what would be better..a great mascara or a tube of eyelash enhancers? What brands are the best for big lashes? Im more of a lipstick/eyeliner gal so I need some expertise!
What is the best cleanser and moisturizer (one for day with SPF, one for night without), to use to cleanse & then hydrate sensitive, dehydrated, slightly combo to pretty dry, skin that is about to be treated with Differin (prescription topical retinoid) and Duac (prescription topical containing benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin) for moderate acne? I know my skin is already sensitive & VERY prone to dryness/dehydration, yet also prone to clogged pores, obviously. PLEASE HELP!! Thank you in advance!
What is the best cleanser/treatment for clogged large pores on nose and cheek area. I feel as though my skin is rougher there and you can usually see small bumps when I have foundation on. What should I do about this to make my skin clear and not have as many clogged pores? Thanks!!
Hi!  I usually wear the Becca Ultimate foundation Crème in color Nude, I wanted to try the Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink...just because the Sephora I usually can get to does not carry Becca, which color would be a good match?  Or what would be another great full coverage foundation?  Thanks! 
I wear a BB cream called Missha M perfect cover cream in shade # 21 (light beigh) However, I have oily skin (looking for oil free make up products) and it wears off but I still like it because it's oil free. My skin gets oily /shiny on my forehead, nose and chin. How can I fix this? I've been told mineral make is best but how what are your suggestions ?  Second , what do girls carry nowadays in their make up bags ? Sorry for asking the same things. I'm a college student that recently became interested in make up. 
hey, just wondering if anyone knows how many pumps i can get out of the new Makeup Forever HD foundation.....  It's 43, pretty expensive, so I would love to budget and see how long one bottle would last me! Thanks lol 
I was wondering on your thoughts pertaining to Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightening Solution which I heard is great to use after the Alpha Beta Peel Pads that I currently use.    Any advice and/or thoughts are totally appreciated (and, as always, needed)!!!!!    I am 33 with fair, combination to oily skin that has hormonal breakouts with the occasional cysts. My concerns for my skin are acne and antiaging.  I currently use Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Cleanser, Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner, Philosophy Clear Days Ahead moisturizer (day), and Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra Pure Moisturizer (night). I also use Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads Extra Strength 2-3 times per week at night, Glam Glow SuperMud mask once a week and Fresh Rose Mask 1-2x's a week.   I had a previous post too inquiring as to whether I should switch cleansers to Dr. Gross' All-In-One Foaming cleanser, but had yet to hear back on that one.    
I really want to switch to good quality contour and in stick form, I just feel overwhelmed with all the choices. Any recommendations? 
I'm a skin care guru and always like to keep up to date with the latest best products. I'm in need of a good eye cream and have found the most raved about is Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Ferulic Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum. I am obsessed with anti aging, but am only 25. Is this a good product for my age? I do not want to have negative affects by starting anti aging to early. What would be the best product?
I'm an NW15 in MAC Pro longwear foundation.What shade would I be in the Smashbox 15 Hour Hydrating Foundation? I recently got matched to a 1.1 in the Smashbox 15 hour hydrating foundation but I find it a bit grey / green on my skin. Is the undertone wrong and should I be trying the 1.2? 
Hi all, I was hoping someone had some insight on brushes for the flash Dior spray....    Im trying to avoid spending the big bucks on the Dior Brush... Any thoughts ? Thanks,  K