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I have acne prone skin which has been a problem for me ever since I was a teen. My skin type  is combination, but I would say it leans mostly toward the oily side. I've tried many face washes and cleansers, but non have seemed to work for me. I' am trying to find a face wash that will not only rid me of acne, but diminish my dark spots and help control my oiliness. Is there any products you think might work for me? I'm almost out of faith!
Hi, I used to have really nice tight curls but I had dyed it blonde and also did keratin treatment to smooth out my hair and that gave loose curs with lots of frizziness that I have now. I was wondering is there any advice or products I can use to get my tight curls back in the way I had them?   Thank you!
I have an allergy to anything labelled SPF that prevents me from using a lot of modern makeup products (I think it's great for health... just not for mine, unfortunately). I am searching for a great long-lasting foundation with good cover that won't give me a reaction. Sensitive skin suggestions are great, but a lack of SPF coverage is a must. I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a cool complexion (a step above fair) with a rosy undertone.   I use and love Makeup Forever's concealer and love it but found their foundation to not give me enough cover and not last very long before requiring reapplication. I was using Mac's liquid Face & Body Foundation (In N2) for a while and I liked it but I want to upgrade to more coverage.   Extra gratitude if you can suggest an animal-friendly/vegan product!!!
Hi, i am in in the Y178 in make up forever , and I'm looking for a shade to use for highlighting and contouring do you have any idea
I been doing some contouring but just with concelers,no pallets. Yet I really want a pallet. I am trying to decide on Kevyn Aucoin volume 2 or the smash box shape matters pallet. I have light skin tone because of the winter months but tan easily. Please give me some advice. I live in the country and the small time malls we do have only have a Macy,s with very slim variety of cosmetics and they know nothing..... Please help
I really need help for my skin care routine I am 18 I have many wrinkle lines and very patchy dry horrible looking skin I want to stop wearing make up for a while do you guys have any scrubs cleansers creams that I should you to go back to my silky smooth baby skin?Horrible skin, 18 years old
Hi, I was looking for a new foundation and tried several different samples and now my face broke out.  I think I will just stick to what I was using but in the mean time what can I use to cover them up or to conceal them because I have picked them (I know I shouldn't have)...any good products out there to conceal?  Pleas help...almost embarrassed to go to work:-(
So I recently bought the Kat Von D Lock it Tattoo Foundation. I'm very fair with pink undertones so it's one of the few foundations that actually match my skin. It's a PERFECT match. Unfortunately it feels very heavy to me. It's just too thick for me and I feel it all day long and it's very annoying. I don't want to return it because it's just such a perfect color. Am I able to mix it with a lotion or something to thin it out? If so, what kind of face lotion, because I'm pretty sure the foundation is silicone based?
i just received YSL Vernis A Levres Glossy stain in color 13 from Sephora online but the packaging looks different. The YSL logo is black instead of red/pink & the color written is Rose Tempera instead of Rose Tempura. Is it fine, does someone have any clue about this ?
Just noticed that all of the spring stuff is showing up (early as always) but the thread is still specific to Winter (which it is...but tell the brands).  So what have you found, dear BTers, that is new on Sephora...
Will Sephora carry Bobbi Brown's face highlighter? I found it in department stores in December 2015. It's fluid and was offered in 3 shades. I like to buy my products at Sephora if I can because I build points for my VIB Rouge account, get samples, and because of the awesome return policy.
  I don't have dark circles but my eyes always look tired. I'm in my early 20's. I just had a baby so my face always looks tired no matter how much sleep I get. I don't have wrinkles and not really any bags. I just want something to help my face look more awake. I don't wear makeup either. Some one help!!
Hi! I'm thinking about picking up the Nars Soft Velvet Loose Powder. I tried to use the Color IQ but I don't think this powder is on there. I wear either a 3.0 or a 4.0 in the UD Naked Skin Foundation (depending on the time of year). What shade would you recommend? Thanks!
My lashes are still there, but no matter how long I apply it, mascara just doesn't go on anymore. Unless I put on primer/lash conditioner, the mascara doesn't "stick" onto the lashes. What's going on? This is maddening. 
Hi everyone,   The title says it all... to my fellow coppery redheads out there: what is your go-to product for an everyday red lip?  Ideally, I'd like something sheer and long-lasting but with good color payoff.   Thank you!
I have a sensitive skin and also a oil type. Therefore, i need to clean my face completely to remove make up or I will get many acnes. I am looking for a strong cleaner to remove all general face make up. I have already had a sensitive eye cleaner.
I'm 40 and I'mlooking for a good skin care regime, normal/sensitive skin except on my chin area where I tend to get breakouts also some dark circles under my eyes..any suggestions
My wedding is coming up in a few months and I am wearing a strapless dress.   I have always had problems with red acne on  my back and white/black heads on my chest.  It is not nearly as bad as it was when I was younger (I am now 26). I have been using the Dr. Gross alpha/beta exfoliating wipes and have not seen much if any difference.  I did like that they sluffed off my dead skin cells though and they were easy to use (especially for hard to reach places such as my back).   I am looking for a product that will help clear up any breakouts as well as make my skin look smoother with less dark spots from old acne scars.  It has to be easy to use!!
I'm using minerals complexion rescue "Ginger 006" and ready foundation R310.I'd like to know what color of touch up veil should I use?
Hi there, I would love to have a corrector for redness/rosecea, preferably the same consistency as a primer and maybe even for wear on its own on good skin days.   I read so many reviews saying that the different redness corrective products didn't work for them so now I don't know which one to pick?   Would it be better to go for a concealer product instead?   Thank you.
Hello. I know Retinol is supposed to help with breakouts. Are there any treatment products that contain a natural form of retinol
I just bought the Dior Addict Lipstick in Rock'n Roll (750) and I just love the color. I am very fair with red hair, so it's been impossible to find a wearable red color. I also like the shimmer of it, but it's not lasting at all. Does anyone know of a lipstick in that color, but longer lasting?
So recently I wanted to find a mascara primer or a conditioner that would help my natural lashes grow, and we all have those no makeup days and i would always look at my natural lashes and see them as small. So does anyone have any recommendations?
Perfection Mist Airbrush Blush - which shade is most plum colored?
Hi, I am currently using the Benefit Fake-Up Underye Hydrating Concealer in Medium (02). I wanted to switch to another concealer that's best for the underye area, provides a bit more coverage than the one I'm currently using, and is brightening (perhaps to double as an under eye highlighter). Any suggestions on recommended brightening concealers, and what shade do you think I'd be based on the one I am using now which is in Medium. I have combination/oily skin, medium olive tone color. Thanks!
I am looking at purchasing Ouidad nourishing Cleansing Oil, I have thick unruly curly hair and I am looking for something to help me make it manageable, I dont want something that will make my curls look "shorter or springy like" I just want something soothing, Would you please let me know your thoughts?