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What is the best red color for pale skin I have heard a orange red lip stick is the best I can't seem to find anything!
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I currently use Tarte BB Tinted Treatment Primer and I love it. I don't wear much make up, but need sun protection for my lupus. And I like something with a lot of coverage to hide my redness. But I'm finding that in the Georgia humidity, it's getting cakey very quick. I love the light mousse texture for my sensitive, combo skin. Any suggestions for another light BB or CC cream?
What goes on less cakey? Powder/ Mineral foundation or Liquid? i'm struggling so much with liquid foundation because it looks sort of cakey and textured.. How can I fix that?
So I've been using my Clarisonic Mia 2 for about 3 weeks now with the sensitive brush head. For the past week and a half, I've been breaking out like crazy on my forehead (which is very unusual) and getting a few pimples on my chin and cheeks. Do you think this is due to the brush being too harsh for me or do you think this is the "purging" stage that so many people experience? Should I switch brushes or wait it out? Does anyone have any personal experiences similar???
I have super dry, super flaky sensitive skin around nose with lots of redness. What's the best concealer for my redness without irritating my sensitive skin?
My sister loves this look and I have to re-create it for her for an event on Friday. I've tried it on myself a few times but just can't get that purple right. Any suggestions? Does anybody out there know which purple this is...brand? Thanks in advance!!
If I am a #118 in the Makeup Forever HD foundation what would I be in the Bobbi Brown Longwear even finish foundation? I would like to buy the Bobbi Brown however I have to buy if off line and I want to make sure I have the correct color the first time around.    Thanks. 
Hi, folks--   I have very thick hair that is slightly wavy that goes to about mid-back.  It will totally stay stick straight if I blow it out or use a flat iron.  But if I want to coax it in the other direction and get soft curls, they fall within an hour or two.  Short of dousing my hair with an entire can of hairspray, what other solutions are there?  I'd love to keep the look soft and with movement.  I typically use rollers, but sometimes a curling or flat iron.   Thanks in advance for your help!
Hi, I'm in need of a new eye primer. I have been using the Nars Pro Prime. It has been the best I've tried so far but recently it's starting to let me down. I don't know if it's the warmer weather or the eye shadow I'm using but every thing has been creasing, smudging, and/or fading by mid day. My eyelids are super oily, I never even put concealer on them because it never stays. I've already tried Urban Decay and have never liked that one. I've even used the hourglass face primer on my eyelids but that didn't help much either.  Can anyone recommend a good eye primer for me?  I would also prefer the eye primer to be paraben free. Thank you.
Hellooo Beauty Talk!   I recently posted asking for the best all-in-one foundation so I can streamline the routine. I've been using a drugstore set (Maybelline Fit Me) out of habit and want to step up my game. Andy reccomended NARS and I'm pretty jazzed about its great reviews, but I guess I really can't do JUST foundation. Here's the lowdown:   I'm working on clearing up my acne (yay, being responsible and washing my face every day), so I'd like to keep as few products on my face as possible, while still hiding what blemishes I have until I have better skin. BB's and CC's just don't provide heavy enough coverage as much as I like their multitasking abilities. So, based on rudimentary research and what I know, I'd like to streamline the face to a primer and foundation, and powder if I MUST, though I'd like to avoid it. I'm considering using a Smashbox Primer, either the Photo Finish More Than Primer - Blemish Control, or Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer. Do I need to use a salicylic acid moisturizer if I use the Blemish Control primer? Can I use the Color Correcting primer all over or just red spots?   After this, foundation per earlier post.   Finally, I'm guessing powder is completely optional depending on if I like how my foundation finishes. Right?   If anyone is going through something similar, has multitasking product reccomendations, or advice in general, I could really use it!   XO RedFoxHeidi
Hey guys,   Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a body balm or lotion that would help cover up stretch marks or make skin tone look more even? I'm a light medium tone.   I've already tried Matte body perfection gel by PERFEKT but I think it looked sort of orange on the skin. Didn't look too natural & really had to work it into the skin.
I have about 1300 points and have been eyeing the MJ 1000 point perk for a while. I'm a little unsure about the colors suiting me. I'm NW20 in MAC, (1Y06 Sephora), blue eyes, fair skin, blonde hair. Will it end up making me look like a vampire?   As well, I tend to prefer lipsticks rather than glosses so that is a concern too. Does the gloss wear well over the lipstick or not really? When I think gloss I think MAC Lipglass which is OK to wear a dab over lipstick, but it's too sticky for me to wear by itself, and it lasts about 5 minutes on me.   What do you guys think? 
I have terrible acne scars on my face and was wondering what would be the best concealer for covering it up?
It's my senior year and I want to make sure I don't look like a zombie everyday. I get in super early and go straight to a job after school then come home. I need some advice on products that are easy to apply and last all day to brighten up my dark circles. Also I want to even out my skin tone and add length to my eyelashes. I have dark hair, combination skin, and a light complexion. Does anyone have any recommendations on a natural everyday look? Please and thank you!!    
I don't really have a question, just sharing this observation. My face produces oil at a crazy rate. Every day I would do my makeup and by 10:00 I'd be crazy oily. I buy those blotting films by the skid and use blot powder constantly.   I finally opted to try my serum and foundation without moisturizer and what a huge difference! And my moisturizer is an oil control lotion (from MAC) but it was still giving me an un-needed boost of moisture.   I tried a few primers but they didn't really help.   It's funny - we (or maybe just I lol) are so programmed to think we MUST use a moisturizer every morning, but clearly that isn't true. I do use an excellent serum (Estee Lauder Perfectionist) and foundation (Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint) and love them, so I am getting excellent skincare benefits from those. Maybe in the winter things will change, but I can't believe it took me so long to figure this out! 
My sister has lost her eyebrows while undergoing cancer treatment. I want to send her some eyebrow products so she can have eyebrows until her real ones grow back in. What do you recommend?
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I just need an expert advice and opinion on those brush are they worth having in my makeup brush set 
Hi My mom has normal to dry skin. But she sweats alot on her face and has large pores and discolorations on her cheeks and dark lids. I'm looking for a) a good primer for her pores...would benefit porefessional do the job? b) a full coverage concealer that hides her discolorations well ...I ordered tartes maracuja creasless concealer should I stick with it or go with another one? 
What color should i choose for MakeUPFOREVER  Full Cover Concealer if I use Laura Mercier SC- 5 (the lighter color).       Thanks for the help you guys are awesome!   
Hi, I was at Sephora at Square 1 Missisauga ,and was matched according to my skin tone for a corrector for my eyes,foundation and concealer for my eyes,foundation and concealer for my dark spots but people at work keep on telling me to return all the product since it is making me look dead rather than adding to my self confidence I am feeling pretty low please guide me. Since I am working mother it would not me possible for me to visit you guys at the store before September 20th since I am going to be away on an assignment.   Thanks, hope you can help.
Hi, I'm new to red lipstick and I recently ordered givency's Mandarine Bolero after receiving a sample. Wondering what lip liner you would recommend as a color match to use with it? Thanks.
I have a lot of redness around my nose, and no matter what foundation or primer I use, the foundation always seems to rub off around my nose. Yes, I rub my nose a lot because of allergies. But also I find that retouching my makeup that often is too troublesome. Whenever I rub my nose with a tissue, I see all the foundation/concealer around there rub off. This happens with any foundations that I use and it really bothers me!! Does anyone know why this is happening to me?? 
I am looking for a foundation to make my skin look amazing. I know that really depends on my preference but I would like some foundation recommendations. I have oily, acne prone skin and I currently use Makeup Forever HD foundation (177). The color is close but just a tad on the yellow side, but it's not something that I haven't been able to work with. My best color match is actually a drug store brand (loreal true match N8) but unfortunately it breaks me out...BAD!  I like the finish of the MUFE foundation, but I want something that gives me a little glow, but also something that doesn't make me too oily. Any suggestions?   I have tried NARS sheer glow and absolutely loved the finished, but it creased really bad and if I remember correctly, it broke me out some.
I enjoy my face pores. My nose pores - not so much.   I've always had a problem with them (mostly because I didn't know how to deal with them). I used to use those Biore strips, but then read that they are actually terrible and a big no-no.   I'm not looking for anything to cover them, I'm looking for a long-term solution to cleaning them out and shrinking them   Thanks for the help, you wonderful people!
For years I have only worn eyeliner and mascara for my makeup. I will occasionally use TruMatch powder foundation if I feel the need but I would like to branch out and use a non-powder foundation and also use more makeup in general (eyeshadow, blush, etc.). There is so much to choose from and I know what I want, I just don't know where to start.    I would like an everyday natural look but with a shimmery eyeshadow. I would say that I have medium fair skin and have blue eyes if that helps. Can you give any advice on where to start/what products you think would work that I could try? 
I am using smashbox 15 hour studio skin liquid, but I didn't realize that non-acnegenic and non-comedogenic are not the same thing- and smashbox is only non-acnegenic which means it can still clog pores. I love the foundation, but I can't continue to use it. I am looking for medium or medium-full coverage, similar finish to my current foundation (im not sure what it is but gives me hydration), and I tried to search on sephora and filter non-comedogenic but its not even an option. HELP PLEASE my skin clogs so easily.
I got color matched and my number is 1R07 and im curious as to what the closest Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation was the closest.